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1. My dear Jack, there are things called “issues of life.” You must be mindful of them. #Letr2Jack
2. There are values you should subscribe to – honesty, loyalty, trust, integrity... They’re kind of like family. Indeed they’re cousins. #Letr2Jack
3. They’re best understood within the context of real world scenarios, case studies. Sometimes they’re even better understood when we consider the antonyms. #Letr2Jack
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1. My dear Jack, that’s rather ostrobogulous! Boy, it’s weird! But what do you expect? #Letr2Jack
2. Look, every once in a while we all feel down. It’s either things are not going our way, or there’s a delay of some sort, or some disappointment. These things happen. They’re expected. We don’t control the variables of life. #Letr2Jack
3. When our partner is down it’s our duty to step in, to bridge the gap through care and concern. Expressing affection to someone is not always about feelings. Sometimes it’s a duty. There’s a dutiful dimension. #Letr2Jack
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1. My dear Jack, in my last letter I explained to you that life is going to happen to your generation. It happens to every generation. #Letr2Jack
2. Every generation imagines they can reinvent life. Only nobody can reinvent life. Life has a constancy. You can reinvent culture, you can reinvent mores... But life itself? No, you can’t. It is governed by immutable laws. #Letr2Jack
3. And this is how you know. If you’ve taken time to look at life generationally, talk to the older generation, even much older generation... You’ll have noticed every generation has troubles. #Letr2Jack
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1. My dear Jack, at some point you’ll have to ask yourself what your wife really wants. Note that it’s not a generic thing common to all women. It’s something peculiar to her, something particularly her. #Letr2Jack
2. When you know what that thing is – and chances are she’ll have told you in one of your conversations, then you have to look at the implications, understand the implications. #Letr2Jack
3. If your wife for example tells you she “just wants to be happy,” commonsense dictates that’s not giddiness she’s talking about. It’s something deep, probably goes to her childhood. #Letr2Jack
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1. My dear Jack, part of my responsibility as mentor is to share life experiences with you, share life principles. #Letr2Jack
2. The whole idea is to prevent you from making my mistakes, help you avoid the missteps of others, and to turbocharge your journey. #Letr2Jack
3. Mentoring gives you tuition. Better to learn by tuition than through experience. Experience can be very costly, even deadly. Not everyone survives experience. If you’re eliminated in the process of learning the knowledge does you no good. #Letr2Jack
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1. My dear Jack, you’re not being wise, are you? Your girlfriend suffers bouts of insecurity and you proceed to regal her with tales about your last girlfriend?! #Letr2Jack
2. Even if your girlfriend doesn’t have bouts of insecurity why would you be telling her about the wonderfulness of your last relationship? Aren’t old things passed away? #Letr2Jack
3. Of course she’s bound to think you’re still in love with her. What else do you want her to think? And women are very sensitive to that question: Are you still with her or not? #Letr2Jack
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1. My dear Jack, you should aim for a fantastic relationship with your wife, your marriage shouldn’t be perfunctory, mechanical or humdrum. That’s terrible for a young marriage. #Letr2Jack
2. Marriage ought to be fun. There ought to be happiness, or what’s the point! #Letr2Jack
3. I’m assuming of course you guys love each other. A marriage doesn’t make sense without love. You’ll be locked up in a mechanical contraption with someone you have no affection for. #Letr2Jack
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1. My dear Jack, the reason you fell into this trap is because you dated without recourse to reference. #Letr2Jack
2. What do I mean by that? It’s like when you apply for a job. Your new employer will write your old employer for an opinion about you. You’re also asked to provide referees. #Letr2Jack
3. These are not just formalities. They’re sources of intelligence. At that point in time those referees know more about you than what your new employer could have extracted in interviews. #Letr2Jack
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1. I don’t know if you’ve ever met an angered woman. No, I’m not talking of a pugnacious, truculent or quarrelsome woman with feisty temperament. I’m talking about a woman angered by her husband. It’s a state of being. She’s just had enough. #Letr2Jack
2. You’ll find this with some women in their fifties. They’ve taken enough. They’ve become totally rebellious to the idea of their marriage. They reduce it to dutiful proportions. #Letr2Jack
3. They’re tired of being cheated on, being spat upon, tired of their husband not believing enough in them. They’re tired of men bullying them with wealth or status, degrading their gender. #Letr2Jack
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#Letr2Jack – SUCCESS AND MARRIAGE starts now.
