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Just went through & figured out the whole Fast and Furious timeline.

It makes no sense, but was fun.

F9 canonically takes place in either 2013 or 2017.

There's some discrepancies but most evidence in the later movies points towards the official canon being 2017.
#F9 #Family
Fast and Furious Facts:
Letty is canonically ~10 years younger than the rest of the crew. This doesn't make sense given some dialog, but her grave marker from 4 and 7 both show this.
2 Facts 2 Furious:
#F9 #spoilers (light spoiler)
Elle is 11 some time after Fast & Furious 6, but appears to be 20-something just 6 years later in F9 (she somehow ages much quicker than Jack O'Conner or Brian Marcos Toretto - but I'll get back to lil Brian)
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Just watched #BlackWidow and I must say, it is SO MUCH BETTER than I thought it would be.
Trailers didn’t do this film justice. I had a such great time watching it.
I’ve never seen an almost entirely women led film with so much cool action. But also lots of emotional stuff. 1/6
It’s so funny that #BlackWidow ironically is the immediate release after #F9, as this one is all about the importance of family as well, for good or bad. And Family is literally the best part of BW. I loved the dynamics between all characters (the trailers sold it so poorly) 2/6
The opening sequence is emotional and wonderful. Loved the children.
1st 2 acts are wonderful. I LOVED them.
But, as in 2017 #WonderWoman, the weakest part of #BlackWidow is the 3rd act. It didn’t bother me that much, but you can clearly see the discrepancy, which is a shame. 3/6
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#F9, the latest installment in @TheFastSaga, is finally in theaters.

Insider's entertainment team put our feet on the gas to answer all of your questions about the movie, including how a deceased character managed to return.

🚨 Warning: Spoilers ahead.…
Dominic Toretto (@vindiesel) and his crew are back in #F9 with a plethora of fast cars. 🚗🚙

Some of the vehicles, like a $1 million custom Dodge Charger, were built from the ground up.…
Brian O'Conner, played by the late Paul Walker, isn't seen in #F9, but the character's absence is explained.

The film also contains two respectful nods to Brian near the film's end.…
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In the $6 billion-grossing #FastAndFurious franchise, now 10 films strong, all roads lead back to one potent concept-slash-marketing hook: Family…
Six films and countless broken rules since his first ‘Fast,’ director @justinlin is back for #F9, a sequel that, after a yearlong delay, sees the franchise reaching back to its roots with one of its key architects…
Justice is coming to #F9 in a big way: The return of Sung Kang as beloved Toretto family member Han.

#JusticeForHan called for the franchise to do better by the beloved character than to invite his killer to the family BBQ & grant him a hero’s spin-off…
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F9 (2021)
Genre : Action/ Adventure

ஒருவரி கதை : அண்ணன் தம்பி பாச போராட்டம்...

கார் பந்தயத்தில் அப்பாவை இழக்கின்றனர் டாம்மும் (வின் டீசல்) ஜேகப்பும் (ஜான் சீனா), காரணம் தம்பி என்று முடிவெடுத்து அண்ணன் டாம் தம்பியை வீட்டைவிட்டு விரட்டுகிறார்.
பல வருடங்கள் கழித்து, ஒரு ரகசிய பொருள் எடுக்கும் ஆப்பரேசனில் தம்பி ஜேகப்பை எதிர்ப்பு முனையில் பார்க்கிறார். ரகசிய பொருளுக்கும் தம்பிக்கும் உள்ள சம்பந்தத்தின் பன்னனியில் சைப்பர் (சார்ல்லீஸ் தேரான்) இருக்கிறார். டாம்முடன் லேட்டி, மியா, ரோமன், டேஜ், ராம்சே எல்லாம் சேருகிறார்கள்.
படத்தின் திருப்புமுனையாக இறந்துபோன ஹான் உயிருடன் வருகிறார். கடைசியில், டாம் கேங் ரகசிய பொருளை எதிரியிடம் இருந்து மீட்டார்களா? எதிரிகளின் சதியை முறியடித்தார்களா? அப்பா இறந்ததின் ரகசியம் என்ன? அண்ணனும் தம்பியும் சேர்ந்தார்களா? என்பது படத்தின் மீதி கதை....
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