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@iltalehti_fi "-länsimaiset '#poliitikot' ”eivät aja omien maidensa etuja, vaan ovat #marionetteja globaalien #eliitti'en käsissä”:
#Zdokumentti eli #SateenkaariSanna…
@iltalehti_fi #Kusetus
cc: @ odefinn
Johan oli.. meidän onnemme että #Venäjä näkee läpi tuon Suomen valtiovallan kansan kusettamisen, ilman sitä olisimme todella #kusessa.
@iltalehti_fi @kokoomus @Demarit @vasemmisto @persut @keskusta @KDpuolue @sfprkp @vihreat #Zdokumentti eli #SateenkaariSanna
- "länsimaiset '#poliitikot' ”eivät aja omien maidensa etuja, vaan ovat #marionetteja globaalien #eliitti'en käsissä”: ImageImageImageImage
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You can be that way if you'd like, Daniel. No one's upset that you're a #Kremlin employee. Everyone has to make a living, right? 🤷‍♂️

Just understand that we shall continue to obstruct #Russia's plainly obvious #war of conquest—apparently your definition of "#warmongering."
1/ Image
I'd probably miss the old #Soviet days too if I was you. We can understand your desire to rebuild the old empire.

Although, for the sake of your mental health, I hope you're not too overly nostalgic. Now that we know what you're up to, we'll certainly thwart your ambitions.
2/ Image
We'd had high hopes that you'd choose a more enlightened means of restoring your respectability. 🌍

Unfortunately, like the fellow in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade film who foolishly drank from the necrotizing holy grail instead of the real one, "you've chosen poorly."
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“Myth 9 – The #USSR and the #Third #Reich were Not #Allies from 1939–1941” Image
“The Essence of the #Myth

The #Soviet #Union never was an ally of #Nazi #Germany and in those cases where joint actions took place, this was motivated by #political and #military necessity.”
“Fast #Facts

This was not so much myth as taboo. The cooperation of the #USSR and the #Third #Reich was not written about in #Soviet textbooks or encyclopedias and was even circumvented in academic writings.
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“The Essence of the #Myth

The policy of the #USSR before the #Second #World #War only included support for world peace and stopping #Hitler’s aggression.
Only because of the West’s rejection of #Moscow’s peace proposals was the #Soviet leadership forced to conclude the #Molotov#Ribbentrop Pact in order to win some time and postpone the beginning of the #war.”
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‘The Essence of the #Myth

Terms: the name “#Great #Patriotic #War of the #Soviet People against #German-#Nazi Invaders” meant the unified fight against the enemy-adversary for the united Soviet Fatherland and was the only correct historical terminology.’
‘Fast Facts

The “#Great #Patriotic #War” – is the ideologically branded #Soviet name for the armed conflict between the #USSR and #Germany from 1941–1945, a component of the #Second #World #War.
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“The Essence of the #Myth

In the #Soviet #Union, #Victory #Day has always been the most important holiday.”
‘Fast Facts

#Victory #Day, as a national holiday and non-working day, was introduced in the #USSR in May #1945. However, in December 1947, it ceased to be a national holiday. Until 1965, there were no special events conducted on 9 May.
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As some of us celebrate the #Soviet victory over Nazism, let us remember the filthy role of the Canadian state, before, during and after #WWII. Prime Minister King, a vicious anti-Semite, was the most pro-appeasement leader in the British Empire, and was fond of Hitler Image
The Canadian state's interest in WWII was to use the war to whip up #nationalism and stamp out #socialist organizing at home, and to defend British #imperialism abroad. The Canadian state was happy to take on a founder of the Nazi Party, Otto #Strasser, as a political advisor. Image
Strasser's plan was to stage a #coup, so that the #Allies could cut a deal with the 'good Nazis.' But Strasser was a fraud, and only reluctantly, when no 'good Nazis' could be found to cut a deal with, did the Allies invade. The cream of the Nazi army was defeated by the #Soviets Image
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#West has unleashed ‘real #war’ against #Russia, #Putin tells #VictoryDay parade | May 9
- President Putin insisted that the West’s “untamed ambitions, arrogance and impunity” are to blame for the conflict.…
#Putin tells #RedSquare parade 'real war' unleashed on #Russia | May 9
- “Today civilization is once again at a decisive turning point,” #Putin said at Moscow’s annual commemorations celebrating the defeat of #NaziGermany in #WW2.…
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Soviet Interference in the 1964 US Presidential Election:

Today we'll be examining a document that sheds light on the Soviet Union's experience with interference in a foreign presidential election.
#Soviet #US #Presidential #Election #Republicans #Democrats #UnitedStates #KGB Image
The note, dated September 1964, was signed by the head of the KGB and the deputy head of the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ImageImage
In the document above, you can read the Soviet plan to interfere in the 1964 US elections, an action plan for implementing "active measures" in the upcoming US presidential election.

