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I've decided to go on a journey to find the best Bigfoot movie.
There's a lot of them but not a lot of great ones.
It might take me years to dig through them all but I'll keep adding to this thread as I watch them.

Be warned there may be spoilers.

#FilmTwitter #BigFoot
I guess I gotta start somewhere so movie 1 is 2018's Big Legend.
This movie is ok boarding on good. I would have loved to see the Big Foot more. I feel like they were going for the "less is more" by only giving us glimpses of him, but when you do see him, he looks good. Image
So it's a shame they didn't highlight that costume more. The "less is more" strategy works better when we don't really know what the baddie is, but we all know it's Big Foot and we want to see Big Foot.
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forgot to mention a new episode of CultureScape👾

@Mangold_Lenett @FDRLST explains the dynamics at play & why conservatives don't cover culture or entertainment very well

#podcast @SonnyBunch @HollywoodInToto #mcu #starwars #mandalorian #filmtwitter
I know some people rag on the @FDRLST for their politically charged hot takes on entertainment,

But I've always stated I respect the Federalist
cuz they often alone of all conservative media willing to cover stories about entertainment & culture…
Culture by far most important part most people when relating to national news stories;

Movies, TV, Games, Music, Anime, etc
these are the thing that animate human lives & help us get through our day to day

Yet few in conservative media bother to write or talk about it
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In 2019, we found out some of our oldest PSAs, many unseen for decades, would not be saved permanently in the National Archives. We had a choice - save them or send them to a lonely landfill somewhere.

We saved them all.

Now, we're publishing them online for the first time. 🧵 A picture of 27 brown boxes filled with old Consumer Product
The PSAs cover a range of subjects across the agency’s jurisdiction including carbon monoxide safety, crib safety, poison prevention, gas can safety, and toy safety among others.
Some of the PSAs feature familiar faces such as the cast of M*A*S*H, NFL football legend Rosie Greer, and well-known character actor Louis Nye:
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Je viens de revoir Under The Silver Lake de David Robert Mitchell et vraiment, je trouve ce film prodigieux sur ce qu'il dit de notre société, du complotisme, du sectarisme, du voyeurisme et de la tristesse des jeunes générations. ⤵️

#MovieReview #FilmTwitter
Une séquence me marque particulièrement : celle de Sam et son pote qui lancent un drone-caméra. Une version plus moderne et intrusive que les jumelles employées par Sam depuis le début du film. Tandis que son ami explique la paranoïa moderne par excellente : être suivi/espionné⤵️
On y voit une jeune femme s'installer face caméra par une fenêtre et se déshabiller devant le drone. En réalité, ce n'est pas ce déshabillage qui déstabilise mais le fait qu'elle se mette à pleurer devant nous, spectateur-voyeur. ⤵️
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WEEKLY POLL RESULTS (Week Of 7/17/22): “Which Is Your Favorite Film With Aliens?” #NBPpolls #NopeMovie  #NopeFilm #SciFi #Movies #Film #Cinema #Streaming #FilmTwitter

Here are your top 20 results (Thread):
Dir. Dan Trachtenberg
(87 Votes)…
Dir. James Cameron
(99 Votes)
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‘Baymax!’ Is Just A Bunch Of Patronizing Public Service Announcements😴

Woke as it is brain-dead
‘Baymax!’ has all the subtlety of a low B-episode of Captain Planet & storytelling as deep as an evaporated puddle 🫧… @FDRLST #baymax #disney #mcu #marvel #rt
Disney doesn't seem to know its audience & lets progressive platitudes blind itself to releasing expensive shows that are only so-so

W/ some the wokeness turns them off immediately, but there isnt a lot here for progressives either… #tv #film #filmtwitter
For example, the infamous shopping scene in Baymax! it doesn't make much sense

An all-knowing robot needs help from a bunch of Grown men. In the feminine hygiene aisle

Discussing their favorite brand of tampons, as we all know men are wont to do…🙄
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Oof. The writing in Obi-Wan Kenobi has passed the point of leniency.

In Part IV (spoilers), they kill a rebel to kidnap Leia and probe her mind for the base, while letting Obi-Wan escape to lure him into saving her... and let him go.

