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#ColinKapernaek and his band of knee kneeling brothers should take the knee against domestic violence by fellow gridiron ballers. #KareemHunt #KansasCityChief #NFL
The NFL comes off as so sanctimonious and self-righteous not to mention social justice police but need to clean out its own house.
And this incident took place last February and it's nearly a year later. Well, #KeithEllison got away with smacking his girlfriend. Typical men on the left. Yet they are supposed to be big supporters of women rights. Whatever!
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Concerned citizens of #Minnesota and the nation, contact President @realDonaldTrump and ask that he order an @FBI investigation into the domestic assault allegations against Attorney General candidate, current #DNC Co-Chair, #KeithEllison.
@realDonaldTrump @FBI I also included in my request, reasons with proof why I believe it need be an outside field office that conducts the investigation.
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💥With nearly $50,000 in donations to #KeithEllison the embattled congressman running for #Minnesota AG💥
Susan Ellingstad is a partner at Lockridge Grindal Nauen P.L.L.P law firm & was picked by the #MinnesotaDFL Party to investigate🤔#ConflictOfInterest…
What makes some counties & PD's more special than the others? I bet I know! This law firm benefits from the extracurricular illegal activity of the #MinnesotaDFL & these counties and le aren't delivering… Someone needs to investigate! @GenFlynn @parrish4mn
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My dad's #MedicalMurder 2 weeks after publishing this petition❗❗… @parrish4mn
@parrish4mn 🆘️💥My daughters murder 4 days after turning the #MinnesotaDFL Party Official Jeff Hayden, in to several Fed Agencies, FOR WHICH THEY WERE UNDER FEDERAL INVESTIGATION AT THE TIME BY THE FBI & IRS❗❗WILLIAM DAVIS & SON JORDAN WERE THEIR FALLGUYS❗❗#TRUTH #TRUTH2POWER #WALKAWAY
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Y'all Libs call Trump "literally Hitler" then beg him to take our guns!

Trump is called "RACIST" but when minorities support him they are called UNCLE TOM!

Y'all Libs call Trump a "Dictator" and then call for
Y'all Libs Demand men be allowed in women's bathrooms and then you yell sexual assault when you see a man's penis on a college campus

Y'all Libs accuse Honorable Men of gang rape
And then stand in the streets butt ass naked screaming with your pussy's
You deny Due Process when it comes to honorable men. (#Kavanaugh) but silence victims when there is medical records videos and police reports
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Here we go again! Make it stop! Republicans should all lock rank behind #BrettKavanaugh and confirm him. So tired of the antics of the Democrats, Never Trumpers and MSM. What about #KeithEllison? Stop being selective in who you dish the dirt on. Foot! #ChristineBlaseyFord
#ChristineBlaseyFord is the white version of the '91 version of #AnitaHill. They both claim to be harmed many years after an alleged incident happened. They also claim they want to be anonymous yet always manage to step into the spotlight and find a voice. #VoteRedToSaveAmerica
Why are these people able to get away with destroying the lives of others simply because they are miserable? Anita wasn't a good woman then and she isn't now. I always felt she actively participated in whatever it is she accused Justice Thomas of. This charade must not continue!
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If Austin Monahan’s story is true:
Good man for defending your Mother and while everyone is innocent until proven guilty the accusations should be investigated. This isn’t blue wave/red wave, domestic abuse is always tiptoed around (see NFL) and it shouldn’t be.
WTF? Is this an #OpenSecret #KeithEllison 🤬
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