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A group of advocates for #Palestine gathered together in downtown Boston to deliver a letter in support of Palestinians to the offices of Massachusetts’ Senators.
In the letter, they demanded the end of all US military funding to #Israel and
that an investigation be held regarding how US arms and funding may have influenced the “repression and displacement” of #Palestinians in Jerusalem and the West Bank.
The letter also advocated for a bill introduced to the House which calls for defending the rights of
#Palestinian children and families living under Israeli occupation be moved through to the Senate.
Amassing over 1,200 signatures from over 30 advocacy and community organizations in the state, the letter was read aloud before being handed to members of the offices for
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@fvdemocratie Jeetje, dat [ #Omtzigt] voelt echt pijnlijk. Ik ga die boek ruilen voor een grote pak Gauloises blondes. Ik heb Pieter hoog gewardeerd ivm MH17. Bij deze stop ik ermee.
@fvdemocratie #MH17📖…

2nd📺Prof. #JoepLange, my boss on board🚩 #WarOnRussia✈falseflag

🔎12m:14s that's what I call a motive. Dutch #WRR⤵ advised NOT to invest in🌍health📍 anymore▶

#WRR⤵scientific council for @Rijksoverheid

📨 @CourtMH17
@fvdemocratie @Rijksoverheid @CourtMH17 #MH17 thread📖 in reply to @PieterOmtzigt. It's all there, @Het_OM @politie. Nobody listens to me & when I tried to report it, I got parked in mental institution for 2 weeks

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The #BlockTheBombs social media storm begins now!
@AOC has introduced an amendment to block the $735 million sale of US-made precision-guided missiles to Israel—which Israel will use to continue systematically bombing the Gaza Strip.

Make noise now ➡️…
This coming week, a majority in Congress is expected to back Israel’s assault on Gaza by blocking this amendment. We call on people in the US to refuse our complicity and force policy closer to justice.

Become a people’s cosponsor of AOC’s amendment ➡️…
#BlockTheBombs to demand justice for the Al-Kawlak, Ekshkuntana, and Abu Al-Ouf families, whose baby cousins, mothers, fathers, and grandparents were massacred by Israel with Boeing bombs made in Missouri…

#BoeingArmsGenocide #DivestFromBoeing
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We're live now with a panel on prison rebellions in Palestine and beyond in honor of #Attica50…

