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📌Trump is integral to Putin’s strategy to strengthen authoritarian regimes & undermine democracies around the 🌍.

📌This unprecedented aberration defiles what USA stands for at home & abroad; it alienates & dispirits our allies; & does jeopardize our NatSec

📌Strobe Talbott, firmer deputy SOS "We already know that the Kremlin helped put Trump into the W.H. and played him for a sucker ... Trump has been colluding with a hostile Russia throughout his presidency. We'll see if it started before that."

Spoiler: it did.

📌Trump Confronts the Prospect of a ‘Nonstop Political War’ for Survival

📌Trump was asked over the weekend whether he is a Russian agent. And he refused to directly answer.

📌Trump’s Efforts to Hide Details of Putin Talks May Set Up Fight With Congress
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Carl Bernstein: Mueller Draft Report Will Say Trump Helped Putin Destabilize US

The FBI worried that Trump was serving RU’s interests. Turns out, Trump’s been burying records of his convos w/ Putin & he won’t give even Fox News a straight answer about any of it

Robert Mueller is enforcing a World World II-era law that requires lobbyists hired by foreign governments to register with the Department of Justice and document their efforts. #FARAfuqqed

The U.S. Government Has Amassed Terabytes of Internal WikiLeaks Data

DEMs Push to Block Sanctions Relief for RU Oligarch’s Companies

Marina Gross, the interpreter who was the only other American in the room for Trump & Putin's 1-on-1 meeting in Helsinki

Iran summons Polish diplomat over planned 'anti-Iranian' Warsaw conference
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📌Make no mistake Trump breaks his oath by failing to protect & defend the country from foreign attacks.

📌Trump goes extraordinary lengths to conceal details of encounters with Putin; even from his adm; confiscates notes from linguist; & demands silence.

📌The constraints that Trump demands are part of a broader pattern by of shielding his comms with Putin from public scrutiny

📌And prevents even high-ranking officials in his own adm from fully knowing what he has told one of the US’ main adversaries.

📌This while praising Putin, giving him a pass on elex interference & bashing our Allies

📌US officials said there is no detailed record, even in classified files, of Trump’s face-to-face interactions with Putin at five locations over the past two years.
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💣Cambridge Analytica, DARPA , Watson = Political Psyops

📌We will learn a great deal when the indictments fall on the witting American assets who conspired with RU to psyops/influence USA & EU voters with military precision. Here are a few clues: purple=RU
📌Mercer invested at least $5M in Cambridge Analytica "that mines online data to reach and influence potential voters" and "uses secret psychological methods to pinpoint which messages are the most persuasive to individual online viewers,"…
Combining the precision of data analytics w/the insights of behavioral psychology & the best of individually addressable advertising technology,” CA’s website pledges, “you can run a truly end-to-end campaign.” & that is why Cambridge Analytica was created…
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This is HUGE!

📌The inquiry carries ‘explosive implications’ is an understatement!

📌After Trump fired Comey LEOs became so concerned by the Trump’s behavior that they began investigating whether he had been working on behalf of Russia against American interests.

📌Counterintel investigators had to consider whether the Trump’s own actions constituted a possible threat to national security.

📌Agents also sought to determine whether Trump was knowingly working for Russia or had unwittingly fallen under Moscow’s influence.

📌The inv’n the FBI opened into Trump also had a criminal aspect: whether his firing of Comey constituted obstruction of justice.

📌FBI officials had grown suspicious of Trump’s ties to Russia during the 2016 campaign but held off on opening an inv’n into him.
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Border Patrol show Trump how bad guys are digging tunnels under existing walls —hacksaws work too.

RU declares defeat of USA if Trump declares a nat’l emergency-media is urging him to do it.🤔

Cohen Agrees to Testify (2/7) to Congress About Work for Trump

SCO Examining Ukrainians Who Flocked to Trump Inaugural

Ukrainians who came to Washington for the inaugural, or their allies, were promoting grand bargains, or “peace” plans, that aligned with Russia’s interests, including by lifting sanctions.


📌SCO asked witnesses about illegal foreign lobbying related to Ukraine & if foreigners from Ukraine & other countries used straw donors to disguise donations to the inaugural committee.

📌Exclusive: Robert Mueller met with Trump's pollster Tony Fabrizio
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📌Rosenstein expected to depart DOJ in coming weeks but plans to stay until Mueller submits a report & SC finishes his work.

📌Beware of the Ides of March.

