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[ Jikook AU ❣️ Kisses ]

Jikook AU where Jimin and Jungkook is competing among themselves to see who can withhold kisses back for a longer time 💋

#JikookAU #KookminAU
- ignore timestamp
- im just doing it for fun
- ignore my grammar mistake
- it will be fluff ^^
- please interact with me 🥺🥺
0.1 - 5 years anniversary
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「 jikook hybrid au 」

↬ 𝒅𝒐𝒖𝒃𝒍𝒆 𝒗𝒊𝒔𝒊𝒐𝒏

where infamous dancer jungkook got himself caught up in a lawsuit with an old cat lady. she promises to call it off under a condition in which he takes care of one of her cats named jimin
credits to @NamjoonsWood for moodboard
pls read this note! :>
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🔞 nsfw jikook au 🔞
↬ would love the way you taste ↫

in which jimin, the shy son of the town's priest downloads an app which teaches people how to sext... but ends up finding more than he signed up for
- jimin’s friends: taehyung, namjoon and hoseok
- jungkook’s friends: seokjin, yoongi
- ignore the times
- my native language isn't english, so sorry for any grammar mistakes (and typos)
- thanks for the plot idea to anon!! 💕
↬ twt. profiles (I'm only doing jk's and jm's, sorry)
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˚✧ starry night ✧˚ - jikook au

In which shy Jungkook keeps ranting about wanting certain couple rings but doesn’t have anyone to wear them with and is elated to see said ring on his desk, only to find Park Jimin, the school’s bad boy and his roommate wearing the other
their profiles

Jimin’s friends
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#jikookau where jungkook and jimin went into separate ways but promised each other to meet again after 3 years, to settle their relationship. 3 years passed, Jungkook came back to Seoul for him but what he didn't know is Jimin was already in a relationship with Namjoon.

without you

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Ok so I’ll be doing a Jikook Au and it’s my first one, so don’t judge. I had this idea in my head for some time, so I hope I enjoy! ~thread~
Summary: Jimin has been an idol for quiet some time, when Jungkook debuts and takes over the KPop industry. Even though Jimin normally isn’t like this, he starts disliking the younger boy for stealing all the spotlight. That is, of course, until the two meet. #jikookau
Jimin- Idol, friends with Tae and Hobi, fans are his lovelies, signed under HopeManagement
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「jikook au」

Where baby boy Jungkook sees Jimin for the first time and he can't help but think he is beautiful

#jikook #jikookau
•English is not my first language so sorry if I make some grammar errors
•This Au will be short and with a lot of fluff (maybe a little bit of angst)
•I Hope you enjoy this ✨
⤳Basic info
•Jungkook is best friend with Seokjin, Hoseok and Hyuna
•Jimin is best friend with Tae, Yoongi and Namjoon
•Jungkook is really shy while Jimin is friendly and quite popular
•Taejin are dating
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「 jikook au 」 • ceo

— where jimin is the son of the richest ceo of korea and his father wants him to get married with the daughter of an another powerful ceo. reality is, jimin and jeongguk have been together for 2 years in secret because jimin’s dad is homophobic

• warning

don’t look at time stamps, hair colors etc...
quote or reply but don’t break the thread
angst au
not really planned so sorry if it gets messy
• relationship

taehyung and jimin grew together
hoseok is working for jimin’s father and is a close friend
jungkook is friend with jin, namjoon and yoongi
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#jikookau where in jeongguk and jimin were in a relationship for 5 years but broke up because they need to go in seperate ways. one day, jimin was assigned to be someone's photographer and it was the man that he loved the most. it was jeongguk.
— profiles

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「 first kiss 」 — jikook au

where jungkook gets drunk on vlive and reveals details about his first kiss, after his live "Jikook" is trending on twitter.

#jikook #jikookau
- This my first AU
- Sorry for the typos, English isn’t my first language.
- don’t mind the time
- don’t tag BTS
- the prompt is from @incorrectjk
- Thank you for reading my AU.

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𝐯𝐢𝐫𝐚𝐥 - jikook crack au

where fashion blogger jimin posted a video asking if anybody is single. the said media went viral and became a meme. after all the sudden attention, more was drawn onto him when famous youtuber, jeon jungkook, asked to be his boyfriend
inspired by this video!
— crack jikook au
— youtuber!jikook
— gamer jungkook
— fashion guru jimin
— social media au
#jikookau 🤟🏻
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『 Jikook au 』

In which Jimin confesses his feelings for his bestfriend Jungkook only to realize his love is one-sided. Little does he know Jungkook is actually hiding something.
-age difference;only 6 mths
-jungkooks a mess
-they both actually r
-coming out
-lots of sarcasm
-i love tae in this
-side taejin here and there
-LOTS of reading but also text messages
-could be long
-my first au cut me some slack
-no smut!!
-happy ending🌻
(just wnna say rlly fast that idk if this idea has been done before so if u have any complains or questions, just dm me!!)

