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On #MLKDay, Natasha Merle (@natashacmerle) Lead Counsel at @NAACP_LDF spoke at @wlulaw about Dr. King’s legacy.

In her speech, she unpacked the role that both organizers & LDF litigators played in the monumental march for #votingrights that took place in 1965 from Selma, AL.
This weekend, @NAACP_LDF will sojourn to Selma once again to commemorate the work of the organizers and litigators who put their lives on the line to secure #votingrights for future generations of Black Americans.

#LDFatSelma Image
In a series of community actions, events, & dialogues, LDF will stand alongside thousands of others to honor the legacies of legends like #MLKJr, Coretta Scott King, Constance Baker Motley & Jack Greenberg.

If you'll be in Selma, we invite you to join us:
…… ImageImageImage
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As the one speaking w/ @TomGores & @PlatinumEquity execs, let me clarify: The meeting with families hasn’t happened bc it was CANCELLED after being on the calendar for 2 mos. They told me they were announcing reforms. Well, apparently, one is meeting with families. I’m confused.
@TomGores told me “progress needs patience.” I told him “patience needs progress” and that it’s easy to be patient when you’re eating dinner off of families who can’t afford to eat.

Yesterday, on #MLKDay, I was blessed w/ words from John Lewis I had never heard...

“‘Patience’ is a dirty and nasty word. We cannot be patient, we do not want our freedom gradually. We want our freedom, and we want it now.”

@TomGores @PlatinumEquity @ldarmiento @latimes
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1/ I get to speak with so many passionate, dedicated people during legislative session. Today was no exception. (thread) #waleg Image
3/ Next, Trudi and I joined @WaGunResponsib in their fight for common-sense gun legislation. We agree - weapons of war have no place on WA streets. #waleg ImageImage
4/ Then I joined @washingtonea on the Capitol steps. They are fighting to give WA educators the tools they need to give our kids the education they deserve.

I’m proud to stand with them in that fight. #waleg ImageImageImage
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1) Martin Luther King Jr

Case No. 97242-4 T.D.
November 1999
Judge Swearengen
2) Case No. 97242-4 T.D.

Verdict: "there is abundant evidence of a major high-level conspiracy in the assassination of my husband Martin Luther King jr. And the civil court's unanimous verdict has validated our belief"
3) #MLKDay
Case No. 97242-4 T.D.

"I wholeheartedly applaud the verdict of the jury & I feel that justice has been well served in their deliberations this verdict is not only a great victory for my family....
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Chris Loesch voted for & defends Trump, who:
-spread a racist smear abt 1st black POTUS for yrs
-w/no evidence
-was fired from his own NBC reality show for racist comments
-said a fed judge was unqualified to handle his fraud trial bc of ethnicity
(2) -was literally sued by Nixon for being too racist
-took out a NYT ad to demand the execution of the Central Park 5, who were all later exonerated
-campaigned on banning the members of one religion from entering the US
(3) -in 1992 moved black dealers off the tables in his casinos for a rich racist gambler & had to pay a $200k fine -uses 'Pocohantas' as a slur (and lied that he's really Swedish, btw)
-“Trump is more or less on the same page as us with regard to race" - The Daily Stormer
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On this #MLKDay I'd like to sing a special note of appreciation for @cvaldary.

I frequently bemoan the fact that ppl lionize Dr. King 4 political radicalism or religious traditionalism w/o emphasizing (much less living up to) the transformational teaching of love as... (1/3)
...a social value that was the moral foundation of King's entire worldview. But Chloe is a young person who actually applies this philosophy consciously in her commentary and her work (see @enchanttheory).

Chloe is one of few public voices who keeps the flame of... (2/3) in its ethical-social application alive in our imaginations. The true spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. comes through in her view of the world.

Thank you Chloe! Keep doing what you do. (3/3)
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Senators who voted against making #MLKDay a federal holiday in 1983:

James Abdnor (R-SD)
John East (R-NC)
J. James Exon (D-NE)
Edwin Garn (R-UT)
Barry Goldwater (R-AZ)
Chuck Grassley (R-IA)
Orrin Hatch (R-UT)
Jacob Hecht (R-NV)
Jesse Helms (R-NC)
Gordon Humphrey (R-NH)

Roger Jepsen (R-IA)
Frank Murkowski (R-AK)
James McClure (R-ID)
Donald Nickles (R-OK)
Larry Pressler (R-SD)
Jennings Randolph (D-WV)
Warren Rudman (R-NH)
John Stennis (D-MS)
Steven Symms (R-ID)
John Tower (R-TX)
Malcolm Wallop (R-WY)
Edward Zorinsky (R-NE)

