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Ilistratris/ Illustratrice/ Illustrator

Corine Bond

Corine Bond fèt ann Ayiti epi li leve Sendomeng. Li se yon grafis ki gen eksperyans nan fè rechèch sou desen pou chanjman sosyal. Li te etidye Atizay ak Konsepsyon nan Inivesite Emily Carr nan vil Vancouver. ImageImage
Li vle konekte travay grafik ak atistik li avèk
pwojè kiltirèl ak chanjman sosyal, espesyalman sa ki gen pou wè ak Ayiti.
Corine Bond est née en Haïti et élevée en République Dominicaine. Elle est conceptrice graphique spécialisée dans la recherche de design pour le changement social.
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Direktris piblikasyon/ Directrice de publication/ Plublication Director

Fania Noël

Militan ak ekriven afwo feminis, Fania Noel fèt an Ayiti, li grandi an Frans. Li ap fè etid doktora li nan sosyoloji nan The New School for Social Research. ImageImage
Rechèch li yo chita sou Nwa ak Afrikina, feminis Nwa yo ak
etid kiltirèl. Li se manm oganizasyon Black Feminist Future. Dezyem liv li ki rele "Et maintenant le pouvoir. Un horizon politique afroféministe", parèt an 2022 a, nan edisyon Cambourakis.
Militante et essayiste afroféministe, Fania Noël est née en Haïti et a grandi en France. Elle poursuit son PhD en sociologie à The New School for Social Research. Ses champs de recherches sont les études noires et africaines, les féminismes Noirs et les études culturelles.
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I know, .@YaOnlyLivvOnce
🐻 = Bucket On = The Problem ..
🐻 = The Problem = Out of the way …

I was never talking about 🐻 or to 🐻 , just wanted 🐻 to know I cared. .

.@RyannMcEnany — R + Y = McKennedy ..

.@CoreyTaylorRock says Mann is A 4 letter word.
Shane O’ Mac
Home is Where the R is, #HOME R + Y 🦌 = Bucket Off ..

Meet the Fockers
Little Fockers

He took Aleve of absence to become apart of the cast, helped set everything up—Saving Private RYAN …

Raise Up/elevate the Cast, eye to eye with…
The heart, #LOVE ..

Milwaukee Bucks
Pacific North West Israel, Super Sonics moved to Milwaukee because that is where the Son would be born ..
Sonic the Hedge Hog.

Lomis Road Going South leading to exit #RAW SON/76Th Street, THE ROCK
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Nadine Mondestin se yon tradiktè epi chèchè endepandan ki espesyalize nan Syans Moun , syans imanitè ak atizay. Tradiksyon li parèt deja nan revi savan tankou Small Axe, ak piblikasyon sou entènèt tankou Global Voices ak IPS News. ImageImage
Nan travay enteprèt li, li te patisipe nan inisyativ tankou The Haitians, yon seri lekti ak refleksyon sou tradiksyon anglè zèv avangadis Jean Casimir, ak seminè Mame-Fatou Niang yo, Asosiyasyon Etid Karayib "Rethinking Universalism in 21st Century France".
Li te ekri atik syantifik, sitou sou rasanbleman anyèl Asosyasyon pou Etid sou Karayib la, Asosyasyon Etid Ayisyen yo ak Kongrè Entènasyonal Rechèch Feminis nan Frankofoni. Swiv aktivite li yo sou
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☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️
☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️
☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️
☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️
☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️

You’ve never been useless to Me, everyone has purpose & can choose to do good. Glass ImageImage
Is always half full seeing through my eyes…

I have always cared.

