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Read Harry’s update to him crowdfunder.

What is the College of Policing?…

Why do we pay so much money to keep @CollegeofPolice afloat?
Why are malicious people ‘on the edges of rationality’ allowed to make unchallenged and unverified reports about people they don’t like? And why do the police promise them anonymity and a free reign to continue?
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Harry Miller’s Court of Appeal challenge in March is very important. Please support if you can.

Police log 120,000 'hate reports' - but not ONE is a crime via @MailOnline
Harry’s crowdfunder here…
And if the Court of Appeal decide against him on Article 10, don’t forget SVP is challenging on Article 8 and data protection grounds.…
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We have been asked to clarify what the process of judicial review is and what the consequences are.

First - there is a basic distinction between civil and criminal law. A ‘trial’ usually means a criminal case. If it’s civil we say ‘hearing’.
Criminal cases are almost always bought by the State against an individual. Private prosecutions are very, very rare. The standard of proof is very high as conviction can lead to loss of liberty.

Judicial review is a civil remedy.
It’s a mechanism to get the courts to decide if a ‘public body’ has acted lawfully. It doesn’t look at the merits of the decision or failure to act but it questions the decision making process. Was it rational? Was it reasonable?
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It’s nearly judgment day.

Not sure yet what will happen but seems likely judgment will NOT be read out.

Therefore we hope to get a copy as soon as possible after 10.30am and will summarise and tweet.

See you here tomorrow!

Your designated tweeter now begins the long journey from Islington to the RCJ, as Frodo set off to Mordor. It’s quite hard to walk, staggering as I am under the weight of all this money I have been paid to do this, but onwards!

It’s a beautiful day and I am on top of the bus! #goodOmen #FairCopJR
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It seems we are not going to be able to take it easy in 2020.

It’s very hard to see how this official guidance can be lawful. We would need to see what assessment the NHS have done of the impact of this policy.
What is the impact on

A) the welfare of the child
B) the implications for doctors of a child is not ‘Gillick competent’ - I.e cannot consent to medical intervention
C) the implications for the moral and legal obligations on parents to exercise their parental responsibilities
AND of course the Article 8 rights of parents and children for their family life to be respected by the State.

Of course we understand that sometimes parents don’t do the right thing for their children and sometimes the State has to step in to protect the children.
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10.10. am

Ready in Court 5.

wish list for today

Counsel who can project.

Now starting with counsel for CoP again.
Lists things that he will cover this morning.
In reverse order to counsel for HM.

Start - issue of communication to whom.
And the issue of context of communication. If to be hate incident must be hostility. It is clear that communication can be by victim or any other person. EG disabled adult comes off bus, arrives at day centre and tells staff of incident of abuse. #FairCopJR
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At my tribunal the Judge welcomed live tweeting as a means of #openjustice . It was brilliantly done by @wwwritingclub. Someone didn't like something she reported and complained to @Twitter. Her account was suspended for 12 hrs. She wasn't able to live tweet from #FairCopJR
Someone also did not like that the women of Mumsnet were talking openly about the case and the individuals involved. They received ominous warnings about "reporting restrictions" and decided to take all the names out if the posts to be on the safe side…
After clarification that there were no reporting restrictions they have promised to replace all the names.
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It's 10.20am.

We are in court.

The public seats are nearly full.

Hopefully let the tweeting commence #FairCopJR
And we are off! Checking the state of the bundles and shuffling up to let more people sit. Now a very full house. #FairCopJR
Judge - this is a very important case... I am not concerned with a hotly contested debate; that is for Parliament...We will refer to biological sex in full knowledge of the controversy and not wishing to demean... #FairCopJR
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We hope to live tweet the proceedings. Follow #FairCopJR

Why is this important? Because generally it concerns the right of individual citizens to freely express views on matters of political controversy.
And in particular - are the guidelines from the College of Policing compatible with the fundamental right to free expression? The guidance being challenged is set out in the 2014 'Hate Crime Operational Guidance'. See Chapter 6…
This requires police forces to record 'non-crime hate incidents', defined as that 'which is perceived by the victim or any other person to be motivated (wholly or partially) by a hostility or prejudice' and directed at one of five 'monitored strands'.
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