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#MidFlorida #Tampa #Orlando #Ocala and surrounding area neo-Nazis, white supremacists & other “very fine people.

Hudson, FL - Simon Michael Dickerman

Andy Gene Strickland, a 44-year-old immigration lawyer in Tampa Bay, Florida, was exposed as a member of the white nationalist group Identity Evropa


Patrick J McNally, Spring Hill, FL

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#IDENTIFYevropa #UniteTheRight #AnimeRight #Tampa

Meet #WhiteSupremacist Simon Dickerman AKA SimonSasquatch AKA Sasysassquatch from Hudson, #Florida

Simon was identified by @afainatl after a 10/29/17 flash mob following a church shooting in Antioch, TN. He & others espoused anti-immigrant, "Our Homeland", fascist talking points.…

He posted the @IGD_News article on Twitter.

Simon was an active participant in the Torch March at UVA on 8/11/17 & deadly Unite the Right rally on 8/12. He also attended the White Lives Matter rally in Shelbyville, TN (10/28/2017).

h/t @MichaelEHayden
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We recently published an article about a California Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement member named David Zsutty. David is a current law student at Chapman University in Orange, California. 


On Discord, David used the pseudonym "TylerHess." As "Tyler," he shared his bigoted views about Jewish people and people of color.
David also took part in Identity Evropa actions, like a banner drop in Arizona. In California, he pasted white supremacist propaganda at college campuses.
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We're celebrating #Juneteenth by exposing the current leader of the Colorado chapter of American Identity Movement, Jeremy Jeffery Riesberg of Colorado Springs, who is ironically married to a black woman and the father of her son.
Jeremy first came on our radar back in 2017 when he was harassing women and PoC on twitter and is the reason this researcher first got involved looking into the alt-right.
Here's a screenshot of @TalibKweli calling out Jeremy aka Felden's racist bullshit on his old account.
Thanks to the @UR_Ninja leaks of AmIM's MatterMost Server, we were able to link Felden to his new aliases "Jackson" & "Andrew Jackson" and see that he is the current head of CO AmIM.
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Meet American Identity Movement and Young Americans for Liberty Member Richard "Ricky" Golgart"
CW: We will be censoring racist, homophobic, ableist, and anti-Semitic slurs in this thread, but the screenshots in the article are uncensored.…
Ricky goes by Mojave_Paisan on the Identity Evropa Discord server leaked by @UR_Ninja.
He used the same handle on twitter to deny the holocaust, stan for Nazism, and advocate for kidnapping immigrants
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Let’s talk about the Hampton Roads, Va discord user “horticult”, who confirms his name is Perry-Lee. Perry-Lee is a very uncommon name, and it’s shared with @NorfolkBotanic horticulturist Perry-Lee West.
“Horticult” posts a lot about invasive species, and how being an “identitarian” parallels controlling invasive species of plants. Perry-Lee West holds talks at @NorfolkBotanic and @cityofPortsVA parks about invasive species.
“Horticult” also posted pictures of Identity Evropa propaganda, which he likely put up right before taking pictures.
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Thead: AmIM/AIM (formerly known as Identity Evropa) white nationalist hate group flash mobbed a bookstore yesterday, shocking the audience. Fortunately, faces were clearly captured, making it easy to identify them & where they work. #IdentifyEvropa:

Comrade @GranolaNutMix immediately made & sent out some very solid hi-res stills out of the above video:
Part two of @GranolaNutMix's stills from the hate group leaving the bookstore after mobbing an author's reading
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The user 'Undercover Academic - IL' from neo-Nazi Identity Evropa Discord chats is Kevin Pummill (@mrpummill) of the Peoria, IL area. He is a social studies teacher at Pekin Community High School (@PCHSDragons).

'Undercover Academic - IL' posted an Instagram post liked by 'palmtree1094', no longer active but shows to be Melissa Palma from Normal, IL. That appears to be the maiden name of Melissa Pummill, who teaches at Farmington Central School District #265 (@FCCUSD265)

Neo-nazi Identity Evropa member 'Undercover Academic - IL' refers to an Amber Alert in Dec. 2018 involving a 13 m.o. in the town where his wife teaches. This happened in Farmington, IL.

