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@HorsemensWizard @BernieSanders Bernie Sanders on Communism 1985
H/T @saysdana
@HorsemensWizard @BernieSanders @SaysDana “Except Sanders and Trump—we (IRA) support them.”
OSC Indictment: U.S. v. Internet Research Agency, Feb, ‘18

@HorsemensWizard @BernieSanders @SaysDana Occupy the Party
One way would be to turn the Sanders platform into the agenda for a new, anti-corporate organization—a Tea Party of the left.…
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1/ Who am I?

I'm a #CVE researcher who studies the process of radicalization, social groups, and movements. In short, I look for ways to prevent people like the #CovingtonBoys from swiping even further right & endorsing white nationalism, ethnic separatism, or dom. terrorism.
2/ On Twitter, I identify as a “#ProudBoys Whisperer,” a tongue in cheek reference to the ethnographic fieldwork I do. This work involves many conversations like the one below.

3/ I also look for ways to help men and women innoculate themselves from falling down the #antifeminist/anti-#SJW /conspiratorial rabbit hole.
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📌Trump is integral to Putin’s strategy to strengthen authoritarian regimes & undermine democracies around the 🌍.

📌This unprecedented aberration defiles what USA stands for at home & abroad; it alienates & dispirits our allies; & does jeopardize our NatSec

📌Strobe Talbott, firmer deputy SOS "We already know that the Kremlin helped put Trump into the W.H. and played him for a sucker ... Trump has been colluding with a hostile Russia throughout his presidency. We'll see if it started before that."

Spoiler: it did.

📌Trump Confronts the Prospect of a ‘Nonstop Political War’ for Survival

📌Trump was asked over the weekend whether he is a Russian agent. And he refused to directly answer.

📌Trump’s Efforts to Hide Details of Putin Talks May Set Up Fight With Congress
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One of my big papers last semester was on the history of neighborhood associations in #Charlottesville, and how their use of zoning laws was an extension of the other exclusionary practices they used to keep their neighborhoods wealthy and white.
I am going to create a very long thread highlighting most of what I found. The details in this are obviously very geographically specific, but it is safe to say that the practices and attitudes underlying it can be found all over the country and in the histories of other cities.
This was supposed to be a map-based racial landscape argument, and towards the end I have several maps and images to show the effects of zoning over time in black and white neighborhoods, because it was a lot of work and it looks cool, haha.
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14,900 gun deaths in 2018.
334 mass shootings
646 babies shot dead.
27000 injured.
3024 Americans died 1975-2015 due to a foreign born terrorist (9/11 included)
Odd to be shot in the US: 1-11000
Odds to be killed by a refugee 1-3.64 Billion

We are shut down because of a wall?
I fohkn hate that I have to tweet death stats on a Sunday morning to make a point. I need a life
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white kid walks to school in nazi jacket.
Calls another student the N-word.
Gets knocked out.…
This is Mountain Vista HIgh School in Colorado.
Apparently they’ve recently had other issues:…
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We just received another grim warning that the problem of hate is growing in the United States. For the third year in a row, the FBI has reported a jump in hate crimes.

The new data showed that they increased by a staggering 17% in 2017.…
It is no secret that Trump is bringing out the worst in this country.

At every turn he has struggled or refused to condemn instances of hate. That was painfully obvious during #Charlottesville in 2017 and the #PittsburghSynagogue shooting just over two weeks ago.
Congress must act if Trump will not.

That is why I introduced the NO HATE Act in 2016 with @SenBlumenthal. It will give law enforcement additional tools to track and fight hate crimes.

We cannot let this continue.

More about the bill here:…
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1. We marched.
2. We protested.
3. We resisted.
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Tomorrow, Virginians decide whether to vote Corey Stewart into the US Senate.

Tomorrow marks 451 days since 8/12/17, the weekend when violent neo-Nazis came to beat & murder people on the streets outside my home.

How is Corey Stewart responsible?

Let me count the ways.

Most of the world is familiar with the scenes of tiki torches, swastikas, and mob beatings from the weekend when white supremacists, neo-Nazis, Klansmen & genocidal bigots of every stripe all teamed up.

