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THAT'S A WRAP: Evening of Antifa folks dressing up as FAR-LEFT ninjas ended near #Seattle's East Precinct. Messaging started w/Tyre Nichols chants, but then went off rails as usual, ripping on @amazon and capitalism. @RebelNewsOnline reporter @KatieDaviscourt targeted all night.
DUDE HAS ISSUES: This fella is a well know far-left activist and Antifa sympathizer. Goes to many protests. My presence apparently triggers him.😂He just can’t help himself and always tries to intimidate me. #Seattle
LAST YEAR: This is the dude who started harassing me all night. Spotted me at Space Needle and finally went away when we got to the East Precinct. Guarantee I will see him again at an Antifa led protest. #Seattle
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THEY'RE HEROES: @SeattleFire+@SeattlePD saved man's life earlier today in #Seattle as he overdosed on #fentanyl. When will lawmakers realize this is a drug addiction crisis? You can't build your way out of this! @GovInslee @MayorofSeattle @kcexec @SeattleCouncil @CMAndrewJLewis
CHANGING NARRATIVE: We see it on 3rd Ave+Little Saigon daily. City leaders must now admit it’s an addiction crisis. Every encampment is littered w/drug paraphernalia. Out of record 310 homeless deaths last year, majority were #fentanyl related. #Seattle

-70% fentanyl related.

-18 homeless people died by homicide.

-35 homeless people died from natural causes.

-10 homeless people died from hypothermia or exposure.

-7 homeless people died from suicide.…
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CLOSE CALL: Once again, #Seattle crews cleared tents along 3rd Ave & Cherry St, block away from City Hall. I usually go back to see if anyone returned. Today, a deranged AXE WIELDING man came charging at me. Officials have to STOP this from coming back. @MayorofSeattle @GovInslee
DANGER TO COMMUNITY: As I have reported before, area's been cleared dozens of times. But many are not homeless and stay nearby at @DESCSeattle's Lyon building or Morrison. They set up "trap tents" to sell or do drugs. Worst kept secret. @MayorofSeattle @KC_RHA @kcexec #Seattle👇🏽
BACK IN NOV 2022: New Year same issues at 3rd Ave & Cherry St, one of most problematic areas in city. Many say they are not homeless. They admit to living in nearby @DESCSeattle properties like Morrison+Lyon building. Just set up tents to chill. #seattle
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5 YEAR PLAN: Today @KC_RHA released strategy to “Dramatically Reduce Unsheltered Homelessness.” Agency says there will be “measurable, accountable success.” But it’s based on failed “HOUSING FIRST” policy. No requirements for drug addiction and mental health treatment. #Seattle
COSTS NEARLY 12 BILLION BUCKS: @KCCReaganDunn blasting @KC_RHA 5 year plan essentially saying the agency is focused on funding the wrong things. Says it will be a failure and black hole for tax payers. #Seattle #KingCounty #Bellevue #Kirkland #Redmond #FederalWay #Kent #Renton
MARC DONES’ BABY: Here is the Executive Summary. #Seattle #KingCounty
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COLLUSION? As many of you know, my job is to ask tough questions and hold public officials accountable. Few days ago, @jasonrantz first reported on King Co. morgue running out of space due to fentanyl overdose deaths. I contacted @KCPubHealth PIO James Apa. Here’s his response.
MY INQUIRY TO DOW CONSTANTINE: Last week, I also reached out to @kcexec’s media handler Chase Gallagher about the Federal Way homeless motel and King County’s involvement. Here’s Chase’s response below. Notice any similarities to Apa’s?🙃
COMMON DENOMINATOR: Back in September, I confronted King County Executive Dow Constantine over community concerns about his HOMELESS MEGAPLEX. His media handlers tried to block me but I chased him down to get answers for #Chinatown-ID. Things haven't been the same between us.🙃
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#EXCLUSIVE: Moments ago suspect arrested for 2nd degree assault inside @DESCSeattle’s EVANS HOUSE in #Seattle’s First Hill. Brilliant police work by @SeattlePD. But major drain on resources. 4 SWAT vehicles+dozens of officers just for this. @GovInslee @MayorofSeattle @kcexec
@DESCSeattle @SeattlePD @GovInslee @MayorofSeattle @kcexec DESC PROBLEMS: #Seattle's first homicide of year on Jan. 2 happened inside CANADAY HOUSE.
@DESCSeattle properties deal w/high rates of complaints and 911 calls. Units house formerly homeless, drug addicts, and people struggling w/mental health issues.
COMPLAINTS STACKING UP: Homeowners near @DESCSeattle's Clement Place("HOUSING FIRST"model) documented numerous problems caused by SOME residents. Fights, drugs, attempted burglary. Neighbors claim DESC building managers ignoring them. #Seattle
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MOVEMENT BEGINS: On Monday, North America Recovers launched a major national initiative. @DiscoveryInst1, @weheartseattle, @RealSafeSeattle, SPD African American Community Advisory Council now part of powerful coalition founded here in #Seattle. 👇🏽
@DiscoveryInst1 @weheartseattle @RealSafeSeattle NATIONAL MEDIA COVERAGE BOOMING: @JacquiBerlinn is part of North America Recovers coalition out of #SanFrancisco. Her powerful story about her son's addiction is being spotlighted as she warns the nation about so-called supervised drug use sites.…
CABLE NEWS COVERAGE: @Twolfrecovery is another #SanFrancisco based North America Recovers coalition member taking his powerful addiction recovery story national, and warning against the “harm reduction” lobby and “safe injection sites.”
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STUNNING DEVELOPMENT: In latest update, @KCPubHealth's Dr. Faisal Khan says, "the medical examiner's office is now struggling with the issue of STORING BODIES because the fentanyl related death toll continues to climb."
@GovInslee @kcexec @MayorofSeattle #Seattle
AMERICAN TRAGEDY: @jasonrantz first to report on this grim development impacting #Seattle, #KingCounty, and our entire region. Khan says medical examiner's offices nationwide dealing with same problems with storage of bodies related to #fentanyl deaths.

