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1. Just so the record is clear. I used to watch @MSNBC all day. It's been off, with a few exceptions, for the past three days. When @MSNBC gets this obvious sociopath off its network, I will return. @POTUS @WhiteHouse @CNN
2. But in fairness, the @WhiteHouse #PressCorps is equally to blame. Can they answer these questions? Have they asked and not gotten a response?

A. On January 22, I called this a Pandemic in my post. When did @RealDonaldTrump receive a @ODNIgov briefing where word "pandemic"
was used in relation to the #WuhanOutbreak?

B. Where are the documents that evidence what steps the @WhiteHouse took to increase ventilator, hand-sanitizer and PPE production? What are the documents and who has them? Will you produce them or require citizens sue and seek?
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Hey GOP,
What are you afraid of?
@senatemajldr, What are you afraid of?
.@SenatorCollins, what are you afraid of?
.@SenatorRomney, what are you afraid of?
.@RandPaul, what are you afraid of?
.@LindseyGrahamSC, what are you afraid of?
.@lisamurkowski, what are you afraid of?
Hey @SenJohnThune, what are you afraid of?
.@SenJohnBarrasso, what are you afraid of?
.@RoyBlunt, what are you afraid of?
.@SenJoniErnst, what are you afraid of?
.@SenToddYoung, what you afraid of?
.@SenAlexander, what are you afraid of?
.@MarshaBlackburn what are you afraid of?
Hey @JohnBoozman, what are you afraid of?
.@SenatorBraun, what are you afraid of?
.@SenatorBurr, what are you afraid of?
.@SenCapito, what are you afraid of?
.@BillCassidy, what are you afraid of?
.@JohnCornyn, what are you afraid of?
.@SenTomCotton, what are you afraid of?
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HELLO Alberta! #ableg The UCP government is planning to PRIVATIZE lab services. This is part of our health care system. The first step, I expect, in privatizing all of it. Why is no one talking about this??? @CBCCalgary @CBCEdmonton THIS IS NEWS!!!! People care about health care.
Why is this news, you may ask... Well, it means that every time your doctor send you for a screening test - blood, urine, mammogram, colonoscopy, or for a diagnostic test - X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, CT-scan, etc., YOU will be paying directly for it.
Or perhaps you will be paying higher insurance premiums so they can pay for it on your behalf. In the US, insurers have a reputation for questioning and not covering some tests. The more tests you have, the more your premiums go up. Whether insurance covers them or not...
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@CBCNews The CBC NewsNetwork just had a guest, Martin Pelletier, and the discussion was on equalisation. Brilliant opportunity to provide some info on how equalisation works. But he didn't. Neither did host Andrew Nichols. Why can't the CBC educate on this? 1/4
Alberta does not send a cheque to Quebec. That is the popular notion here in Alberta, but it is not the way it works. All Canadians pay federal income taxes. The federal government takes a portion of this revenue pool and distributes it among provinces that are not 2/4
able to provide equal services to their citizens on their own, even while maxing out all possible provincial revenue sources. Alberta has the highest income level in Canada, so Albertans pay more taxes. This is where the idea that Alberta is funding Quebec comes from. 3/4
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The difference between us is @RepDLesko would rather deal in fear and inaction, while I prefer solutions. We send people to Congress to do a job. She’s clearly not up to the task.
As a gun owner, I’ve said what I think can be done to address the problem that doesn’t impact anyone’s Second Amendment or due process rights. This is a solvable problem, just not by her. #DoYourJob #muscatoforcongress
Her expectation that a single law solves 100% of the problem is naive. Stopping even one mass shooter means saving dozens of lives. Given her support for the sanctity of unborn life, it’s interesting she has no apparent interest in protecting lives after they’re born. #Hypocrite
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I was recently asked about the point of supporting legislation that will stall in the Senate.

My answer: my job is not to appease Mitch McConnell. Whether it’s gun violence prevention or holding the President accountable, my duty is to do what’s right for the people of CA-45.
As I said at my town hall on Saturday, if I only got out of bed on days I voted on something I thought would pass the Senate, I would have bedsores.…
The fact is: both chambers of Congress have important constitutional roles in the legislative process, but inaction is not an option. @senatemajldr should start legislating and bring bills to the Senate floor for up or down votes. The American people deserve no less. #DoYourJob
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Watching #AmericanSwamp w/ @KatyTurNBC & @jacobsoboroff on Infrastructure. (great job btw)

Every member of Congress should spend a week in the seat next to one of our countries long haul truck driver to truly see how bad our #infrastructure is.

