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Two years ago today, I received my first call to script & coordinate a video, combining campus 'celebrities,' to deliver critical #COVID19 messaging. The approach became a cornerstone of our comms strategy, culminating today, with our mask optional release
With my past experience building the @MIGovernment digital footprint, and strong @MichiganStateU connections, the initial concept brought on-field and on-court coaches, and campus athletics leadership, together for a cause.
Following the video's success, efforts turned to further encourage our campus community to stay home and stay safe. Our ‘Silent Campus’ video stood as a stark and stunning reminder of the gravity of the situation in that first month of #COVID19.
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From an #MLKDay trip to the birthplace of Dr. King to the awarding of tens of millions of dollars in equitable COVID-19 relief to Tribal communities, @HUDGov had a productive week.

Follow along! #HUDWeekInReview
Monday, I joined @TheKingCenter to commemorate the life and legacy of Dr. King.

MLK reminded us that “change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.”

The struggle continues; it starts with us.
On Tuesday, we announced the awarding of more than $83 million in grants to 74 Tribal communities to prevent, prepare for, and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.…
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As GOP Senators try to explain why they don’t think #VotingRights are important, sharing here what each tweeted on #MLKDay
Find yours to retweet.
#MLK : “Our most urgent request to the president of the United States & every member of Congress is to give us the right to vote.”
But first, this message from, @BerniceKing
‘Please share this quote from my father #MLKDay2022 :
“I think the tragedy is that we have a Congress with a Senate that has a minority of misguided senators who will use the filibuster to keep the majority of people from even voting.”
You know what light would drive out the darkness for MLK and for your Constituents, @SenJohnBarrasso?
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Remember how 147 Republicans tried to reject a democratically elected president right after an insurrection at the Capitol?

Nearly all spent MLK Day associating themselves with MLK's legacy of peace, justice + sacrifice for the greater good. 🇺🇸…
A little sampling of the messages of "unity" and "justice" that Republican lawmakers advocated on MLK Day to honor Martin Luther King -- despite the fact that they *all* oppose voting rights legislation + dozens voted to overturn the presidential election based on a lie:
"I believe that unarmed truth & unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant."

-Sen. John Kennedy*, quoting MLK

*He's blocking voting rights bills + tried to overturn the presidential election
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Nearly all of the 147 Republican lawmakers who tried to overturn the 2020 presidential election + spread the lie that fueled the Jan. 6 Capitol attack spent MLK Day hailing MLK's legacy of peace, justice and sacrifice for the greater good. 🇺🇸…
Several hailed Martin Luther King’s efforts to make America “a more perfect union.” They posted picture of King and his shared quotes.

None mentioned that just over a year ago, they all voted to reject a democratically elected president + spread a deadly lie to justify doing so.
None of these dozens of Republican lawmakers mentioned that they all oppose current voting rights legislation, either.

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In an attempt to distance himself from videos he’s made repeatedly saying, “I love harassing cancer patients,” Kari Lake supporter Ethan Schmidt revisited the cancer wig store where it all started.
Ethan records himself entering Sonny’s Hair and Wigs, a cancer wig shop that requires masks for obvious reasons and asks, “You’re going to discriminate on #MLKDay ?”

The shop knows who he is and says they have an injunction against him. They push their panic button and call 911.
Ethan claims, “Martin Luther King, Jr. is on my side,” as he refuses to leave and says it’s the cancer wig shop that is harassing them.

Ethan then threatens to have the shop “blasted” and tells his followers to “blow up their phone lines, give them reviews.”

Let’s support them!
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There is a moment in Season 4, Episode 8 of #TheCrown that explains the #VotingRights impasse. 1/ #MLKDay
In this e8, The Queen want to unite the Commonwealth to oppose Apartheid, but she must get the one holdout to sign on first—Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher won’t budge. 2/ #VotingRightsAct #thecrown
Round after round the Queen’s men bring her edited versions of the coalition’s statement. Each time she whips out her red pen sniping, “No. No. No.” 3/
#VotingRightsAct #thecrown
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Excellent turnout for the #MLKDay March here in #PrescottAZ.