CURRENT PLAN NOT WORKING: Elected officials must now admit it’s an addiction crisis and it must be prioritized. Every homeless encampment is littered w/drug paraphernalia. Out of record 310 homeless deaths last year, majority fentanyl related. #Seattle

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HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT: #Seattle's sex trafficking scene is overshadowed by the homeless crisis, drug epidemic,+other crimes. I've been documenting for months. Adding to @KatieDaviscourt's coverage today. These young women need help. @D5Juarez @GovInslee @MayorofSeattle @kcexec
THEY'RE VICTIMS: Police+prosecutors say they are going after pimps and "Johns" fueling this market. The sex workers will rarely ever be arrested. Lowes and Firestone parking lot on Aurora Ave N is a fav spot. Several groups and churches are trying to help these women. #Seattle
LINED UP FOR BLOCKS: These young women are waiting around side streets along Aurora Ave N. Neighbors+biz owners in D5 have been complaining for years. Why is this allowed? Sadly, this has become an accepted part of #Seattle culture. Watch how it works. @D5Juarez @MayorofSeattle
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HERE WE GO AGAIN: After months of co-existing with Stop The Sweeps volunteers, a few newbie's came charging at me today during the Capitol Hill encampment removal. These FAR-LEFT activists are insane. One guy hit me with his umbrella and the female kept chasing me. Wild. #Seattle
CALLS FOR DIRECT ACTION: Earlier this week, I found fliers in #Seattle's Central District, threatening anyone supporting sweeps. The Mayor was named along with parks dept. I spoke to several workers today who say officials have warned them to be on guard.
CALL TO ACTION: The letter lays out motive for threats of violence and playbook to carry out attacks. #Seattle
@MayorofSeattle @SeattlePD @SeattleParks @SeattleCouncil QR code now takes you to blank page.But I saved screen shots.👇🏽
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INFAMOUS MOMENT: Regardless of what you think of Kshama Sawant, she's had quite an impact waging CLASS WARFARE. But her City Hall takeover in 2020 during height of BLM was one of her most brazen moves. Here's never before seen footage I'm posting from my deep archive. #Seattle
CITY HALL TAKEOVER: Kshama Sawant opened up City Hall to BLM protesters back in June of 2020. Anyone who's followed Sawant knows it's never really been about race. She is a self proclaimed socialist/communist and is focused on tearing down current capitalist system in America.
WHAT A TIME: Back in June 2020, #Seattle was dealing with CHOP/CHAZ and Antifa/BLM riots. Day before Kshama Sawant opened City Hall, she energized protesters w/a pep talk. I asked Sawant about her effort to impeach former Mayor Jenny Durkan. Btw look at East Precinct boarded up.
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Home builder construction costs finally cooling. Market commentary from our December survey of builders signals relief on the horizon...
#Dallas builder: “Hard costs continue to dip on average $3K-$5K per month. We are pushing back hard to lower our average labor and material costs. They must come down to reflect lower home selling prices.”
#Denver builder: “Almost all the home builders I am talking to are working on cost reductions. They range from -5% to -8% per plan.”
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#EXCLUSIVE: Tuesday evening, massive RV INFERNO in #Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood. Everyone got out safe. Owner of vehicle says he was trying to stay warm when propane tank exploded.@SeattleFire saved day. Neighbors came by w/blankets. @KC_RHA @MayorofSeattle @GovInslee
