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The last four years has been quite the journey & I know I wouldn’t have made it through w/o you.

Thank you for your tremendous spirit & perseverance, determination & contributions.

I have a good feeling about tomorrow. Justice will prevail.

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Their bromance continues...

Putin leverages coronavirus chaos to make a direct play to Trump

The two spoke on the phone at least four times over a two-week period, beginning March 30 and ending on Sunday

"Reaching out to the United States ... is part of part of Putin's long-term plan to basically undermine the credibility of the United States as an important stalwart player in the global system, to undermine our alliances,
and then to create as many lasting sources of tension between Donald Trump and his own national security team," Weiss told CNN. "The more that Russia succeeds in doing that, the less pressure Russia itself is likely to face from a unified western camp."
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🎯The danger of nominating Sanders

Garry Kasparov…
...While most Democratic voters list beating Trump as their top issue, some members of a belligerent progressive faction led by Bernie Sanders seems more interested in ideological purity than in winning in November.
So it's baffling to me that an American would have found anything to admire in our totalitarian Communist regime. But there was Mr. Sanders, then mayor of Burlington, Vermont, finding much to like during his 1988 visit to the USSR.
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💥How The Russian president has infected our national trust.

Did Vladimir Putin turn America on itself?

The president of the United States fires his director of national intelligence after aides brief a congressional committee on new Russian efforts to interfere in the 2020 election.
His acting replacement is a man whose main qualification appears to be his skepticism that Russia is meddling in our politics at all.
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Hey folks,

I am taking a bit of a break from the nightly #NutShellReport to take a bit of a break & catch up on some projects.

I will tweet out the news in the am & sporadically after that, as big news breaks.

I will resume here & there.

TY for your understanding.

xoxo, K
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Federal judges' association calls emergency meeting after DOJ intervenes in case of Trump ally Roger Stone

Feds may bring Parnas investigation closer to Giuliani — new charges may be incoming.

Judge sets Tuesday phone hearing in Roger Stone case—sentencing Thurs.

Feds are probing Giuliani's actions, including his efforts to oust Yovanovitch, then-US amb to Ukraine, & push for an inv’n into the son of Trump's political rival Joe Biden.

In the case of Fraud Guarantee, investigators have focused on the marketing pitch.

Feds are probing whether the men duped investors about the value of the company & how they intended to use the proceeds,

The $500k payment to Giuliani for work with Fraud Guarantee came just as Parnas/Fruman began helping Giuliani dig up dirt on Biden. #Firtash
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More than 1,100 ex-DOJ officials call for Barr’s resignation

Barr's actions spark unease among US prosecutors

Berman has repeatedly pushed for actions on certain politically sensitive cases in opposition to DOJ leadership, most notably the indictment of Halkbank

A Presidency Increasingly Guided by Suspicion and Distrust

Presidential paranoia is not a new phenomenon but Trump, burned by impeachment, seems to have elevated it to a governing philosophy of his WH.

Supreme Court overturns MI partisan gerrymandering ruling

Racketeering Hammer Gives U.S. Legal Boost Against Huawei

Coronavirus: First death confirmed in Europe

Saudis don't want to de-escalate tensions with Iran, Zarif says

Paradise Papers To Help Recover $45m In Lithuanian Bank Conspiracy
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Barr Installs Outside Prosecutor to Review Case Against Flynn

Graham asks AG Barr to make witnesses available for probe into “Crossfire Hurricane” & “FISA”

Yes, it looks like Barr can’t stop pending prosecutions, so they are seeking to dirty up the Mueller inv’n.

Barr has sent outside prosecutors to review politically sensitive cases.

The outside prosecutors have begun grilling line prosecutors in the DC office about various cases — some public, some not — including inv steps, prosecutorial actions and why they took them.

📌The review is highly unusual & could trigger more accusations of political interference by top DOJ officials into the work of career prosecutors.

