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“Trudeau & Macron sign bilateral agreement to only gossip about Trump in French.”

Nadler: "The patriots who founded our country were not fearful men," the chairman noted. "Those patriots still feared one thing above all: foreign interference in our elections."

Nadler: "It does not matter that Trump got caught, & ultimately released the funds that Ukraine so desperately needed.

It matters that he enlisted a foreign gov’t to intervene in our elections in the first place."

Ds & Rs clashed as the HJC formally begins.

"On the basis of the evidence submitted, Trump has committed impeachable high crimes & misdemeanors by corruptly abusing the office of POTUS,"

“We cannot wait for the election to address the present crisis. The integrity of that election is what is at stake."
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IR Cites ‘Clear & Present Danger’ From Trump & is a triumph of clarity & thoroughness

Figliuzzi “It appears that there is a corrupt crime syndicate being run out of the WH.

'Are We Looking At A RICO Case Here?'

“MOC may be complicit in that activity.”

Call logs detail Nunes' contacts with Giuliani, Parnas and Solomon.

House DEMs laid out their most comprehensive case yet for impeaching Trump, declaring Trump “a clear & present danger” over his rush to get foreign gov’ts to investigate a political rival

And making his intimidation of witnesses tantamount to a crime.

The report by the the HIC on the DEMs’ concluded that Trump abused his power, compromised NatSec & then tried to cover it up -- findings that make a formal House impeachment vote all but certain.
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Lisa Page: worked on the Snowden & Boston Bomber cases— is it any wonder she is a target of TrumpPutin’s wrath?

7/2016, the FBI & the IC were seeing increasing signs from a variety of intel sources that TeamTrumpers were tied to a variety of RU intel services.

& that the Kremlin was in the midst of trying to manipulate the 2016 election with a sweeping info warfare & propaganda effort.

“U.S. intel services concluded Russia mounted a massive disinfo campaign to implicate Ukraine in 2016 meddling & hide its own role.”

Barr disputes key inspector general finding about FBI’s Russia investigation: 🙄

Perhaps FVEYs/MI6/GCHQ/AIVD ought to have a little chat w/TinHat Barr?🤷‍♀️

Fact: the FBI had enough info in July 2016 to justify launching an inv’n into members of the Trump campaign
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July 25 forecast: Sunny, with cloud of impeachment for Trump

McRaven: theUS is 'under attack from the president'

Instead of picking up the torch of democracy proudly carried by McCain, the GOP of Trump is clutching the tiki torch of Russian propaganda. #Traiitors

Pelosi to lead delegation to climate summit amid US withdrawal from Paris climate deal

EU antitrust regulators say they are investigating Google's data collection

Trudeau Has Canada's Economy Humming—the country has become a technology juggernaut.

Anatomy of money laundering in B.C. real estate: 12 cases, $1.7B, 20 countries and 30 banks

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou doesn't want her case broadcast on TV — in case it attracts Trump

B.C. pol’n breaks silence: China detained me, is interfering ‘in our democracy’
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😎🍯BitCoin 🍯😎

FSB & GRU, took advantage of the (perceived) cover/anonymity provided by crypto & their exchg’s to fund their attacks/covert ops. (ex 2016Elex/NATO)

2yrs ago, US gov’t seized BTC-e, & have tons of data about what funds were used where, when, & by whom.

There are also indications U.S. authorities have much greater intelligence on the cryptocurrency transactions beyond those hinted at in the 2018 Mueller indictments.

📌See 7/13/18 indictment.

Witting assets be warned—hope you reported your BC income to IRS.

The court filings in Vinnik's case hint that one of the reasons the legal fight for his extradition has been so hard-fought may be because his potential value as an intel asset -- able to provide details of BTC-e's inner workings, and the agencies that used it.
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“Our allies need to know that we remain a force for good, and to please bear with us as we move through this moment in time.”

RU Inquiry Review Is Expected to Undercut Trump/RW Narratives

Giuliani’s Firm Was in Talks to Receive $500k From Ukraine Prosecutor #FARA

Lutsenko said Giuliani told him he would have to hire a lobbyist to get the meeting.

“They even offered me such a company,” Lutsenko said.

Ballard or Livingston?🤔

He said that he was told it would be “impossible” for him to get the meeting without paying. #FCPA

Pay-to-Pay Scheme to enrich Trump loyalists in the Lobbying, PR & Legal businesses, inorder to ‘get a meeting’, resolve sanctions or tariff “issues”

The FBI never tried to place undercover agents or informants inside the Trump campaign, a highly anticipated
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💣So Busted💣

Trump Knew of WBC Which Likely Prompted Him To Release The Aid to Ukraine

Which means he would have known about it before he told Sondland there was 'no quid pro quo.'

