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How Donald Trump rebuilt America's economy after it was destroyed by the China Virus 🇺🇸💪

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1/ Securing $3.4 trillion in relief, the largest aid package ever. Our economy needed a lifeline, and President Trump delivered.
With this historic aid package, he provided crucial support to businesses, workers, and families who were affected by the devastating impact of the China Virus. #EconomicRecovery #StrongerTogether
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NATO was well-ahead of its time by dividing its command structure into two principal strategic commands, one operational & the other, @NATO_ACT, focused on future proofing the Alliance.

Great to speak with @NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Général Philippe Lavigne…… ImageImage
So that there is no ambiguity about the meeting, held under Chatham House rules, the following are my own reflections on actions that Canada could/should take as a founding member of @NATO:

(Beyond, you know, actually honouring our international commitment of investing 2%)
Canada should advocate for the revival of @NATO’s Economic Committee to equip the Alliance with geo-economic tools and coordinate responses & strategies against adversaries who might resort to economic coercion. #cdnpoli
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In today's crazy geopolitical situation, where Europe is facing some serious challenges and Russia is flexing its muscles and has idiotically started a war, it's time for all NATO countries to step up their game. 1/5
We can't just settle for the 2% GDP defence spending requirement anymore; we need to aim higher.
We should consider the 2% GDP as a floor, and not as a ceiling.
Sure, some of our NATO buddies have met or even surpassed the 2% GDP defense spending target. 2/5
But let's not stop there. Why settle for the bare minimum? It's time for all of us to roll up our sleeves and invest even more in defense. By doing so, we'll have top-notch armed forces, cutting-edge technology, and the readiness to face any threats that come our way. 3/5
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Good morning everyone 🌸🌞🌸
We should be kinder to @RishiSunak, he is delivering,he's delivering poverty, hunger and despair, food poverty has doubled in the last year, GPS giving food drinks to patients who are starving, 4 million children living in poverty.
That's 30% of all
Children in the UK.
14 million are now living in poverty two thirds are working! .
How can this be in one of the richest countries in the world?
This is what Sunak and his government want people on their knees with no fight left in them.
What must the world be thinking
Searching a once great country being destroyed from the inside out.
#StrongerTogether #ToriesOut307 #ToriesUnfitToGovern #ToriesCorruptToTheCore
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Every day is a sad day in the uk
We can't take anything for granted anymore, food, heat, healthcare mental health, honesty, integrity from government, they are a government when what you see is not what you get, clapping for the NHS while partying away the lockdowns now taking
Them to Court, the NHS one off payment is worth £32 a week, is this really what our nurses are worth?.
What are the government trying to achieve? , bullying people should never be accepted #TimeForChange #BullyBarclay cannot be allowed to win, I'm hoping that the courts stop
this immediately, what then Barclay?. #SupportTheStrikes
#SupportTheNHS #StrongerTogether
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15 yrs ago, while hiking on my own, I was violently assaulted & raped. Every anniversary, I go for a solo hike to remind myself I can still do it, that there is great beauty to be found, even after trauma. Here’s today’s hike. And my essay I always post 👉 ImageImage
Woolly friends along the way ImageImageImage
Flowers in bud & bloom: wild garlic, early bluebells, daffodils ImageImageImage
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A promise is a promise: Whatever it takes!