RV’S REMAIN LIABILITY: There are multiple RV’s parked across street from Wallingford post office. Neighbors have complained to city for months with ZERO action. Not just about fire risks, but more crime linked to campers. More thefts+gas being siphoned from parked cars.#Seattle ImageImage
MAJOR DRAIN: #Seattle Fire Dept. released latest list of encampment-related fires+medical responses for people experiencing homelessness for 2020, 2021 and 2022. All approximates. Volume spiking each year.
@GovInslee @MayorofSeattle @KC_RHA @SeattleCouncil Image
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SAME DEAL: Did a drive by today on 3rd Ave+Holgate St. in SODO. It's been cleared multiple times, but once again, the tents and RV's have been back now for months. @CMTammyMorales MIA again on this issue. No timeline on this getting removed. #Seattle @MayorofSeattle @KC_RHA
PRESCIENT CALL: Back in July 2022, these biz owners said NO DOUBT campers would return and wanted to see how long it would take for city of #Seattle to remove them. More than 6 months later, 3rd Ave. & Holgate St is worse than ever. @MayorofSeattle @KC_RHA
SODO STORIES: Remember these fellas last year? For months I documented stories in #Seattle's RV community. Many say they are NOT HOMELESS because they live in vehicles. They KNOW Seattle provides a CONSTELLATION of services supporting this lifestyle.
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SWEEPS RESUME: Crews out all week in #Seattle. While most of downtown is clear, homeless moved to nearby SODO, Chinatown-ID, and Georgetown after sweeps. Utah Ave. S being cleared again but biz owners say RV's will return. No end in sight. @KC_RHA @MayorofSeattle @CMTammyMorales
@KC_RHA @MayorofSeattle @CMTammyMorales STOP THE SWEEPS SEATTLE: For past year, city has removed on average 3-4 encampments per week. But FAR LEFT activists helped homeless move to other neighborhoods, undercutting @MayorofSeattle. And they are targeting me again in 2023. Listen to dude correct me. 🙃🤣#Seattle @KC_RHA
VIDEO DON'T LIE: This past August, city of #Seattle cleared Utah Ave S. But RV's slowly returned and nothing was done about it. It took crews nearly 5 months to clear it again. Still no solution to get ahead of these before it spirals out of control. @KC_RHA @MayorofSeattle 👇🏽
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WORST KEPT SECRET: For months I have been tracking illegal sales+trade of EBT(food stamp)cards in #Seattle's Little Saigon. Little did I know, @SeattlePD was also investigating. They just made a HUGE BUST. Another win for @MayorofSeattle. Story launching soon. Here's PREVIEW.🧵👇🏽
BUSTED: Authorities say 56 year old Cuong Van Nguyen and 51 year old Queyen Tran set up in Lams Seafood parking lot, targeting HOMELESS people+drug addicts. Vietnamese duo allegedly offered FENTANYL in exchange for EBT cards or bought food stamps for pennies on dollar. #Seattle
IN COURT: I just missed Nguyen's first appearance but caught tail end of Tran's. The duo was arrested in their home, authorities say they found 1000 fentanyl pills, 200 grams of cocaine, heroin, and a pistol. Back in court December 22. #Seattle
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SWEEP ON THE WAY: Homeless encampment next to #Comcast building in N. #Seattle on notice. @CampSiteSeattle first to report "eco-blocks" sighting. Now campers tell me city will sweep sometime next week. Recently, cable giant was accused of blasting loud music to drive out campers.
PUT ON BLAST: Last month @comcast accused of using SUPER LOUD classical music and "psychological warfare" to drive out homeless from problematic encampment in #Seattle.