#Palestine #PalestinianPrisoners #GilboaPrisonBreak #thegreatescape #jenin6
"All prisoners are political prisoners." Juliana Goes, speaking now on situation of prisoners in Brazil.
80% of Brazil's prisoners, the third highest incarcerated population in the world, are Black and poor.
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Chairman of the Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh in a phone call with Iranian Foreign Minister @Amirabdolahian appreciated #Iran stance with regard to supporting #Palestinian nation and Resistance.
Haniyeh congratulated @Amirabdolahian for his appointment as Iran foreign minister.
Meanwhile, Amir Abdollahian lauded Palestinians fight against the Zionist occupiers especially the courageous .....
....resistance of the Resistance groups and emphasized the option of resistance as the only way to liberate #Palestine and to end the occupation of Palestinian territory.
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The problem with #Palestine is the so-called Palestinian Nation. So here’s a little shot to ask of a pro palestine apparatchik, then a follow u chaser or two…
That country of Palestine :
1When was it founded and by whom?
2What were its borders?
3What was its capital?
4What were its major cities?
5What constituted the basis of its economy?
6. What was its form of government?
7. Can you name at least one Palestinian leader before Arafat?
8. Was Palestine ever recognized by a country whose existence, at that time or now, leaves no room for interpretation?
9. What was the language of the country of Palestine ?
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Really excited to start today as the US Visiting Fellow of @AlShabaka, a vital organization for important work on #Palestine. My project is, I think, really important for Palestinians and allies to consider. What should Palestinian-led development actually look like? 1/6
So much of the work on Palestine, mine included, is rightfully focused on the actions and incentives of external actors—Israel, the US, the EU, the ICC, the “international community.” They play an outsized role with politics, money, etc. This analysis is vital! BUT— 2/6
Most of these levers are out of the control of the average Palestinian. The PA has dropped any pretense of being a responsive body. Palestinians have waited generations for a just political resolution. And it’s not coming. Not from the outside. Not anytime soon. 3/6
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1. #ThePalestinians lie re their connection to the Land of #Israel. So where did these Muslims REALLY come from. Jewhate antisemitic far right/ far left racist, pro #Palestine useful idiots, and the #UN says the Palestinian Muslims are indigenous to Israel. I PROVE they lie.
2. Let’s look at the history of the REGION of #Palestine AKA Southern Syria, from as far back as the beginning of the Ottoman Empire’s control.
3. For the Ottomans (AKA Turks), the area was merely an unimportant and distant outpost of the Empire and, while ensuring that each area was governed by Turkish officials, they did not maintain or invest in it.
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#nakba. What nakba?
#Nakba is #ThePalestinianLie whereby ‘Palestinian’ Arabs in 1948 were commanded to leave #Israel by the Arab League, who promised to annihilate the Jews; they hijacked the Shoah to pretend they were victims. They've been claiming victimhood ever since.
Nakba is another #ThePalestinianLie whereby Israel's enemies hijacked Jewish suffering & symbols as their own.
#Nakba is the remarketing of their attempt to wipe out Jews & Jewish history from the land of #Israel. The Jewish Homeland
Nakba and #ThePalestinianLie. No independent country of #Palestine has ever existed. The only land these Arabs have EVER owned is land sliced off of the Jewish Homeland and given to them in 1993-1995 per the Oslo Agreements
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A short thread: #Israel. International Law and the so-called ‘occupation’. Clue. There is no occupation.
The land encompassing not just Israel but the whole of the colonial #Palestine Region (which was 3 times bigger than Israel; was promised to the Jewish Nation as a Homeland. The San Remo Conference of 1920 constitutes binding authoritative International Law.
Mandates were instituted to deal with the dissolution of the old Ottoman Empire which stretched across millions of square miles of the Middle East. It’s important to note this massive loss of land was perpetrated on the vanquished Ottomans who sided with the Germans in WW1
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Naji Al-Ali is a great #Palestinian artist and figure that has always fought strongly for the Palestinian cause by his paintings and powerful words. He drew Handala, a famous caricature that symbolizes Palestinian defiance.
"He was the arrow of the compass, pointing steadily towards Palestine. Not just #Palestine in geographical terms, but Palestine in its humanitarian sense—the symbol of a just cause," Al-Ali said.
Al-Ali was assassinated in London, and on August 29, he died of his wounds. Whatever they did, we, Palestinians, a generation after a generation will hold the Palestinian message till we gain our freedom.

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Can we say that what is happening in #Afghanistan is the #EndOfAnEra? Yes, in many different ways... (thread) >
First, it's the end of this 20-year era in US/world politics bracketed by 2 searing, much-photographed incidents that each involved (a) airplanes & (b) desperate people falling out of the sky. >
So we can say it's the end of this era of the US's attempt to invade & then completely control/remake #Afghanistan. Many Americans (solipsistic, as usual) compare this solely to #Vietnam1975. However, >
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We, the #Jews , are the #INDIGENOUS people of Erets Yisrael (The land of #Israel ) . No one can deny it. Here are some interesting articles I found about the subject. MUST READ!
#Israel #Zionism #natives #Antisemitism #Jerusalem #Palestine #TruthMatters @dailyjewish
The second article is a gem from 1919 (believe it or not) published in @TheAtlantic by Harry Sacher:
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La violenza dei coloni e la complicità dei militari non possono essere attribuite a un singolo generale israeliano.
Il disprezzo per la vita umana nasce prima del suo arrivo. ⬇1/18

