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1) On his @YouTube channel, neo-#Nazi Shermon Burgess (of Kiwi descent) describes himself as "the 1st Australian to ever bring the Nationalist street movement Reclaim Australia into the mainstream public." #antifa #auspol #NewZealandTerroristAttack
2) Burgess, who also once described himself as 'The Great Aussie Patriot', got his start in the 'Australian Defence League', but over the course of the last few years -- & esp following the decline of #ReclaimAustralia -- has, like many others, openly embraced neo-Nazism.
3) Like Christchurch killer, Burgess adopted Black Sun/Sonnenrad as symbol; like other Aussie nazis, foll the massacre, he's sought to scrub this fact from his online profiles, but conts to fulminate vs Muslims &c -- one of thousands of such accts @YouTube sponsors.
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#YellowVestsCanada members are upset that they can't share the video of the #NewZealandTerroristAttack, so much so that it's a government conspiracy to protect the videos credibility.
@facebook allows this.
More comments. The black rectangles are blocking still captures of the video. You bet your ass I reported that.
These comments stuck out for me as particularly gross and heinous, so I looked into them a little further:

#YellowVestsCanada #cdnpol
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Yesterday I met with labor union representatives who asked me, "What are people telling you on the doors about how we can move forward?"

"Forward" is a really great-sounding, popular political term. Obama used it. So did Communist China in the 1980's: (向前看) I have, too.
It came up at our healthcare/reproductive freedom roundtable last night. "How do we move forward?" I asked my guests @MargieInTheDMV and @srobgyn.

Certainly, recognizing the need to move forward and having conversations is important, and a first step as Margie pointed out.
The refrain after a tragedy like #NewZealandTerroristAttack is always how to move "past" it. The same words used in the wake of the #Blackface scandals here in Virginia.

The metaphor underlying it all is: we're all on a linear path: backward is bad, forward is good.
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1) Jihadists have been calling for revenge attacks and inciting violence following the #NewZealandTerroristAttack. The attack against Muslims presented jihadists with a golden opportunity to push their “us versus them” and “Islam is under attack, do something” narratives.
2) Jihadists are exploiting the attack, hoping that Muslims’ anger and emotions will drive some of them to align with jihadists, ideologically if not physically. I.e, they are using the event as a recruitment tool.
3) That’s why jihadists have been urging wide circulation of the graphic shooting video, saying all Muslims must watch it, to shock them into action. The word "crusade" while common jihadist lingo is being used more than usual.
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I am terrified. I am scared. I am anxious.

The "unthinkable" is no longer that. Despicable & vile acts of terrorism are now a daily, weekly, monthly occurrence. So many innocent lives have been taken away by radicalized terrorists, and we're not doing enough to fix it.

Today I am calling on EVERY SINGLE ONE of us - every human, creator, influencer, actor, politician, teacher, firefighter, etc - to work together to heal the world around us:

We must stop people from becoming radicalized, isolated, and violent.

We can only do this together.
The internet is making things spiral absolutely out of control. People, especially young male adults, are becoming radicalized by the darkest corners of the web, and there is zero accountability or oversight into these extremist communities. We're losing people to it constantly.
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Seemingly in response to the #NewZealandTerroristAttack, neo-Nazi groupuscule the 'New Zealand National Front' has issued a statement claiming 'nothing to do with us guv, honest' & -- sadly -- their website has been closed. (Still on @facebook, natch.)
2) Another WN groupsucule to have gone into hiding is the 'Dominion Movement'. Both its website & its social media accts (instagram et al) have disappeared -- which again, is very sad, but may serve them in good stead when pol come knocking ... ?…
3) DM presented itself as an 'Identitarian' grp; the US equivalent, #IdentityEvropa, sprang a massive leak recently (by way of @UR_Ninja), & you can follow the ensuing drama by way of #IdentifyEvropa.
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Angelic, Backpacker!
Disgusting choice of photo of a white, blond child instead of a mass murdering terrorist.

Whitewashing white supremacy brought us here.
Looks like many more muslims, jews & black folks have to die before hate spewing islamophobes are taken off the pedastal.
For those in denial of #WhitePrivilege...
Either call them all "gunmen" or all "terrorists" @nytimes
via @KhaledBeydoun
Of course the UK press has been paving the way for hate, radicalization and MURDER for years.