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#jikookau where jeon jungkook asked park jimin, his long time crush and a famous student on his university, "how many likes, retweets, and replies..for you to be mine?"
— let there be park jimin
— probably you
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✧𝐿𝒾𝓉𝓉𝓁𝑒 𝓊𝓈✧

{#Jikook ABO au}

Jimin and Jungkook are barely 18 when Jimin accidentally falls pregnant. They aren’t dating yet, but choose to keep the baby.

Turns out parenting isn’t as easy as they thought, but they wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

- fluff, possibly minor angst and i’ll try make it funny sometimes

- will just be them going through the struggles and joy of raising a child while falling in love

- gonna be soft
- just a lil note, i have never raised a child myself so like i might say inaccurate things

- I know it’s ABO but there won’t be much nsfw bc yeah (but it’s possible)

- haven’t got a clue how long it will be

- please quote with your thoughts 🥺 i like opinions

- Enjoy! :D
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jikook au

— au where jimin spare his time making coffees at work but when he’s home he always watches his favorite taekwondo player named Jeon Jeongguk and unexpected things happened when jungkook visits his coffee shop.
I will do this aksjka
- please do not expect that this would be good aksjka and sorry for my grammatical errors, english is not my first language uwu
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Don’t be scared
It’s what you deserve
How funny, another friend came to pay him a visit before he left
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-Where rookie idol Park Jimin and scandalous company senior Jeon Jungkook have been seen as rivals from their fans and others in the industry since his debut, little does everyone know that the two have been dating for the past three years, until it’s not secret anymore
Okay! This is it! I spent a long, long time last night fleshing this out and I WILL continue with this Au I promise!
1; the beginning
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"he's whipped for me. the day he'll leave me is the day the world's over."

cocky bastard jungkook always had his head up that jimin would never leave him, jimin gets in a car crash and things change or a jikook au where ungrateful jungkook just wants his clingy boyfriend back.
♡ HUGE ANGST beware, fluff if u squint, happy ending
♡ social media au but there will be written parts... like A LOT
♡ slow burn :c
♡ ignore timestamps and hair colors
♡ comments are vvv appreciated pls comment bcs its what makes me continue
tags : jikook au, jungkook is bad at feelings, clingy park jimin, hurt park jimin, sad jungkook, caring bangtan, ot6 is here for jimin, happy ending ♡

TW‼️: car accident, blood and injury, gore ig, concussions, seizures, short term memory loss, suicid*l thoughts, victim blaming
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[Jikook crack au]


where bts are a bunch of hets who like to read aus & fics together to laugh about their fans being delulu

then one night, Jikook get a bit curious 🥵
but it’s not gay because they’re just bros, right?
- this will be fairly short
- crack
- there WILL be nsfw content but it will be absolutely ridiculous and hopefully it’ll make you laugh
- lmao enjoy
1. #jikookau #jikook

btw ignore the dates and stuff
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Freshman art prodigy Jungkook pines over a hot dancer he walks past everyday after class until second semester comes around and the dancer turns out to be his nude life drawing model. ( #jikookau )
- Ok college aus are rlly overdone but I did it anyway so sorry

- If this flops I’m still gonna update

- NSFW parts will be written out
- Ignore times and stuff like that. I tried my best to get rid of all grammar mistakes but ignore them if I missed any

- This is my first au so I don’t know if it’s good but I put a lot of time in so I hope it is!
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#Jikookau •••

Jimin is at the peak of his career, Jungkook is new to the scene but is already making waves. Their companies come up with a plan for them to do a collaborative album to try and double their success. The only problem? Jungkook and Jimin can’t stand each other.
• ignore times/dates
• updates will probably be irregular, but i’ll try to update every day
• social media + written parts
• there will be nsfw
• please no replying to posts or tagging the members - they don’t need to see this lol
• please be nice

- debuted 2 years ago under LP productions
- has been taking the kpop scene by storm ever since
- known for being an absolute sweetheart and all around great guy
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💌 : #jikookau #kookminau

Spy JK planted a spy camera on a teddy bear's eyes and accidentally sent it to a wrong address allowing him to see every personal scenes in soft college student Jimin's everyday life.
[ some NSFW contents ]
Gguk and Chim
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°・×⇒ just dance ⇒ ×・°
→ a jikook au ,where jimin is the graceful, classy , contemporary of Seoul school of arts. And one day when he was practicing for upcoming events, he sees a boy staring at him practice...
Ok soooooo , im excitedd😆 (WARNINGS)
-swear wordss
- this is my first time so its gonna be really bad , im so sorry🥺
Lastly, pls don’t mind the date/time tabs (im really not bothered 😅)
Thank u so much , enjoy!!!
Characters profile ~~
These 4 knows eachother, they are friends who hangs around the campus together.
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💌 : #jikookau #kookminau

Rivals Jimin and Jungkook were caught bickering and fighting inside their campus and as their punishment for fighting, they were given a choice.The options?Suspension or holding hands for 1 hr.
Jk vs Chim
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