#IsraeliApartheid #IsraeliCrimes #Palestine #IsraeliOccupation #13Agosto…
"L' editoriale di Haaretz dell'11 agosto , uno dei più feroci degli ultimi anni, ha invitato il capo di stato maggiore dell'IDF, il tenente generale #AvivKochavi, a rimuovere il maggiore generale #TamirYadai, capo del comando centrale. ⬇2
Yadai dovrebbe infatti pagare per i 40 palestinesi uccisi dall'esercito negli ultimi tre mesi e per il rapporto simbiotico tra soldati e coloni estremisti.
Un prezzo deve essere pagato per questo disprezzo per la vita umana.
Ma anche i superiori devono pagare. ⬇3
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"Una delle società più egoistiche e sconsiderate del pianeta.
Gli israeliani uccidono innocenti e poi confiscano i permessi di lavoro in Israele dei loro parenti.
Interessa a qualcuno ?" #GideonLevy ⬇1/10

#IsraeliApartheid #12agosto…
"A prima vista è una banalità: gli automobilisti israeliani non segnalano quando devono svoltare.
Questo dice molto sulla loro aggressività, violenza, maleducazione e mancanza di considerazione per chiunque altro sulla strada. ⬇2
Non segnalare le svolte sembrerebbe essere l'ultimo dei loro pensieri.

È un'azione semplice. Richiede solo un dito e non costa denaro.
Eppure, gli israeliani non segnalano.
La segnalazione è per i deboli. La segnalazione è per gli imbranati. Chi segnala è un idiota. ⬇3
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Le numerose uccisioni di palestinesi inermi dimostrano un'orribile verità “economica”: le vite dei palestinesi costano poco.
La richiesta di Kochavi ai comandanti IDF non ha senso.

#IsraeliApartheid #IsraeliCrimes #IsraeliOccupation #Palestine…
"Che i soldati delle Forze di Difesa israeliane tendano ad avere il grilletto facile è un dato di fatto.

Anche il capo di stato maggiore #AvivKochavi non poteva più ignorare le numerose vittime palestinesi del fuoco dei soldati negli ultimi tre mesi, ⬇2
in particolare nelle ultime settimane.

Ecco perché domenica Kochavi ha incontrato gli alti ufficiali del comando centrale e ha chiesto loro di adottare misure per ridurre questo.
I dati sono a disposizione di chiunque sia interessato e sicuramente del capo di gabinetto. ⬇3
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#JNIM #AQMI s’apprête à diffuser un com de son émir Iyad Ag Ghali #Sahel #Mali
#JNIM #AQMI Iyad Ag Ghali qui ne s’était pas exprimé officiellement depuis nov. 2019 évoque « la descente vers les pays plus au sud & la fin #Barkhane et la #France qui se contente d’une coalition int. a-t-elle atteint ses objectifs ? »
#AgGhali « Au sujet de ses otages… on ne peut que féliciter la prise de position honorable de notre sœur Mariam [Sophie] Petronin qui a clamé son islam appelant Allah à l’aider à résister et à guérir… son annonce a mis un terme à l’arrogance du Président Français »
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Today's the big day! Tawjihi (high school graduation) results will be announced this morning at 10am! Last night, everyone in #Gaza was stocking up with baklawa and other celebration delights. #TheGazaYouDontSee #Palestine…
Adorable Tawjihi bouquets from Al-Jayyar Chocolates #Gaza City. #TheGazaYouDontSee #shoppinginGaza #Palestine…
More Tawjihi hype for celebrating the success of #Gaza high school students. #TheGazaYouDontSee #Palestine
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1/ The Hamdona's are all ready for their trip abroad. They go to Maldive Café on #Gaza seafront to say goodbye to Gaza sea. #Palestine #TheGazaYouDontSee #Gazachildren
2/ Then they go to Taj Mall for some snacks for the road. #Gaza #TheGazaYouDontSee #Gazachildren #leavingGaza #Palestine
3/ A clue on the 1st excerpt of this video tells me they already left last Sunday 25 July, but I can't find them on the lists. They must have the connections (or bribing power) to keep them off the lists. #Gaza #TheGazaYouDontSee #leavingGaza
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Se questi per voi sono standard democratici...

