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SCL is the parent company of Cambridge Analytica which used stolen Facebook data on 50 million US voters to suppress turnout for Hillary and to elect Donald Trump in 2016. SCL has ties to Dmitry Firtash. The Mercers funded Cambridge Analytica, which has re-formed as Emerdata. 1/
2/ “Cambridge Analytica parent firm SCL Elections fined over data refusal”…
3/ “Trump-linked firm Cambridge Analytica collected personal information from 50 million Facebook users without permission”…
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📌Rumor haz it when the tattered MR is finally released to the public a fusillade of indictments may flow from SDNY.

📌Tick tock: Trump, kids & Kush.

📌Then federal prosecutors may well be able to state whether they conclude that Trump committed a crime🤗

6/2018: GOP ROONEY & GOWDY blasted Trump’s spy conspiracy

Rooney ripped Trump's claim that the FBI inserted a spy inside his campaign.

Gowdy undercut Trump's "spygate" claims

📌WikiLeaks, Barr, RT, GOP & FoxNews all coordinate ‘SpyGate’ messaging... funny that!

📌Today feels like Banana Republic land as TeamTraitor lob grenades in utter desperation:

👉🏼Barr Forms Team to Review FBI's Actions in Trump Probe🙄

👉🏼Inquiry comes as House GOP pushes claims of anti-Trump bias🙄

📌Remember this is WLD vs TOC

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This is a Jan 2019 Bloomberg article with some things to consider when we look at AG Barr's decisions with Trump.

"As AG Barr once orchestrated a pardon strategy to spare the president from an independent prosecutor. Would he do it again?"…

Here's an article from Jan 2019 via HNN:
"[Barr] also firmly supported Bush’s use of pardons as a means of self-protection. Are we to believe that Barr’s relationship with President Trump will be any different?"

What Does Barr Have to Do W/Iran Contra?
Here's an article from NPR Jan 2019:
"It demonstrates that powerful people w/powerful allies can commit serious crimes in high office," said Lawrence Walsh, at the time of the pardons.

Barr Supported Pardons In An Earlier D.C. 'Witch Hunt' Iran-Contra

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To those claiming that the Russia “collusion” investigation was a “witch hunt” (and everyone else), please read the thread below. 1/
3/ Now please pipe down and demand that Barr #ReleaseTheMuellerReport like a decent American citizen who cares about transparency would do. Thanks.
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Speaking of, do you think @senatemajldr knows that Len Blavatnik was business partners with Matthew and Clare Bronfman's dad? You know, the same Len Blavatnik who also made BILLIONS with Mikhail Fridman.

How much money did Mitch McConnell take from Blavatnik in 2016 again? 🤔
People need to remember something. Billionaire GOP donors don't want their dirty laundry aired in public. They most certainly don't want their dirty laundry associated with Donald Trump's criminality.

If you're wondering why McConnell won't #ReleaseTheMuellerReport, start here.
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@SpeakerPelosi He's attempting to be a dictator!! I truly believe that he premeditated his actions as President for decades. He planned all the ways he'd be able to take advantage of his position. Why you guys aren't ending this is beyond all logic!?! You're allowing him to be above law!!!...
@SpeakerPelosi ...Had this been anyone else with all these investigations, and blatant wrongdoings happening right in front of our eyes, they'd a been LONG GONE!!! Seriously, replace any of the headlines or investigations that have Trump's name, with the name Obama, and shit would've hit the...
@SpeakerPelosi a long time ago!!! Never have we had these forms of scandal and obvious wrongdoings in the history of the Presidency. Yet somehow, America is allowed to continue on as a circus!?! At this point, Trump is not the only one that is doing injustice towards the American...
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AG Barr letter to Congress summarizing Special Counsel Mueller’s report.
#ReleaseMuellerReport 🇺🇸
Mueller would have indicted for obstruction if allowed.
Four weeks now sources saying fighting between Barr and Mueller.
Barr is not being transparent here. Will be months before the public learns more, unless high level leaks. #ReleaseTheMuellerReport
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Just announced....................
The Mueller Report has been submitted to the DOJ.
I turned on CNN just to see what their spin sounded like..... How does ANYONE with an IQ >80 watch that nonsense. It's not even about political differences, it is about being able to put together a string of cognitive thoughts. A bunch of meowing cats would be more informative.
They keep squawking about how parts of the report could be made public this weekend... blah blah blah. Expect there to be NOTHING released, until it is released IN-FULL. It is going to SHOCK THE WORLD!
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