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Today, Jeff Bezos has decided to head for the exits rather than face the music.

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In response to @JeffBezos stepping down as Amazon CEO for Andy Jassy, the head of Amazon Web Services, the @athenaforall coalition released the following statement from Maurice BP-Weeks @mo87mo87, an Athena leader and the Co-Exec Director of member group @ACREcampaigns. (2/x)
"The company Jeff Bezos started nearly three decades ago is under a cloud of scrutiny, with regulators from both sides of the aisle firing arrows from Washington, D.C. and lawmakers asking hard questions in states across the country." (3/x) #BreakUpAmazon #MonopolyIsNoGame
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Today’s #MLK day converges with a lot.

1) Pandemic
2) Movement for Black lives
3) Anti-Democratic coup attempt
4) Unprecedented shuttering of small biz
5) Climate disaster at our door

All on the eve of the inauguration of Joe Biden, who must respond to all of it.

Many players contributed to this, especially #BigTech. No player has more fingers in all of it than Jeff Bezos

@JoeBiden’s @Transition46 team considering Amazon insiders for positions designed to regulate Amazon is alarming

(2/) see @ddayen @ryangrim…
How does @Amazon contribute to each of these?

Amazon played fast and loose with the lives of its workers through the pandemic.

Even prior to COVID19, its injury rate was 2X industry's.

see #ProtectAmazonWorkers (3/)
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(1/4) I work in an Amazon warehouse. My coworkers have been fired for speaking up about unsafe working conditions. COVID's rapid spread has made it unsafe for me to take care of my grandma, who’s been recovering from cancer.

Joe Biden promised to stand up for workers like me.
(2/4) I’m alarmed that Biden’s @transition46 team is thinking about nominating a lawyer for Amazon to enforce laws against monopolies like Amazon. This is not what I voted/donated for. This is literally the fox guarding the henhouse.

(3/4) Amazon’s monopoly power allows it to mistreat workers like us. No corporation should have as much power as Amazon.

The President-Elect’s job is to appoint people who will fight for us, not for the world’s richest man against us. #ProtectAmazonWorkers #NoMalarkey
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"Time off task"


Let's talk about what these Orwellian terms really mean at @Amazon and why lawmakers must step in to #ProtectAmazonWorkers.

(1/🧵) #PrimeDay2020… Giant Amazon fulfillment center with hundreds of workers as
Farhiyo Warsame, an Amazon warehouse worker, was targeted, surveilled, and fired by @Amazon after speaking up about unsafe conditions at work, according to Athena member, the @AwoodMpls Center.


#PrimeDay #ProtectAmazonWorkers Farhiyo Warsame wearing a COVID mask outside of Amazon.
"Time off task" or TOT

Amazon tracked Farhiyo Warsame's time in between each small task and used the accumulated extra seconds to justify threats for her eventual termination.

(3/🧵) #SafetyIsntSpying #ProtectAmazonWorkers Screenshot of a t-shirt Amazon sells to its own associates t
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A thread on why it's important to say you #StandWithHibaq today

1) Hibaq's last opportunity to have @amazon reverse their steps towards her termination is tomorrow with her final appeal.

Time is of the essence.
2) Hibaq's Amazon job doesn't just support her, it supports her sister and her very young niece and nephew who live with her.

Being fired because she doesn't want to bring COVID home to them (kids have asthma) is a choice no one should have to make.
3) Hibaq's colleague, Bashir, worked beside her.

He was recently fired.

What do they have in common?

They both spoke up against COVID19 dangers in their Minnesota Amazon warehouse.

And they are both Black (more on that next).

#StandWithHibaq… Image
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Today, Amazon worker #ChrisSmalls helped lead an Amazon walkout for lack of COVID19 compliance that put workers, customers and New York in danger

Today, Chris Smalls was shamefully fired by the wealthiest man in the world @JeffBezos #AmazonStrike

Please stand up to #ProtectAmazonWorkers and send a letter to hold Amazon accountable for COVID19 safety and firing #ChrisSmalls……
Statement from #ChrisSmalls who was fired for #AmazonStrike
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