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#BREAKING: I've obtained the horrific shooting video showing Korean American woman Eina Kwon being gunned down in her white Tesla in downtown #Seattle last week. Kwon was 32 weeks pregnant. Authorities say the baby was delivered via emergency surgery but later died at the……
HUNDREDS MARCH FOR EINA: This tragedy struck a chord with people from all walks of life who are just sick and tired of the crime, open air drug use, and deteriorating public safety conditions in parts of #Seattle

CONVICTED FELON: This is a mugshot from Cook County Illinois where Goosby has ties. According to court documents, Goosby claims he saw a gun in the car so he fired multiple shots into the window. But no weapon was ever found in the vehicle. Police also say the weapon allegedly…… Image
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SODO CREEP: The Major League Baseball All-Star Game(@MLB) is coming to #Seattle in about two weeks. Many Mariners(@Mariners) fans park in SODO near the train tracks along 3rd Ave, then just walk over since T-Mobile(@TMobilePark) is minutes away. The city is trying to clean up……
CLEARING THE RV'S AND TENTS: Will the city be able to clear homeless encampments near T-Mobile Park(@TMobilePark) before MLB(@MLB) All Star Weekend? Festivities begin July 7 #Seattle
IT'S A MESS: Some people working in #SODO are not optimistic about the city getting this neighborhood ready before the Major League Baseball All Star Game(@MLB.) Especially since Councilmember Tammy Morales(@CMTammyMorales) is against sweeps.
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REMINDER: Massive rally planned in #Lynnwood Saturday at 2pm. Multiple groups gathering to support Olympus Spa. ANTIFA/TRANTIFA threatened direct action against owner of this Korean American business for his stance AGAINST allowing trans women with penis' into his establishment.…… Image
LATEST UPDATE: Right now, there are barricades in front of Olympus Spa. The heart sculpture and Lynnwood sign in front of the Event Center are also fenced off. #Lynnwood
LATEST COLLABORATION: We have the exclusive email showing the on going concerns by business owners and how they're planning to address the serious threats made violent FAR-LEFT activists. #Lynnwood…
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#EXCLUSIVE: In another collaboration with the Lynnwood Times(@LynnwoodTimes,) I've confirmed the Lynnwood Event Center(@Lynnwood_EC) is advising all it's small businesses to close on Saturday in anticipation of a credible threat made by violent ANTIFA/TRANTIFA extremists. Right……
LATEST COLLABORATION: We have the exclusive email showing the on going concerns by business owners and how they're planning to address the serious threats made violent FAR-LEFT activists.

"The safety of our customers and staff are our top priority and we've been closely coordinating with local authorities. At this time we think the best option is to recommend to our tenants that they close in the interest of the safety of our…… Image
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#BREAKING: 30 year old Cordell Goosby officially charged Friday afternoon in fatal Belltown shooting that claimed the life of Korean American biz owner Eina Kwon and her unborn child.


