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A common plot in Malay fairy tales is the story of an animal which turns out to be a cursed human prince or princess, much like the German story of the Frog Prince. In the legend of Raja Bongsu, the princess turns into a snake every night

Typical of Malay epic romances, it begins with the trope of the wandering prince, as Raja Bongsu travels disguised as a commoner. An ape leads him to a silat master who teaches him martial arts and magic (ilmu persilatan dan kesaktian)

He goes on to learn from 7 masters before he reaches a kingdom where the beautiful princess lives in hiding because of her curse. Using his magic, Raja Bongsu breaks the curse and marries her
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For today's #FairyTaleTuesday theme:
Here is a Hungarian folktale that is a version of the Twelve Dancing Princesses - but with cats!🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛
The story begins with a girl who sets out into the world, hoping to become rich without doing any hard work. She comes across a king who's selling a haunted castle, and she agrees to buy it, claiming she has the money. Postponing payment for a year, she moves into the castle. 🏰
On her first night in the castle she hears meowing at the door, and lets in a black cat. The cat curls up on her bed and purrs for her - but in the morning he is gone.
In the evening, the cat returns, and brings the girl a gemstone. After that, the same thing happens every day.
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The quintessential fairy-tale Witch inhabits Sondheim's INTO THE WOODS.  She is the catalyst that drives all the common folk - simple Jack, the Baker and his Wife, Red RH, Cinderella, Rapunzel - into the dark Woods of their fears, hoping to get their Wish.  #FairytaleTuesday  1/4
Which they do, once they've passed her tests. But every act of magic requires payment. The Witch finds that she has lost her magical powers. And the Giant descends the Beanstalk to wreak havoc on the kingdom. She tracks down Jack, to give him to the Giant - #FairyTaleTuesday 2/4
- but the others defend him, blaming the Witch for their troubles. She points out the hard truth, that they have brought their fate on themselves. As Witches do.

Meryl Streep's Witch confronts them at "The Last Midnight." #FairyTaleTuesday 3/4

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#FairyTaleTuesday From the Journal of Gerard Manley Hopkins 7 Feb 1875: I asked Miss Jones in my Welsh lesson the Welsh for fairy, for we were translating Cinderella. She told me cipenaper (Anglice kippernapper): the word is nothing but kidnapper,
molded, according to their fashion, to give it a Welsh etymology, as she said, from cipio/ to snatch, to whisk away. However in coming to an understanding between ourselves what fairies (she says fairess by the way for a she-fairy) and kidnappers were, on my describing them as
little people 'that high', she told me quite simply that she had seen them... It was a busy time, haymaking I think. She was going up at five o'clock in the morning, when she saw three little boys of about four years old wearing little frock coats and odd little caps running and
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