But this story starts months before Charlottesville became #Charlottesville.
Six months earlier, an unlikely friendship began between an irrelevant blogger looking for exposure and an underdog candidate trying to make a name for himself. Over months of joint events, Corey Stewart and Jason Kessler cultivated a mutually beneficial alliance. (3/55)
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❗What @VoteMarsha's not telling you about "mobs."

In 2001, as a state Senator, she played a lead role in instigating a group of 1000+ who broke windows & shut down the Legislature over a vote on a potential state income tax. @Tennessean coverage tells the tale. #TNSen [THREAD]
The July 13, 2001 issue of @Tennessean was more or less full of the story. (You can purchase it yourself at archives or on sites like

Unfortunately it's in a format that's difficult to represent here, but we've done our best
to provide a few screenshots which provide the gist of the story.
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One of the questions I pursued when working on the A12 podcast, which looked at the history behind the deadly violence in Charlottesville last year, was why the anti-Semitism of Aug 11 & 12 seemed to disappear so rapidly from the narrative. /1
It wasn’t that no one *ever* spoke of it, but given its prominence — chants of “Jews will not replace us,” Nazi flags, the targeting of the synagogue — it seemed to get relatively little attention. /2
The rabbis and scholars I spoke to mused that there were a variety of reasons for this: our limited way of thinking about white supremacy, the sense that anti-Semitism is an odd relic of the past, the awareness that black Americans face much more serious systemic racism. /3
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Federal prosecutors indict a #Russian🇷🇺woman alleged to be the chief accountant of an *ONGOING* Kremlin campaign to influence 2018 ELECTIONS in the US & EU (including troll farm Internet Research Agency) financed by "Putin's Chef," Yevgeniy Prigozhin.🤬…
One major #Russian🇷🇺social-media theme was to exploit white supremacy👉🏼trolling NFL protests against #racist policing, #immigration, the Confederate flag & “the #Charlottesville ‘Unite The Right’ rally” that killed Heather Heyer in Aug'17.

Pivoting off a piece by "right-wing blowhard" Michael Savage, the #Russians🇷🇺 sought to “forcefully support” Savage’s message that “any attempt to remove Trump is a direct path to **civil war** in the US."😳
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In light of the arrests of several members of the Rise Above Movement (RAM) in relation to the events at Unite the Right in Charlottesville, few points need to be made, as we watch the State go after a small Alt-Right group over a year after the events in Cville.
First and foremost, the strategy and tactics used by police on A12 was informed by 'intelligence' gathered through DHS and Fusion Centers, that was clear: antifascists are the biggest threat to public safety and civil order.…
Documents released from West Coast Fusion Centers, which in theory would have monitored the actions of RAM members, especially at Berkeley events, had the same conclusion, even directly stating that "ANTIFA" was "greatest threat to public safety."…
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Well, poop. Amtrak is already preemptively cancelling trains along the east coast for later this week & the weekend. Hurricane #Florence.
That's not really a complaint. The last time a hurricane came ashore & stalled over Virginia, 153 people died in flooding & mudslides in Nelson County, just south of Charlottesville. 👉🏾…
And the forecast is no joke. 👇🏾
This rainfall-potential map from the @NWS is enough to scare anyone who remembers the 153 deaths in Nelson County from Hurricane Camille. Nelson is in the bullseye this time, too. So is Charlottesville. cc @cvillenewscom
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BREAKING: Nazis who beat school teacher #DeAndreHarris nearly to death in #Charlottesville sentenced today:

Jacob Goodwin - 10 yrs incl. 2 suspended
Alex Ramos - 6 yrs + 3 suspended

Thanks to our @ZDRoberts whose images helped ID these monsters.

Justice through a camera lens
Please support @zdroberts work:
REMINDER: The man who pulled a gun on our photographer @zdroberts as he was taking the photos that helped convict the Nazis who beat up #DeAndreHarris in #Charlottesville still hasn't been identified. Help us ID this man:…
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Republicans have a filthy weed that has choked out decency in their party.

Their answer: lie & deny

But he's caught!

GOP Majority Whip Steve Scalise now admits he spoke at a white supremacist conference that included infamous KKK David Duke in 2002…
Steve Scalise reportedly said he was "like David Duke without the baggage"

Article from 2015.

This is Republican leadership!

He is the GOP Majority Whip…
Trump and Republicans now support one side: the KKK Nazi side.

