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🗳🇺🇸1. ¡Feliz día de #DemDebate! Hoy, Joe BIDEN vs. Bernie SANDERS en el primer (¿y último?) 1 vs. 1 de estas primarias demócratas que ya parecen ganadas por el exvicepresidente.

En este hilo seguiré el desarrollo del debate con vídeos y pequeñas valoraciones. Let's go! 👇🏼
🗳🇺🇸2. Empezamos con #coronavirus. ¿Qué le pueden decir los candidatos a los ciudadanos en una crisis así? Biden empieza hablando de lo que hay que hacer: arreglar los problemas de test, apoyar a los hospitales y ayudar a los ciudadanos a nivel económico.
🗳🇺🇸3. Sanders dice que hay que parar ya a Trump por la desinformación que "está confundiendo" a la población. Sanders dice que intentará sacar la sanidad universal adelante como presidente, pero que lo importante AHORA es que los ciudadanos no tengan miedo a ir a los hospitales.
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When you're handling things well -

Reporter: Do you have any regrets about your altercation with a voter this morning?

Biden: “I’m surprised that Sanders is joining Trump."
This question is in reference to this morning when Joe Biden threatened to slap a voter over a disagreement

Via CBS -
"This is not OK, alright?" the man said, to which Biden replied, "Don't tell me that, pal, or I'm going to go out and slap you in the face."

Biden also: I'm not working for you. Don't be such a horse's ass!"

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#CAPrimary: There were massive lines, almost all #Bernie voters. How did they pull that off? Registered Dems got the ballot with the presidential candidate and didn’t have to wait in line. So who’s waiting in line? People who got those crazy NPP ballots!…
Here's the trick. NPP voters had to wait in line to exchange their ballots for a Crossover one. And if you don't have your ballot with you, they give you a provisional ballot.… #CAPrimary2020 #CaliforniaPrimary #CaliforniaPrimary2020 #SuperTuesday
In 2016, #California gave out 1.3 million provisional ballots — that’s half of the provisional ballots in the entire U.S. Then they disqualified 407,000 of those ballots.… #CaliforniaPrimary #CAPrimary #BernieSanders
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#Biden supporter California Secretary of State, #AlexPadilla, wins “Vote Suppressor of The Year.” By sheer numbers of ballots disqualified—with young and LatinX voters suppressed—Padilla makes Katherine Harris and Brian Kemp look like Thomas Jefferson.…
Want to know how to steal an election? Watch The Best Democracy Money Can Buy!…
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Viele meiner FreundInnen sind Sanders-Fans, weshalb ich seit dem #SuperTuesday – zerknirscht bis verärgert – gefragt werde, wieso so viele DemokratInnen ihrem lahmen „Parteiestablishment“ folgen statt einen glaubwürdigen Kämpfer wie Bernie als Kandidaten zu wählen. Meine Antwort:
Was hierzulande kaum beachtet wird (und in der österreichischen Linken ruhig mal diskutiert werden sollte), ist die Entdifferenzierung, die einen Teil der Sanders-Kampagne auszeichnet. Eine Unterscheidung zwischen moderaten Demokraten und ultrarechten Republikanern wird da …
… kaum noch vorgenommen bzw. gezielt verwischt – die Trennlinie wird zwischen „Us“ und dem „Establishment“ gezogen. (Selbst profilierte progressive PolitikerInnen wie z. B. Elizabeth Warren bekommen diese Zuschreibung verpasst, wenn sie mal nicht auf der Seite von Sanders sind.)
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THREAD: Too few voting machines. Technical failures of aging equipment. Insufficient training of election workers. Long lines that only grew.

Here’s how Harris County's election day fumbles disproportionately affected communities of color. #tx2020
2/ Excessive wait times for voting in Texas on #SuperTuesday were not limited to one area.

But Texas Southern University, a historically black university in Houston, easily saw the worst of it.
3/ Wait times for voters in the queue at @texassouthern extended past the four-hour, then five-hour, then six-hour marks.