SPIEGEL reports: Germany will double military financial aid to 5.4 billion euros in 2023 and increase it to 15 billion euros in the coming years. Reason: "Numerous procurement contracts must be concluded without delay to equip... Image
...the Ukrainian armed forces sustainably (!) in line with requirements. Without continued support for Ukraine, there is a serious risk that Ukraine will lose in its defensive struggle against the Russian aggressor, with unforeseeable consequences for the European peace order." Image
Above all, the weapons systems to be procured include "air defense systems, tracked armored vehicles, ammunition supplies for weapons systems supplied by Germany, and artillery." According to the SPIEGEL report, only one billion euros has been earmarked for this so far. ImageImageImageImage
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Good morning everyone 🌸🌞🌸
As another week starts, the right-wing fascist in the country are busy stirring up racism and hatred, division in this country is widespread, this is what the Nasty Party wanted," divided we conquer"
Don't get pulled into their drama, stand strong,
Always remember they are few they are many, it's time to get louder.
#RefugeesAreWelcomeHere #StrongerTogether #ToriesOutOfTheBBC #StandwithGary
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Good morning everyone 🌸🌞🌸
And still, it rattles on.
I #StandWithGaryLineker, it's important for everyone to question this barbaric asylum seekers policy,
People stepping forward and supporting freedom of speech is what we should all be doing, cancelling someone's right to
Speak out is fascism, isn't it?
The @BBCNews @BBC @BBCSport
Can't sit on the fence in chosen subjects and then get involved in others.
Its time for solidarity, it's time for us all to stand up and be counted this is our country we have to set our boundaries of what is
Acceptable, the "Nasty Party" have shown again and again not only their distane for asylum seekers but for their own citizens.we can not rely on the MSM or the government to give us the truth we have to go and look for it ourselves, time to put your big pants on, time to stand
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Just dropping in add stories that back up the meme's info.
#StrongerTogether 🌊💙

See thread:
I'm unsure why Scott wants to get rid of medicare. Regardless of his attempt, it's not going away nor will his former crimes.

@Newsweek reveals his connections.…
He even tried to 'flip the script' in 2018 as reported by .@politico…
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Should I get a #BlueTick?

Main reason I am thinking thinking of doing this is that my tweets aren't being seen as much as they should. This will allow more people to see my #FB tweets and get more followers.

#FBPE #FBPA #FBPPR #FBPR #FBNHS #FBR #StrongerTogether
Now I wish I had Blue Tick then I could have edited the tweet to remove the 2nd thinking 😀
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Today is #RareDiseaseDay, and as a sickle cell patient advocate, I want to share the impact it has on the lives of millions around the world.
Sickle cell is a debilitating genetic blood disorder that causes severe pain, organ damage, and other life-threatening complications. Living with a disease like sickle cell means facing a daily battle against pain, fatigue, and isolation.
It means constantly fighting against a disease that most people have never heard of, and struggling to access the medical care and resources that we need to survive and thrive. But despite the challenges, I know that we are not alone.
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🇺🇸 «Our support for #Ukraine will not waver, NATO will not be divided, and we will not tire. President Putin’s craven lust for land and power will fail. And the Ukrainian people’s love for their country will prevail. Democracies of the world will stand guard over #freedom today, Image
tomorrow and forever.» - the United States President Joe Biden, remarks at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Poland, February 21, 2023.

Text and photo: U.S. European Command (EUCOM)…

#USUAStrongerTogether #USUA
#StrongerTogether #StandWithUkraine
🇺🇦 «Наша підтримка України не похитнеться, НАТО не буде розділено, і ми не втомимося. Пожадлива жага президента путіна до землі та влади зазнає краху. І любов українського народу до своєї країни переможе. Демократії світу стоятимуть на сторожі свободи сьогодні, завтра і навіки».
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Germany and Poland share the leadership of the so called "tank coalition". Both states have promised Ukraine to organize one tank battalion each. Consisting of the Leopard 2A4 (Poland) and the Leopard 2A6 (Germany). Poland quickly mastered the task... #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦✌️
In the case of the 2A6, unfortunately, there was some reluctance on part of the NATO partners. For individually good reasons!