Trump contradicts past denials, admits sending Giuliani to Ukraine
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After Trump’s Attacks on DOJ., Barr Says He Will Not ‘Be Bullied’
#SureJan 🙄

Trump’s Angry Vendetta Against Rule of Law

Trump’s post-impeachment purges prove the impotence of checks & balances when confronted by a ruthless mobbed up president who knows no bounds

As sentencing approaches,Stone turns to former mob lawyer for help

Barr is Inv’g CIA Resistance to Sharing Russia Secrets 🙄

Dunham is scrutinizing the agents and analysts who sought to understand Russia’s covert operation to help Trump win the 2016 election.

Barr/Durham are pursuing a theory that the CIA under John O. Brennan, had a preconceived notion about RU or was trying to get to a particular result &/or “nefariously” trying to keep other agencies from seeing the full picture lest they interfere w/ that goal.
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Trump implicates Barr directly in controversial Roger Stone decision

Barr to testify before House Judiciary Committee March 31

The arrangement comes as Democrats have demanded answers about Barr's apparent intervention in the sentencing of Roger Stone.

Jessie Liu has been overseeing a number of politically charged prosecutions that included the case against Trump associates Stone, Flynn, Manafort and other spinoffs from the Mueller inv’n.

She was informed that Trump was pulled her nom Tuesday afternoon.

Pelosi calls for investigation into Roger Stone sentencing recommendation

House Democrats ask Secret Service for details about its payments to Trump’s company

Harris demands Barr testify over Roger Stone sentence recommendation
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4 feds w/draw amid escalating DOJ fight over Stone’s prison term

Barr is interfering in matters of interest to Trump e.g. Stone & Flynn sentencing

Barr removed Jessie Lui & replaced her with Shea, one of his aides.

Lui had been overseeing the inv’n into McCabe

McCabe has not been charged, despite calls by Trump for him to go to prison.

“This signals to me that there has been a political infestation," says Chuck Rosenberg.

“And that is the single most dangerous thing that you can do to the Department of Justice."

"I've never seen this happen, ever," said Gregory Brower. "I'd be shocked if the judge didn't order the US atty to come into ct to explain it."

Trump Budget Would Fray Social Safety Net

Proposals for cuts in SNAP, housing & edu cd exacerbate inequality in the US
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Feds request up to 9 years in prison for Roger Stone—Feb 20.

Feds gear up for fight with Flynn over his guilt by attempting to use his former lawyers against him

DOJ Gave $500K Grant to 'Hookers for Jesus' Instead of Established Anti-Trafficking Groups

In Any Sane Country, Trump's New Budget Would Be Political Suicide

Cutting the CDC in the middle of a pandemic is not viable in a functioning republic.

Trump budget calls for cutting Medicaid, ACA by about $1 trillion

Trump's proposal would cut $465 billion from Medicare providers such as hospitals & the Children’s Health Insurance Program

Pentagon Says $5B to Be Shifted in Budget

SecDef proposes shifting resources away from about 50 medical facilities, military newspaper
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Trump will re­lease a $4.8 tril­lion bud­get propos­ing steep cuts to Medicare & Medicaid & for­eign aid & higher out­lays for de­fense & vet­er­ans.

The stock market's 30% gain in 2019 was part backed by the Fed's decision to cut US interest rates 3x &

Inject more than $1 TRILLION of temporary financing into the repo market.

It also added more than $400B to its balance sheet in the 4th qtr.

DEMs Query Powell on Regulatory Response to Repo Blowup

Klobuchar Raises $2 Million Off Strong Debate Performance

Fight over Trump’s impeachment shifts to battle over the impact on Senate races

The Senate’s I trial of Trump may have ended, but the political fallout will continue for weeks & possibly months to come.

Twitter says Facebook, Messenger accounts hacked
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James Carville: The fate of the world depends on the Democrats getting their sh*t together and winning in November.


And so far, I don’t like what I see.

And a lot of people I talk to feel the same way.

@dnc @tomperez @SpeakerPelosi

Going forward I will quote Carville. No quotes = me.