-Murder in the First Degree with a Firearm Enhancement

-Attempted Murder in the…… ImageImage
PROSECUTOR Q&A #1: #Seattle Image
PROSECUTOR Q&A #2: #Seattle Image
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#BREAKING: This is 30 year old Cordell Goosby, the man accused of gunning down Korean American Eina Kwon and her unborn child in #Seattle earlier this week. Her husband was also injured but expected to recover. The mugshot is from the Cook County Sherriff's Office in Illinois.…… Image
UNITE FOR SAFETY RALLY: It’s expected to be a huge gathering. Many in the region’s Korean American community are expected to be there on Saturday. Susanna Keilman(@OhSusannaLee) is the organizer and leading the charge. #Seattle Image
WEEKEND RALLY FOR SEATTLE MURDER VICTIMS: The community outrage in #Seattle has finally reached a boiling point. This Saturday June 17, hundreds are expected to rally for Korean American mom Eina Kwon and her family.
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#BREAKING: Happening right now, D5 Seattle City Council candidate Tye Reed along with Stop the Sweeps Seattle are moving homeless people to the Leary Triangle in Ballard, completely undercutting Mayor Bruce Harrell's(@MayorofSeattle) plans to get people off the streets. This is……
CAMPING AT QUEST CHURCH: This could get interesting. Brand new, I mean totally brand new tents have been pitched right on the sidewalk outside Quest Church(@seattlequest) in Ballard. How long will this ministry allow this to flourish? #Seattle
@MayorofSeattle @GovInslee…
PROGRESS WAS BEING MADE: Just a few months ago, the city removed the eco-blocks around the Leary Triangle, with plans to turn it into a dog park. #Seattle
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FEEL GOOD STORY OF THE WEEK: It's been an absolutely tragic past few days in the #Seattle news cycle. Just use the GOOGLE machine or look at my twitter posts and you will see what I am talking about.
But on Thursday morning, at least for one brief moment, I saw what happens when……
FRIDAY FOLLOW UP: I went back today to check on the Ballard encampment where Jenkins lived with her baby boy. Her friend Ginger is still there and took over the tent. In fact Jenkins did stop by to check on her street community today and hang out. As I have reported in the past,……
EARLIER THIS WEEK: This was the situation Tuesday night. I called on elected officials and other outreach groups to help. We Heart Seattle(@weheartseattle) was the only organization to cut through the red tape and bureaucracy. #Seattle
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IT'S A FREE FOR ALL: It's like #Seattle takes one step forward, three steps back. This time, it's because of a federal judge.

Earlier this week, US District Court Judge Marcha Pechman issued an injunction that the City of Seattle cannot enforce its anti-graffiti ban in response……
THEY'RE AT IT AGAIN: Notorious graffiti taggers EAGR/EAGER+SATN/SATAN were arrested in 2022, charged with felony level vandalism since their work was so prolific. Now they're out and doing it again. Judge's ruling sends message it's ok to trash the city.
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WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE? Authorities say a pregnant Asian American mother and her unborn child were gunned down in cold blood on a busy street in downtown #Seattle. Her Asian American husband was also hit by gun fire in what appears to be a random unprovoked attack.
Court documents……
ABSOLUTE TRAGEDY: Tuesday morning, this busy intersection on 4th Ave & Lenora St. in Belltown turned into a crime scene. #Seattle
MAYOR RESPONDS TO DOWNTOWN SHOOTING: "We don't know what motivated it. We do have the suspect. We do believe at this point I think a life was lost and it's very sad." -Mayor Bruce Harrell #Seattle…
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FIGHTING TRANS BILL: Tonight, hundreds are expected to pack Motion Church in Puyallup to launch the signature drive for the “REJECT 5599 REFERENDUM KICK-OFF.”

This in direct response to State Sen. Marko Liias’(⁦@SenMarkoLiias⁩) controversial transgender bill, signed into law…… Image
LEADING THE CHARGE: Parent advocate Dawn Land is the force behind this referendum to take out SB 5599. She says people from all across the spectrum, including the LGBTQ+ community, are standing with her. She says aggressive ground game starts now.
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CONFRONTING HARM REDUCTION: Tuesday afternoon, Seattle Councilmember Sara Nelson(@CMSaraNelson ) picked apart "harm reduction" experts during a Public Safety and Human Services Committee meeting. She asked for data and metrics showing the effectiveness of this model in addressing……



@CMSaraNelson @Lisa_Herbold
@GovInslee @kcexec
@CMTMosqueda @SeattleCouncil
@KCCouncil @KingCoRHA @KCCReaganDunn
NO QUESTIONS ASKED UNLIMITED SUPPLY: Earlier this year, @weheartseattle ordered all these "harm reduction" supplies. Technically teens and kids in #Seattle can access all this stuff no questions asked.

