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1. On a related note, the #Exvangelical community absolutely won the battle for public visibility when it comes to yesterday's #GC2Summit at Wheaton College, a PR stunt through which evangelicals hoped to retain control of the narrative regarding abuse. #ChurchToo #EmptyThePews
2. Just look at all the coverage that has quoted @emilyjoypoetry and/or @juleswoodson11 and included the #Exvangelical criticism of Ed Stetzer's event, where evangelicals strove to be appear to be taking abuse seriously while holding onto abusive patriarchal, anti-queer theology.
3. Here are several examples, and my understanding is that more coverage favorable to the #Exvangelical take on the #GC2Summit is on the way. Stetzer, Moore, Lucado and company have failed to control the story. This is huge.……
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It strikes me that both the SBTS statement & #GC2Summit (while steps forward) are haunted by the myth of evangelical exceptionalism. Everything changed for me when I realized evangelical theology is itself a product of culture, not some pure & unimpeachable exception to it.
The myth of evangelical exceptionalism often keeps evangelicals from seriously interrogating their own theology & culture, even when its fruit turns out rotten. We could acknowledge our individual sins, but we didn’t have cultural/systemic sins like “the world” or “the lost.”
It’s easy to say, “our predecessors abused the Bible to support slavery.” It’s much harder to examine the hermeneutics of the slaveholders and confront the fact that some of the same interpretative practices are being used to marginalize people today.
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Me, watching the second half of the "Reflections: A #GC2Summit on responding to sexual harassment, abuse, and violence"
oh goddess they're singing again
First in the afternoon: "Ashes to Beauty: When Jesus Heals" by Jeanette Salguero.
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Me today, watching the #gc2summit on #churchtoo:
Kicking this thing off by singing the lyrics of "Amazing Grace"- a song about the repentance of a middle passage slave trader- I think is going to be pretty emblematic for today.

God loves us even thought we're BAD is probs going to be a major theme. #churchtoo #gc2summit
"Nothing can be healed without you, without your spirit."

Uh. False.

#gc2summit #churchtoo
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1. That white evangelical subculture has been "shielded from criticism" is absolutely true; it's something the #Exvangelical community is working to end. The shielding is partly due to evangelical leaders' savvy about cultivating good PR and cozy relationships with journalists.
2. For an introduction to how evangelicals manage their PR, see this piece I wrote for @RDispatches ahead of the midterms:…

To dig deeper, follow and look up the work of @brucewilson, @FredClarkson, and @PRAEyesRight.

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews #Resist
3. But there's another reason evangelicals have been shielded from criticism, and that has to do with what @drvox refers to as "media culture's weird mythology about who is & isn't 'Real American.'"
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So, what should we do about this? This Thursday, December 13, #Exvangelical Twitter needs to show up in large numbers to tweet criticisms of complementarianism, purity culture, and anti-LGBTQ theology with the hashtags #ChurchToo and #GC2Summit.

#EmptyThePews #Resist
I want to be clear this is @emilyjoypoetry's plan; I am going to participate and want to get the word out about it, as well as to help raise awareness of what's wrong with defenders of patriarchal evangelical theology claiming #ChurchToo. Hint: it's the theology.
@babecolate would you be willing to help get the word out about this?
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