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Time this Monday for a few thoughts on voice-driven "conversational" digital products. (Oh, btw, come hear me talk about them on Wednesday in #Seattle: ) #voice #design
1 - Speech recognition technology often gets labeled as == "conversational". That's incorrect and misleading. Being able to identify the parts of the human anatomy is necessary to be a doctor, but doesn't enable understanding of how bodies work and don't.
2 - Recognition identifies words and phrases. It does not understand the context and define the meaning that the words and phrases represent. It can't. This is why vocabulary and comprehension are both taught in schools.
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Being a democrat does not mean avoiding support of law enforcement. I’m proud of my record and background in support of law enforcement. It’s time to give #seattle cops a contract. @SPOG1952
Once elected I look forward to rebuilding the fractured relationship between #Seattle and our members of @SPOG1952. Afterall, allowing police to focus on enforcement does not mean avoiding accountability.
Lastly, I’ve attended CPC meetings. As we move out of consent decree, I am concerned that an unelected body can scuttle a contract done through collective bargaining. This is not a productive approach and sends a chilling message to labor.
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#seattle I’ll be speaking at the #SaveMueller rally tonight. I’ll be w @RepJayapal @SenatorCantwell and @MayorJenny. Fight. Resist. #NotAboveTheLaw
I’m in front of the Fed Bldng in #Seattle #NotAboveTheLaw #SaveMueller
Small crowd gathering. Excitement building!!
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I’ve tweeted about our @GlobalIrish communities in #SanDiego, #Seattle, #BayArea & tweeted throughout the visit to #LosAngeles but there are so many other fantastic organizations & communities in Western US celebrating their Irish heritage & links to Ireland. Here are a few ...
Did you know that #Portland is home to a beautiful cross commemorating the famine? Portland is also home to the wonderful @CorribTheatre, led by the fantastic Gemma Whelan, delivering high quality productions of contemporary Irish productions such as Charlie O'Neill's HURL.
I recently visited Salt Lake City & was delighted to meet the Hibernian Society there. Next year #Utah will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the #GoldenSpike - the completion of the transcontinental railroad - in which the Irish community in the US played such a prominent role.
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We can talk statistics. We can talk crime stats. But the reality is plain as day: #Seattle needs more police on the streets.…
The suspect was subdued by good samiritans, which begs the question: what was the response time? This is Seattle’s space needle on a Friday afternoon. If we can’t have a police presence there, what hope to other areas have?
I’m sick and tired of hearing about how we must spend money on things while ignore basic city-wide services. #seattle
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To the Pacific NW first & the Emerald City, #Seattle where 11.3% claim Irish as their primary heritage. @CityofSeattle & @galwaycity are sister cities since 1986 & the current Mayor Seattle @MayorJenny has a strong Irish heritage, primarily from #Mayo (pic below!)
John Keane (second in from the left below) is our Honorary Consul in Western US & he has been at the heart of our community in Seattle for decades. He is ably supported by the irrepressible Noreen McCormack (beside John) & they're quite a duo in promoting Ireland-Seattle links!
There is a vibrant community of #GlobalIrish groups & organisations in Seattle - @IrishSeattle, @IrishNetworkSea & @SeattleGaels to name just a few. Together they organise a remarkable programme of heritage, business, sporting & cultural events in Seattle throughout the year.
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Frightening and in my neighborhood. We can disagree with what an appropriate solution or policy should be, but hate? That is something else altogether. Let's hope #seattle is better than that.
For those outside of #Seattle Queen Anne (where I live) is a tree-lined almost suburban part of the city. It overlooks the Puget Sound and the Space Needle. It is where many recent transplants from all over the world have settled.
It is a neighborhood lined with "Black Lives Matter" signs and multi-million dollar houses.

