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1/ Worldwide, a #poultry-origin disease is causing high mortality in wild birds. The disease is called highly pathogenic avian #influenza (#HPAI). It is important to record the scale of wild bird mortality in order to help prevent such disasters in the future. Here is a thread.
2/ In general, HPAI viruses emerge in intensive poultry production systems by mutation from relatively innocent viruses (aptly called ‘low pathogenic avian influenza viruses). Of 39 known HPAI mutation events detected, 37 are from such poultry farms.
3/ The cause of the current wild bird mortality is the descendant of a HPAI virus that emerged in a commercial farm of domestic geese in Guangdong, China, in 1996. The virus spread widely across poultry farms in Asia, and then spilled over into wild waterbirds.
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Hey friends. We’re coming to you today with some somber news. A commercial flock of turkeys in Johnston County, NC has tested positive for highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI). This location is ~ an hour away from the Refuge and HPAI is highly fatal to domesticated birds.
In response, we have been forced to make the unfortunate decision to keep all of our birds indoors until the threat of ceases. We've also implemented many biosecurity protocols. In order to provide the best quality of life to our birds, we have been making adjustments such as:
-shifting some birds around to create more indoor space for each flock
-implementing daily cleaning of all bird houses
-providing evening snacks of rotating fruit and vegetables (in addition to maintaining our morning enrichment program)
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BirdFlu outbreak in India #BirdFlu #H5N8 #H5N1 #BirdFlu2020 #HPAI #AvianFlu
Are we dealing with one outbreak or two separate outbreaks of H5N8 and H5N1 strains?
This is a thread on the BirdFlu Outbreak, analysing what we know so far and potential risk 1/n…
Here is an excellent compilation of BirdDeath events across India. @birdcountindia affiliated with is a science project promoting cataloging BirdRecords in India. You would find lists of events with links here 2/n #BirdFlu…
Mass deaths of Birds have been reported from Kerala since mid December including in Duck Farms.
The causative agent has been confirmed as Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza type H5N8 #HPAIH5N8
Despite name it has very low pathogenicity in humans. 3/n…
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1/11 Now that highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N8 has arrived in Europe again, some questions arise. What do 'H5N8' and 'highly pathogenic' mean? And where does the virus come from?

On request, a thread (for non-Dutch readers).

#HPAI #H5N1 #H5N8 #AvianInfluenza #birdflu
2/11 H5N8 refers to two proteins, haemagglutinin (H) & neuraminidase (N), on the surface of the virus. In birds there are 16 H subtypes, H1 to H16, and 9 N subtypes, N1 to N9. Avian influenza viruses sometimes exchange H & N with each other; for example, H5N1 can change to H5N8.
3/11 Pathogenic means disease-inducing. Avian influenza viruses are divided into two categories: low-pathogenic (inducing no or little disease in chickens) and highly pathogenic (inducing marked disease or mortality in chickens).
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1/11 De huidige sterfte van #pluimvee en wilde vogels in #Nederland wordt veroorzaakt door hoog-pathogene vogelgriepvirus van het subtype H5N8. Maar wat betekent ‘H5N8’ en ‘hoog-pathogeen’? En waar komt het virus vandaan?

Op verzoek, een draadje.

#HPAI #H5N1 #H5N8 #vogelgriep
2/11 H5N8 slaat op twee eiwitten, hemagglutinine (H) en neuraminidase (N), die buitenop het virus zitten. Bij vogels zijn er 16 subtypen H, H1 t/m H16, en 9 subtypen N, N1 t/m N9. Vogelgriepvirussen wisselen H en N soms uit met elkaar; zo kan H5N1 b.v. veranderen naar H5N8. Image
3/11 Pathogeen betekent ziekteverwekkend. Vogelgriepvirussen worden verdeeld in laag-pathogeen (geen of weinig ziekte bij kippen) en hoog-pathogeen (ernstige ziekte en sterfte bij kippen). Image
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