We won in 2018 b/c we stayed narrowly focused on issues near & dear to the ♥️s of American families.

To win in 2020, it is imperative we continue to focus on core issues: Wages, safety & HC: making ends meet.

“We have candidates (Warren) on the debate stage talking about open borders & decriminalizing illegal immigration.“

This strikes fear in the hearts of Americans L, R & C.

Open borders benefits TOC — they wont have to ‘smuggle” anymore they can just right walk in
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Obama team’s response to Russian election interference fell short

Fears about stoking a politically charged election season w/ vocal alerts about RU’s activity created a snowball effect, b/c of PBO’s adm’s “tempered”response to the RU’s attack on the 2016 elex.

📌Thus ‘tempered” response ultimately allowed the Russian campaign to proliferate relatively unchecked.

📌Part of the problem was an incomplete understanding of the scope of the effort, and a delay in definitively attributing the incursions to Russia.

The extent to which Russia “could target & manipulate election systems” was “unknown” at the time, as was the scope of the threat, b/c the adm had a “bifurcated” approach to RU, treating its cyber and geopolitical capacities “as separate issues until August 2016.”
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Arron Banks Boasted of WikiLeaks Backchannel after Farage’s secret meeting with Assange.

Cambridge Analytica involved in the Brexit referendum, lobbying efforts in the U.S. on behalf of a foreign power, & breach of data-protection law by pro-Brexit/Trump campaigners.

Banks also ‘joked’ about being a “full agent” of the RU state a couple of weeks after Trump was elected president.

Farage may have been used as a conduit between the WH and WikiLeaks, which the CIA has described as a “hostile intelligence service” aided by Russia.

Two weeks after meeting Trump in D.C. in Feb 2017, Farage was spotted leaving Ecuador’s embassy

Farage delivered material to Assange via a thumb drive containing the hacked material.

WikiLeaks shortly thereafter published damaging messages hacked from HRC’s
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The Ukrainian “Drug Deal” & All the President’s Lawyers

Bolton reveals Trump’s trial is more corrupt than we thought

First, this shows that Trump’s chief counsel for his impeachment defense, Pat Cipollone, might have been a fact witness to the very corrupt scheme.

&for which the Senate is now set to acquit him.

Bolton placed Cipollone in the room w/ Trump as he ordered Bolton to pressure Zelensky to work w/ Giuliani to set up a shadow op that would subvert our foreign policy & nat’l interest to Trump’s corrupt political ends

In May, in the Oval Oval Trump directed Bolton, to help with his pressure campaign to gin up damaging info on DEMs from UKR officials

Mulvaney, Giuliani & the WH counsel, Pat A. Cipollone, who is now leading Trump’s impeachment defense, attended the meeting.
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During a convo in Aug w/ Trump, Bolton mentioned his concern over the delay of the $391M in congressionally appropriated assistance to Ukraine as a deadline neared to send the money.

Trump: No aid to UKR until they agree to give him materials re inv’ns he sought.

Specifically Trump preferred sending no assistance to Ukraine until officials had turned over all materials they had about the Russia inv’n related to Biden & supporters of HRC in Ukraine,

Trump was at odds with his senior national security officials

Per Bolton, Pompeo & Esper joined him in pressing Trump to release the aid in the weeks leading up to the Aug meeting.

Bolton says he talked to Barr & Pompeo abt Giuliani.

Pompeo admitted to Bolton last spring that Giuliani’s claims abt Yovanovitch, had no basis.
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Firtash's alleged role in the effort to smear Biden stem from an explicit quid pro quo deal with TeamTrump.

In exchange for Firtash's help in TeamTrump’s effort to damage Biden, Parnas assured Firtash they would make his U.S. legal troubles disappear.

“Firtash is at the dead center of the greatest corruption operation in Ukraine’s history,” said a former senior US diplomat who served in the region.

“He managed the flow of natural gas from RU to UKR and beyond & it kept Ukraine dependent on Russia’s gas supplies.”