.@RonKillings —Love you & All that you continue doing ! Image
“No Deals”
The New Deal Skateboards;

When ones never thought Forgiveness would happen or be an option, Someone chose to show MERCY — So bad chose to do good because they were forgiven.
“When Bad does good” for the country, they play their role purposely SHOWING how things ImageImage
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Police in Michigan are looking for a family of four that disappeared from their home last weekend after the father displayed "paranoid behaviour." #Missing #Paranoia #Family #Michigan #US #Autism #Search #Police #Information
According to authorities on October 16, the family, comprising of father, Mother and their two sons, abruptly left their home in Fremont, which is located roughly 45 miles north of Grand Rapids. Both of the sons are autistic.
The Fremont Police Department, which is in charge of the investigation, and the Michigan State Police, who is aiding, believe they are driving a silver 2005 Toyota Sienna LE minivan with Michigan license plates.
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Interested in the latest research on #language brokering, linguistic diversity and language barriers but too busy?
Applied Linguistics students @MQLinguistics have read some important articles in the field for you and offer an intro in this 🧵#langtwt #Linguistics
Young bilingual children have the ability to manipulate linguistic inputs in order to break through language barriers in classrooms. Allowing peer interactions in multiple languages may help them develop cognitive and communication abilities!
2/18… Research into young children’s linguistic abilities shows
Language brokering as a child influences the development of parent-child relationships, such as a deeper understanding of parent-child relationships and the growth of empathy
3/18… Language brokering is an activity whereby children interpret
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What in the damn world is this conglomerate that is happening called @HydroWhalesClub? #Hydrowhales is constantly adding more and more #value with real #nftutility. Let's cover some things real quick so you can #DYOR and see why this #opportunity is like none other.
Begin 🧵
1/ @HydroWhalesClub has #minted out and has built one of the strongest #NFTCommunities I've seen in #web3. They don't get involved with the #drama in this #space and always stay #professional. Hop into #Hydrowhales #discord and see how much of a #family this #community is.
2/ While the #NFTcommunity is one of the most important things to me, #Hydrowhales #nftutility is quite astonishing. #HWMC started with 305 #BTC #miners to provide steady #cashflow to this #NFTProject. Of course these #asicminers are held at a hydroelectric power plant.
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Know About 👇
Family Genealogy of
#Padhania #Sandhu #Family

Where #Maharani #JindKaur's Sister was Married with Sardaar #JawalaSinghPadhania.
@callme_sardar @_mwaseem_ @PunjabiRooh @ShirazHassan @SSsandhu1 @Nasirdhillon06 @ANJUMGILLPK @Baaghi_Blood Image
(2) Know About 👇
Family Genealogy of
#Padhania #Sandhu #Family

Where #Maharani #JindKaur's Sister was Married with Sardaar #JawalaSinghPadhania. Image
(3) Know About 👇
Family Genealogy of
#Padhania #Sandhu #Family

Where #Maharani #JindKaur's Sister was Married with Sardaar #JawalaSinghPadhania. Image
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#YYJPoli Guess who said it?
"If I was a citizen...I would be unsettled"
(cheat sheet: ref:@Adam_Stirling Hr1; this am; approx 11 mins in)
#IfIWasACitizen sums up the patronizing attitude we must rid #YYJ of. Pls don't vote4 any #CityFamily candidate…
2/ "I was speaking as the head of the #CityFamily "
Am I the only one who thinks it's beyond weird (and ultra colonial speak/action) that the elected #YYJ city mayor/councillors; decide which indigenous ppl get invited to #CityFamily? (and speak on their behalf?) #reconciliation
3/ "I am the Family head.. absolutely"
"wow wow wow wow" #YYJPoli #CityFamily
"I was representing the will of the family"
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Thread continue !
26) I have got all the proofs against her and her family and all those who are reading this post will be shocked to know how low my wife and her family can go for the sake of money.
I am worried about my children`s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
27) The only thing I want is that the kids should not be used for extorting money and a loving father sons’ relationship should not be ruined because of some people`s greedy and egoistic nature.
#ego #greed #threats
28) The demand put by my wife is –
Rs. 2 lacs/ month for maintenance
Under domestic violence case (where the fact is she is the abuser)
Amount Claimed – Rs. 2 lacs
Total Amount claimed – Rs. 16 lacs
Food, clothing, medical and other Basic Needs – 1 lac / month
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Most of us have no real idea of what it means to live under an authoritarian regime.

But because no matter the variant it always ends the same, we can look back through history.

1/ Thread. What was life like under Mussolini?
2/ Getting Detained Was Common.

No exceptions, it didn't matter if you were a banker, a well connected political lobbyist, a butcher, a soldier or a student. It wasn't pretty either, though Italian prisons at the time were slightly better than our modern day privatised prisons.
3/ Leadership was simply eliminated.