📌Manafort intended for polling data to go to 2 Ukrainian oligarchs Serhiy Lyovochkin and Rinat Akhmetov

The possibility Manafort wound up at the heart of the Trump campaign not despite his deep Kremlin connections, rather because of them, is an urgent matter & may hold the key to the entire mystery about the president’s secret relationship with Russia.

📌Serhiy Lyovochkin and Rinat Akhmetov had paid Manafort for years for his political work in UKR

📌Manafort’s passing of polling data to Kilimnik is highly disturbing, given SCO’s accusations re GRU’s role in weaponizing cyber-espionage against our 2016 election.
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📌Manafort shared political polling data with Kilimnik (GRU) Russian intelligence.

📌The filing reveals the clearest evidence to date that the Trump campaign conspired with Russians to swing the 2016 presidential race to Trump

#AWFDY #Illegitimate

RU Atty Veselnitskaya Charged With Obstruction Of Justice In Connection W/ Civil Money Laundering & Forfeiture Action

RU & TeamTrump pushed various plans re Ukraine in the hope of gaining relief from US sanctions imposed after it annexed Crimea from Ukraine.

Veselnitskaya acting on behalf of the RU gov’t was a key player involved the TT meet w/ DonJr, Kush & Manafort.

📌A RU DAG, who is thought to have directed Veselnitskaya in her efforts abroad on behalf of Russia's gov’t, reportedly died in Oct in a copter crash.
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📌Nancy Pelosi and Jim McGovern: House Democrats will restore transparency, ethics, unity

📌Schumer said he will vote to block legislation authorizing security assistance to Israel (and other issues) until McConnell presents bills to re-open the government

"I may declare a national emergency dependent on what's going to happen over the next few days,"

Legal Expert: Trump’s Idea that He Can Build the Wall on ‘National Emergency’ Grounds Is Destined to Fail

Pentagon chief of staff Kevin Sweeney resigns


📌Driven by Trump Policy Changes, Fracking Booms on Public Lands

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks with United States President Donald J. Trump

Malaysia's king Muhammad V of Kelantan abdicates the throne

📌Cornered: Trump escalates shutdown crisis
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Dems first bill includes:

📌Automatic voter registration

📌Nationwide early voting

📌Public financing of elections

📌End to Congressional gerrymandering

📌Release of presidential tax returns

📌House Dems to introduce gun background checks bill on Tuesday

Burke's own words could come back to haunt as wiretap on cellphone lasted at least 8 mos.

Any convos w/ #TeamTrump?

Legal experts said Burke himself was captured on recordings allegedly talking about the shakedown scheme makes it an challenging case to defend

📌Congress is reviewing the Trump adm’s decision to lift sanctions on Oleg V. Deripaska’s Cos, an influential RU oligarch & Putin pal.

📌FBI will investigate where Trump got made-up Russian history of AFG invasion: Former intel chief

📌Spoiler: the Kremlin:
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📌Trump Says Shutdown Could Go On ‘Months or Even Years’

📌Pence privately lobbied House GOP to vote against bills to reopen gov’t

📌”The US federal judiciary has enough funding thru 1/ 11.”

📌Trump adm gets $10k raise

📌Mueller GJ gets 6 month extension

📌ES:”Donald Trump is either going to be impeached by the Congress or impeached at the ballot box. It's really a race to which one will happen first." I'd prefer that voters wield the power in 2020, but Congress won't turn a blind eye, either.”


AS: “When you push reckless policies that squander our resources, defy our values, leave 800,000 federal workers unpaid and millions of Americans without needed services, you don’t need to declare a national emergency.

📌You are the national emergency.”
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Nancy Pelosi Elected Speaker as Democrats Take Control of House

The US presidential line of succession:

1. VP Pence❌

2. Speaker Pelosi✅

3. Sen. Grassley❌

4. Sec. Pompeo❌

5. Sec. Mnuchin❌

📌The remarkable comeback of America's most powerful woman

📌Pelosi says it is possible to indict the president while still in office. She is right, the guideline is merely that.

📌The survivor: Nancy Pelosi makes history, again

📌She reclaims the speaker’s gavel in a stunning display of her power in the DEM Caucus

DEMs to ask for 10 years of presidential tax returns in new bill

📌SCO requests they need to keep some info under seal in the Concord Management/Internet Research Agency social media scheme case because it discusses a "matter occurring before the grand jury."
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📌There is a new badass Posse in town.

The subpoena cannon is locked & loaded ready for action!

Stay focused & ignore the wall, etc distractathon

📌Expect the best, but prepare for the worst in terms of possible horrific tragedies.

