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Yesterday, as Trump was ranting about “shithole countries,” I was in a county courthouse in Georgia looking at a death certificate for a black man who died in 1930. I watched the courthouse employees’ faces... 1/
closely as they read the cause of death “Unlawful act.” Their confused looks confirmed what I suspected; they had never seen such a vague description listed as a cause of death. They clearly did not know about the incident that occurred there 88 years before, even though it 2/
had been the focus of national news for weeks back in 1930. “It was a lynching” I explained, pointing to the word scribbled in parenthesis on the document. I had them pull another death certificate; this one for a white 16 year-old girl who had died one day prior to the man. 3/
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1. It's 2018 and time to get #backtowork doing everything we can to elect #Democrats to Congress. Nothing is more important in the battle against the authoritarian slide we've witnessed this past year. Our vote is our voice and our power.
2. We formed Democrats Work For America to fill the gaps in the Dem party infrastructure by engaging, registering, protecting and mobilizing voters and by supporting winnable candidates in winnable districts. We are a super pac for grassroots activists by grassroots activists.
3. With grassroots volunteers all over the country we have fostered collaboration between grassroots organizations and ground-level action to increase voter education and turnout. We have won nearly all our featured elections so far.
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Dear #Resistance,
Brace for battle.
As we turn the corner to 2018 the war for the hearts, minds, and votes of America will get more intense and target Resistance members directly.
Our grassroots movement is now the biggest threat to the goals of some very powerful special interests and people.
PSYOPS (psychological warfare) is a style of warfare that targets the minds of the adversary hoping to control thinking & behavior. It is VERY well understood in Russia (also by the Far-right) and it uses a range of proven techniques such as disinformation, and memetic warfare 3/
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<thread> Despite the risk of ending up on some hit list or having men in black show up at my door, I am compelled to make these observations. We are approaching a point of no return in America, and I am not being melodramatic. /1
Donald & Republicans are systematically stripping away every check and balance we have. They are purging everyone who opposes their agenda. They are filling positions with Donald loyalists. They are rapidly turning our country into a dictatorship. /2
They are destroying documents. Denying science. Putting right-wingers in courts across the country. Deploying racist policies. Attacking our public education. Taking our healthcare. Raising our taxes. Silencing our free press. /3
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1. Listen up @GOP @HouseGOP @SenateGOP! My entire life, every time #GOP takes control they break the economy. Every. Time. Clearly you don't learn from your mistakes, or just cave to the disgusting 'party over country' battle cries. Pay attention - this is why you fail.
2. Two consistent platform features push diametrically against each other. An adherence to the failed 'Trickle Down Economics' model & Deregulation. Your core desire for small government will result in failure of your economic plan every time. The #GOPTaxScam will be disasterous.
3. Your model fails because you stack the deck for those at the top and then sit back touting your laissez-faire foundation, just hoping your 'plan' is going to magically happen in a socially beneficial way - and, repeatedly, it doesn't. Why not?
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Before I was a resister, I was a storyteller. I have another story for anyone who wants to read it.

Saturday was our #BlizzardInLA meeting IRL for our group, #BlizzardOfUS❄️. The catalyst was one of our long-time members came to LA to see an LA Kings game./1
About 5 of us carpooled to LA to meet on the beach: @realident @yogaskidogs @JackyMarie, Mrs. Snow & I. Waiting outside of her hotel was our friend & #SisterResister, @JCTheResistance, who managed to bring us together. After all these months working together, we finally met!/2
Jamie had a surprise for us - a special guest. We were standing on the walk, outside the hotel, when to our great surprise, our NYC #sisterResister, extraordinaire, @B52Malmet!

I rushed over to hug her. "You came so far!"

"I needed to see you," she replied.
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Trump's administration made it clear last week there IS a #WarOnWomen. #womensrights #ReproRights #CivilRights #HumanRights #GeeksResist 1
Trump's appointees are anti-woman, homophobic and all have a reputation for bigotry or outright racism. 2…
3 groups have formed a task force to coordinate info about issues affecting women. Introducing Resistance Women Unite. #RWU 3
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Replete w/ ridiculous hot takes by my new pal @JaredHuffman this new hit piece... 1/

Dems dread Hillary's book tour
by @IsaacDovere & @gdebenedetti for @politico is exactly what you'd expect before anything @HillaryClinton does.

So predictable. 2/
It's so predictable it's really almost boring.

The MSM will cheer this, of course, but let's go & thread this apart shall we?
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