Trump throws Rudy under the bus:

Trump Denies Sending Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine for Biden Probe
💣So Busted💣

Cipollone & Eisenberg —knew about the whistle-blower complaint in August & briefed Trump in late August about it.

Trump administration officially put hold on Ukraine aid same day as Trump call 7/25;

Per Sandy Transcript Trump ordered hold 7/12/19 per email.
💣So Busted3💣

ICIG Atkinson, concluded that the administration needed to send it to Congress.

But Cipollone & Eisenberg disagreed.

They decided that the adm could withhold from Congress the whistle-blower’s accusations because they were protected by executive privilege.
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Trump Ordered Review of U.S. Sanctions on Turkey’s Halkbank

“Treasury didn't deny Trump asked Mnuchin to intervene in Halkbank case.” #TurkeyGate

Giuliani asked 2 Ukrainian Oligarchs to Help Dig Up Dirt: Dmitry Firtash & Ihor Kolomoisky.

McGahn must testify.

Firtash & Kolomoisky have close ties to the Kremlin & face legal troubles.

Giuliani: “Where do you think you get info about crime?”

Rudy Giuliani Sought Role in Ukraine Bank Case While He Dug for Dirt

Subpoenas sent Parnas’s biz that paid Rudy Giuliani.

EG:”Trump and Mnuchin are trying to keep RU and Iranian Mob money laundering going while pretending to seek war against Iran.

Ukraine’s last adm nationalized Privatbank bank in 2016 & accused Kolomoisky & his co-founder of making away with billions of dollars.
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HIC in possession of video, audio recordings from Lev Parnas‼️

WH review turns up emails showing extensive effort to justify Trump’s decision to block UKR military aid

Trump made the decision to w/hold aid the w/o discussion re reasoning or legal justification

Mulvaney asked acting OMB director Vought for an update on the legal rationale for w/holding the aid & how much longer it could be delayed.

Mulvaney said he asked OMB Dir to block the release of aid to UKR — at the Trump’s request — in early to mid-July of 2019.

In December 2018, months before the Ukraine issue surfaced as a top priority for Trump, the GAO had warned OMB (Mulvaney) it was not following the law in how it chose to disburse and withhold congressionally-approved funds.
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Despite Probe of ‘Low-Level’ Ex-FBI Lawyer, Carter Page Surveillance Had ‘Proper Legal & Factual Basis’

Judging by gianormius disinfo campaign waged by RW/TeamTrump in an attempt to decredit the FISA, this passage is what TeamTrump fears most about the Dossier.

Where did Trump get the info he hoped to discredit the Bidens, & the Mueller's inv’n?

That ‘info’ came from a fmr disgraced UKR PG (Shokin).

Firtash (RUmobliarch) wanted by the U.S. gov’t on corruption charges gave close allies of Trump the ginned up docs & info

Provided by Shokin in an attempt to discredit the Bidens.

Dmitry Firtash’s legal team Toensing & diGenova supplied the info to TeamTrump

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The years long narrative ‘Ukraine rather than RU meddled in the 2016 elex’ is a RU Intel Op, US Intel says.

US Intel officials informed senators and their aides of the origin of this narrative & how it serves RU

Yet GOP continue to amplify the falsehoods

RU had engaged in a yearslong campaign to essentially frame Ukraine as responsible for Moscow’s own hacking of the 2016 election.

The briefing came as Republicans stepped up their defenses of Mr. Trump in the Ukraine affair.

The revelations demonstrate Russia’s persistence in trying to sow discord among its adversaries — and show that the Kremlin apparently succeeded, as unfounded claims about Ukrainian interference seeped into Republican talking points
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8/2/19 Parnas attended the Giuliani/Yermak (Zelensky aide) Madrid meet & witnessed Rudy pressuring Yermak on behalf of Trump to compel Zelensky to announce that his adm was launching a corruption inv’n into the Bidens & alleged UKR meddling in the 2016 election.”

The Madrid meeting was a “`direct followup'” to the July 25 Trump-Zelenskyy phone call and specifically to their discussion of the cases the U.S. president raised in that conversation, according to the whistleblower’s complaint.

From Madrid, Giuliani tweets his allegations against the Bidens on Aug. 3.