18 GOP, 4 Dems
In the House, 90 members voted against it: 77 GOP, 13 Dems.

Interestingly, while John McCain voted against, Newt Gingrich and Dick Cheney (then a member of the House) voted for it.
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Every year, on #MLKDay day, I reread Letter from Birmingham Jail and reflect on how I can commit to anti-racist work in the year ahead. Every year I also hear white folks say they’d like to do more, but aren’t sure how. So I pulled together a list of resources. Thread 🧵 👇🏻
1. As @prisonculture often says, start where you are. Are there discriminatory policies at work you can challenge? If white friends or co-workers act in racist ways, can you make sure they experience social consequences for their behavior?
@prisonculture 2. Find ways to make the work sustainable. The more consistent we are the better. One way to do that is to find community with others doing the work. Share resources, have hard discussions with care, hold one another accountable to our commitments
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Martin Luther King Jr. was a revolutionary socialist and anti-imperialist who correctly described the US gov't as "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world."

MLK was relentlessly demonized. The FBI spied, blackmailed, and plotted to “neutralize” him…
Martin Luther King Jr was arrested 30 (THIRTY!) times and was a main target of the FBI's murderous Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO)

The FBI threatened MLK nonstop, recording his phone calls, spying on him, even trying to force him to kill himself…
A jury determined in a civil suit in a Tennessee court in 1999 that the US government was complicit in the killing of Martin Luther King Jr. (just like how the FBI murdered Chicago Black Panther leader Fred Hampton)

#MLKDay #MLKDay2020…
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As our state-sponsored celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. commences, let’s not forget some important facts about this great man:

1) He was against the Vietnam War during a time when many Americans were not. Decades later, this view against the war has developed into...
mainstream narrative, but in the 1960s, those who spoke out & marched against it (students, activists) & refused to serve (Muhammad Ali) were beaten, hosed down, killed & jailed. He would undoubtedly be railing against the US imperialist state and its perpetual war machine today.
2) He condemned issues like poverty, inequality, and racism as *systemic* ills, not merely individual shortcomings. To this day, such broad analyses (those touching on capitalism and white supremacy) are rejected and disregarded by most as “fringe” or “too radical.” In this way..
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#VirginiaRally participants honor the memory of Martin Luther King Jr + #MLKDay by protesting peacefully.

U.S. Media desperately stoke controversy where none exists..👇

Governor Blackface declares a state of emergency where none exists.

Who is the enemy of the people? 🤔
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Donald Trump's day so far:

- Whiny meltdown about impeachment trial
- Even more evidence from Lev Parnas
- Trump is encouraging violent racism at #VirginiaRally in Richmond on #MLKDay
- #MondayMotivation: make Trump lose in 2020
- Trump is going to prison
- It's still only noon
Donald Trump just made a really stupid mistake…
Mitch McConnell is at it again…
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Just a reminder that Mississippi still designates the third Monday in January as Robert E. Lee/MLK Day.
#MLKDay #MLK Image
The Mississippi Secretary of State omits the dual Lee/MLK Day designation in his announcement about holiday closings. Image
Mississippi also has a "Confederate Memorial Day" and splits the national Memorial Day observance with a celebration of Jefferson Davis' birthday. 😏 Image
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In New York, we actually have organized state militia outside of National Guard. In whatever case, "organized" is a specific word. Thank you @pptsapper for articulating something that keeps driving a bunch of us crazy.
@pptsapper Also worth noting on #MLKDay :
1) MLK was assassinated--using high-powered rifle
2) MLK Day has been protested by ppl opposing racial equality, including the Klan
3) Many places in Virginia still combine MLK Day weekend with honoring Robert E Lee & Stonewall Jackson
@pptsapper Which is to note that anyone marching w/ firearms & tactical gear in Richmond is choosing this white supremacist context for #MLKDay. Yes they look ridiculous & like the cowards they are. But we've always said that about white-robed Klansmen too.
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On this #MLKDay, we must remember that the massive expansion of immigrant incarceration has been driven by greed, poor policy, and a legacy of racism in the United States.

Thousands of immigrants are expected to pay unimaginable personal & financial costs for a shot at freedom.
Immigration bonds have skyrocketed anywhere between $1K to $250K.

This is why we launched the Freedom100 Fund w/@MDFinanceSD to bond immigrants out of detention centers, connect them loved ones/sponsors, as well as services that will help them win their case.
@MDFinanceSD The goal of the Freedom100 Fund is to free 100 people from immigrant jails.

@MigrantFreedom will provide each person bonded out w/case management support, housing, connections to attorneys, & mental health services to ensure they have the best chance of winning their case.
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When it comes to the civil rights movement of the 1950s, women have been and continue to be the backbone. One of those unsung heroes is NJ5’s very own Theodora Smiley Lacey, American civil rights activist and educator. 1/4
Born in Montgomery, AL, Theodora helped organize the Montgomery bus boycott which lasted 381 days & ended only when the laws requiring segregated buses were struck down as unconstitutional.

