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Hilo nada, NADA, ¡NADA breve! sobre mi cruz, #Evangelion. 🧵

Desde la madrugada de hoy circula en redes una foto con un panfleto que se dice, acompaña los goodies del BD de #RebuildOfEvangelion (recién puesto en venta) 3.0+1.11.

Una pena no saber japonés para traducirlo... Image
En concreto: tengo mis dudas de que la traducción sea consistente con lo escrito allí. Aunque japonés no sé, sí se de Eva y eso incluye noticias.


La traducción menciona (y en la imagen original se ve) una fecha: "28/09/2007". Image
Busqué la fecha y no hay información de entrevista o comentario de Anno en ese día. Pero sí hay al menos 3 fuentes durante febrero de 2007 (4 meses y medio después de la fecha del panfleto) que validan la existencia de la nota: Image
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Non-Japanese audience probably can’t fully empathize with the emotions in this line of Shinji in the #EndOfEvangelion

I want to be with you forever

It is a marriage proposal — Well, some Japanese may say “will you marry me”…

…like we do. But more often than not Japanese men say subtle things such as “can you cook for me forever,” “I hope to be waken up by you everyday,” or “I want to be with you forever” when they propose

With that in mind, we can probably better understand…

…why Shinji felt so desperate when Asuka rejected him.

In the previous scene, Shinji mumbled that

I just want to keep it vague

he intentionally dodged facing what he truly wanted, or who he truly wanted…

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I expected memes but received fear instead

#kaworunagisa #evangelion #kaworubunga ImageImageImage
I do have to appreciate Kaowru eating pizza(?)with his son clone though Image
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Тред анекдоты как персонажи Евангелиона
Приходит Аска в магазин и говорит:
-Мне пожалуйста 200 грамм соли.
Синдзи ей отвечает :
-У нас весы не работают , я насыплю на глаз.
-На жопу себе насыпь, собака дикая
Бог создал наш мир за 6 дней, потому что в понедельник нужно было сдавать дипломную работу. И из-за этого Земля на 75% покрыта водой.
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#Evangelion #エヴァ
If you are still confused about or even troubled by Shinji and Asuka’s love confession in the past tense, there are several things to keep in mind:

1. In 3.0+1.0, someone else used past tense before Asuka and Shinji did:
#Evangelion #エヴァ
…Black Rei (Kuronami) was the one who used past tense before everyone else did

And the context is: at that point, she knew pic 4 is what would happen to her in a sec

Anno already gave us all the hints in Rei. We just need to connect all the dots
#Evangelion #エヴァ

Once you’ve made this connection, then you can go one step further and ask:

What happened to Black Rei after she turned LCL?

She met Shinji again

And that’s all because of:

2. さよなら “Sayonara”: the spell to meet again
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#evangelion #エヴァ

I do think Kensuke is a good guy, especially when it comes to supporting the 3rd village and Willie

I even think he handled Shinji’s PTSD the right way: at that time, giving Shinji space for some much needed self-reflection might be the best solution…
#evangelion #エヴァ

However, I do think Kensuke made a choice to sacrifice Shinji for the sake of the village and Wille

When Toji wished Shinji to stay with them, Kensuke acted as if he had something else in mind. He either stayed silent

#evangelion #エヴァ
…Or he told Shinji you should meet your father again—we all know he doesn’t mean they should sit down with Gendo and have a heart to heart talk over some coffee…
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#Evangelion #エヴァ
 Kaworu finally understood Shinji 
Since EVA 3.0, I had been quite confused by Kaworu's feelings for Shinji. Sure, it is nice to have someone who tells you "I was born to meet you" and even carries your cross for you. But what kind of love is that?
#Evangelion #エヴァ
3.0+1.0 finally gave us the answer
"Kaworu-kun, you are like my father."
Many people have pointed out the similarities between Kaworu and Gendou so I will not repeat what I assume you have already known
#Evangelion #エヴァ
(3/17)...I just want to speak from the perspective of both parents and kids -- the only people who are willing to give up their lives for you are your parents. Not your lovers. Not your kids
Parents usually impose on you what they think is the best for you…
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Entre as sugestões do Nextflix que recebi, já assisti ou comecei a assistir algumas: Atypical, Unorthodox, Sweet Tooth.

Agora estou assistindo o anime #Evangelion, é interessante. É uma produção bem anos 90: algumas cenas me remetem à banheira do Gugu.
Algumas cenas de Evangelion me transportam de volta para uma das viagens mais interessantes que fiz nos últimos anos, por razões óbvias. 🇯🇵⛩️🗾 ImageImageImage
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[THE MYTHICIZATION OF RYOJI KAJI IN THE REBUILD OF EVANGELION TETRALOGY, or "Fucking hell, You made Kubrick and Tarkovski easier to comprehend than this, Anno"]

This is it, this will be my biggest #Evangelion thread ever. I don't think I can surpass myself anymore at this point.
At first, his reintroduction is what he expected. He's still the same ol' Kaji who seems to have stuff going on in the background, but still the same old Ultimate Guy we know from NGE.

It's predictable, but also comforting to know he hasn't changed.