The theme of this year’s event was “Marching Forward In Love”

Let’s honor the legacy of MLK by protecting access to the ballot in 2022! #VotingRightsForMLK
Everyone who follows this handle knows that #PrescottAZ is a very conservative place, but the amazing turnout today is further evidence that the values embodied by Dr. King and the #MLKLegacy are cherished by a whole lot of folks who live here.
We marched from Prescott College to downtown via Gurley. around the Square (shown here) and back up Gurley to the Prescott United Methodist Church for a beautiful program honoring the #MLKLegacy .

Thank you to the MLK Day Committee organizers who made this event a success!
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to honor @DrTJC on #MLKDay, I'm sharing my brief introductory speech from 2019.
here is his fantastic keynote:
BMS is a paradigm shift, a scientific revolution, which explains the current resistance in academia to this emerging field. eventually, however, BMS will replace theories with less explanatory power when it comes to understanding racialized male vulnerability.
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On the 35th annual celebration of Dr. King in Jan. 2020, the Colorado Poor People’s Campaign hosted a rally coinciding the city’s official rally to highlight how they believe “the legacy of Dr. King has been co-opted by capitalism and corporatism.”
Watch our stream from #MLKDay in Jan. 2020 in #Denver here--->…
The first speaker at the 2020 rally was Ari from @BLM5280 (Black Lives Matter 5280) who reminded the crowd that just before MLK was assassinated, he and others “called for a unification of the poor.”
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1/ Reminder that the #OCBoardofEducation removed a Martin Luther King book in 1971 because MLK was a "conscious support of communism."

Yes, the same board that today pushes anti CRT & anti ethnic studies as "communist" or "marxist."
#MartinLutherKingDay #OrangeCounty #California Image
2/ By 1971, there was a John Birch Society member on the #OCBoardofEducation & their members were targeting local school districts. In Anaheim, it was a textbook that discussed how to review media with a critical eye & recognize propaganda. Ironic. Image
3/ May 1971: .@latimes called attention to the board's book banning of the Martin Luther King biography, "the #OCBoardofEducation is at it again."

The OCBE had previously banned Pulitzer Prize winner John Hersey's book "Hiroshima" and was banning a book by Joan Baez. Image
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The timing is no coincidence. The day after #MLKDay House Education Committee Chair
@michudall will hear her bill to muzzle teachers by banning factual discussion of controversial subjects like racial injustice and discrimination. #CRT #HB2112 🧵
None of the concepts Rep. Udall's bill seeks to ban are taught in Arizona schools. That's irrelevant. The bill would open the door for any political activist sowing anti-"Critical Race Theory" hysteria to wreak havoc in Arizona schools, costing $ and ruining careers.
For example, if discussions of the Holocaust, or why we celebrate MLK Day, or why Arizona took longer than other states to approve the holiday, or the Navajo Trail of Tears bring discomfort to an activist, the school can be sued and the teacher fired.
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The quote is NOT:

“don’t judge people by the color of their skin...”

The quote is:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Quick #MLKDay thread:
Dr. King said this because he lived in a world where his children were constantly belittled due to their skin color rather than evaluated based on their character.

This happened to them because they were Black.

This did not happen to children who were white.
This kind of racism, both individual and systemic, lingers today.

Dr. King’s three living children, and every other Black person in America, continue to be plagued by judgements based on skin color rather than character.

This racism does not exist for white people.
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"Letter from a Birmingham Jail," Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., 1963:
"Since we so diligently urge people to obey the Supreme Court's decision of 1954 outlawing segregation in the public schools, at first glance it may seem rather paradoxical for us consciously to break laws." (1/9)
"One may well ask: 'How can you advocate breaking some laws and obeying others?' The answer lies in the fact that there are two types of laws: just and unjust. I would be the first to advocate obeying just laws." (2/)
"One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws. I would agree with St. Augustine that 'an unjust law is no law at all.'" (3/)
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#Monday #Jan17th Try to keep up. Politics, extremism, conspiracy theories, criminal justice. Relevant news, studies & stories.