Holmes: Giuliani’s political agenda overshadowed UKR priorities
And that Ambassador Sondland stated, “Dammit Rudy. Every time Rudy gets involved he goes and f---s everything up.”
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Sondland: Followed Trump’s Orders to Pressure Ukraine

“The Trump adm knew what we were doing & why.”

“Everyone was in the loop.

It was no secret."

He implicates Pompeo & John Bolton by saying they were fully aware in real time of what he & others did re UKR.

There was quid pro quo in Trump's UKR scheme

Giuliani’s ‘Quid Pro Quo’ Was Ordered by Trump

WH meeting was tied to probe demand & Pence aware of effort

Cooper: UKR inquired about hold on security assistance on 7/25, the same day as Trump's call with Zelinsky

Sondland: Zelensky would need to announce inv’n that would benefit Trump politically in order to lift the "logjam" of aid and a WH meeting.

As a matter of fact: Oct 4, 2019: Ukraine Conducts Probe Sought By Trump Regarding Hunter Biden's Former Employer
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Republican Witnesses Blow Massive Hole in GOP’s Defense of Trump

Jennifer Williams Calls Trump-Zelensky Call 'Unusual'

Vindman Calls Trump's Request of Zelensky 'Improper'

Ukrainian gas executive cooperating in US probe of Giuliani

White House Twitter account slams decorated veteran Vindman during testimony

The U.S. Army is prepared to move Col. Vindman and his family onto a military base in the area to ensure their security if it is determined that they are in physical danger.

GOP Pushes an Impeachment Conspiracy Narrative That Originated From Putin & One the FBI Debunked Years Ago

Sweden drops Assange rape investigation after nearly 10 years
This clears the way for his extradition to the US.
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Yesterday was a really bad day for Trump & rumor haz it he had quite the temper tantrum.

Instead of golfing, Trump is at Walter Reed—just ‘part of his annual physical’ says WH #SureJan

📌They always lie.

Will he resign for ‘medical’ reasons?

We will see.

A senior White House official sought to restrict access to a rough transcript of a July call between Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart because he feared that a leak of the conversation could be politically damaging

Sondland said he was acting on Trump’s orders.

🔑Tim Morrison told House impeachment investigators Ukrainians were advised Sept. 1 that U.S. military aid was being withheld until their president announced an investigation of a company that had hired former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter.
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Trump publicly retaliated against a career civil servant for truthfully testifying to Congress about his bribery before pardoning military personnel for war crimes.

Stone joins the remarkable universe of criminality surrounding Trump

6 Trump assocs convicted.

Yovanovitch says attacks against her are ‘dangerously wrong’

Holmes' stmt, revealed that he heard Trump telling Sondland: "So, he's gonna do the inv’n?" Sondland tells Trump: "He's gonna do it" & that Zelensky will do "anything you ask for."

Hearsay defense blown.

SCHIFF: "Now the president in real time is attacking you. What effect do you think that has on other witnesses' willingness to come forward & expose wrongdoing?"
YOVANOVITCH: "It’s very intimidating"

Schiff: "We saw today witness intimidation in real time by the POTUS"
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Trump & Giuliani worked with Viktor Shokin, Konstantin Kulyk, Yuri Lutsenko, & Dmytro Firtash.

All are associated with major corruption scandals.

Trump & Giuliani enlisted the most corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs and officials to carry out their scheme

Kent: The chief agitators on the Ukrainian side of this effort were some of those same corrupt former prosecutors I had encountered, particularly Victor Shokin & Yuriy Lutsenko,” he said.

Pelosi says testimony of diplomats ‘corroborated evidence of bribery’ by Trump

Taylor provided new testimony that directly implicates Trump 

In presence of my staff at a restaurant, Sondland called Trump and told him of his meetings in Kyiv. The member of my staff could hear Trump on the phone, asking Sondland about “the investigations.”
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Kent: "You can't take on a system of corruption without pissing off corrupt people."

Kent said Giuliani’s efforts "undermined" U.S. national security

Taylor testifies of a "highly irregular" channel of policymaking on Ukraine

“I and others sat in astonishment”

The Ukrainians were fighting the Russians & counted on not only the training & weapons, but also the assurance of U.S. support,” Taylor said

The “irregular, informal channel” for U.S. policy regarding Ukraine included Mulvaney, Rudy Giuliani & Sondland.

Have you ever seen another example of foreign aid conditioned on the personal or political interests of the POTUS?

TAYLOR: No Mr. Goldman, I have not.