@KatyTurNBC @jacobsoboroff We as a country need to bite the bullet and raise the gas tax. Not only to support funding the of a massive improvement of the infrastructure.....

America is falling apart and next to nothing gets done at both ends of Pennsylvania Ave.

We must act now...

@KatyTurNBC @jacobsoboroff Not only do we need to fix roads, but also the pipes that carries our water.

We have cities such as #FlintWaterCrisis #NewarkWaterCrisis that have lead in their water.

We also are losing vast amounts of water due to failing concrete pipes.....

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This is an America Senator who has to stand on a ladder to try to catch a glimpse and to wave to children who have been stolen from their parents and put into a concentration camp IN THE UNITED STATES.

They get one hour outside per day, the same as death row inmates in our /1
for-profit mass incarceration system.

These are children. These are children whose parents brought them to the United States for the same reasons our ancestors brought us to the United States: for the American Dream. For a chance to escape the hardships and dangers of their /2
home countries. For a chance to get their children an education and the hope of a happy and prosperous future.

And we’ve let them die. We’ve put them in cages, made them sleep on the ground, and put that orange buffoon’s picture on the wall like some dictator from a third- /3
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Media literacy: Deconstructing political-speak. #cdnpoli
When a politician like Jason Kenney, who spent > a decade working for Stephen Harper, gets in front of a camera or microphone, you can bet that there will be no "winging it". Every word out of his mouth is deliberate.. 1/10
and thought through. There is no going off script. He knows what he wants to communicate and how he wants to communicate it. There is no accidental phrasing or memory slips. That is the first thing to keep in mind. 2/10
Here is a clip of a @CTV_PowerPlay interview about wildfires. Parsing will follow in subsequent tweets. Watch, then follow along... 3/10…
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@SpeakerPelosi He's attempting to be a dictator!! I truly believe that he premeditated his actions as President for decades. He planned all the ways he'd be able to take advantage of his position. Why you guys aren't ending this is beyond all logic!?! You're allowing him to be above law!!!...
@SpeakerPelosi ...Had this been anyone else with all these investigations, and blatant wrongdoings happening right in front of our eyes, they'd a been LONG GONE!!! Seriously, replace any of the headlines or investigations that have Trump's name, with the name Obama, and shit would've hit the...
@SpeakerPelosi a long time ago!!! Never have we had these forms of scandal and obvious wrongdoings in the history of the Presidency. Yet somehow, America is allowed to continue on as a circus!?! At this point, Trump is not the only one that is doing injustice towards the American...
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For goodness sake! @CBCNews Are you going to call out Scheer's misinformation you are presenting right now on your station? 1. A DPA does not "let SNC off the hook" - can you have someone on who can accurately explain what a DPA is, please? #cdnpoli 1/4
2. #JWR was not fired. Can you have someone on to explain that a cabinet shuffle is not a "firing", please?
3. Can you also have someone on to clarify that, yes, people do experience and recall events differently? 2/4
Seriously. Let him speak. But don't let his misinformation stand as truth. Dissect his words as carefully as you dissect the PM's. It's only fair. You devoted hours this morning to tearing apart Trudeau's speech. Let's see you do the same with what Scheer says. 3/4
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For goodness sake! @CBCNews Are you not supposed to be impartial? All morning you have had talking heads telling us the PM's message wasn't good enough. For CPC pundits there will never be anything the PM or the LPC government can do that will be good enough. #cdnpoli 1/8
Not just about SNC, but anything, ever. The media are largely responsible for what is essentially office politics gone sour turning into a crisis. You are doing Canadians a huge disservice by telling people what they should think. 2/8
Canadians are, by and large, intelligent and well-educated. Give us facts & let us make up our own minds. We do not need all these panelists and opinionaires declaring "Canadians feel..." They don't know how Canadians feel. They have no business making sweeping declarations 3/8
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Is it just me, or do others have the impression that #cdnmedia is either bought and paid for by the CPC, or intimidated by them? The #SNCLavalin coverage/speculation has gone well into the realm of mind-numbingly boring and absurd... #cdnpoli 1/16
A rumour, printed in a right-leaning newspaper, without source, which for all we know, was planted in the reporter's ear by someone in the CPC, has dominated Canadian news coverage for more than a week... 2/16
And won't #cdnmedia all look silly if it turns out to be a non-issue? Meanwhile, we have a convoy of dubious provenance that rolled across the prairies and into Ottawa and #cdnmedia all cheerfully interview them as though they know what they are talking about... 3/16
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It funny to listen to all the @DNC hacks and the left side of congress hitting today's talking points.