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There was a bit of excitement when Lacey Lauren Clark of Plano, Texas (recently of Garland, TX) joined Identity Evropa in January 2019. It was not just that she was a rare female enlistee but she is something of a far right celebrity under the moniker Lacey Lynn. #identifyevropa
Lacey Lauren Clark didn't let the cowardly rebranding of Identity Evropa into American Identity Movement phase her for very long. #identifyevropa
Lacey Lauren Clark may be a relatively recent convert to internet white nationalism, she has a long online history going back to her teen years, much of it detailing her struggles with serious mental illness and anorexia.
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Making my own ‘fashcards’.
You’re welcome to save and share them.
New ongoing project. Will reply with new ones as completed.
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I thought some folks might be interested in the process leading to this important dox. Thread following. #IdentifyEvropa #Oklahoma 1/?
This dox was the result of a community effort, in which many people invested hours of labor. Kudos to everyone who helped out this fascist. At first, all we had was the @idenokla Twitter account. We were able to glean the follower list, providing a few accounts. 2/
Of specific note are the two pictured here: @ablshjournalism and Seth Wix. The first proved to be our man, Blevins. It is still unknown if Wix is involved, but put him aside, he'll be important later. 3/
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#IdentityEvropa Thanks to Unicorn Riot, we’re finally putting a name to this guy, Anticom leader, Charlottesville goon, Identity Evropa member, and Identity Acadia founder: he’s Peter Morgan of Kenner, Louisiana. Let’s talk guns, neo-Nazis, and embroidery!
‘James_Coney - LA’ wrote thousands of racist and anti-Semitic posts on the Anticom server and spent hours on alt-right chats talking up his time in Charlottesville. His side hustle was selling fascist patches made on his industrial embroidery machine.
He later drifted over to Identity Evropa as Discord user ‘Jean-Baptiste.’ As the founder of Identity Acadia, he led dozens of actions in New Orleans, intimidating teachers (see previous thread), recruiting a white supremacist gang, and spreading fascist propaganda.
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THREAD: Meet Stephen Thomas Farrea, of Portsmouth, RI, a corporal in the Selected Marine Corps Reserve.

He's also a member of the white nationalist group Identity Evropa, recently rebranded as the American Identity Movement.
2/ In the chats recently leaked by @UR_Ninja, he goes by "SuperTomPerryRI."

You can view all of the nearly 1500 messages he sent to the group via this link.…
3/ In the Identity Evropa chats, he identifies himself as "Portsmouth my town 95% white very nice," and says that he "cant wait to drop its okay to be white flyers in Rhode Island."
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Chesterfield, Va SRO with @CCPDVa, at LC Bird High School, is exposed as the Pledge Coordinator for white nationalist hate group Identity Evropa.

Officer Daniel Leas Morley, son of retired Lt. Tim Morley of the @RichmondPolice.

#IdentifyEvropa #rva…
A white nationalist group’s Pledge Coordinator in a high school is a dangerous situation, where young minds can easily be manipulated. There are signs that suggest Dan Morley was radicalized during high school, before graduating in 2006.


You can find Dan’s leaked Discord posts at @UR_Ninja:…

While not as outwardly toxic as other members, you’ll find that he discusses the need for white nationalist to rebrand words such as “racism”.