That a meeting like this could happen here, is a testament to the hate that has been bubbling below surface for decades and has been greenlit as acceptable during the age of Trump.
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Once again I’m a progressive democrat and I think this is outrageous. #seattle doesn’t need police reform it needs actual POLICING! @CMLGonzalez get your act together and vote yes! Shame on you. @jasonrantz…
And @CMLGonzalez @cmkshama @CMMikeOBrien I’m coming from the national stage, if you think your obstructionism helps #Seattle and gives you a career past City Council you’re up for a very rude awakening.
Right now your management style makes this city look chaotic and disorganized. This fringe activism is more akin to Trump then anything else.
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Another great piece by ⁦@jasonrantz⁩ and emulates what I’m hearing too. The Seattle police don’t do patrol anymore, even though it’s on the books. It’s in large part #Seattle feels lawless.…?
And as the officer Jason spoke too points out even if they do make an arrest, they are skeptical that there will be a prosecution. This is in large part why our city is descending into chaos.
People have created this fantasy that people living on the street are misunderstood, down on their luck and a shower away from being productive members of society.
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#seattle enough is enough. These “activists” have become nothing more then the BlackWater of homelessness. They don’t want to fix the problem, they want heads in beds to keep charging the city.…
This is no longer about compassion or helping people, it’s about cold hard cash. These organizations are working not to transition people, but to keep them IN the camps.
“They think that everyone should want to camp for the rest of their freaking lives and have no way out of this,” said one former village resident, who asked not to be named.
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I’ve toured parks in #Seattle where homeless camps reside. They are frightening and lawless. As the police have told me “you have no idea who lives in the tents or RVs.” I am mad. How many more women have to be brutalized before we accept this is a danger?…
The people living in these tents are not doing so because of a lack of affordable housing or an inequality in education. Judging by the proliferation of needle and drug paraphernalia it is for other reasons.
#seattle has issues with equity. With 50% of Alaskan and native Americans not graduating from HS there are stark problems. But the guy shooting dope in a tent and doing b&es to support his $100/day habit isn’t representative of that inequity.
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I share this concern along w @SPOG1952 that #seattle police, already undermanned, is falling below the 21 uniformed officers per 10K people. I am all for police accountability, but at a certain point we can’t patrol this city with less cops — and that point is now.
I don’t blame the cops, because this is a numbers game. We can redeploy them all we want, I don’t see how we get more coverage with less cops. It’s just not mathematically possible.
And in the last few weeks I’ve toured several parks to see some of the encampments and spoken to residents. Frankly the parks are actually scary because of their isolation. Something is wildly off here.
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We all would do well to sit with Robin DiAngelo's #WhiteFragility and absorb sentences like this: “I believe that white progressives cause the most daily damage to people of color.” Great piece @xwaldie for @NewYorker.…
This: “The most effective adaptation of racism over time is the idea that racism is conscious bias held by mean people.” I've been thinking a lot about this false binary thinking in the context of #MeToo: the notion that there are "good" and "bad" men. We're complex.
Pair this with @MaggieHagerman 's outstanding new research on the stories affluent white parents tell themselves about how they're raising their kids... and why. Definitely the thing I struggle with the most here in #Seattle.…
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Every Wednesday #seattle schools release 75 mins early. Education should be a priority for our city and for our nation. The inequality in education from K-12 hurts us all. I want to fix this.
I want to see equity in education in a meaningful way that allows enrichment for all students.
Rigor is not something achieved without dedicated hours. It’s time to rethink and invest in education.
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Running an ed sys like this is not serving students. One of the biggest problems facing schools is money. Affluent areas are able to fund raise for programs and enrichment, while poor ones are not. We should be focused on equity and equality of education for ALL. #seattle
I worked at Columbia University and Harvard University and spent time at News Corp working on common core. Education and the abysmal way we handle primary education is an issue that I feel passionately about.
One of the chief complaints teachers have is compensation. Teachers should be paid well and we should attract the best and the brightest. But I want those amazing teachers to not just be clustered in affluent areas so they can make more $. That’s not equity.
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Standby for transmission from the Emerald City, where I’m gonna cover the latest protest organized by Joey Gibson & friends. Supposedly this one is gonna be heavy on 3 percenter militia ppl. We’ll see soon.
#AllOutAugust #Seattle #PatriotPrayer #ProudBoys…
I’m here in Seattle at the rally, and people are open-carrying guns although that’s not unusual. Several dozen militia-types at a Seattle City Hall for this rally and march. Lots of 3 perfected patches.
Cops have been brought in from other cities to assist @SeattlePD with the event. And there’s a big ‘ol bus parked around the corner, and it’s special of course.
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A white woman confronted a Hispanic dad at a playground by me who was walking his dog and accused him of trying to lure children and threatened to call the police.

Will this never end?
I don’t get it, don’t these people watch the news? Do they think this kind of behavior is ok? #seattle #PermitPatty
The playground in question is in the middle of a park surrounded by baseball fields. There are people walk dogs, picnicking etc by it all the time.

If this was a fenced pg and an adult wo a kid was hanging out that would be a dif story.
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Selected list of #indictments for June 7, 2018
1. Joint Federal State and Local Operation Across Puget Sound Targets Violent Drug Trafficking Organization.
More than 35 Arrested in a series of cases aimed at reducing drug and gang violence in Seattle.
#seattle #drugtrafficking #weaponstrafficking…
2. Former Charity Executive Pleads Guilty to Bribery and Embezzlement Scheme.
Cranford was an executive at Preferred Family Healthcare, a nonprofit corporation. He also operated three lobbying firms.
#bribery #embezzlement #Arkansas…
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Heading out to the @bostonmarathon! This will be my 12th #marathon and 3rd Boston!

When traveling to another city, whenever possible I have a lot of fun making the trip #carfree from door to door! I'll track my trip in this thread! #BostonMarathon #TransitOriented
Leg 1: Walk to Light Rail Station

As I walked down 5th Ave in #DowntownSeattle, catching a glimpse of the @SeattleMonorail going by was fun! Seeing these sidewalks... not so much! They need some TLC to make them friendlier for all users! ♿🚶

Leg 2: @SoundTransit Link Light Rail ride to @SeaTacAirport

I love the nice view of the #DowntownSeattle skyline I see from this train as it ascends from SODO to Beacon Hill!
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This #Easter morning I went on a #TransitOriented #run from Mercer Island to Othello Station! Thanks @SoundTransit for the rides!

Downtown #Seattle ➡️ Sound Transit 🚍 554 ➡️ #MercerIsland ➡️ run 👟 ➡️ Othello ➡️ Link 🚈 Light Rail ➡️ downtown
Thank you @CityofRenton for the gorgeous Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park. I really enjoyed running through it!

Looks like someone even decorated these statues with #Easter baskets to celebrate the holiday!
I was delighted and surprised to be able to run on this brand new Eastside Rail Corridor Trail. Thank you @iheartkcparks and @wsdot! The part I ran on seems to be brand spankin' new--I didn't see it on Google Maps when I was planning my route.…
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So tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary that @SciMarchSeattle organizer @SciSwany physically assaulted me as she prevented me from leaving my own house.
Back on January 5th, at the peak of harassment from @SciSwany and her friends, I contacted @SciMarchSeattle to let them know about what one of their co-founders was doing.
I had told one of the other @SciMarchSeattle cofounders about @SciSwany chasing me out of and around the house on multiple occasions. August 2016. October 2016. January 2017. February 2017. One of the most notable assaults came on March 30th, 2017.
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