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My husband’s boss worked for @realDonaldTrump as a contractor for his golf course in South Florida.

Trump poached his employees, didn’t pay him, and told him that’s what happens to “backwoods po-dunks”.

Just in case you wondered what he really thinks of people here in Florida.
The best part of this story is that I know it’s 100% true because EVEN THOUGH Trump completely fucked him over he STILL voted for him in 2016. His boss is over 70, openly racist/sexist, and said every other word out of Trump’s mouth was a swear/slur.

They’re two peas in a pod.
Just another reason why #ImpeachtheMF is trending!!
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Over 50 club here, & I am a much more effective activist now than I would have been in my 20s or 30s. Experience is power, as is the protective instinct that comes from having & raising children. Youth has its benefits, but these other things should not be de-valued. 1/
PS. I do very much appreciate Ocasio’s willingness to PUBLICLY question “business as usual” in DC. I suspect this quality is as much or more about her character than about her age. She may not even realize that herself. 3/
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National Prayer Breakfast (attended by Russian spy Maria Butina & Alexander Torshin) & perhaps Cambridge Analytica are tied to a well connected businessman, John Yenason, in Pennsylvania, where Alfa Bank repeatedly pinged a Trump server in the run up to the 2016 election. 1/
"[D]uring an interview with The Citizens’ Voice in March, Yenason acknowledged he tried to arrange a meeting between the Russians and Trump’s campaign — although he maintained it was not at the behest of the Russians." 2/…
3/ "Yenason, a former Harveys Lake councilman who describes himself as a devout Christian, said he first met Butina and Torshin after he was invited to attend a prayer breakfast in Russia in 2016."
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1. I don't know how much cheer or genersl goodwill exists out in the world this holiday season, but in less than three weeks what's there will disappear.

Americans once used this time of year to shake off our collective national tension.

But now?
2. There are many reasons why we can't have nice things anymore, and more than a few why we shouldn't even be allowed them, but at the heart of the matter are some very basic principles that we would do best to revitalize for the sake of, well, all humankind.
3. Life becomes much harder when we lose sight of the simplest truths. Even harder when those very simple truths become purposely, almost officially even, obsfucated at every level of civic life.

But those simple truths will never disappear no matter how well they're obscured.
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Look for @dbongino to launch a new program on @CRTV. No inside information, I'm just not stupid. 😅

Very obvious, I'm assuming Dan has spent a while waiting out the fulfillment of his contract to @NRATV.
CRTV, now Blaze Media, originally @LevinTV has taken the country by storm in the past 2 years. It's the platform to be on.
I wouldn't be shocked to see a @CRTV and @NRATV merger within the next couple years. #StrongerTogether
@foxnation has taken the idea and ran with it, subscription based television news/entertainment content. On that tip, I get my propaganda via cable television, no need for an extra subscription to it.
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A little less than 2 years ago, when @ezralevin @jeremyhaile @Leahgreenb & others began the @IndivisibleTeam, a group of us started this account & grew our following both here and on FB. We met & strategized. We staged actions for healthcare, Trump's taxes, & other...
@ezralevin @jeremyhaile @Leahgreenb @IndivisibleTeam important issues. We showed up, we marched, we flooded @RepDaveTrott's office with a wave like nothing they had ever seen. We all knew his staffers on a first-name basis. Some highlights included Trott's ill-fated town hall, which he held only after ...
@ezralevin @jeremyhaile @Leahgreenb @IndivisibleTeam @RepDaveTrott sustained pressure we put on him. He was caught on hot-mic planning to paint his constituents as un-American, which we pushed into a national story, covered by @washingtonpost. We worked our butts off, and got a lot of our members elected to local office since 2016. And it ...
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Pls listen to my Election Eve discussion w/ @funder on #DworkinReport. We discussed my new article for @NYRDaily, why Democrats must not concede if outcomes defy polls or otherwise seem suspect, & what ordinary voters can do to protect against hacking! 1/…
3/ Thank you to @funder and @grantstern for inviting me onto their podcast! #StrongerTogether #VoteBlue
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Maybe you think you can't vote for a Democrat ... hey, get out and meet the 2018 Democratic candidates. These are people of integrity who will roll up their sleeves and work for the people.

What's it mean to be a Democrat? We have each others' backs

Net neutrality, healthcare, gun safety, infrastructure, teachers, pensions, SSec, children on the border, DACA, wages, repro freedom, equality, voting - open your eyes

100% of the time we're fighting the GOP & the Democrats are fighting for me ... for us
Remember & hold on to the bonds we built during 2016! We have each others' backs! Always #StrongerTogether

Let's vote!

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The right-wing, mostly evangelical Council for National Policy (CNP)—which plans to “restore religious & economic freedom...under the constitution”—is alive & well, toasting Kavanaugh’s success w/ beer & hosting a boastful & not-so-moderate @nikkihaley. 1/…
When I first learned about the CNP from @amandablount2, I was so horrified that I began researching and writing about it on Twitter & eventually transferred it all to this Medium article. It’s had over 62k views & 4.7k reads so far. Pls give it a look.… 3/
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Lets meet new Resisters, amplify our voices & keep the momentum going. This FBRParty has began! Follow featured tags & Retweeters.

