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1. My dear Jil, this is not marriage. Whatever it is you have violates the essence of marriage. #Letr2Jil
2. Is a bed of nails really a bed? Yes, it looks like one but can it support comfortable sleep? One might as well sleep on the floor. It will be more comfortable. #Letr2Jil
3. Only an Indian mystic will fancy a bed of nails; but even for him it will be more about proving a point, and for a short period of time. No mystic permanently sleeps on a bed of nails. #Letr2Jil
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1. My dear Jil, you have to be mindful of the philosophy you subscribe to for your marriage. There are all sorts of crazy stuff out there. Some advice are whimsical delusions of the demonic variety. #Letr2Jil
2. You don’t whimsically start trouble in your home for no reason. And then you send a fleshly visual as compensation to your man after disturbing his peace. What kind of unfortunate advice is that?! It’s radioactive. #Letr2Jil
3. The advice betrays a lack of understanding about the makeup of men. It’s a misbegotten permutation of affection – crass manipulativeness disguised as love game. It belongs to movies. It’s the S&M variant of affection. #Letr2Jil
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1. My dear Jil, English language is a poor arbiter of certain expressions relative to native tongue. It just lacks capacity for certain imageries, can’t express full depths of meaning. #Letr2Jil
2. Take the word translated “fool” in the Solomonic text, “The fool hath said in his heart there is no God.” When you read the West African Yoruba translation there’s a wide berth. The word “fool” is translated “asiwere.” #Letr2Jil
3. Transliterated, “asiwere” means “local manufacturer of a variety of madness that manifests in grimy half nakedness in the market square – the type of madness that has gone beyond accommodation by family members. It knows no bounds.” #Letr2Jil
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1. My dear Jil, you’re thinking short term but when it comes to marriage you have to think long term. #Letr2Jil
2. This is what worries me... This guy toasting you, what exactly does he do for a living? Where’s all the money coming from? #Letr2Jil
3. It’s a legitimate question considering his level of expenditure. He’s always buying you stuff – very, very expensive stuff. He blows a fortune each time he goes to the club. What exactly does he do? #Letr2Jil
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1. My dear Jil, I quite understand where you are... I do understand. #Letr2Jil
2. If it’s not real, it’s not really temptation. #Letr2Jil
3. You don’t tempt an alcoholic with water for example. If it’s not alcohol it can’t be temptation to him. Same thing goes for you. If hunger for affection isn’t your vulnerability this won’t be temptation to you. #Letr2Jil
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1. Jil, the challenge you have is that you’re sending out the wrong vibes. You’re giving the impression you don’t want a relationship when in fact you want one. #Letr2Jil
2. You’re dismissive in attitude, portray a picture of self sufficiency and therefore have no need of a guy. Guys are reading those cues and staying away. What do you expect? #Letr2Jil
3. It would be foolhardy of any guy to approach you given the vibes you’re sending out. You’re making it clear you don’t want a relationship. No guy wants to embark on a fool’s errand. #Letr2Jil
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1. My dear Jil, you have to be smarter about life. You have to be wise about your relationship. You must protect your marriage. #Letr2Jil
2. Evil communication corrodes good manners. As that African proverb says, the sheep that fellowships with wild dogs will take on the habits of wild dogs. #Letr2Jil
3. There are friends and there are friends. Differentiate and be wise. #Letr2Jil
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1. My dear Jil, there are things that create relationship. Just as there are things that destroy relationship. If you want a relationship you have to do the things that create relationship. #Letr2Jil
2. What you’re doing will destroy your relationship. And they will destroy any marriage from within. There are marriages that implode without a single fight. #Letr2Jil
3. Attitudinal disposition is a major issue in marriage. It’s what creates the conditions in marriage. Disposition is huge in marriage. #Letr2Jil
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1. My dear Jil, I can understand why your friends want to marry a ready-made man. They don’t want to struggle, don’t want inconvenience. #Letr2Jil
2. The truth however is that most of the girls in your set won’t marry a ready-made guy. The statistics can’t support that desire. The ratios of life won’t support it. #Letr2Jil
3. At the starting block of life for your set there will be more broke guys than guys who have succeeded. Available ready-made men will tend to be widowers, divorcees or older gentlemen. Overnight success is a rare phenomenon. It’s even an anomaly. #Letr2Jil
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#Letr2Jil – LIFE HAPPENS starts now.