Document credits:
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Our Order has been devoted to the defense and support of #Ukraine from the first days of the recent Russian Invasion in 2022. We have dedicated all the profits of our US corporation @Ordo_Militaris and founded a Ukrainian non profit @CrossAzureUkr to do this. 1/x
Our members world wide through news and information spread via @MilitarisCath have raised more than $20,000 USD to assist the victims of Russian Aggression. We follow the law in all countries where we are active, and so were amazed to find 2/x
@MilitarisCath That there were many groups raising $ in the name of helping #Ukraine but sending it to private personal accounts, a thing our Order never does. When @MilitarisCath asked why this was being done after 12 months of war, a bot attack was launched against it 3/x
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THREAD: Who is Brig Yasub Dogar?

Brig Yasub Dogar was a Pakistani officer who served in the #SSG & #ISI. He was from the ISI's Covert Action Division (CAD) based on the #CIA's Special Activities Division (SAD). He is mostly known for his services during Afghan Soviet war.

Brig Yasub was a pioneering member of the Special Services Group (#SSG) Commandos, commanded guides Infantry (FF), an armored infantry battalion and commanded the operational Brigade at #Siachin. He served in key command, staff and intelligence assignments in #Afghanistan.

He had a long and deep association with the Afghan war and knew all key Afghan Mujahideen figures. Brig Yasub was a very close associate of the famous Col Sultan Amir Tarar also known as Col Imam.

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Elon's mother was #Canadian.
Did she, like #Justin's mother, get herself impregnated by a #Communist leader???
Official history makes out that #MaoZedong was some random peasant, but #British and #Jesuit schemers had been sowing wild oats in #China for generations previously. ImageImage
Of course, the #KGB may also have been sending Red Sparrows to #China in order to collect the #Genes of #MaoZedong, knowing that anyone created by #British or #Jesuit schemers would have been top level #Genius. No surprise that Mao has offspring in #Soviet lands.
And it could be even DEEPER.
Remember how Skull and Bones stole the bones of #Geronimo, the #Apache leader? Apache people spoke a language related to Navajo and Dene, thus were part of the 2nd wave to move from #Siberia into the Americas. And in the land of Astana (Satana)...
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As #Russian offensives culminate and Ukraine prepares to launch counter-offensives, #Putin claimed that the West cannot sustain weapons provisions to 🇺🇦 & exaggerated 🇷🇺's potential to mobilize its own defense industrial base (DIB) ... 1/3
... to create the false impression that further #Ukrainian resistance & Western support to 🇺🇦is futile.

#Putin’s comments are an information operation designed to revive the aura of #Soviet-era military industry and massed forces. 2/3
They do not reflect current #Russian realities or the balance of economic power or military industrial capacity between #Russia and the collective West. 3/3…
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🚨🚨 HELP Syria 🚨🚨
Russian Intelligence Service: #US uses #terrorist groups to undermine situation in #Syria
Russian Foreign Intelligence Service has announced that the #US continues to use #terrorist groups in #Syria to undermine positions of the Syrian government.
“The Central Command of the #US forces is planning to form battalions of terrorists to carry out hostile acts against the legitimate #Syrian government”
-Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergey Naryshkin-
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Drank antifreeze from thirst: #Russians starved #Ukrainian prisoners of war to death

The #Russian occupiers kept several captured #Ukrainian soldiers in the basement without food for two months.

As journalist #Sergei_Garmash said on Facebook, one of the prisoners of war who Image
was released was brought to a hospital, not far from the front line.

"I have never seen anything like this. Except in the #Soviet newsreel about the liberation of #Auschwitz. Extreme exhaustion. Just a living skeleton. Ours recaptured the enemy position and found him.
A fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was in captivity for two months in the basement. They didn’t feed him. If it weren’t for one #Russian soldier who, out of pity, shared his rations with him, would die of starvation. He drank antifreeze from thirst.
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Looks like my #IndianNavy missile test thread blew up so, a follow on thread on its sister force #IndianAirForce . The collective west, coming out of the Cold War expected the #IAF to be a more Soviet aligned force. #Su30MKI #F35B #TROPEX #εpsilon #MiG21 #MiG21Bison #Mirage2000 Image
The #IAF however has the unique perspective of operating the top western and the top #Russian of alternate &/or every generation egs Hawker Hunter (credits on pic), #MiG21, #MiG29, #Su30MKI, #Mirage2000 #Harrier ImageImage
Each fighter brings in with it, performance numbers but also tactics and maintenance regimen and India can tap into #Russian or #British ideas and pick and choose what works the best. Image
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Mar 1:
1/ #RussianVolunteerCorps actions in #Bryansk

“We are #Russians, and we are not #Russians”: what is known about the “#RussianVolunteerCorps

@CrimeanWind, of #Telegram, background report on #Russian ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Partisans…
Mar 1:
3/ #RussianVolunteerCorps in #Bryansk

..representatives adhere to right-wing views & #Claim to have traveled the entire #FrontLine.