Some spent nearly an entire workday waiting in line, almost seven hours after polls closed.
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#CAPrimary2020: How many hundreds of thousands of #BernieSanders votes will be lost in the avalanche of "provisional" ballots?… #CAPrimary #CaliforniaPrimary #CaliforniaPrimary2020 #Bernie2020
In 2016, the state forced 1,307,190 voters to cast provisional ballots, 408,749 of those were rejected, a valid rejection rate equal to all other 49 states combined.… #CAPrimary #CaliforniaPrimary #CaliforniaPrimary2020
In '16, California vote chief Alex Padilla backed Hillary Clinton, now he's been campaigning for Joe Biden. The victims? LatinX and young voters. It's José Crow, Georgia with a bullet.… #CAPrimary #CaliforniaPrimary #CAPrimary2020 #SuperTuesday
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BREAKING: #ElizabethWarren is leaving the race. I am in mourning for our nation. Her exit is clear evidence of the level of trauma we have suffered over the last 3yrs; causing us to cling to the familiar, stunting our capacity to dream, limiting faith.…
We MUST remove Trump. Our democracy will not hold another 4 yrs of the Trump admin, GOP Senate and white nationalist judges. The lesson of #SuperTuesday is this: To win, we MUST heed the pain of those who’ve borne the brunt of and are VOTING in the context of Trump’s terror!
REMEMBER: In the middle of terror, dreaming becomes nearly impossible.When terrorized, you literally have ONE GOAL: Make it stop.
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🗳🇺🇸1. Elizabeth Warren va a anunciar que suspende su campaña a la presidencia después de poco más de un mes de resultados decepcionantes en las primarias demócratas. #presi2020…
🗳🇺🇸2. Progresista, pero creyente en el capitalismo (a diferencia de Sanders), Warren fue considerada como futura nominada demócrata al menos desde 2016, cuando descartó presentarse a la presidencia y acabó apoyando a Clinton en las primarias de aquel año.
🗳🇺🇸3. En su campaña de 2020, Warren partió con problemas entre el electorado porque eran pocos los que creían que fuera a ganarle a Trump.

Trump la llama Pocahontas desde hace años porque Warren dijo tener ascendencia nativa americana... cuando no.…
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After hanging out in #Detroit's predominantly Latino neighborhood the last two days, I was struck by how so many people kept telling me that they're all supporting @BernieSanders and that people should step back for a minute and wait until #MichiganPrimary is over next Tuesday.
These voters, all these Latinos (even older ones), about 10-15 of them, shared a general view that #SuperTuesday had them thinking of what their vote will be, but that they will at least vote on Tuesday but they are not sure if they will vote in November.
They all said that @JoeBiden has a lot of work to do to repair his relationship with Latinos, yes, even in Southwest Detroit. They were adamant about Obama/Biden admin deportation legacy. Remember, Detroit is a border city.
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Super Tuesday, o fio. Vamos lá: só conseguir parar agora, e muita coisa já foi dita, então farei alguns breves comentários nesse fio sobre #SuperTuesday ontem🧶
1) Dinheiro é importante mas ñ é tudo (viu Bloomberg?). Biden gastou meros $89 mil no Texas, q é a mesma coisa q nada. Mal tinha uma campanha no Estado. A campanha mais rica, depois de Bloomberg, era a de Sanders, q gastou $3,7 milhões lá. Bloomberg gastou 52 MILHÕES. Biden levou
2) Mais do q nunca, ficou clara a dinâmica das primárias, onde os Estados votam em momentos diferentes e não todos ao mesmo tempo. O resultado em um Estado afeta o próximo. Mta gente q começou a acompanhar política 🇺🇸 recentemente, parece q agora começa a entender isso
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Systems of power have self-reinforcing mechanisms to maintain their power.

Corporate Dems, the entire political apparatus & the MSM will do anything to stop any movement that poses a real threat.