1. My dear Jil, let me tell you a little bit about life. It’s important you understand life. I’ll tell you a little story. #Letr2Jil
2. There were four friends, all female, all beautiful. Each was building her business, and each turned out successful. They were all married by the way. Let’s call them Mrs. A, B,C & D. #Letr2Jil
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#Letr2Jil – DON'T TRADE HAPPINESS starts now.
1. My dear Jil, I think you’ll be making a huge mistake if you go ahead and marry this gentleman. The issues will only get magnified in marriage. #Letr2Jil
2. He’s not satisfied with you, you’re trying to adjust furiously, you’re not really yourself in the relationship. And in spite of all the adjustments things are still not okay. #Letr2Jil
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#Letr2Jil – THE SHIP HAS SAILED starts now.
1. My dear Jil, it’s unfortunate, and I quite empathise with your situation but that ship has sailed. You’ll have to accept the reality. He’s gone! Another woman has him now. Prized guys don’t hang around for too long. #Letr2Jil
2. You were late in appreciating his worth. He waited on you for two years! That’s a long time for a guy to be waiting for a response. #Letr2Jil
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#Letr2Jil – LESSONS FROM PIGEONS starts now.
1. My dear Jil, there’s that sense of responsibility a young man ought to have. You’ll be hugely frustrated if your husband has no sense of responsibility. There’ll be constant disappointment. #Letr2Jil
2. You will have to resort to self-help to cover the gaps and shortfalls if your husband has no sense of responsibility. There WILL BE gaps and shortfalls. #Letr2Jil
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#Letr2Jil – SEAL THE DEAL starts now.
1. My dear Jil, the problem I see here is you don’t know when to stop negotiating affection and desire. You’re like a poor algebra student who doesn’t realise 7(a+b) is a final answer and not 7ab. #Letr2Jil
2. You wanted this guy. For many reasons he couldn’t look your way. He finally does and you move into a coy state. Shouldn’t you seal the deal rather than keep editing the terms of the relationship contract? #Letr2Jil
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#Letr2Jil – JUST ONE TEXT... starts now.
1. My dear Jil, I think the seeming complications in this relationship are being driven by your insecurities. #Letr2Jil
2. It seems the things you’re worried about are nothing to this man. He doesn’t care. For instance, you’re worried about whether you’re fine enough for him. (He had a beautiful girlfriend). But he wants you. Which means you’re beautiful enough for him. #Letr2Jil
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#Letr2Jil - A FEW HIGHLIGHTS starts now.
My dear Jil, I present a few nuggets from my letters to you this year. Here they are: #Letr2Jil
1. It’s important you choose your own partner. Don’t let anyone choose for you. Marriage requires custom fit. Therefore a marital partner must necessarily be a proprietary acquisition. #Letr2Jil
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#Letr2Jil – SCARING PROSPECTS AWAY starts now.
1. There are what we call invisible losses in life. These are losses we sustain without even being aware. The way life is structured a great deal of the value we derive is hidden in others. Therefore what they think of us matters. Call it social credit. #Letr2Jil
2. You’re more likely to do very well in life if your favourability rating in a community is high. The higher your rating the more people want to interact with you, transact with you, be around you, associate with you, identify with you. #Letr2Jil
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#Letr2Jil – DON'T GO INTO THIS THING starts now.
1. My dear Jil, I was talking to a dear friend the other day and she told me as soon as she said “I do” she knew she had made a horrible mistake. #Letr2Jil
2. That’s a terrible realisation on a wedding day. It’s sad to know that you just signed an agreement that will bring you grief. I wondered how she felt from that moment on, what her expectations were for the marriage. #Letr2Jil
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#Letr2Jil – CONTROL PANEL starts now.
1. My dear Jil, the problem is, you see yourself as some sort of control panel. You’re controlling. It’s why the relationship can’t work. #Letr2Jil
2. And given the facts of the relationship your assumption of control is rather ironic. You’re trying to control what you shouldn’t even be trying to control. #Letr2Jil
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