Let's talk about that a second:
Even discounting that a force mind probe makes A New Hope moot, this show isn't keeping track of anything. People teleport all over, they talk in crowded rooms and the writers "decide" that no one can hear them. They overlook obvious alternatives (probing the mind of the pilot).
The end of Part III is an example. How did Obi-Wan escape if Vader didn't want him to? Why would he want him to escape if he DIDN'T want him to get away on the base?

Absolutely nothing about that exchange makes sense. The writers are obsessed w/ writing their own escape hatches.
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Regardless of anything else, Obi-Wan Kenobi has an astonishing lack of attention to the logic of its action.

People teleport constantly for convenience, bad guys "lose" good guys even though they're RIGHT THERE, Leia outruns adults constantly. It's so distracting. Image
As an example of the exact opposite, Part 3 of Clone Wars (2003) is an immaculately attentive presentation of space and POV. The action never loses the audience for a SECOND.

Obi-Wan's creators seriously need to take notes. You couldn't pass a film class w/ what they're doing. ImageImageImageImage
You know "out of sight, out of mind?" This is "out of frame, out of mind." Like that roof chase in Part 2. HOW did Reva lose them? The director just snapped their fingers and teleported everyone to the next scene w/ no connecting visual logic.

It's aggressively incoherent. Image
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#FilmTwitter: Go to @Letterboxd, search decades by popularity & share top entry you haven’t seen per decade.


20s: Metropolis
30s: Gone w/ Wind
40s: Rope
50s: Ikiru
60s: Harakiri
70s: Holy Mountain
80s: Kiki’s Delivery Service
90s: Perfect Blue
00s: Oldboy
10s: Infinity War
This thread has made two things abundantly clear:

- lots of film buffs have never seen Bicycle Thieves

- there are actual people who have taken the trouble of creating a Letterboxd account, yet have never seen The Wizard of Oz
Reposting my list — with popularity rankings for each:

20s: Metropolis - (1)
30s: Gone w/ Wind - (4)
40s: Rope - (4)
50s: Ikiru - (15)
60s: Harakiri (19)
70s: Holy Mountain (41!)
80s: Kiki’s Delivery Service (21)
90s: Perfect Blue (33!)
00s: Oldboy (48!)
10s: Infinity War (13)
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i get why some people feel differently

there's a scene early in the 2nd act of the film where Chavez claims that most universes give free food,

some people use this as evidence of wokery,
what they're missing is Raimi excoriiates her social justice claim,

immediately after its shown she's wrong & making assertions based on her short lived experience

a rebuttal on wokeness, not a confirmation
effectively showing her naivety… #DoctorStrange2
That's how Dr Strange 2 operates,

whether its the cameo characters, or Dr Strange or Wanda,

characters make claims & Raimi shows how these characters are wrong in their ideas & philosophy

Not a confirmation of them,
this isn't woke, this is Anti-Woke
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you guys are going to hate me for this
My latest review for the @FDRLST 🥳

Sam Raimi’s ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Is An Anti-Woke Masterstroke🤯

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is the best MCU film since ‘Endgame.’🪄🧙‍♂️… #mcu #doctorstrange #drstrange #DoctorStrangeInTheMultiverseOfMadness
“Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” is the latest entry in the MCU & a direct sequel to the 2016 original.

However, Strange 2 is its own thing continuing the themes from the Disney Plus shows “WandaVision” and “What-If.”
#DoctorStrange #MultiverseOfMadness #mcu #movie
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I might regret for not being able to hold them in any longer, but here are some thoughts on the Licorice Pizza Asian accent scene because both sides are getting out of control, no matter the nature of the arguments presented 🧵 [1/6] #FilmTwitter Image
Jerry Frick’s behavior is insulting. Not nice. The direction & writing (*hopefully intention as well) depict that *even if it’s faint AF* (or subjected to some manipulation in the now widely shared clip).

BUT this doesn’t mean it’s not problem-free. Focus now. Keep reading.
1st problem: Frick’s stupid act adds NOTHING to the story, or at most negligible. Regardless, it’s just era window-dressing.