After relocating to Teaneck, NJ, Theodora continued her civil rights activism by... 2/4
...fighting for fair housing to prohibit racial discrimination in the sale & rental of homes.

Theodora was also instrumental in advocating for open enrollment in public schools in Teaneck, which in 1964 became the 1st town nationwide to integrate its schools through a vote. 3/4
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When my daughter was little, she insisted we celebrate MLK Day by getting a birthday cake and singing Happy birthday Dr. King. Some years we’d go to a tea shop and folks would sing along. #MLKDay
I reminder her of this today, and she said: "That does sound a lot like something I would do. Though #MLKDay isn't his birthday, it's just the 3rd Monday of the month."

#AllGrownUp #Parenting
*reminded, obvio. My kingdom for an edit button.
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Today is #MLKDay. Every year on this day I try to spread awareness of the fact that Dr. King at the end of his life, before it was taken from him and us, was fighting for universal basic income. Most people still don't know this. Know his words.… #YangGang
If you read Dr. King's writing on UBI, you'll see that his support was founded upon the abolition of poverty (because it is immoral) in the most direct way possible - cash. He said we keep trying indirect ways like education and housing, but those too would be improved by cash.
Dr. King was also ahead of his time in seeing the importance in a nation of mechanized abundance to turn non-producers into consumers. He saw the problem as being one of distribution, not production. We have no shortage of goods. People have a shortage of money to pay for them.
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A few things I want you to remember today:

1) Seventy-five percent of Americans held NEGATIVE views of #MLK at the time of his murder.
2) His approval started to fall dramatically when he began to challenge segregation in the North, and to speak out against the Vietnam War
3) He was murdered while supporting a picket line for striking sanitation workers. He was one of the strongest and loudest proponents of unions in our history
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On this #MLKDay, it’s worth remembering what #MLK had to say about guns: #VirginiaRally…
A thread 👇🏾
After the bombings, many of the officers of my church and other trusted friends urged me to hire a bodyguard and armed watchmen for my house. When my father came to town, he concurred with both of these suggestions.
I tried to tell them that I had no fears now and consequently needed no weapons for protection. This they would not hear. They insisted that I protect the house and family, even if I didn't want to protect myself.
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Thread (1/4)
Think intently
What do u do differently?
What’s it mean 2 U?
If 2 U it means a day off
Or sum retail sale
Then I’ll tell ya
U fail.
What it should entail?
Should be our Grail.
Let’s detail:
“We must accept finite disappointment,
But not lose infinite hope.”
Why we continually persevere
Hope helps us cope.
“Let no man pull u low enough to h8 him.”
We’re➕, we💜, even when things look grim.
“We are now confronted w/ the fierce urgency of now.”
We’ve gotta fix it
No more pointing a finger
Nor asking “this happened how?”
But above all
“Let us stick w/❤️
cuz h8
Is 2 gr8
A burden 2 bear.”
We’re all in this 2gether
Let’s help each other
Cuz there’s✌🏽💙&😁2 share.
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THREAD -> In this age of artificial intelligence people sometimes ask me what makes us human, and I reply: the ability to #dream. We have the unique capacity to imagine a future different from the present, and act to bring it about. Image
From Joseph in the Bible, who dreamed #dreams and interpreted the dreams of others, to Martin Luther King (#MLKDay), whose greatest speech was ‘I have a dream,’ heroes of the human spirit have taken dreams seriously and used them to widen our horizons of possibility.
The prophet Joel foresaw a time when “your old people will dream dreams, and your young will see visions.” The ability to dream and the gift of finding people who help us realise our dreams are what liberate us from the prison of fate.
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Thread on #poverty, #racism, & #MLK:
#MLKDay #MLKDay2020

Reflecting back upon the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 1 point always stands out, a searing reminder of what was – and still is – America’s grossest injustice: /1
that in the one of the richest nations in the world, so many millions of people remain trapped in cyclical, soul-crushing poverty. /2
Dr. King, of course, regularly received death threats as he fought for political rights for African Americans. Police and law enforcement agents beat and jailed him repeatedly for his stances on social equity. /3
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Today, I’m reflecting on the immortal words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: “We will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream.” #MLKDay
It’s been nearly 52 years since Dr. King was taken from us, and inequality still exists for far too many Americans. But we keep his legacy alive by lifting up our most vulnerable communities and fighting for his dream. #MLKDay
Learn about local ways you can help your neighbors today through #MLKDayOfService: #MLKDay
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