Taylor described his shock when he was informed that the president through Mulvaney had ordered a
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Gates confirmed Trump, Manafort, Bannon had advance knowledge of wikileaks (GRU) releases in 2016

Trump mentioned WL (GRU) over 160 times in Oct 2016.

Stone sought to ‘debrief’ Kushner on DNC email hack (GRU)

Superseding indictment expected
US co-conspirators?

Gates said the campaign was “in a state of happiness” after WL released its 1st trove of stolen emails in summer 2016. Afterward, he overhead a phone convo btwn Manafort & Stone & listened as Stone said that “additional info would be coming out down the road.”

“Manafort thought that was great,” & said he would brief others, “including the candidate.”

Gates also testified to a phone conversation he witnessed between Trump and Stone while Gates was in a car with the candidate driving to La Guardia.
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Mulvaney’s OMB Held Up Critical Ukraine Aid for Fear of Russian Reaction, which conflicts with US Nat Sec interests & established US Foreign policy.

“In a briefing w/ Mulvaney, the question centered around the Russian reaction,” said Croft in the transcript.

When pressed, Croft added the fear was specifically “that RU would react negatively to the provision of javelins to Ukraine.”

Laura Cooper testified that Trump through the OMB, directed the freeze on hundreds of millions of dollars of critical military aid to UKR.

This against the judgement of career officials from the DOD, the DOS & other relevant agencies.

Cooper also said she raised concerns, as did others on several occasions to senior gov’t officials about the legality of withholding the congressional authorized money,
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Volker There is some grand bargain to throw UKN under the bus

GOP admit they have no fact witnesses — & Trump did indeed extort Zelensky

@GOP are keen on normalizing Trump’s extortion & absolving RU of their attack on the 2016 elex—this defense endangers our NatSec.

Vindman: "Russia with Ukraine is a power.

Russia without Ukraine is a regional player."

Swalwell says House Intel has evidence of Trump-Ukraine "extortion scheme"

Vindman Burns Trump Booster John Solomon: ‘All the Key Elements’ of His Reporting ‘Were False’

Alexander Vindman, who gave a bombshell testimon on Trump’s Ukraine extortion scheme, will be removed from his post at the WH NSC.

Parnas Says He Gave Demand for Biden Inquiry to Ukrainians or else or else Pence would not attend the inauguration & would freeze aid.
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The hold on UKR funds provoked panic at the DOD & DOD because the law required them to spend the money by the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30 or it EXPIRES.

They had to get the aid moving by 9/15 -- b/c of a req’t for a 2-week notification to Congress.

Trump says he lifted his freeze on aid to UKR on Sept. 11, but the DOS had quietly authorized releasing $141M of the money several days earlier.

The DOS decision, was based on a legal finding made earlier in the year, & conveyed in a classified memo to Pompeo.

DOS lawyers found the WH OMB & thus the president, had no legal standing to block spending of the Ukraine aid.

The freeze on funds Ukraine sought for its continuing war against Russia-backed separatists was opposed by many in the administration.
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Bannon testifies:

Trump campaign viewed Stone as access point to WikiLeaks (GRU)

Stone "implied" that WikiLeaks had materials that would help Trump & possibly hurt HRC's chance at the presidency.

Stone had a relationship with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

EG: “SIX DAYS after Trump shook down Ukraine's president, Putin declared BY HIMSELF that the US would lift sanctions & return Russia to "normal" bilateral relations.”

The withheld military aid is 10% of their current military budget.

Vindman implicates Mulvaney

Parnas & Fruman in Feb urged Ukraine’s then-president (Poroshenko) to announce probes in the Bidens & 2026 elex in return for US state visit

‼️DOS Expected to Scrap Post of Special Envoy to Ukraine as Impeachment Investigation Ramps Up😱
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Trump careens from one self-inflicted crisis to the next, “like a 12-yr old in an air traffic control tower, pushing the buttons of gov’t indiscriminately, indifferent to the planes skidding across the runway & the flights frantically diverting away from the airport.

Book by ‘Anonymous’ describes Trump as cruel, inept & a danger to the nation

SO’s wakeup in the morning “in a full-blown panic” over the wild pronouncements made on Twitter.

SOs considered resigning en masse in a “midnight self-massacre” to sound a public alarm

George Kent noted specific convos he'd witnessed related to the extortion of UKR that he said were "injurious to the rule of law" in both countries.

For the last 30 yrs US foreign policy supported rooting out corruption/upholding the rule of law. TT undermined that
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