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Today 6 yrs ago, Palestinian terrorists kidnapped and murdered 3 Israeli kids.
As a PRIZE for the murder of ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ kids, the Palestinian Authority (@DrShtayyeh @IntlCrimCourt) pays the imprisoned terrorist & the families of the dead terrorists MONTHLY CASH REWARDS!
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Of the terrorists involved in the kidnapping & murder, 1 serving 3 life sentences. So far, as part of its #payforslay #paytoslay policy the PA has cumulatively paid that terrorist 146,400 shekels ($42,215/โ‚ฌ37,352) JUST FOR MURDERING JEWS! Last year they gave him a rise. Image
Two other terrorists were killed in an attempt to arrest them. So far, as part of its #payforslay #paytoslay policy the PA has cumulatively paid the families of the dead terrorists 202,400 shekels ($58,351/โ‚ฌ51,640) JUST FOR MURDERING JEWS! Image
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Today (27/5) is 18 years since the murder of baby Sinai Keinan, murdered in a suicide bombing in Petah Tikva.
๐ŸšจThe PA rewards the terrorist who planned the attack by paying him a monthly salary that rises over time. So far the PA has paid him at least 756,200 shekels.๐Ÿšจ
In addition, the PA also pays a monthly allowance to the family of the suicide bomber.
These payments are part of the PA's (@DrShtayyeh @PalestinePMO) #payforslay #paytoslay policy, which saw the PA squander over 1.3 billion shekels in 2018+2019 alone.
The PA's #payforslay #paytoslay policy can only continue with the financial support of the EU (@vonderleyen @JosepBorrellF @EGiaufretEU @EUinIsrael) & the shameful silence of @antonioguterres @nmladenov @unicefchief @UNICEFpalestine who prefer only to attack ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ.
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#paytoslay is being funded by your taxes to pay for state sponsored terrorism by the PA and Hamas.
This thread will help to shed some light on what is being spent to encourage Palestinians to murder and maim Israelis.

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Between US$170 to US$350 million go to the Martyr's Fund on an annual basis and pays terrorists and their families who receive these stipends. They are being paid more than what the average Palestinian earns for an honest days workโ€ฆ
Few leaders who were aware that the PA directly pays terrorists thought that the funding was only $5-6 million; they were shocked to learn that according to the official PA budget online, it was $300 million for 2016
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26 years after David Ben Gurion announced the reconstitution of the Jewish State in the Land of Israel, on May 15 1974, Palestinian terrorists marked the occasion by slaughtering 26 Israelis, most of them children at a school in the northern Israeli city of Ma'alot.

The terrorists who murdered the children were members of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine which is a part of the PLO. The Palestinian Authority uses donor country & EU aid to fund the PLO, which in turn funds terrorist organizations.
Part of the PA's #PayforSlay #Paytoslay policy, is to pay cash rewards to terrorist prisoners & to the families of dead terrorists, such as those who slaughtered the children.

In 2019, the PA squandered at least 669 million shekels on this evil policy.
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#Nakba72 is #ThePalestinianLie whereby Palestinian Arabs were commanded to leave #Israel by the Arab League, who promised to annihilate the Jews. In 1948 they hijacked the Shoah to pretend they were victims. They've been claiming victimhood ever since.
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#Nakba72 is another #ThePalestinianLie whereby Israel's enemies hijacked Jewish suffering & symbols as their own.

#Nakba72 is the remarketing of their attempt to wipe out Jews & Jewish history from the land of #Israel. The Jewish Homeland
#Nakba72 and #ThePalestinianLie. No independent country of #Palestine has ever existed. The only land these Arabs have EVER owned is land sliced off of the Jewish Homeland and given to them in 1993-1995 per the Oslo Agreements
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