FEW MONTHS AGO: Other streets along N.Aurora Ave. have homeless camps blocking sidewalks. This blind man had enough. @ADANational needs to scrutinize potential Americans w/ Disabilities Act violations caused by encampments in #Seattle.
🎥 courtesy: Vu Ha
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NEW PHOTOS+DETAILS: King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office officially charged Casey Cain(EAGR/EAGER) and Jose G. Betancourth(SATN/SATAN) w/ felony malicious mischief after they allegedly covered #Seattle with numerous tags. Police say this is Cain being questioned. #Seattle ImageImage
BTM TAGGING CREW: Police say Betancourth and Cain were part of the “BIG TIME MOB,” a prolific tagging crew with a massive presence in #Seattle and #Portland. Police say Betancourth is the one in these photos before arrest. ImageImage
ENTIRE POLICE NARRATIVE: Cain allegedly caused more than $200K in damage to #Seattle properties. Police say Betancourth was responsible for more than $100K. Cain made bail while Betancourth remains in custody. Both back in court for arraignment December 22. ImageImageImageImage
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CHARGES EXPECTED TO BE FILED TODAY: Accused graffiti vandals Casey Cain and Jose G. Betancourth are facing felony level charges for allegedly going on a tagging rampage across parts of #Seattle. Cain(EAGR/EAGER) made bail, but Betancourth(SATN/SATAN) remains behind bars. ImageImage
GRAFFITI TURF WAR? Cain and Betancourth's arrest sent shockwaves throughout #Seattle's graffiti community. The duo was seen as "untouchable" since their work was so prolific. But they also have enemies. The word "TOY" is tagged over some of EAGR/EAGER's work. Sign of DISRESPECT.
DISSING EACH OTHER: If you see "TOY" tagged over another tag, it basically means they think your work sucks. But some graffiti artists say EAGR/EAGER is a "TOY" because he selfishly took up valuable #Seattle real estate and did not leave room for others.
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LATEST UPDATE: What an ordeal for @KatieDaviscourt. She's ok, but mad as hell. She wanted me to get the word out since she still does not have a phone!
@RentonpdWA must find this FAR LEFT militant who robbed her. Entire region needs to stop putting up with this ANTIFA violence.
SPEECHLESS: This is a new low. There is a code among journalists to get each other’s backs in the field. But this @KING5Seattle photog does not even allow @KatieDaviscourt to use his phone to call 911, while the FAR LEFT/ANTIFA loser mocks Katie. Unreal.
STUNNING LACK OF ACTION: @KatieDaviscourt said no other reporter or photog from #Seattle’s mainstream media core today helped her call 911 after the ANTIFA assault and robbery.

“They didn’t want to get involved.”

Let this sink in.
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#BREAKING: District 1 #Seattle Councilmember @Lisa_Herbold says she will not be running for re-election in 2023. Her team just sent out this statement with her news letter.
OUR LAST ENCOUNTER: This past September, I asked @Lisa_Herbold if she was going to run again for her District 1 seat. I had a sense she was having second thoughts. She is currently Chair of the Public Safety committee as well. #Seattle

LISA HERBOLD ALWAYS ON THE MOVE: I ran into the District 1 Councilmember this past April. As Chair of Public Safety and Human Services Committee, I wanted her take on the city's homeless crisis as well. #Seattle

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LASTEST ON GRAFFITI ARRESTS: King Co. Prosecuting Attorney's Office says Casey Cain and Jose G. Betancourth have criminal histories. Sources also say Bethancourth used "SATAN/SATN" tag. Some were next to EAGR/EAGER. Massive win for @MayorofSeattle and @SeattlePD #Seattle
WASHINGTON'S MOST WANTED LIST: Authorities say Betancourth, aka SATAN, also has ties to Yakima, WA.
The accused prolific tagger was also wanted on a $750K warrant for some serious stuff. #Seattle…
SHOWCASING WORK: Betancourth is very open about hyping his work on social media. Chinatown-ID and downtown #Seattle seemed to be his favorite canvas. @MayorofSeattle ImageImageImageImage
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#BREAKING: More details! Court documents show 2 suspects were arrested today in EAGR/EAGER tagging case and now facing FELONY level malicious mischief charges. @SeattlePD arrested them at 1208 Pine St in #Seattle, allegedly caught them in act. Big win for @MayorofSeattle.🧵👇🏽 Image
SUSPECT #1: Police say 36 year old Casey Cain admitted to tagging the wall of building today with “EAGER.” Report shows he also has a tattoo on him that says “EAGER.” Arrested for felony malicious mischief. Judge set $10K bail. #Seattle ImageImage
SUSPECT #2: Police say 37 year old Jose G. Betancourth was arrested at scene and facing felony malicious mischief charge. Judge set bail at $10k. He also has a $750k felony arrest warrant for another incident. He claims to be a mural painter. #Seattle ImageImage
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VANDALISM CHARGES: I just missed EAGR/EAGER in court today for first appearance. But officials say judge is holding prolific tagger on $10K bail. I am waiting on charging docs. King County Prosecuting Attorney’s office bringing FELONY level graffiti/vandalism charges. #Seattle ImageImageImageImage
PROLIFIC TAGGER: As I left court today, I passed through Jackson St. in #Seattle's Chinatown-ID. EAGR/EAGER's handiwork is still everywhere. Who knows, maybe it's just one dude or a team of taggers doing this. Bottom line, someone was allegedly caught in the act by police.
SO BRAZEN: Authorities say EAGR/EAGER was caught in act. This notorious vandal is part of 3A/BTM crew. MASSIVE win for @MayorofSeattle's WAR AGAINST GRAFFITI.
Earlier this summer, look what happened to @SeattlePD mobile precinct in downtown #Seattle.
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