So you said “my parents/grans used to speak like that to minorities.” Thx for sharing so proudly (?), still film doesn’t need this to make it feel real.
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A NEW HOPE. It has it all. Everything from the “I want song,” to the various tones for different kinds of music, to perfect character introductions, to duet opportunities, to a rousing finale. It’s begging to be a #musical. #filmtwitter
These could all be songs - ACT ONE:

• “Escape (Hunt for the Plans)” - Leia, Threepio, R2, & Vader
• “Doomed in the Desert” - Threepio & R2
• We give a small tease of “Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi” - Leia
• “Binary Sunset” - Luke
• “The Same As Your Father” - Obi-Wan
• “Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi” - Leia
• “Technological Terror” - Tarkin, Vader, Imperial leadership
• “Scum & Villainy” - Luke, Obi, Cantina patrons
• “A Fast Ship (Over My Dead Body)” - Han, Chewie, Greedo, Cantina patrons
• “Fire When Ready (Leia’s Lament)” - Tarkin & Leia
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Anton Furst was a cinematic visionary.

Thirty years ago today, the production designer tragically took his own life at the age of 47.

He’s one of my greatest influences, so I thought I’d write a brief history about him alongside some photos, drawings, and interview excerpts. Image
His production design for Tim Burton's Gotham City made an early and indelible impact on me.

"It was as if hell had erupted through the pavements and kept growing."
– Anton Furst Image
As a 10-year-old sitting in a suburban cinema, #Batman89 was my first introduction to the dark beauty of gothic, futurist, and brutalist architecture. Gotham was scarier than the Joker, more mysterious than Bruce Wayne, and more beguiling than Vicki Vale. I wanted to live there. Image
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Polanski’s Bitter Moon (1992).

I rarely say this. But this is a demeaning film. Its POV is sexist in a way that makes everyone worthless. It's SO cynical. It has the rare dishonor of being a film I hate thematically far more than the actors and visuals deserve.
The reason is not just its execution, which prioritizes cheesy narration to sell every small emotional detail, falsely excusing the visuals from being as creative as they could be. That just makes it boring.

What makes it truly vile is its completely unempathetic worldview.
Movies that lack empathy for men are not uncommon but rarely are they this ambitious. Every male drive and desire is shown as evil in Bitter Moon, utterly condemnable. Even the capacity to love is portrayed as WEAKNESS. A man's desire to kill himself is portrayed as inevitable.
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Glass (2019)
W/ its nice presentation, it's just so painful that the crucially flawed element is the script's dramatic priorities.

All I would do is rewrite the film to include a full character thread for David, including his relationship w/ his powers and his son.
Instead of him just vanishing from the entire 2nd act and waking up after a literal nap for the ending, I would include him!

I love the idea of the Clover Organization being beaten by a normal guy, not because of his strength, but his normalness.
And I know M. Night craved subversion. But David does NOT seem like he's been doing this for 20 years. He and his son are shown to be PITIFULLY disorganized and unambitious if you think about it.

Their last scene together is in the hardware store! It's so painfully underwritten.
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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is a 2001 CBM made 10 years late. Expectations in 2011 were COMPLETELY different. Does this mean the film is “underrated?”

It’s respectably loony. Cage expresses it facially to a level of enjoyment that prevents it from being boring. Image
But it sidesteps its ability to be, even on its own terms, a "good movie."

Its problems are in conventions. The henchman villain is dramatically inert. The girl has no energy at all, not dramatic, not romantic, nothing. She really should have had crazy charisma. Image
They set it up that anything Ghost Rider "rides" transforms in his image …

so the natural punchline would have been a ridiculous sex scene, Cage screaming on fire as she transforms into a hardcore demon queen. Something WAY over-excessively, memorably, nonsensically perverse. Image
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Snow White is still one of the best animated films. It not only forged feature animation but recaptured the particular dark optimism of the European fables.

I think the scene where Snow White wakes up in bed is still THE most important scene in animation history. ImageImageImageImage
Why that one?
What we have to remember about animation is that it was not SELF-EVIDENT that it would stylize characters based on their personality. It could have been used (for someone less artistic, it would have been) simply to turn realistic people into animated forms. Image
Instead, however, Disney used animation to translate essential characteristics of personality into physical traits, which defined the art of animation forever.

When Snow White wakes up in bed, she names the dwarfs by SIGHT based on the artistic process of drawing them. Image
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F9 (2021)
Genre : Action/ Adventure

ஒருவரி கதை : அண்ணன் தம்பி பாச போராட்டம்...