David Duke: #Charlottesville "fulfills the promises of Donald Trump."

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At bookstore to get the latest in my favorite series and guess what I impulse-bought? I'll share excerpts when I get home and pour a glass of wine.
By the way it was 40% off already 😂
P. 220-Trump calls Jeff Sessions "Benjamin Buttons" behind his back. 🤣
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Great response to attempts by @CvilleCityHall & @VSPPIO to spin the over-policing debacle in #Charlottesville last weekend into some sort of success.
"Debacle" is too innocent a word. And it was more than over-policing. This city came close to a real disaster precisely because the presence of 700 out-of-town riot cops who seemed bound & determined to provoke violence. I thank God they failed.
Imagine how different things would have looked if the cops had believed that their job was to protect the free speech rights & safety of anti-racist protestors.
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GO: “Trump has surrounded himself with grifters, scumbags, con-men, and traitors.”

Voters are sick big money super-pacs manipulating puppet candidates who set policies & enact laws that serve their special interests over the best interests & will of the people.

RU’s clean-up of its banking sector is continuing w/ 100s of banks being stripped of their licenses.

📌Kremlin insiders are uncomfortable abt Putin’s effective takeover of private banks inc’g Alfa RU’s largest bank & Putin’s naked grab for cash to project power.

99-Year-Old Nuremberg Prosecutor Calls Trump's Detention of Children a 'Crime Against Humanity'

"What could cause more great suffering than what they did in the name of immigration law?"

Voting Rights Advocates Used to Have an Ally in the Gov’t. That’s Changing
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So much has happened over the last two weeks, it can be hard to process the collection of emotions: pain, sorrow, rage, + joy. But as we look back one year after #Charlottesville, there is still a large hole in our discussions of these events, primarily: the role of the police.
Over the coming days, many of us will be asked a similar question by loved one, friends, + co-workers: "Why do the police protect the Nazis?" "Why did they attack one side in Portland, + not the other?" While it is easy to resort to bumper sticker answers, the truth is complex.
The recent piece from @ACInvestigates + @ProPublica begins to scratch the surface. In their recent doc, they talk with an ex-FBI agent who rightfully concludes that coddling by law enforcement acts as a green light for the far-Right to engage in violence in a variety of settings.
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There was little to no incident in Charlottesville, Va rally today because the police did their jobs unlike a year ago when the Mayor purposefully had law enforcement to stand down; #Charlottesville
The liberal MSM is making Antifa seem as though they are a peaceful law-abiding group. NOPE! They hid behind black scarfs like the Klan hiding behind white sheets. Both are EVIL and hate groups.
#FakeNewsCNN is gleefully reporting that the Antifa outnumbered other groups. And? They were there to create chaos. The left seems to embrace lawlessness.
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#QAlert 8/12/18 This will be my THREAD for all of #Q’s posts for Sunday August 12, 2018. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOMand more!

Let’s Go!

@realDonaldTrump #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #QPosts #PatriotsUnited #Charlottesville
#QAlert 8/12/18 📁
Why did NBC have a 'confidential' con call yesterday w/ a few of its news affiliates re: the need to remove 'potentially' sensitive Tweets?
Panic @NBCNews?

#QAlert 8/12/18 Q1858 LINKS
Has Media Matters been hired to locate and IDEN 'potentially' sensitive Tweets from 'known' characters?
The more you know….
@realDonaldTrump #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #QPosts
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A year ago on August 12, 2017, Heather Heyer was killed by a white supremacist. [Thread below]
President Trump equivocated – unable to see the difference between white supremacists walking through #Charlottesville and people like Heather who opposed them. In his view, some “very fine people” were among the torch-bearing racists.…
Last weekend, we once again saw the face of hate – this time in Portland, Oregon, where multiple people were injured in street fighting provoked by far-right extremists.…
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Newsday --- August 12th, 2018 --- Sunday
Prayer #Charlottesvile and DC "Unite the Right"

Please have
1-Undercover FBI Guys in AR
2-Hero Cops
3-Paid Soros Actors
6-Idiot AR

.... be safe

f you are a Normie or MAGA
if you attend rallies - Antifa will Dox and Ruin your Life
This is a Darwin Test
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