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ALWAYS ON THE MOVE: I love these One Seattle Day of Service events. You never know who you'll bump into. Finally tracked down Councilmember Andrew Lewis(@CMAndrewJLewis.) He's been dodging my questions about Olga Sagan(@OlgaSaganWA) of Piroshky Piroshky Bakery(@PiroshkyBakery)……
@CMAndrewJLewis @OlgaSaganWA @PiroshkyBakery VIABLE THREAT: Earlier this month, Sagan announced her run for city council. When I asked her about Lewis' performance so far she did not hold back, calling Lewis a career politician. #Seattle

HER TOP ISSUES FOR D7: Olga Sagan(@OlgaSaganWA) says she's still crafting her game plan. But it appears her priorities will include addressing homelessness, public safety, and advocating for mom and pop businesses trying to make it in #Seattle.
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POLITICAL LIABILITY: Over the weekend, I caught up exclusively with #Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell(@MayorofSeattle) and Deputy Mayor Tiffany Washington to discuss the recent controversies swirling around the King County Regional Homelessness Authority(@KingCoRHA.)

1) KCRHA……
DISTANCING THEMSELVES: @KingCoRHA clearly doesn't want want to have anything to do with this hot mess created by Colston. If she refuses to resign, is anyone going to step up and remove her? I'm still trying to figure out if this can even be done.
GLOBAL ATTENTION: This story is a disaster for #Seattle and @KingCoRHA. Gonna be impossible for the agency to move forward without some kind of resolution like ASAP.…
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POST MORTEM: Even before Marc Dones abruptly resigned on Tuesday as CEO of the King County Regional Homelessness Authority(@KingCoRHA), the agency was under heavy scrutiny for it's performance or lack thereof. Questions were being raised about spending and salaries, especially…… Image
@KingCoRHA REST OF THE LIST: Dones was stacking paper! These salaries put the pay in journalism to shame. No wonder so many reporters are exiting the business. Image
@KingCoRHA LOTS OF INTERESTING TITLES: I still do not know what all these jobs entail and how it's related to addressing the homeless crisis. Image
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THEM FIGHTIN' WORDS: Olga Sagan(@OlgaSaganWA) came roaring out of the gate Tuesday afternoon, announcing her city council candidacy in D7.
She did it in front of her beloved Piroshky Piroshky Bakery(@PiroshkyBakery) at 3rd Ave & Pike St. in downtown #Seattle. On cue, fentanyl……
LEWIS REMAINS MIA: CM Andrew Lewis(@CMAndrewJLewis) dodges me all the time and never responds to my emails or calls. So I always have to track him down at public events. Last September, I asked him about his D7 seat being up for grabs. Now it is. #Seattle
BACK IN 2020: At the height of BLM and social justice protests, seven @SeattleCouncil members pledged to defund SPD by 50%: Andrew Lewis(@CMAndrewJLewis,) Teresa Mosqueda(@CMTMosqueda) , Lisa Herbold(@Lisa_Herbold,) Kshama Sawant(@cmkshama ,) Tammy Morales(@CMTammyMorales,) Dan……
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#BREAKING: The King County Regional Homelessness Authority(@KingCoRHA) now saying embattled CEO Marc Dones is resigning today. He's called an all hands on deck meeting at 1pm. Top officials in #Seattle and #KingCounty now being notified. Full statement below. Developing story.…… ImageImage
DONES QUITS: This is Marc Dones with his opening monologue at the KCRHA(@KingCoRHA) Implementation Board Meeting on May 10. There was no indication he would actually resign. He's been under tremendous pressure and scrutiny after a series of major missteps and performance failures……
FLOOD GATES HAVE OPENED: Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell, King County Executive Dow Constantine, KCRHA Governing Committee with this joint statement. #Seattle #KingCounty ImageImage
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#BREAKING: Despite massive pushback, protests, and a letter writing campaign by WA parents, Governor Jay Inslee(@GovInslee)just signed the controversial Senate Bill 5599 introduced by State Sen. Marko Liias(@SenMarkoLiias.) Critics say this transgender law removes parents from……
FIGHT CONTINUES: A group has already filed a referendum against SB 5599. They wanted the Gov.(@GovInslee) to delay the bill signing so he could consider more parent concerns. Ground game is now on to collect enough signatures to make it on the November ballot. They say power to…… Image
@GovInslee I CONFRONTED MARKO: Last month in #Olympia, parents and critics packed the Capitol Grounds and railed on Sen. Liias(@SenMarkoLiias ) during a protest. Trans bill supporters held a counter rally on the other side. @GovInslee

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NATIONAL GUARD TIME? This is now the third weekend in a row I've been out to the downtown #Seattle core since Mayor Bruce Harrell(@MayorofSeattle) announced his Downtown Activation Plan and signed the Executive Order to address the fentanyl crisis.