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Jason Paul LaGuardia of Stamford, CT is a longtime member of Identity Evropa & is their CT state coordinator. He's also a lance corporal in the Selected Marine Corps Reserve. He comes to NYC to put up IE stickers & rallied at the Mexican consulate w/ IE last year. #IDENTIFYevropa
Jason LaGuardia is not only a US Marine, he also works at Starbucks!! He was at the Riverside location in Greenwich, CT in 2017 but could be working at another spot. He liked to use official Starbucks notecards to troll co-workers about "smashing the patriarchy." #IDENTIFYevropa
If you have seen Identity Evropa propaganda in NYC, chances are that Jason LaGuardia did it. In the Discord leaks, he posted ample evidence of how he polluted our great city w/ fascist bs. But he did the same in CT and in Washington State. #IDENTITYevropa…
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"Two Marines, two Army ROTC cadets, an Army physician, a member of the Texas National Guard and one member of the Air Force" outed as members of Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement. And they aren't the last.…
Bump w/ roll from this great @letsgomathias report. Rank has its privileges, so first: neoconfederate Army Reserve physician Major (!) Chris Cummins of Ripley, MS (giuseppe398, also nailed by Murfeesboro Antifa…)… #IdentifyEvropa
IE CT coordinator Marine Reserve CLB-25 mechanic LCpl. Jason Paul Laguardia, Stamford, CT (Jason-CT). He likes his Hugo Boss coat, plastering white nationalist trash all around NYC, and cheap hate group rebrandings. cc: @WTNH… #IdentifyEvropa
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Identity Evropa member, Michael David Morsette, aka MrBland, is a healthcare provider for @hcavirginia. Michael Morsette is in the Richmond, Va area and is likely armed. This release is in collaboration with @ash_antifa and others. #IdentifyEvropa…
Chat logs from Morsette were part of the Discord release made public by @UR_Ninja. His complete logs can be found here,….
Michael Morsette attended Unite The Right and claims he almost lost his job after calls were made to his employer. Is being a member of a hate group going to be the final straw?
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Seemingly in response to the #NewZealandTerroristAttack, neo-Nazi groupuscule the 'New Zealand National Front' has issued a statement claiming 'nothing to do with us guv, honest' & -- sadly -- their website has been closed. (Still on @facebook, natch.)
2) Another WN groupsucule to have gone into hiding is the 'Dominion Movement'. Both its website & its social media accts (instagram et al) have disappeared -- which again, is very sad, but may serve them in good stead when pol come knocking ... ?…
3) DM presented itself as an 'Identitarian' grp; the US equivalent, #IdentityEvropa, sprang a massive leak recently (by way of @UR_Ninja), & you can follow the ensuing drama by way of #IdentifyEvropa.
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#IdentifyEvropa Meet Matthew Muller: schoolteacher at Archbishop Rummel HS in Metairie, LA. white supremacist, Identity Evropa, neo-Nazi, and neo-Confederate sympathizer. Let’s go into how he tried to sic the alt-right on a fellow teacher!
We came across this photo of Identity Acadia, an IE affiliate, celebrating an action in New Orleans, their faces hidden by neo-Nazi sonnenrads. We believe this mystery man (and manbun) flashing a white power gesture behind the Nazi symbol is Matt Muller of New Orleans.
Why? Well, last year, a teacher at Ben Franklin HS was a target of an alt-right media intimidation campaign led by Identity Acadia. Identity Acadia, an IE spinoff, was run by IE and Anticom Discord user ‘Jean-Baptiste.’
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Meet 63-Year-Old Identity Evropa nazi Mitchell Craig Brooks from Monroe, Georgia. Dumbass posted his Facebook profile photo to Discord where is known as @OMGDwayne (which is also one of his old twitter handles.) #IdentifyEvropa
Mitchell Brooks lived in California where he worked for @sacbee_news for 27 years until he was laid off in 2014.
Mitchell Craig Brooks is member of Identity Evropa. He is 63 years old. Identity Evropa is a racist, anti-semitic, neo-Nazi organization. #identifyEvropa
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Patrick Casey - Executive Director of Identity Evropa- posted by @ash_antifa…
Justin Peek: Metro Atlanta Racist is National “Director of Activism” for Identity Evropa by @afainatl… #IdentifyEvropa
“Identity Evropa Member Glenn M. Dawson” of Fort Collins, CO by @COSAntifa…
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#IdentifyEvropa Say hello to George Coiron IV of New Orleans - white nationalist, Identity Evropa member, and Charlottesville protestor!
A 2015 LSU engineering alum, George has spent his energy trying to infiltrate and discredit @takeemdownnola protests by holding up a “Kill Whitey” sign, posting 3,000 times on the white nationalist Identity Evropa discord as “Goose,” and stickering for IE across New Orleans.
George also protested the removal of New Orleans’ Jim Crow monuments alongside white supremacist and 3%er groups in his signature Pepe helmet. In Charlottesville, he has a brief cameo helping racist buffoon Tim ‘Baked Alaska’ Gionet after he maced himself.
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‘Whiter Every Election Cycle’: How a Hate Group Joined GOP… via @thedailybeast
1) Re Identity Evropa /// #IdentifyEvropa, one of its leading members was Elliott Kline ('Eli Mosley'). You can read more about Kline here:….
2) In the immediate aftermath of #Charlottesville in August 2017, Kline -- one of the organisers of 'Unite the Right' -- was invited on to @triplejHack to talk about it.
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#IdentifyEvropa Winner #1: Soren Astle AKA trashboat!

This lil’ fella thinks he's gonna be a USAF spy! 78th percentile ASVAB, wow!
In the meantime, he's working at Uncle John's Cidery and Winery:, 989-224-3686

Let 'em know you don’t want Nazis touchin’ yer booze!
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