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NEW 🧵: Over the last 25 years, I've heard and seen a lot of bizarre things in Minnesota politics. The story I'm about to share is one of the strangest I've encountered in the last few years. Follow this thread for the details.
On the evening of Thursday, March 31, 2022, a debate was taking place between the #MNGOP candidates for Minnesota Attorney General at Providence Academy in Plymouth, Minnesota. At the same time, a local Republican group was conducting their meeting across town.
A surrogate for @doug_wardlow's campaign was about to address the group of gathered Republicans. The surrogate was introduced as Marisa Colby, and she gave a speech on behalf of Wardlow's campaign. After she was done speaking, it was clear Ms. Colby was angry.
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UPDATE: In an e-mail to #MNGOP activists, @MNGOP Chairman David Hann pushes activists toward using electronic balloting instead of paper ballots at the upcoming @MNGOP State Convention. Padgett Communications will provide the electronic voting system, according to Hann.
According to their website, Padgett Communications does work with the Walt Disney Company. Disney has become a lightning rod for many conservative activists across the county. This decision may backfire on the @MNGOP. Read more about Padgett here ->
UPDATE: According to public campaign finance records, Todd Padgett, president of Padgett Communications, is a donor to the Democratic National Committee. Source ->
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NEW 🧵: #MNGOP activists are concerned about a member of @doug_wardlow’s Big 10 Alliance - Omar Jamal. Wardlow’s campaign listed Jamal in a press release announcing the group in March. Wardlow recently tweeted a group picture after a meeting, but Jamal was not pictured.
An MPR story from 2009 noted Jamal was dishonest on his asylum application in 1998. Read backstory -> Image
Jamal was accused in 2020 of offering a $10,000 bribe to man to falsely claim he was harvesting ballots for Congresswoman Illhan Omar. Read backstory -> Image
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This thread will give some insight into the unprofessional workplace of the MNGOP, the misconduct, lack of oversight & questions of proper procedural handling of alleged workplace incidents. Some details date back a few months ago during my investigations.

Today I’ve been notified some victims are opening up to other press, some already this evening via social media I will keep retweeting - their experiences related to the toxicity of the MNGOP culture enabled by Chairwoman Carnahan. As a reminder, to anyone harassed...

...or hurt by the Chairwoman or those she enabled around her, please feel that you can speak despite the MNGOP seemingly being unable to acknowledge those who have been allegedly hurt and affected, including those mentioned in the @MNCRs statement from this past weekend.
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Emergency Executive Board Meeting

There is a human resources discussion and review of the employee handbook by Ron Huttle in which he states it "hasn't been updated a lot in 23 years" and signing NDAs which is described as "standard procedure" to "protect the party".
Carnahan asks if members have questions regarding NDAs.

Paul Anderson asks: "In the past. Have committe members had to sign NDAs?"
Jennifer says "No".

Bobby Benson: What prompted the desire for those to be signed THIS time?

Jennifer provided a long winded answer stating...
... it was because there is so much more personnel and internal "sensitive information".

*It should be noted that this meeting is dragging along very slowly and convened at 9:07.
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#MNGOP Thread IV 🧵


Shorter thread today so as to allow room for other victims to come forward who have been harassed or suffered by those enabled by Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan. I’d also like to give some insight to the overwhelming support, and healing happening...

..behind the scenes w/ activists & victims - the relief & its grief. I've received SO many messages of thanks from former & current activists, their testimonies of harassment or helpless silence.

As more demands for resignation and statements from Republican groups and...

... officials pour in, it’s clear to me how individuals feel more comfortable coming forward simply because they didn’t have the ability to do so before. With permission, here is part of the correspondence between a victim and activist regarding the fallout: Image
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During my investigation several months ago, I obtained recordings from multiple sources.

There is so much out there known among MNGOP activists & delegates, but I’ll briefly touch on some of the alleged questionable, unethical behavior & toxicity..

...I uncovered surrounding Chairwoman Carnahan.

In speaking w/ former employees & top aides, sources corroborated numerous instances of unprofessional behavior not becoming of a state party chair.

Sources often described Chairwoman Carnahan’s drunk and abusive behavior..

..while on the job and at official RNC and MNGOP events - notably with Anton Lazzaro frequently traveling with her or attending a number of these events with her.

Lazzaro is pictured here with Carnahan and Finance Chair Jennifer Larson at an 2018 RNC event. Image
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It’s impossible to share everything I uncovered through my investigative piece that was rejected by Alpha News. I am breaking this into two threads - this one will uncover just SOME details of alleged harassment and sexual assault within the MNGOP ...

..and the other thread will detail alleged money fraud.

I’ll do my best to drop some of the major pieces when it comes to the deep corruption surrounding leadership by Chairwoman Carnahan - much of which she enabled for years and was able to keep undercover...
3/31 weaponizing party resources and close aides like Anton Lazzaro to intimidate or silence victims and many others. For some, these details will shed light on why under Carnahan the MNGOP has had so many sudden resignations and firings.
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1/12 #MNGOP

Before Anton Lazzaro became involved heavily in MNGOP politics, I met him on a dating website early 2016. We hit it off because we seemed to share the same political views - he saw my photos from the RNC & he had photos with national political figures.

He told me he was just a donor and at that time not involved any more politically. He was curious about my role in local politics but also gave me a ton of pushback for supporting Trump. Then he randomly sent me unsolicited photos… needless to say I stopped responding...

Trump won & newcomer Jennifer Carnahan won election for MNGOP Party Chair. Anton was suddenly on scene locally for her campaign completely funding her & has been her BIGGEST supporter since. Her position as chair opened up doors to him that lead to things like...
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