கார் பந்தயத்தில் அப்பாவை இழக்கின்றனர் டாம்மும் (வின் டீசல்) ஜேகப்பும் (ஜான் சீனா), காரணம் தம்பி என்று முடிவெடுத்து அண்ணன் டாம் தம்பியை வீட்டைவிட்டு விரட்டுகிறார்.
பல வருடங்கள் கழித்து, ஒரு ரகசிய பொருள் எடுக்கும் ஆப்பரேசனில் தம்பி ஜேகப்பை எதிர்ப்பு முனையில் பார்க்கிறார். ரகசிய பொருளுக்கும் தம்பிக்கும் உள்ள சம்பந்தத்தின் பன்னனியில் சைப்பர் (சார்ல்லீஸ் தேரான்) இருக்கிறார். டாம்முடன் லேட்டி, மியா, ரோமன், டேஜ், ராம்சே எல்லாம் சேருகிறார்கள்.
படத்தின் திருப்புமுனையாக இறந்துபோன ஹான் உயிருடன் வருகிறார். கடைசியில், டாம் கேங் ரகசிய பொருளை எதிரியிடம் இருந்து மீட்டார்களா? எதிரிகளின் சதியை முறியடித்தார்களா? அப்பா இறந்ததின் ரகசியம் என்ன? அண்ணனும் தம்பியும் சேர்ந்தார்களா? என்பது படத்தின் மீதி கதை....
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Throwback to the time it was revealed that Clint Eastwood directed a movie based on a book written by a secret leader of the KKK.
Asa Earl Carter “formed a paramilitary unit of about 100 men known as ‘the Original Ku Klux Klan of the Confederacy” and “was arrested in 1957 in connection with a Klan shooting”…
In 1956, his group attacked Nat King Cole on stage in Birmingham, Alabama during a concert and castrated a random black man as a “warning to ‘uppity’ Alabama Blacks.”…
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1/. Tonight I happened upon the grave of William Friese-Greene, “inventor of cinematography”

Born William Greene, he added his wife's name

In 1889, Friese-Greene patented his 'chronophotographic’ camera, which could take ten photographs per second, using celluloid film. #Oscars
2/. Any money Friese-Greene earned he ploughed back into his inventions, going bankrupt 3 times & dying in poverty

His son, Claude, continued to his father's work, shooting "The Open Road", offering a rare portrait of 1920s Britain in colour. #Oscars2021
3/. Just 50 years later, a very different type of documentary about travelling through Britain was made

"Black Safari" is about a group of African explorers who go on a safari by boat along Liverpool-Leeds canals to explore "darkest heart of Lancashire" #Oscars #OscarsSoWhite
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In addition to keeping track of #FilmTwitter accounts that have been recently banned, we've also been trying to track shadowbans.

What this GIF shows is that even if you search directly for @PINNLAND_EMPIRE, the account will not be brought up by the search.
We're interested in hearing technical explanations for why this "search ban" occurs (maybe an account setting?) and what causes accounts to disappear (aside from a tweet here & there) from a feed.

Shadowbans have long been a fact of Twitter but are obviously hard to track.
We're interested in any shadowbans you might have noticed - accounts that no longer regularly appear in your feed, etc.

Sites that claim to track shadowbans seem to be unreliable - if anyone has experience with the construction/coding of these sites, we'd love to hear from you.
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27 flip-books made by 'bimbelotier' Leon Beaulieu were recently discovered in a private collection. The books are now thought to include possible fragments of lost films by Georges Méliès.

La Danse (1896) Dir tentatively thought to be Georges Méliès

#filmtwitter #GeorgesMéliès
Lutte de Cuisiners (1896-1901) Dir tentatively thought to be Georges Méliès

One of 27 flip books thought to contain fragments of lost films by Georges Méliè and other early film pioneers.

#filmtwitter #earlyfilm #GeorgesMéliès
Prestidigitateur (1897) Dir tentatively thought to be Georges Méliès

One of 27 flip books thought to contain fragments of lost films by Georges Méliè and other early film pioneers.

#filmtwitter #earlyfilm #GeorgesMéliès
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