"Soldati israeliani sparano a un pastore palestinese fuori dall'insediamento di Yitzhar in Cisgiordania." ⬇1/7

#IsraeliApartheid #IsraeliOccupation #Palestine #Gaza #WestBank #HumanRights #14luglio…
" Mercoledì i soldati dell'esercito israeliano hanno sparato alle gambe di un pastore palestinese vicino all'insediamento di #Yitzhar in #Cisgiordania.

L'uomo di 47 anni ha condotto un gregge di pecore vicino al recinto perimetrale dell'insediamento. ⬇2
Secondo testimoni oculari e un'indagine preliminare i soldati gli hanno gridato in ebraico di fermarsi. Quando si è avvicinato al recinto i soldati gli hanno sparato con proiettili veri.
Secondo l'esercito, l'uomo aveva un'oggetto metallico in mano. ⬇3
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Esempi pratici di apartheid.

La Corte Suprema israeliana dichiara incostituzionale una legge che nega l'assistenza sociale alle famiglie palestinesi i cui figli sono stati condannati per lancio di sassi. ⬇1/12

#IsraeliApartheid #Palestine #HumanRights…
"Il ricorso era stato presentato nell'aprile 2016 da @AdalahCenter , insieme a @HaMokedRights .

La Corte, con una sentenza molto divisiva per 5-4, ha ritenuto che la legge viola in modo sproporzionato il diritto costituzionale all'uguaglianza. ⬇2
La Corte ha congelato la legge per un anno per consentire alla #Knesset di affrontarne i difetti e di trovare misure legislative alternative che non violino il diritto all'uguaglianza.

Approvato nel novembre 2015, ⬇3
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Lapid ha rivelato l'essenza antidemocratica di Israele.

Togliere la maschera della sicurezza significa mettere a nudo la realtà antidemocratica di Israele.

#IsraeliApartheid #IsraeliOccupation #HumanRights #Palestine #Gaza #WestBank #12luglio…
" #YairLapid ha deciso di parlare onestamente.

"Non dovremmo nascondere l'essenza della legge sulla cittadinanza", ha detto. "È uno degli strumenti volti a garantire la maggioranza ebraica di Israele".

Il momento in cui si tolgono le maschere è emozionante. ⬇2
Indipendentemente dal fatto che si tratti del reality show "The Masked Singer" o della rimozione delle maschere politiche, è sempre emozionante vedere qual è la vera identità di una persona.

Ma l'onestà non è garanzia di equità. ⬇3
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I first met with @ShahidForChange last year to talk #GeneralStrike. Then he and @EFF helped recover my Twitter account from hackers, and later he joined our call with @FlyingWithSara.

I interviewed him on everything, including the allegations against him

During our 60-min conversation, lawyer, organizer, Congressional candidate and rapper @ShahidForChange and I talked Mike Gravel, the Squad and #ForceTheVote, the George Floyd Act, police reform, #DefundThePolice and abolition, and power in protest music

"Mike Gravel was like an actual real-life Jedi… He’s one of the only members of congress in the entire last century to show up for work"

- @ShahidForChange on Mike Gravel, who endorsed Shahid and whose legacy continues today through @GravelInstitute

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11 thousand families are under siege by the Syrian regime and its allies in #Daraa_Al_Balad, including families from #Palestine and Golan, only in an area of 9 km, in addition to the loss of a number of medical supplies and food. (Thread)
#Syria #Daraa
2) by putting the city under siege & denying its residents of food & necessities, the regime wants to take revenge on civilians who bravely stood against the sham election of Assad 2 months ago & to evade fulfilling its part in the reconciliation agreement @TheSyriaCmpgn
4) Urgent action must be taken to end the siege on #Daraa, protect civilians living in areas under Assad’s control and to pressure the guarantor Russia to end its use of force to threaten Syrians into surrendering to Assad.
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