There are 3 components to winning real change. #SuperTuesday vs. May Day 1/14
First, we have to really believe systemic change is possible. Like *really* believe. If we don’t, we’ve already lost.

They want us to feel hopeless. Hopelessness leads to apathy, complacency & inaction. That’s exactly what they want. 2/14

If you’re feeling hopeless or despair, that’s okay. Take time for self-care. Find what inspires you about humanity.

I like to read about the history of social change. Abolition movements, civil rights, women’s rights. Labor movements. LGBTQ movements.

What inspires you? 3/14
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🚨 THREAD on #SuperTuesday 🚨

President @realDonaldTrump continued to post historic results last night, highlighting the enthusiasm and unprecedented support for FOUR MORE YEARS!

Here are just some "Fast Facts" on the president's performance last night:
In Colorado, turnout for the 2020 Republican Presidential Primary is higher than the previous three Republican Presidential Primaries COMBINED!

In Maine, President @realDonaldTrump received the highest vote total of any presidential primary candidate since before Ronald Reagan.

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Some of you will hate to hear this: This man did better than Elizabeth Warren in 9 of the 14 states of #SuperTuesday h/t @rerutled

You saw and heard the two of them on the debate stage. You know who is a better candidate.

The reason begins with MISOGYNY…
There is misogyny among socialists, progressives, and centrists.

There is misogyny among Republicans and conservatives and their internal sub-groups.

The United States is a misogynist country.

The way Warren has been treated is a reminder
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Last night @realDonaldTrump did something HISTORIC!

In States that held #SuperTuesday primaries and are reporting Republican vote totals, including AL, AR, CA, CO, IA, MA, NH, NC, OK, TN, TX, UT & VT, TRUMP beat ALL the winning Democrat vote totals by more than 3,000,000 votes.
ME, MN, NV, SC & VA either aren’t reporting or did not hold a Republican primary, because TRUMP ran unopposed in those States.

Even if you include the Democrat winners vote totals for these States (add. 1,320,252 votes) @realDonaldTrump still had more than 1.7 mil. more votes.
Currently the total votes for TRUMP stand at: 6,863,824 to the Democrat winners total votes of 5,162,133. And And again, the Democrats have 5 more States reporting.
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So, what happened last night?
“Joseph R. Biden Jr. won in states where he didn’t campaign. He won in states where he didn’t have offices. He won in states where he was overwhelmingly outspent... He won in states where rivals had a better organization.” 1/…
My first thought was: How can America choose a man who didn’t really even campaign and arguably lost every debate—even graded on a curve?
My first response was: This shows how profoundly patriarchal we are as a nation. And I still believe this. 2/

But, I don’t think Biden’s wave was fundamentally abt patriarchy. Leading Black womxn across the US threw their weight behind #ElizabethWarrenforPresident. I was one of them. Yet, Biden won overwhelming support frm Southern Black women—who tend to be matriarchal. 3/ #imlistening
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Friends, #Biden had a strong #SuperTuesday. Voters spoke, and he has support across the country. No reason to deny it.

But if we set aside the horse race and the pundits' expectations game, there is good reason to be hopeful for #NotMeUs...

By definition, being anti-establishment means confronting a dominant, self-perpetuating system that control the levers of power.

I.e., as a #Bernie voter, you're automatically the underdog. Your power is through solidarity with the people.

Amazingly, a new day dawns with #Bernie one of only two viable Dem candidates out of a massive field.

#Biden is once again the frontrunner, and the entire establishment rapidly coalesced around him to stop a progressive revolution.

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Joe #Biden ha vinto il #SuperTuesday, l'appuntamento più importante delle primarie Dem #USA. L'ex vicepresidente di Barack Obama ha vinto in almeno 9 dei 14 stati in cui si andava al voto (potrebbero diventare 10 con il Maine, dove al momento è in lieve vantaggio).
🇺🇸 Anche se lo scrutinio non è ancora concluso al 100%, possiamo infatti dare per certa la vittoria di #Biden in Alabama, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas e Virginia.
🇺🇸 Bernie #Sanders ha invece vinto in California, Colorado, Utah e Vermont. Infine, il miliardario Michael #Bloomberg - entrato in gioco solo nel #SuperTuesday - ha trionfato solo nei caucus che si sono tenuti nelle Samoa Americane.
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Fascinating #SuperTuesday night if you’re just waking up in UK. The Biden bounce back is real.