And this is where his story diverges from NGE, and became the groundwork for everything that came after; him inviting the kids to visit the marine life preservation facility which, from what I can tell, would then become the hope known as Wille.
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[#Evangelion 3.0+1.0 SPOILERS]
Thread on Mari Illustrious Makinami's role in the Evangelion Rebuild films, what she represents for the story, and why the final movie made me fall in love with her character. #シンエヴァ Image
I must admit I was quite indifferent to her character when she was first introduced in 2.0. However, after rewatching the films, and seeing her characterization in 3.0+1.0, I finally understood her purpose as an "alien presence in the world of Eva". #Evangelion #シンエヴァ Image
Now, introducing such a disruptive character into an already established narrative isn't an easy task. Anno himself acknowledges that this process was very difficult for him, which explains her limited role in the first two films she appeared in. #Evangelion #シンエヴァ ImageImageImageImage
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#Evangelion vous en entendez beaucoup parler en ce moment car @PrimeVideoFR a sortit l'intégralité des films "Rebuild", dont le tout dernier "Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time" aussi appelé "Shin Evangelion".
Mais vous vous dites peut être : par quoi je commence ? 1/n
On passe d'abord chez @NetflixFR pour la série originelle en 26 épisodes :
"Neon Genesis Evangelion" :
Après vous pouvez enchainer sur les 2 "dernières versions" des films en date, ces films faisant une suite/"vrai fin" à la série originelle.
"Evangelion Death (True)²" :
Qui fait un peu office de résumé condensé de la série originelle
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So this will basically be my thread on Evangelion: Thrice Upon a Time cuz I actually had a lot to say about this film, all as a fan of Evangelion, a fan of Anno's work, and just a general anime fan in general

This one's probably gonna be long so strap in
First of all, I think I need to elaborate on my own relationship with Evangelion. I haven't done so a lot and that's mostly because my relationship with Eva is p much one of the past. A lot of people know I was in a much darker place 5 years ago, and Eva helped me through that
No it wasn’t the some big world shattering reveal or some 5D concept that required hours of analysis, but basically Evangelion helped me back when I was very confused about myself. I hated myself and the world, and didn't know why

Eva was able to shed a light for me
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No sé que poner cómo descripción, disfruten(?)

#Evangelion Image
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Galera, vou aceitar a sugestão e vou soltar os spoilers de evangelion codificados em rot13... é bem simples decodificar, vcs podem usar o para decodificar as mensagens
#spoilers #shin #evangelion #EVANGELION3010
Rh arz frv cbe baqr pbzrpne... rffr svyzr sbv zhvgb obz!
Obz, an ireqnqr ru qvsvpvy nanyvfne rffr svyzr pbzb hzn pbvfn fbu, cd an ireqnqr fnb qbvf svyzrf... fnb qhnf zrgnqrf orz qvfgvagnf, znf dhr fr pbzcyrgnz unezbavbfnzragr.
N cevzrven zrgnqr ru n zrgnqr znvf yragn r pbapergn... hz cbhpb zrynapóyvpn, znf zhvgb rfcrenapbfn... hzn cnegr znvf yragn r pbagrzcyngvin cen ip pevne pbarkãb pbz bf crefbantraf r cen pevne fgnxrf qr zbqb d n cfvpbqryvn qn frthaqn cnegr graun nythz crfb rzbpvbany.
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The Ending of Evangelion explanation thread;

When Rei choose “betray” Ikari Gendo and choose for Shinji instead Instrumentality began. Did you hear the song that was playing trough out the climax, well that was instrumentality.
When she merged with Shinji and so Eva 01. He became God himself. It’s what SEELE wanted, for humanity to become one so that there would be no hatred, no pain and no jealousy. And Shinji would be the vessel for that. He had to choice if he wanted this or to return to reality.
While instrumentality was in the process Shinji got to see all people’s emotions, and thoughts and so he saw the sides of people that were close to him he didn’t know of. And likewise the rest of the world got to see Shinji’s memories and emotions.

First we saw who Misato was.
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Neon Genesis Evangelion original series climax - Ep 25, 26 Explanation Thread;

Evangelion has been operating on a metaphysical plane long before it’s final episodes. Often turning inwards to explore some of the shows more heavy beats.

But when the show closed with a hour long deep dive into the human condition instead of some grand fight battle. Fans were outraged.
Some theorized that budget and time constraints the deconstructed nature of the shows finish. But Anno has long maintained that it was always the intended ending for Evangelion.
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#Thread : pourquoi vous devez regarder #Evangelion (maintenant qu'il est disponible sur @NetflixFR) en 11 points.
L'histoire en quelques mots : un jour un "Ange" débarque dans un Tokyo post-apo pour tout casser. Shinji, tout juste adolescent, va devoir l'affronter, lui, ainsi que ses peurs et ses doutes, dans un robot géant. D'autres Anges suivront, mais qui sont-ils ?? Suspens.
1. L'#openning. Commençons par le commencement. L'intro laisse percevoir toute la profondeur et l'intrigue de la série. Les personnages sont présentés avec l'image qu'ils veulent montrer d'eux, seuls. Et il est super bien avec la musique et tout.
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