“Firtash is more of a purveyor of bribes than a proper businessman.”

“He has essentially been used by the Russians to buy political power in Ukraine,” said Aslund.

“He’s the person who has spent the most money on behalf of the Kremlin on Ukraine’s politicians.”
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Be careful w/ the Parnas drips.

His paymaster is Firtash, a high level RU mobster

The House portrayed Trump’s pressure campaign on Ukraine as part of a dangerous pattern of Russian appeasement that would continue to imperil our NatSec if he remained in office.

SDNY, said regarding the recording: "I cannot confirm or comment on whether the materials exist or are part of discovery in ongoing criminal litigation."

Prosecutors Have Evidence Bezos’ Girlfriend Gave Texts to Brother Who Leaked to National Enquirer #HoneyPot

‘Take her out’: recording appears to capture Trump saying he wants Yavonovitch fired

It’s bat-bleep insane that Trump, who has the power to fire ambs, is instead talking w/ his goons about this.

Giuliani launched an epic smear campaign to hound her OOO

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The House laid out a brilliant case against Trump—& the facts are compelling, overwhelming, & damning:

Trump solicited foreign interference to help him cheat in the next election.

He betrayed our NatSec for his own gain.

& then he tried to cover it up.

Convict Trump or ‘Write the History of Our Decline with Our Own Hand’

“Trump’s conduct is wrong. It is illegal. It is dangerous. & it captures the worst fears of our Founders and the Framers of our Con’n... This conduct is not 'America 1st,' it is Donald Trump 1st.”

Schiff brilliantly crushes Trump defense

Rep. Adam Schiff did not come to play. On Wednesday, he laid out a strong case for why senators should vote to impeach & remove Trump from the presidency.

And on the first day, DEMs unleashed the flood of damning evidence.
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On 7/24 OMB officials sent a "Ukraine prep memo" preparing to freeze military aid to Ukraine the day before Trump's 7/25 call with Zelensky.

It is clear Trump's corrupt scheme to freeze the aid was tied to the pressure campaign for a Biden probe.

Schiff: "The House believes that an impartial juror ... will find that the Constitution demands [Trump's] removal ... That will be for you to decide, with the weight of history upon you, and, as Pres. Kennedy once said, 'a good conscience your only sure reward.'"

Trump impeachment defense is dangerous. Abuses of power could crack America's foundation.

Trump thinks his oath was a vague, unenforceable promise, that he can't be held accountable as long as he doesn't commit a crime. But he's wrong.
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🔥Impeachment Trial🔥

Bezos’ phone was hacked by MbS.

The Saudi gov’t has been intent on harming Bezos since its relentless coverage of Khashoggi’s murder.

Did AMI obtain Bezos’s private texts from MbS?

Trump sold nuclear tech to Saudis in secret after Khashoggi killing

Pence is involved in the scandal at the heart of the trial. Pence met with Zelenskiy in Trump’s place during the period the aid was being withheld,

Trump has pointed to Pence about his comms w/ Zelenski & several figures have accused Pence of knowing abt the scheme.

“It’s trickier for Pence to be in all-on defense mode when he’s been implicated in the underlying allegations,”

Senate blocks Democrats’ bid to subpoena documents

The Senate voted Tuesday to block a Democratic bid to subpoena White House emails, memos & other docs.
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“Carter Page considered himself to be a "highest level contact" for the Russian intelligence services:

Page agreed that he was on the RIS books."

Page used WhatsApp!! 😂😂😂

Page said no President in history has spent as much time in Russia as Trump has.

Trump impeachment trial puts the fate of the republic at stake, both sides say

Trump “endangers our national security” and presents a “uniquely dangerous” threat to the rule of law, said the brief submitted by House DEMs

Senate GOP plan speedy Trump trial

Lev Parnas, Giuliani’s henchman, has sent a letter to AG Barr requesting that he recuse himself from the inv’n & appoint a special prosecutor.

McConnell proposes impeachment trial rules with no guarantee that witnesses will be called to testify
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