It didn't matter if you had been or were a captain of industry, media figure, union man, local civic leader, student council member - any type of leadership other than the tiny party core was removed.
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🧵 Our guidebook provides information, support and signposting.

📕 Chapters for young people, parents & caregivers & schools.

🔬Evidence based information & case studies

🤗 Nobody has to feel alone.

To learn more ⬇️

#LongCovid #LongCovidKids ImageImageImageImage
Long Covid Kids started as a grassroots organisation in September 2020.

In October 2021 we became a registered charity.

Our patron is beloved children’s author @MichaelRosenYes

#LongCovidKids #LongCovid #MichaelRosen #Charity #Support #Children ImageImageImageImage
With the support of experts, scientists, paediatricians, doctors, nurses, researchers, advocates, occupational therapists, physiotherapists teachers & educational psychologists our team of volunteers created a guidebook to raise awareness & educate.

#LongCovidKids #LongCovid ImageImageImageImage
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"I Was Circumcised Twice Before The Age Of 16!"
Teliwel Diallo Recalls Hers:
"When I was eight years old, my mother told me that it was time for me to become a woman. She took me somewhere. I met other #Girls, some friends and girls from the neighboring village.
It was a big #day. I didn’t know anything about excision. I was feeling happy inside. I did not know the consequences and pain of excision.
We were maybe one hundred girls. Everyone was waiting her turn. I could hear the cries of the #girl before me. I was frozen. I could not run
because it would be a dishonor for my #family. I was wondering whether I should run away or stay, but I didn’t have the choice.
I heard the #Girls crying. My turn came. It was atrocious. Four #women caught me, put me down, opened my sex and cut me. I cried out loudly. I feel that
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New survey by @EwlGroup & partners about #Ukrainian #refugees in #Czechia, #Poland and #Romania highlights some interesting similarities and differences in demographic profile, intentions and integration. 🧵 1/…
Survey #demographics confirm what we know: refugees are overwhelmingly (>90%) #female, and half or more are at least 36 years old. Most (60%) have arrived with #children under the age of 18; yet also have members of immediate #family back home. 2/
#UkrainianRefugeeCrisis #gender Image
The three largest #concerns among Ukrainian refugees included "difficulty finding #employment" (25-50%), "concern for relatives staying in Ukraine" (31-40%) and "poor knowledge of the #language" (30-38%). 3/10
#UkrainianRefugeeCrisis Image
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The pic on the left is from 5 days after rescuing Duke & on the right is at Year 3 …

I know why [they] chose all the symbols/Symbolism [they] did, all to try making it look like “nobody” was apart of [their] sic club, turning as many people away from 1 individual was always
The goal for [EVIL] …

#R yan Ortin —LIVES ON FORVER ! ..




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#ICYMI: See How Cheap A Woman’s Life Is!😞
#Turkey: A Turkish court on Monday handed down a reduced sentence of 23 years to a man who killed his ex-lover on the grounds that the victim had “provoked” him.
Gültekin was strangled and then, set on fire by her ex-boyfriend, Avcı, who
confessed to the murder.
The court first handed down an aggravated life sentence to Avcı on charges of premeditated murder.
But the court later ruled to reduce his sentence to 23 years based on Article 29 of the #Turkish Penal Code (TCK) that is often used to reduce sentences for
#Men accused of such crimes on the grounds that the victim provoked the murder with her actions.
Avcı’s #family members who faced up to 5 years in prison for aiding and abetting, helping to cover his tracks and concealing evidence of the crime, have been acquitted of the charges.
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#FreedomDay would people who now feel they have freedom and #Covid is just a cold, who’ve been on holiday, the pub, concerts, etc., join our #Campaign to @evusheld4theuk is a group of immunosuppressed ppl who don’t respond to Covid vaccine. Because …..
They don’t respond to #pfizer, #AstraZeneca #Moderna or they can’t have the same vaccine as you because drugs they are taking for @bloodcancer_uk @kidneycareuk @ArthritisSoc and many other diseases you haven’t heard of but YOU might get. Nobody expects a life limiting diagnosis
There is a drug they could have which would act like t(e vaccine acts on you. It’s called #Evusheld and made by Astra Zeneca. The Gov rolled out the vaccines in the emergency of Covid and you can have them without any further testing, no matter which #variants come along…
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When I came out to my dad 20 years ago, he told me the idea of two men being intimate disgusted him.