3rd Ave & Pike……
IS THIS THE MOST DANGEROUS CROSS STREET IN #SEATTLE? 3rd Ave & Cherry St in downtown is just one block from City Hall. More "trap tents" for drug use and dealing have been set up by the same folks. City sweeps, they keep coming back. No end in sight.

IT'S A FREE FOR ALL: Weekends are the worst in #Chinatown-ID. It's a marginalized neighborhood dealing with an out of control drug scene at 12th Ave & Jackson St that's come roaring back. But the black market of stolen goods is the real draw. #Seattle
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Ele diz que pretendem usar está tecnologia de controle e tortura contra toda população americana.
Desde que está denúncia foi feita absolutamente nada foi feito para banir este programa de Eng Social e tortura eletrônica, o número de Vitimas aumentou em toda a América incluindo o Brasil, fui colocada neste programa por familiares a partir de 2000. Image
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CRAZY TOWN GETS CRAZIER: Another insane Monday afternoon in downtown #Seattle. I was doing my usual rounds, about to report some POSITIVE NEWS regarding the encampment sweep at 3rd Ave & Pike St this morning. Mayor Bruce Harrell(@MayorofSeattle) defending the corner from "trap……
BAT MAN: Last month, 47 year old Jeffery McMillan charged at me w/a bat. Judge released him since SPD did not send evidence in on time to KC Prosecutors. Case now w/City Attorney Ann Davison's(@_Ann_Davison_) office. Meanwhile, he's still on street.
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WHERE'S DEBORAH? I tag #Seattle Council Prez Deborah Juarez(@D5Juarez) on a lot of my tweets. But I just noticed her official Twitter(@Twitter) account no longer exists. When did this happen? Does she have a new one? I read her recent newsletter and no mention of this move…… Image
ON STANDBY: Will let you know if the #Seattle City Council media handlers get me an answer. @SeattleCouncil Image
FACEBOOK TOO: Her old FB campaign page is up, but her main page with all the updates she’s been giving to constituents is also missing. Where’s Deborah? #Seattle @SeattleCouncil ImageImage
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IS HARM REDUCTION REALLY WORKING? On Monday, I asked Mayor Bruce Harrell(@MayorofSeattle) if giving away all these meth pipes and needles is really the best way to go about addressing the drug epidemic, especially since King County is still dealing with record drug overdose……
ARE SAFE CONSUMPTION SITES PART OF #SEATTLE'S FUTURE? Mayor Bruce Harrell(@MayorofSeattle) took more of a measured approach on this one. While there are no immediate plans to bring in safe consumption sites so addicts can use illicit drugs under medical supervision, the Mayor……
@MayorofSeattle FREE AND EASY ACCESS: Earlier this year, @weheartseattle ordered all these "harm reduction" supplies. Technically teens and kids in #Seattle can access all this stuff no questions asked.

@MayorofSeattle @GovInslee @kcexec @SeattleCouncil @CMSaraNelson
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FINALLY HAPPENING: On Wednesday, crews are moving in to sweep the problematic #SODO encampment right outside the Salvation Army and BMW dealership. It's been an unsanctioned camp for nearly two years and was supposed to be part of Dow Constantine's(@kcexec) failed HOMELESS……
@kcexec BACK IN MARCH: A massive inferno engulfed multiple tents inside the unsanctioned SODO homeless encampment near the Salvation Army shelter at 6th Ave & Airport Way S. What a drain on the good men and women of @SeattleFire.

@kcexec @SeattleFire @CMTammyMorales @KC_RHA MULTIPLE DRUG OVERDOSES: Back in January, emergency crews saved a woman suspected of a fentanyl overdose in SODO at this same encampment.
@weheartseattle was on scene as well trying to help. Drug use here is rampant.

@MayorofSeattle @kcexec…
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