📌Mobsters gonna mobster.

📌Now, with SecDef Mattis on his way out, Prince could be looking at an open door with his amoral Mercs.

Dying Harry Reid on Trump: He’s Amoral, Has No Conscience

Trump turned the WH into a madhouse

RU detains US citizen Paul Whelan on suspicion of spying.

MSNBC is surging, thanks to TRMS!.

Erik Prince, is launching a fund to invest in metals used in electric vehicle batteries.

📌The fund aims to raise up to $500M & will invest in deposits of metals such as cobalt, copper and lithium, largely in Africa & Asia.
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Hackers Threaten to Dump Ins Files Related to 9/11 Attacks

The Dark Overlord appears to be trying to capitalize on conspiracy theories about the 9/11attacks.

RU detains US citizen Paul Whelan on suspicion of spying

China 'releases' CAN teacher Sarah McIver

UK’s WW3 THREAT: RU, China & N & S POLES are UK dangers in 2019

Huawei CFO linked to firm that offered HP gear to Iran

Trump pulled out of a massive trade deal (TTP). Now 11 countries are going ahead w/out the US & our goods will now be subject to tariffs.

Super cars owned by Emirati financier Khadem al-Qubaisi seized over 1MDB scandal

John Kelly told Trump: "The last thing in my view that you need in the chief of staff is someone that looks at every issue through a political lens."
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📌Elliot Broidy TeamTrump pay2play scammer:

Erik Prince
Saudi Arabia
Jho Low 1MDB

📌Sadly our media focused solely on playmate hush💰payments

👉🏼Why do you think Mueller's invn has ended up in the ME?

📌All of the players intersect in the Persian Gulf

📌Victor Boyarkin a former Russian intelligence officer pressured Manafort into paying debts, during the 2016 election to RU oligarch Deripraska

“Cohen’s sentencing memos from SDNY & the SCO  leave one hole in the narrative – did he, in fact, go to Prague, & has he admitted this to investigators?”

Trump’s surprise trip to Iraq has infuriated Iraqi politicians who demanded the withdrawal of US forces.
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The Prague meeting (to pay off the hackers) is the ‘smoking gun.’ It is evidence of Trump’s conspiracy with the Kremlin to secure his election: #Treason. #FollowTheMoney

Michael Cohen’s cell phone briefly activated near Prague around time of purported Russia meeting

SIGINT collected by an EEU intel agency picked up a convos among RUs, one of whom remarked that Cohen was in Prague

📌The phone & surveillance data support the Steele Dossier re Kremlin intel describing purported coordination btwn Trump’s campaign & RU’ election op.

📌Mueller obtained evidence Cohen traveled to Prague from Germany in late August or early September of 2016

📌Has Cohen spilled the beans to investigators that a meeting in Prague occurred, with whom & what transpired and what, if anything, he told Trump about it?
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Ming’sWokSays:”Trump has no clue on the immensity of American national power.

Had he known & possessed a spine he would have crushed Putin & Mogilevich.

Instead the cowardly traitor attacked America & our Allies.”

#TrumpShutDown a cover for market manipulation?


Ming’sWokSays: “Trump/GOP has diminished American power globally.

They have made us less safe, medically, environmentally, financianlly, Millitararily, etc...”

📌Ignoring History, Trump Hands Russia Yet Another Win in Syria


📌RU-Ukraine War: Moscow Could Launch Armed Attack Over Christmas While the World Is Distracted.

📌Israel’s Government Collapses Amid Corruption Charges and Trump’s Mideast Chaos

📌Trump frets the economy will be his political Achilles heel #TrumpFailure
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📌The legal MOAB accelerating..

📌Buckle up, things are going to get rockier as Trump flails about, cornered

📌Remember our LE/armed services swore an oath to the Constitution to defend our nation against all enemies foreign & domestic—not Trump.

Trump will be defined as a reckless man who will happily burn down the int’l order to distract the country as he flails about trying to repel SC.

Enough already about Trump/Abramovich’s (RU steel) slat fence

Rather buy ships & subs as global insanity increases.

Schiff: Trump endangering ‘rule of law’

📌Schiff will subpoena the final report of SC probe to make sure it becomes public.

The ‘Nightmare Scenario’ Has Happened & psyop’d voters are to Blame

Trump Rings in the New Year in the Worst Possible Way #UtterFailure
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📌Badass DAG RR at helm of Mueller probe

Trump pulled out of Syria to shut up Erdogan re MoBoneSaw?