“True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice.” -- #MLKDay Image
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BREAKING: West Virginia faith leaders & citizens are shutting down MLK Way in our state capitol. As King family have said––No #MLKDay celebration without legislation. We're making Good Trouble to tell Joe Manchin: fix the filibuster + pass the John Lewis Freedom to Vote Act now!
As President Biden said, the GOP assault on voting rights & fair elections is the greatest threat to our democracy since the Civil War. Manchin himself said “inaction is not an option.” We are nonviolently disrupting business as usual to say the Senate cannot wait any longer.
While Manchin emulates the freedom-obstructing error of the white moderates King decried as "more devoted to ‘order’ than to justice,” I & others here aim to follow the white people who joined MLK in nonviolent struggle––some even giving their lives––to realize justice for all.
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Why does Reconstruction matter? This was a question that leaders of the civil rights movement, like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr contemplated a century later. In February of 1968, Dr. King gave a speech memorializing historian Dr. W.E.B. DuBois. He said: 1/
"White historians had for a century crudely distorted the Negro’s role in the Reconstruction years. It was a conscious and deliberate manipulation of history and the stakes were high. The Reconstruction was a period in which black men had a small measure of freedom of action...2/
If, as white historians tell it, Negroes wallowed in corruption, opportunism, displayed spectacular stupidity, were wanton, evil, and ignorant, their case was made. They would have proved that freedom was dangerous in the hands of inferior beings... 3/
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Each #MLKDay, some will cherry-pick quotes from Dr. King & reduce his legacy to that of a peaceful protestor with a dream.

He was indeed a prophetic leader & early architect of the Civil Rights movement—but there's much more to his story.🧵 This is a black and white image of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr
We often see excerpts from "I Have A Dream" weaponized & perverted to justify legislated white supremacy.

But the truth is Dr. King was a radical dreamer with a bold vision for revolutionary change.

A disruptive movement builder seeking to upend an unjust status quo.
In word & deed, he sought to reverse generations of policy violence & affirm that Black Lives Matter—Work we continue to carry on today.

& the progress we've made thanks to Dr. King & others is under attack daily—a reminder that gains are not guarantees.
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MLK: Give Us the Ballot via @YouTube #MLKDay2022
Dr. King on voting:
On the need for federal leadership:
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2022 King Holiday Observance - Beloved Community Commemorative Service…
Learn more and register for Nonviolence365®️ Online:

#MLKDay #MLKDay2022
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A thread of color photos of my father, as we commemorate his 93rd birthday.

#MLK #CorettaScottKing #BelovedCommunity  #MLKDay #ShiftingPriorities
“One of the great liabilities of history is that all too many people fail to remain awake through great periods of social change.”

#MLK #MLKDay #ItStartsWithMe #ShiftingPriorities #BelovedCommunity
“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.”

#ItStartsWithMe #ShiftingPriorities #BelovedCommunity
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On #MLKDay, our nation comes together to celebrate one of our greatest heroes, whose fierce spirit and powerful voice forever altered the course of history. We continue to draw inspiration from his unshakable faith, unimaginable courage and unwavering vision of justice and peace. Image
While our nation has forged important progress on the long road toward justice, a dangerous tide of voter restrictions targeting communities of color reminds us of the urgent work ahead needed to defend our democracy.
Last week, the House passed the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act. If Senate Republicans block this legislation this week, they diminish our democracy at home and tarnish our example of freedom abroad. But, they cannot & will not deter Democrats from the fight for voting rights.
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Martin Luther King Jr.'s analysis of "consensus presidents" applies considerably to Joe Biden.

Biden is a technician, not an innovator. His admin works only for what is widely acceptable, which there isn't much consensus on anything.… #MLKDay
Biden delays action constantly. His administration abandons promises and doesn't fight for policy.

MLK Jr. would likely say Biden lacks mass movement that will force him to act and give him an achievement to define his presidency as more than an exercise in mediocrity. #MLKDay
To Martin Luther King Jr., "The overwhelming national consensus followed" the acts of the most lauded US Presidents. "It did not precede them." That was owed to grassroots social movements (i.e. Civil Rights Movement). #MLKDay
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