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Let's see.

Documents described "a slew of reported incidents, including one in which Lawrence Krauss suggested that a job prospect engage in a threesome. In another, he told a female employee she should 'take one for the team' and date a donor." 1/

"The investigation also found that Lawrence Krauss had grabbed the breast of a woman posing with him for a selfie at a convention where he was an invited speaker." 2/…
"Lawrence Krauss has explained some of his behavior as harmless joking, but the administration disagreed. The provost, Mark Searle, wrote in a July 31 letter to Krauss that his behavior was 'unprofessional, reflects a failure of leadership, and is extremely disappointing.'" 3/
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“Sacred totems . . . have no fixed meaning.”

I mean: LOL?

Eric Kaufmann is in a tizzy over the potential possibility of someone being called racist.
I forgot to mention: #Quillette!

Where real, falsifying scientists and all the ordinary people go to publish their measurements!

Some are very innovative and could even be peer-reviewed. E.g., the application of calipers in the measurement of anti-racism.
Eric Kaufmann continues the habit of trollish surveys where you go in assuming that your survey respondents are quite foolish if not a bit stupid. It's his version of making real science out of his own ideological leanings. I bet it's fun while you do it!

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A few things that Claire Lehmann of #Quillette hasn't grasped.

1) It is #StephenHsu's position as @michiganstateu Vice President, Research & Innovation, that is in question.

2) That admin position is distinct from his status as a professor in the Dept of Physics and Astronomy. Image
3) The petition by #MSU's Graduate Employees Union asks for the removal of Stephen Hsu from his admin position as VP Research & Innovation. Not from his role as professor at the same uni.
4) It's beyond laughable to suggest any graduate student would ask for the removal of one of the most stratospheric administrators of their uni in a bid to create better job prospects for themselves. Deeply ridiculous.

Claire doesn't know what she's talking about. #Quillette
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Even better: Before you, in your capacity as editor of an online blog, post something that contradicts the public tenor of many academics, you should look at the evidence that’s right at your fingertips. A few minutes of internet search away. Presented to you via twitter tags.
If you despair when people ask basic diligence of an online blog editor—a bit of simple fact-checking, we might call it—and you yourself are an editor of an online blog, what does your despair tell us?

#Quillette #Journalism #cdnmedia #media
Helen's comment relies on vague principles to deflect from the specific shape of a particular case. Claire Lehmann routinely protects race science and racist researchers. Her blog has relied on Harpending's white supremacist research many times.

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A good day for a roast of Jonathan Kay. 1/
Before I start, here’s his rant. Please enjoy it in its whole unhinged glory. 2/
This roast is a re-post of my comment under Billy's tweet; I'm putting it here for ease of reference.

Let's get going!

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I'd argue Alice Dreger bears some blame.

Because I'm of an organizing mind today, I'll thread some of my own tweets on the issue. 1/
This thread points out how ignorance of or unwillingness to engage with current scholarship gets interpreted by its authors as a faux-heroic Galileo-like stance. Scroll up! 2/

The strange insistence on a debate model of making research knowledge sometimes comes with self-important referencing of Galileo, too. A concise tweet of my disagreement. 3/

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@nevaudit @ashesorbones His Quillette piece is breezily written with big holes for the wind to blow through.

If an Austrian says they don’t think they should criticize other cultures, only their own, how is that evidence of the “intellectually bankrupt” notion of hatred of one’s own culture?
@nevaudit @ashesorbones From Austrian culture he then jumps to “Western civilization.” Those aren’t the same things.
@nevaudit @ashesorbones The examples that follow that are supposed to make us believe in oikophobia sound even more ridiculous.

A school board in SF doesn’t want a George Washington mural anymore.

A volunteer in Namibia wakes up to the real effects of US foreign policy.
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Ah, Jon Kay finally comments. He brought his wordlist.
Yay, Jon! We had to wait a whole day for your cheap feminism. Here it is!

I’m confused tho. Previous tweet said guilt by association was so not okay. If we can’t discuss association then we must discuss the person’s work, right? But oh no! That is also not allowed.
Jon Kay can’t go very deep into Minkewitz’s actual discussion of Claire Lehmann’s work. Better to call it a day with a quick smear of “high school jealousy,” and back to “GUILT-BY-ASSOCIATION tactics!” we are. Yippie!
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