Putin sent more war toys to the Crimea

Abramovich rendezvousing in St. Maarten w/ US Official. Mnuchin? Panic?

Taliban thrilled re Trump troop pullout of AFG

📌Rosenstein still in charge of Mueller probe. "There has been no change in the overall management of the Special Counsel investigation, which continues to be managed by the Deputy AG."

📌Partial government shutdown to last at least through Thursday

Trump’s decision to withdraw American troops from Syria was made hastily, without consulting his national security team or allies, and over strong objections from virtually everyone involved in the fight against the Islamic State group.

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While the world careens towards WW3, Trump/@GOP/media wrangle obsessively over an ineffectual wall, ostensibly keep out impoverished, unarmed migrant families (boogeymen).

If 💰is to be spent protecting USA, let’s spend it instead on subs, drones, planes, choppers.

📌WW3: RU moves missile warship into Azov Sea ready for showdown

📌A RU missile frigate is moving in the direction of the Azov Sea from Crimea amid WW3 tensions btwn Moscow & UKR.

📌Jim Mattis' resignation is a terrible loss to USA & our allies.

📌Putin thrilled.

James Mattis

📌”Then there was Mattis the leader.

📌An incarnation of the Marine Corps hymn, Mattis was all about honor, country & leadership

📌& on the battlefield, Mattis commanded his men like Alexander the Great: from the front & always seizing initiative."
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📌Mattis’ resign’n letter is a brilliant FU.

📌Signal to GOP.

📌On duty til 2/28/19

📌Has confidence Trump is handled.

📌SC delivers mid Feb. RR👑

📌Ignore Wall.

📌Cover for stock market crash & 45’s sell out of Syria (AFG too)
👉🏼RU, TU & Iran. #Traitor

📌Trump's Foreign Policy Is Making RU Fascism Great Again

As he sabotages US strategic alliances in favor of pro-Kremlin autocrats, Trump is acting out the geopolitical fantasies of Alexander Dugin, rising RU fascist ideologue & guru to Trump's alt-R base

📌Erdogan & Trump agreed Friday to ‘more effective coordination’ between their countries’ operations in Syria.

Trump didn't bother to invite Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Dunford to the Syria meeting & kept him in the dark until after the decision was made.
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On a whim Trump orders withdrawal of US from Syria; Putin & Erdogan are jubilant: Turkey knew b/4 the Pentagon, DOS & Corker.

U.S. Readies Charges Against Chinese Hackers - 10:30 am 12/20

Stone & Bibi indictments imminent

FB allowed 3d party access to our DMsMsgs

‘This isn’t a victory — it’s a surrender’: CNN Trump’s Syria withdrawal gives RU/ISIS a win-they are thrilled

“Turks were bragging that Turkey knew about Trump's decision on U.S. forces before the Pentagon and State Department did.”

📌DOJ will announce a national security action involving China, Thursday at 10:30am at the DOJ

📌U.S. Readies Charges Against Chinese Hackers

📌Government-linked hackers allegedly engaged in a multiyear scheme to break into U.S. technology service providers
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Judge Sullivan:

📌”You may go to jail for your disgusting lies & selling out your country.”

📌Flynn's conduct might have amounted to "treason" working as a foreign agent while in the WH to advance the interests of a foreign nation.

📌Judge knows unredacted story.

"I'm not hiding my disgust, my disdain, for this criminal offense,"

Flynn worked to advance the interests of the Turkish gov’t during Trump’s campaign.

Could Flynn have been charged with violating the Hatch act for interfering in RU sanctions imposed by Obama adm.

📌This was "a high-ranking senior official of the adm making false statements to federal agents while on the premises of the WH" the judge said.

📌Judge made Flynn to admit publicly that he knew lying to the bureau was illegal and that he was guilty of a crime.
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📌Ming’sWokSays:”Do not be surprised when you learn Trump specifically authorized/directed Flynn to commit treason w/ Russia.”

📌EG:”Trump hired an unregistered agent of a dictator to run our NATIONAL SECURITY. Trump must be impeached, and the GOP held to account.”

Bijan Kian & Ekim Alptekin were to be part of a plot to "whisk" Fethullah Gulen from the US outside the extradition process &deliver him to Erdogan


Flynn’s ex-business associates charged with illegal lobbying

There's never been a scandal of this level in U.S. military history.”

Russian disinformation teams targeted Robert Mueller III, says report prepared for Senate

Mueller Exposes Putin's Hold Over Trump
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