Share your favorite memes & gifs
Follow & Followback

Find this post pinned & check often as I add tags daily
In an effort to keep us connected, which is what I'm most passionate abt, Ill be pinning this post. Check back often as I add more tags daily. The more u connect/interact the more ur voice will be heard.


Do you have any ideas on how we can connect w/more ppl?
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This guy's scared... GOOD!… All his former places of employment have been proved by me as parties to human trafficking/child trafficking, unethical human experimentation, retaliation against me, etc. and he trolled my Linkedin today. @GenFlynn @parrish4mn
@GenFlynn @parrish4mn #HumanTrafficking #ChildTrafficking in Minnesota #FairviewHealthServices now partnered w/#HealthEast 2 create #HealthPartners. GERALD CLARK'S DAUGHTER WORKED AT BOTH, HIS ATTY ANDY BORLAND, VP 1997 MINNEAPOLIS #Fairview & Board member 2013 Fairview range…
@GenFlynn @parrish4mn #HumanTrafficking #ChildTrafficking in Minnesota #HealthEast now partnered w/#Fairview 2 create #HealthPartners GERALD CLARK'S DAUGHTER WORKED AT BOTH! SARAH JEAN WAS BORN @ ST JOHNS & BOTH ST PAUL & MAPLEWOOD WERE OUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS AS WAS FAIRVIEW!…
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In Sept. 2017, senator Bob Corker announced his surprise retirement. The next month, Jeff Flake followed suit, & Lindsey Graham warmed to Trump after a round of golf. All 3 were vocal Trump critics & all 3 had used Smartech—hacked by Russia—for emails.… 1/
2/ In August 2017, when Bob Corker questioned Trump's competence, Trump responded with a tweet stating that Corker had asked him (Trump) whether he (Corker) should run for office again and ended the tweet with "Tennessee not happy!"…
3/ On 9/11/17, Corker suggested he might retire and acknowledged that he and Trump may have discussed his election plans over golf.…
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🤔Anybody have anything on Daughters of American Revolution? They appear teamed up with Freemasonry. This one has a Facebook page that looks newly created and is seeking my friendship🙄

👇Another #Freemasons #NCMEC connection😏
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Update re: #OH12 screenshots! To look for anomalies that might provide the basis for election challenges, we should start taking screenshots every 5 minutes or so of results as they are updated on the Secty of State websites. Here are mine from #OH12:… 1/
2/ The results compiled by other folks re: the #OH12 special election can be found on…
3/ This was kind of a test run, and we haven't even had a chance to comb through the results to see if there was in fact anything anomalous (like vote totals going DOWN). Please take a look and let us know if you see anything abnormal.
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Tips to Protect Your Vote and Voter Registration against Hacking and Glitches! By @jennycohn1 - Pls note the “Watch & Record” tip. We need folks to do this for the #OH12 special election this week, which is polling as a dead heat! Pls let me know if u are interested. Thx!
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Dear State Election Officials: Do any of your counties use election equipment from ES&S (or any other vendor) containing remote access software or cellular modems? If so, when will you remove it? The public deserves to know. 1/ #ProtectOurVotes
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Statements made by Catholic priests on the treatment of the children at the Texas/Mexico border.

To everyone thinking the Church isn’t raising much of a stink - you’re not listening.

Background - hierarchy of the Catholic Church:

1. Pope (1)
2. Cardinals (225)
3. Priests (a lot)
Let’s start with the Pope. He’s a super progressive pope for Catholics.

He acknowledges climate change.
And the gays.

We like this pope. Pope Francis.
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Happy #FourthofJuly2018:

When we created The Loyal Opposition, we began with a non-partisan #CallToAction operation.

Our mission has changed as our country's slide towards autocracy accelerates unchecked by the GOP.

The biggest platform changes we've made:

1) We are now explicitly partisan. Democrats MUST win the #DemocracyReferendum in November.

2) Our focus has shifted to the Russian information war, election education, & ad hoc CTAs that support our mission.

Please read our revised mission statement for full details on our updated mandate.

We remain a grassroots funded organization and are grateful to our followers for the trust placed in us.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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📣Please sign this petition to Ban Semi-Automatic Rifles in the US!

📋Organized by Lela Tolajian @LelaTolajian, Teenage Activist for #guncontrol…
📋This petition will be banning the same semi-automatic weapons that were first prohibited during the original Federal Assault Weapons Ban.

💥Now, when gun violence is running rampant in our country, when 96 innocent Americans are fatally shot every day...
...when countless citizens are forced to live their lives in fear—we know that it is not the time to stay silent, it is the time to act.

💥The deadliest shootings in US history were all committed using a semi-automatic rifle.
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Trump: Day 526
-120th Day at a Trump Golf Club
-163rd Day at a Trump Property
-Separation Policy Protested Against
-Lies About Not Pushing House Bill
-Appointing WH Lawyer as DEA Chief
-White House Called "Den of Deceit"
-FEMA Ends Puerto Rico Vouchers
Day 631 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 483 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama. #fakenews #TrumpLies
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It seems #NeverAgainIsNow hit a nerve & lots of people share my fury. So my question is #WhatsNext

What can we do to make a difference? 1/
I have some suggestions but if you have others, please add to this thread.

#NeverAgain means we need to stop this, together /2
If you’re in the USA or have an American bank account, donate time or money to these organisations…
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