Here's what happened next. #FathersDay 🧵 👇
By 18, our relationship was...strained. As a kid, I preferred Baby-Sitters Club books to basketball. I was (and still am) a sensitive person—a stray comment could swerve into screaming, sobbing, and the silent treatment.
My dad had a walk-it-off mentality when it came to my problems. Bullying? Insecurities? Suck it up and stop crying—sympathy is for the weak. (Typical Dad stuff.)
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(1) It's critical that advances in AI be understood by those from the humanities and creative arts. This is because commercially available AI will soon cross the point where, to paraphrase Arthur C. Clarke, it will become 'indistinguishable from magic'. #scifi #dalle2 #futurism Image
(2) When talking of magic “There are only two worlds-your world, which is the real world, and other worlds, the fantasy. Worlds like this are worlds of the human imagination: their reality, or lack of reality is not important. What is important is that they are there..." #dalle2 Image
(3) "...These worlds provide an alternative. Provide an escape. Provide a threat. Provide a dream, and power; provide refuge, and pain. They give your world meaning. They do not exist; and thus they are all that matters." (Gaiman) #dalle2 #NeilGaiman @neilhimself #London #Magic Image
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“Take your shot”


Remember when the FF happened where Someone opened fire on A softball game or practice?
It was A charity game or something?
Police Vs firefighters maybe?

If you know what I’m
Talking about, you should think about going back & digging deeper on where it happened, who did it & when it took place.

Evil/corruption has been planning for A very long time. What firearm was the guy using? AR-15?

I guarantee you, all the dots will connect to other FF’s
That happened further ahead in time.. That is how these evil entities work, [they] leave [their] fingerprint on everything [they] do. Each fingerprint connects/leads to what [they] will do next & where/when [they] will strike next.
[they] have had all of this planned for
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In cinemas today (13/5)..

#JayeshbhaiJordaar (Hindi)
#SawaSerGehun (Hindi)
#PawPatrol : #TheMovie (English)
#Don (Tamil, Telugu)
#Ranga (Tamil)
#SelfieMummyGooglDaddy (Kannada)
#CriticalKeertanegalu (Kannada)
#KasthuriMahal (Kannada)
#Athyuttama (Kannada)
#JoAndJo (Malayalam)
In cinemas today (13/5)..

#PathamValavu (Malayalam)
#MeriAwasSuno (Malayalam)
#Dharmaveer (Marathi)
#IAmSorry (Marathi)
#Samrenu (Marathi)
#Surrshevat (Marathi)
#SultanShambhuSubhedar (Marathi)
#MrTokyokar (Marathi)
#AdkoDadko (Gujarati)
#Family (Gujarati)
In cinemas today (13/5)..

#SaunkanSaunkne (Punjabi)
#Aparajito (Bengali)
#Hridpindo (Bengali)
#LocalUtpaat (Assamese)
#KoMeiJongNGA (Khasi)
#ChalHatKonoDekhLihi (Chhattisgarhi)
#ShaadiHoToAisi (Bhojpuri)
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You know how groomers & CRT lovers always say “It’s all just taught in college?” Well they’re right. Here are current books aspiring teachers are studying.

What do you think these activists will be bringing into the classroom?

Still think it isn’t wide spread or systemic? ImageImageImage
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This one photo sums up every SEL, CRT, DIE radical and every single “show me evidence” / “it’s not happening” purposeful ignorant. @MackDistrict6

s/o @Nicoletta0602 Image
This is the type of policies being pushed into K-12 school children by radicals disguised as “it’s just about kindness & love”. They’re brainwashing your children with political & gender propaganda all the while telling them to not trust you, their own parents. Take action!
Get our guide, “10 Questions Every Parent Should Ask” & use it as a tool to defend your child. Parents will be shocked as to what is in their child’s school.
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