However: A promise is a promise! So Germany fills up the missing 2A6s and will supply Ukraine with 18 tanks instead of the 14 initially promised.
Together with Portugal and Sweden, a tank battalion of 2A6s can be formed after all. This makes much sense not only from a military point of view. This is also a strong sign of solidarity with Ukraine. To win this war together. Because we are #StrongerTogether. 🇵🇹🇸🇪🇺🇦✌️
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Good morning everyone 🌸🌞🌸
Sadly, this Government feel the need to take away our safety and security, we all need to take the time to read the ECHR it's going to put so many of us at serious risk of harm by this Government, why would any government need to take away the rights
And the umbrella of safety we've lived under since the second world war.
They are obsessed with legal asylum seekers, "fast-tracked" means only one thing in my opinion, they'll be ignoring anything that doesn't fit their rhetoric whether legal or not, we should be very afraid,
First legal asylum seekers, next us, look what their saying about the unions, welcome to facist britain!.
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1. Morning everyone. These MPs have no idea how the real world works. They don't spend long hours saving peoples lives, dealing with traumas, teaching children, working 4 lousy paid jobs to make ends meet. No, they sit in comfort working out how to keep the shareholders happy.
2. They work 2nd jobs, on top of their highly paid salary, and earn millions after being disgraced. They make policies which make workers lives worse, sick and vulnerable people worse off. They lie about saving the  country, whilst slowly selling it off to the highest bidder.
3. They allow our rivers, waterways and coasts to be polluted. They condemn workers for fighting for better pay, when they claim ridiculous amounts on expenses and charge us heating their homes and stables. It's time this corruption was ended. #EnoughIsEnough.
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It's strange to think it's us against them again! you know the ones who are supposed to be public servants, the ones that want to take us back years to the dark times, so many remember, one of lost hope, of cold, of hunger, little children suffering, a time when workers were
nothing but slaves for big corporations, families under so much stress worrying how they were going to be unable to pay their bills, feed their children, they have destroyed everything we've strived so hard for years and years, they've done this in 13 years can you even
imagine if they win the next general election,😱
Time to show this 💩 Government what we do and don't want for this country's future, get ready it's going to be brutal leading up to the May elections, we have to fight for this country, this government won't! , they have shown us
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Good morning everyone 🌸🌞🌸
Happy 1st February have a great day 😀
Brexit will forever be the thing that destroyed this country, along with the stinking rotten Tories who care for no one but themselves and their donors, never have we had a more corrupt, lying, selfish,
self-serving government than this who spend so much time gaslighting this country I'm surprised they have time for anything else, we must not give up, and we must not become overwhelmed we are #StrongerTogether we must #SupportTheStrikes we need a #GeneralElectionNow
Along with stopping the #ToriesDestroyingOurCountry because they are #ToriesUnfitToGovern we need the #ToriesOut209 Now! #EnoughlsEnough #NotMovingOn
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This government can blame unions for these strikes, we know the truth. we have NHS workers striking, railway workers, royal mail workers, teachers,civil servants now the fire service and NHS consultants are considering strike action, what about these strikes don't the
Government understand, people have had enough! #EnoughIsEnough 12 years of pay going down and down while this happens, 👇
people aren't stupid, we are at a pivotal point now, this government think they can just wait, we have to show them we are #StrongerTogether
People can't pay their bills and feed their families, imagine going to work everyday and then not being able to feed your family. This government should be ashamed how dare they treat our citizens like this. Time for a #GeneralElectionNow we've had enough we are at breaking point
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The problems in the NHS are NOT caused by covid,yes they were made worse but the NHS were already in trouble before the pandemic,( if only this government were prepared for the pandemic,didn't they do some training to get ready?)the NHS worked so hard during the beginning of the
Pandemic and everyday since.
The lack of money spanning 13 years of underfunding has cause this,the Tories have been in government for 13 years ,how can anyone question who is at fault.
The total disregard and disrespectful language and behaviour this government is continuing is
So disgusting.
Prolonging the strikes by refusing to negotiate.
Blaming hard working NHS workers,talking about productivity.
The clapping on the doorstep means nothing!,every single person who clapped was showing respect,but for the Tories It was all a ruse to make us believe
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