Attackers who happen to be Muslim have caused a fraction of the mayhem in comparison with their (mostly Christian) #WhiteSupremacists
via @OmarWaraich
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Sejak semalam,Hampir semua masjid di negri2 Barat jamaahnya bertambah hingga 3 kali lipat.Sebagian ummat Islam disana yang sebelumnya tidak pernah atau jarang terlihat di masjid,Sejak maghrib kemarin hingga subuh berebut datang menghadap kepadaNya.
Mereka memenuhi rumah rumah Allah bukan sekedar untuk menunjukkan solidaritas. Lebih jauh lagi mereka sedang mengadu kepada Allah tentang kedzaliman demi kedzaliman yang terjadi sejak hari-hari sebelum ini, Dengan puncaknya kemarin itu di New Zealand.
Sekaligus mereka berdoa, Berharap perlindungan, Serta memasrahkan segalanya, Yang akan terjadi hari ini dan di masa depan, KepadaNya.

Temen saya di Australia, Yang selama ini idupnya urakan, Mendadak 3 waktu terakhir hadir shaf depan di masjid dekat rumah.
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Truly amazing and appalling. The TV news in their coverage of the #NewZealandTerroristAttack are talking about the rise of Islamophobia WITHOUT mentioning #ToryIslamophobia, the comments of politicians like Farage and Johnson and the daily hate fest in the newspapers. Amazing.
And according to the TV News, it’s all the fault of social media NOT the hate speech and othering of Muslims we’ve seen from leading politicians in the UK, the US, across Europe and Australia nor anything to do with the mainstream media themselves...
If we look race hate outrages like the various pogroms against Jews in Europe culminating in the Holocaust, the lynchings of black people in the US and the racist attacks in the UK since the 1960s, the common thread ISN’T social media but..
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49 Muslims were murdered in New Zealand by a radical right-wing terrorist

In our partnership with the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right (@C4ARR) we've highlighted the threat of right-wing extremism & how to combat it

Trump says it's not a threat—Let's educate him

After Aristotle's climate theory and the Biblical Curse of Ham were no longer the primary theories of white supremacy, Eugenics took their place.

20th-century eugenicists—in the US and Europe—perpetuated the fake science of white genetic superiority.

This false idea of genetic white superiority fuels the fear of "white genocide" we see playing out across the globe today.

The age-old fear that immigrants would "infest" and "replace" whites hit a fever pitch during the recent refugee crisis.

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#BREAKING: Perpetrator of #NewZealandTerroristAttack visited Turkey multiple times – senior Turkish official
UPDATE: New Zealand mosque attacker may have traveled to third countries in Europe, Asia and Africa – Turkish official
UPDATE: "We are currently investigating the terrorist's movements and contacts within the country" – senior Turkish official tells TRT World
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Throughout the day, I'm going to be tweeting articles/resources to educate about anti-Muslim racism and Islamophobia because of what Muslims experience everyday and because we have your attention because of the the #NewZealandTerroristAttack #ChristchurchMosqueAttacks 1/N
Here's a piece that Thea Abu el-Haj and I recently wrote for @TheAssemblyJrnl (an #Openaccess journal):… #Islamophobia #AntiMuslimRacism #NewZealandMosqueAttack 2/N
A number of excellent resources can be found in the #Islamophobia is #racism syllabus: 3/N
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Reading the apparent manifesto of the #NewZealandMosqueShooting #NewZealandShooting #NewZealandTerroristAttack & it's clear that one person above all - Anders Breivik - especially inspired the shooter, and another person, above all, built the motivating ideology. Trump knows him.
First: neo-Nazi terrorist Anders Breivik's manifesto cited the "cultural Marxism" conspiracy theory (CMCT) literally hundreds of times. Back in '016 I wrote this piece chronicling some of the international incidents of far-right terrorism linked to CMCT.…
The apparent manifesto of the New Zealand mosque shooting terrorist is tricky. He calls himself an "eco-fascist" but says nothing of ecology. He trolls (probably) Candace Owens. He also cites other terrorists who have especially inspired him, such as Dylann Roof & Anders Breivik.
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Trump once said “Islam hates us”, today New Zealand’s terrorist praised him as a “symbol of renewed white identity”.
White nationalism has proven to be the “quite killer, but no one talks about the dangerous rhetoric white nationalists push through politicians and media pundits.
#Trump tweets about the terrorist attacks in New Zealand, however, failed to mention:
•Muslims were killed
•Didn’t call out the terrorist who praised him
•Muslims today didn’t just “sensesssly died” but they were “killed” in cold blood.
•“Best wishes” is not a condolence.
#Hello Brother" were the last words by the first Muslim man to be shot and killed by the coward terrorist.
Let that sink in.
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