They ask when is the @POTUS going to do something about prescription drugs?

Answer: Hey dummy congress makes the laws, the POTUS just signs them
They ask when is the @POTUS going to do something about DACA?

Answer: Hey dummy congress make the law the POTUS just signs them.

Unlike Obama @realDonaldTrump isn't going to rule by EO, congress needs to do your jobs and pass legislation.
Stop trying to push your socialized agenda like the brain dead @SenSanders & @AOC that's never going to work and the working class will never stand for it. We have a Constitution and @realDonaldTrump is keeping us on track with the words on that precious parchment. #DoYourJob
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The point of having an independent, publicly funded broadcaster is to have a Canadian voice that is not beholding to corporate sponsors or PACs with an agenda. Or, indeed, media outlet owners with definite political positions. #cdnmedia @CBCOmbud #cdnpoli 1/25
The CBC exists to do several things: To promote Canadian voices, talent, and stories through arts programming, music programming, and the development of Canadian dramatic series.... 2/25
To bring Canadians together through sharing our stories to the rest of the country, so someone in Victoria can understand a bit of what life is like in PEI, etc... 3/25
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The two children should receive autopsies. and the cause of death should be made public and covered on EVERY media outlet that has reported it. We have children who die in the custody of public schools (#Parkland) It turns out the government IS responsible but no one reports it.
This article is from 2015..Wonder who was President then 🤔 Can anyone tell me why it was not addressed?…
How about 2007? Wait a minute..democrats had control of BOTH the House and the Senate. Didn't someone report on this?…
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Chuckles & Nancy didn't want the cameras in, they want another CR so they can pack it with 🐷 AGAIN.
The troops are funded. Shut it down Mr President.
Nancy has lied since 1987. Someone with some mad editing skills should do a loop of all of them saying they'd secure the border
#NationalSecurity is defending our borders. #FundTheWall 🇺🇸
Remarks by President Trump in Meeting with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker-Designate Nancy Pelosi… via @whitehouse
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(1) Thread #4 about the #TaosCompound New Mexico case, starting 8/30/18.

Read my series of threads about this case:

NM has a GOP Governor with power to direct the state AG to take over the case from the small-town DA.

Facts > Speculation

(2) You're not helping #MakeAmericaGreatAgain by accepting the cherry picked talking points of either Democrats OR Republicans.

On the GOP side, we must clean up our act when it comes to reporting & discussing this case. It is serious!

Don't be a hypocrite. Use your brain.
(3) Trust me, I've heard everything people are saying about this case. And I have assembled the facts that correct the misinformation. Anyone can do this, I'm not special. It just takes an open mind & a couple of hours of searching online, & I've done most of it for you.
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You both make solid points, but I'm inclined to agree with @iDirectorX that the Democrats/liberals look clueless when they argue from a position that implies they believe at any level that McConnell is honorable and not at his core a gangster.
I think @iDirectorX hits the nail on the head by describing McConnell as a "con man." He didn't just steal a Supreme Court seat. He conned the public and the Democrats.
I recall Obama & the Dems' misguided hashtag "#doyourjob." McConnell *was* doing his job. He was pulling a long con.
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I implore you to direct some attention to Congress which has the power to make @SecAzar account for these children & provide the info needed to begin aggressive reunification efforts. Sen. Lamar Alexander has oversight authority over HHS. Demand an emergency oversight hearing.
When we walk away and say “Congress won’t do anything,” we make it easy for them to offload responsibility for the state of our country entirely on the President. But the failures of Congress to curb Trump’s excesses is the bigger crisis.
.@SenAlexander chairs the committee that has oversight of HHS (Azar). Sen @ChuckGrassley chairs the committee w/oversight of DOJ (Sessions). @SenRonJohnson chairs the committee that oversees Homeland Security (Nielsen). Where are the hearings? #DoYourJob
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