1. Dear Jack, two friends got married. One became successful, the other struggled to succeed. Yet both their marriages failed. Moral: both success and failure can produce a failed marriage. #Letr2Jack
2. We tend to imagine only lack can break a marriage, but success can also break a marriage. It’s sad but true. Partners have to be mindful of the effect of success on their marriage. #Letr2Jack
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#Letr2Jack – DON'T WASTE YOUR YOUTH starts now.
1. My dear Jack, I must confess I read your mail with a tinge of sadness. How do you do that to a woman? #Letr2Jack
2. You dated this young woman for two years, all the while sleeping with her and impregnating her. And now she’s suddenly no good for you. Meanwhile you were the one who insisted she keep the pregnancy. #Letr2Jack
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#Letr2Jack – TWO CAPACITIES starts now.
1. My dear Jack, there are two capacities you must develop if you want to make a success of your relationship and indeed life. You must develop capacity for introspection and capacity for critical self analysis. The two are not the same. #Letr2Jack
2. By introspection I mean the ability to look inward, to consider your life, your direction; to see where you’re coming from, know where you are, where you want to go. #Letr2Jack
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#Letr2Jack – ASPIRE starts now.
1. My dear Jack, I think you’re mistaken about issues of life, possibly conflicted by your ego. #Letr2Jack
2. There’s no nobility in poverty. If you don’t accept that as a basic fact of life, you’ll keep having problems in this relationship. #Letr2Jack
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#Letr2Jack – SHE IS OSU will start now.
1. My dear Jack, you and I know the Osu caste stuff is cultural irredentism. And it’s from a bygone era. The logic embedded in that caste system is so obtuse. #Letr2Jack
2. How do you hold someone in the 21st century responsible for the alleged crime of her ancestor from antiquity? #Letr2Jack
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#Letr2Jack – A WOMAN’S COMMITMENT starts now.
1. My dear Jack, you’re going to put yourself on an emotional rollercoaster trying to keep this lady. Your heart can’t afford it. #Letr2Jack
2. First, your relationship is in a state of plausible deniability. She never said yes to your boyfriend proposal. She just allowed things to carry on. There’s no definitiveness about the relationship. #Letr2Jack
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#Letr2Jack - FALSE OPTION starts now.
1. My dear Jack, been a while since we corresponded. I hope your year started good! Yes, I saw your mail but I was on vacation. I needed the vacation. And I needed to spend time with my family. You’ll appreciate that as you grow older. Family is very important. #Letr2Jack
2. As per the issues raised in your mail, there are what we call false options in life. You need to recognise that.
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#Letr2Jil - A FEW HIGHLIGHTS starts now.
My dear Jil, I present a few nuggets from my letters to you this year. Here they are: #Letr2Jil
1. It’s important you choose your own partner. Don’t let anyone choose for you. Marriage requires custom fit. Therefore a marital partner must necessarily be a proprietary acquisition. #Letr2Jil
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#Letr2Jack - YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE IN FOR starts now.
1. My dear Jack, I’m not sure you can handle what you’re getting yourself into. Someone needs to advice you. #Letr2Jack
2. The issues in your relationship are not small – your girlfriend cheats on you, gets drunk, has suicidal tendencies, and it’s a semi long distance relationship. How are you going to cope? #Letr2Jack
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1. My dear Jack, I read your mail, and I sighed deeply. It’s not because the issue is unresolvable but because there are so many dimensions to the issue. #Letr2Jack
2. It boils down to the question of disclosure - what should a man disclose to his fiancée, and what should a woman disclose to her man before marriage. #Letr2Jack
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