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.@CillizzaCNN, @MSNBC, @CNN and the @DNC ran a 24/7 negative influence campaign against @SenSanders and millions of Americans. Full stop.
& @BarackObama ran a coup on Bernie. We all saw it.

When we get Trump they’re responsible.

@humanistreport 🌹
You got a mention. @GeoffMiami
Also #receipts if the media and online trolls.

I made this thread because I knew the fascists would try to revise and deny history.

Because that’s what they always do.…
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“Second verse, same as the first.”

The Establishment Democrats and their corporate shills on TV and all over social media are already signaling that they want Bernie to drop out of the race, even though half of America hasn’t voted yet.

This was always their main objective.
They sent almost 30 candidates at him.
They spent easy over a billion collectively.
Even now every state has disturbingly inaccurate exit polling that in any other country the OAS would deem as a fraudulent election. And yet here we are.

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.@Maddow @VanJones68 keep helping Bernie hold the Democratic Party hostage –

“After sustaining damaging losses on March 3 Super Tuesday, Bernie had one critical week to grow his support. He spent it largely in combat against the party he hope[d] to lead”…
At a Flint, MI event “billed as a town hall on racial justice” of the “1,200 attendees, only about three dozen were black.”
If you’re “establishment” Bernie doesn’t want your vote –

“Alongside these fumbling efforts to court black voters, Sanders was lumping many who opposed him into his derision toward the ‘establishment.’ After Super Tuesday, some felt that included millions of Democratic voters.”
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35 years of #BernieRussiaCollusion
“‘One of the most useful channels, in practice, for actively carrying out information-propaganda efforts has proved to be sister-city contact,’ a Soviet Foreign Ministry document provided to Yaroslavl officials said.”…
35 years of #BernieRussiaCollusion
In 2015 he hired Manafort’s partner, Tad Devine who was mentioned numerous times in the Mueller Report which cited meetings with indicted Russia GRU agent, Kilimnik, WHILE Devine worked for Bernie.…
Bernie's Smoke-and-mirrors campaign has been a complete fraud, including 35 years of #BernieRussiaCollusion & claiming he can increase voter turnout of "millions of young people." BUT he is some 15pts DOWN from 2016, while turnout is UP some 20%. #DropOutBernie
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Bernie – DOWN 19 Pts ⇩
“Pay no attention to Bernie’s DROP in the popular vote from 2016 to 2020”– @ChrisLHayes
“Pay no attention to Bernie’s DROP in the popular vote from 2016 to 2020”– @AriMelber
“Pay no attention to Bernie’s DROP in the popular vote from 2016 to 2020”– @Maddow
@chrislhayes @AriMelber @maddow #DropOutBernie So far you’re down 19pts from 2016. That tells you, you can’t win. You only have some 24% of the 28% registered Dems in America (8% of the electorate). That means the other 92% of America isn’t buying socialism. Give it up, so real Dems can beat Trump.
A vote against Bernie is a vote against Bernie. SC Primary had a 42% increase of some 156,000 new voters. Bernie only got 5% of them - only 8,500 voters. California will be the same story, relatively speaking. Bernie had 46% there in 2016. More people hate him now, than then.
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1. Do you any of you know what you are doing by trending the hashtags #DropOutBernie and #DropOutWarren ? You are helping fascism. Translation: you are helping to elect trump for a second term by deepening the divide among what is technically called "the progressive forces".
2. Those of you that insist "liberals are as bad as fascists" are the worst. YOU are the ones helping fascism. Also, you are ignorant to the bone. You are using both "liberal" and "socialist" out of context: you don't know what the concepts mean.
3. We, foreign scholars, find the American use of the word liberal amusing (but wrong). Americans divide society between liberal and conservatives. Awkward but whatever. When you say that both are on the same side and you have seen the light of the only true third path, ....
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