Below is @Telegraph coverage if you want to fully read up...👇👇

‘Joementum’ proves true as Joe Biden takes nine states while Bernie Sanders wins California…


How Joe Biden came back from the dead in the race for the White House…


The inside story of how 'Uncle Bernie' wooed Latino voters to win California…
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1/4 #SuperTuesday -
(1) @JoeBiden is frontrunner, having swept the South, even edging @BernieSanders in Latino-heavy Texas, beating @BernieSanders twice in his New England backyard, winning in the prairies in Oklahoma and GOP-dominant Alaska and keeping close behind in California
(2) If this dynamic continues, Biden will win the nomination by a comfortable margin; the only places I seeing him getting beat by Sanders is the Sunbelt, where Bernie has won Nevada, Colorado and Utah, and perhaps the Pacific Northwest. Everyplace else is Biden land.
(3) That's a BIG "if" as dynamic can and do change. Now that Biden is frontrunner, he becomes the focus. He has a lengthy political history to attack and has shown himself vulnerable on the hustings by his struggles to speak clearly. The next debate, he will be under full assault
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Are Health Officials Normalizing eXperiMENTAL TesTing On A #SuperTuesday?

Doublespeak. #covid19 amid an 'all government' emergency response.

This when people are at polls, #Covid19 #HungerGames continues to amplify & on the dawn of #DoctorsSpeakUp
What's The Real Agenda?

38:00 #Drkadler speaks of a test run slated for March that they get to execute on a 'real thing'.

They are discussing experimental pre-vaccines on candidates. Or am I misunderstanding?


Remember FEMA trumps Trump.
Jobs return to the US? Drug shortages in the interim? Secret commercial information? CBRN?

Does it pays to be able to peak into the future? #preparedwithoutpanic #ridersonthestorm

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1/ Pierce Bush, the grandson of the late President George H.W. Bush, lost on #SuperTuesday.

Was it a family name that doomed his congressional run, or was it his campaigning?

#TexasPrimary #tx2020 #VoteTexas
2/ Top political scientists said the outcome may be an indicator of the Bush family's waning clout.

But they also said it is equally suggestive of Bush's overall political strategy.

#TexasPrimary #tx2020 #VoteTexas
3/ Pierce Bush was a late entrant into an already crowded primary, though he quickly outraised his 14 opponents and eventually won a key endorsement.

But even his entrance was somewhat of a surprise: He had considered running for a different district.
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A #SuperTuesday #NotMeUs Thread :

Joe Biden is the *only* candidate that truly has a people-powered movement. Joe has no money, has spent next to nothing in advertising & has no real campaign infrastructure. And yet, people are showing up to vote for Joe in record numbers.
Bernie Sanders demands a billion dollar campaign in increments of $27 from his hard-working supporters.

I'm sorry... but I thought we were trying to get money *out* of politics?
Unlike Bernie, Joe doesn't think your parents' credit card is your biggest value. He believes your vote is your biggest asset and that's all we need to take back the White House.

Just an actual movement powered by actual voters. #NotMeUs #JoeBiden2020
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1/ Texas polls closed at 7 p.m. in most of the state.

It's 3-and-a-half hours later — and some people are STILL in line to vote.

#TexasPrimary #tx2020 #txlege #SuperTuesday
2/ Voters in Dallas and Houston and on college campuses late Tuesday evening reported remaining in line for more than two hours — with some still waiting behind dozens of voters ahead of them.
3/ The long lines stretched out of elementary schools, through public libraries and wrapped around the LBJ Student Center at Texas State University.
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