#Russian #Volunteer #Corps founder, #DenisKapustin (#Nikitin)..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine…
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EVOLUTION OF DIPLOMACY. "Nothing about 🇺🇦without 🇺🇦" is extremely important for the Ukrainian nation. But it also serves the interests of other nations because it doesn't allow 🇷🇺to turn its aggression against Ukraine into a broader confrontation with 🇺🇸.
It's a failed attempt of #Moscow to impose the great power competition scheme and trade its "cooperation" on global issues for allowing it to re-establish spheres of influence in Europe that justified the "suspension" of their participation in the new #START Treaty.
There are no immediate negative consequences of such a decision, and, highly likely, there won't be any in the future, for a new nuclear arms race for Moscow would mean old results – a state collapse.
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St. Michael’s Cathedral has so many layers of symbolism. It was built 11th century and Destroyed by the #Soviet regime in 1930s to be rebuilt again in independent #Ukraine.
Bearing the name St. Michael, considered to be a protector of #Kyiv, this space has served as a safe haven during the Revolution of Dignity in 2014.
The Cathedral and space around it has also become place of remembrance for victims of #Holodomor and those who died fighting against #Russian aggression since 2014.

📷 shows the memorial wall in the side of the Cathedral.
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Stalin's Plan of Forced Collectivization and the Ukrainian Famine of 1932-1933 | 🧵Considered by many historians to be Stalin's most horrifying campaign, "forced collectivization" was the well-organized plan to crush the Ukrainian peasants by massive starvation... #Ukraine confiscating all available food throughout the regions of Ukraine, the northern Caucasus, and the lower Volga river area in 1932 to 1933. The effect of this "artificial" man-made famine was the complete breaking of the peasants' will to resist collectivization of farmland..
leaving the population politically, socially, and psychologically traumatized. Stalin's plan and the methods by which it was carried out are almost too horrifying to imagine: the execution or deportation of any man, woman, or child...
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Ukrainian neo-Nazis terrorize people, commit ethnic cleansing: Putin

#Putin says that any attempt to revise #Russia’s contribution to the Great Victory means justifying the crimes of Nazism & opening the way for the revival of its deadly ideology.
During the ongoing special military operation in Ukraine, Russian soldiers fight the evil that became possible because lessons of history have been forgotten, Putin has stated, stressing that it was the Soviet people who ended the barbaric actions of the Nazis in 1945.
“We must clearly understand that any attempt to revise our country’s contribution to the Great Victory actually means justifying the crimes of Nazism, and opens the way for the revival of its deadly ideology,” the Russian President noted.
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#Ukraine/#Russia 🇺🇦🇷🇺:

The 🇳🇱#Netherlands and the 🇨🇿#Czechia are currently preparing two other projects in the field of air defence and artillery for 🇺🇦#Ukraine.

Thread🧶 1/x

@oryxspioenkop @Rebel44CZ @secretsqrl123 @ukraine_map @OSINTua @UAWeapons @LivFaustDieJung
I think the projects will go in the same direction as the current rebuild of 90 T-72 tanks or the production of 115 MR-2 systems. That is, the production and coordination of the projects will be done in 🇨🇿#Czechia, while the 🇳🇱#Netherlands will largely finance the projects.

Now let's see what anti-aircraft systems the 🇨🇿#Czech Republic can offer:

1) Production of additional MR-2 systems.

The MR-2 is a very short-range anti-aircraft system designed primarily to shoot down 🇮🇷#Iranian Shahed-136 (Geran-2) drones.

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[TODAY IN HISTORY] Thirty-five years ago, Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev signed the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, which reduced the number of weapons in US and Soviet #nuclear stockpiles. Expand the graphic below for a timeline of the INF Treaty ⤵ (1/5) 1987: On December 8th, Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev s
🎧 Listen to a recording of Reagan and Gorbachev from the INF Treaty signing, courtesy of the Kennan Institute/@CWIHP audio archive. Reagan famously used the Russian phrase “доверяй, но проверяй” — “Trust, but verify.”… (2/5)
Read “Forgotten Parties to the INF” by @mbudjeryn and Ambassador Steven Steiner for @CWIHP’s Sources and Methods blog, which includes Amb. Steiner’s firsthand account of INF Treaty negotiations. 👇… (3/5)
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