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1/ The Canary has promoted an alt-right conspiracy theory about the murder of a U.S political staffer.

It was propagated by Trump’s most extreme outriders: white supremacists, antisemites and Islamophobes.

This 👏 is 👏 not 👏 news 👏 it’s 👏 propaganda 👏 for 👏 racists 👏
2/ The theory seeks to absolve Russia for their role in hacking the emails of the Democratic National Committee in 2016, which helped win Trump the election.

The Canary said the story provides “succour to embattled US President Donald Trump”.…
3/ This is why the theory, which also helped draw attention away from the Mueller investigation, was initially spread on a subreddit called r/TheDonald, a famous home for “blatant white supremacy” and “incitements to violence”.…
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1/ Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (AKA Tommy Robinson), as well as others on the far-right like Katie Hopkins, presents himself as pro-Israel. So why has his fake news site given a platform to antisemitism? #SFFN
2/ In an article published on TR News in April, Shazia Hobbs:

❌ Bemoaned that people are “shocked and disgusted” if she criticises “the Jews”
❌ Accused Jews and Muslims of having a “superiority complex”
❌ Claimed “people allow [the Jews] to get away with it”

3/ More recently she wrote another blog in which she promoted an antisemitic conspiracy theory which claims Jewish-led ‘cultural Marxism’ is ‘destroying the West’ by encouraging LGBT-rights, immigration, alcohol consumption & control of the media. #SFFN
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1/ We’ve been following fake news site, The Canary & its editor, Kerry-Anne Mendoza since the start of our campaign. In the last few days she has come out with some of the most frightening language we’ve ever seen from her. #SFFN
2/ In the above tweet she denies members of the new government their identities & their humanity. This is exactly what the far-right do: they say you can’t be British & Muslim, Mendoza says you can’t be a Tory & “person of colour”. #SFFN
3/ This is the sort of language that leads to political violence. By reducing someone to their colour they are denied their right to independent beliefs & their humanity, allowing fanatics to justify violence against them. #SFFN
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1/ Westmonster is owned by Aaron Banks and operates like his personal fake news website. It regularly defends him against Electoral Commission investigations (without clarifying that he owns the site) & omits key facts from stories that could embarrass him. #SFFN
2/ This headline is extremely misleading. Of the four fines levied against Leave.EU, only one was reduced (from £20,000 to £16,000). This detail isn’t mentioned in the article. The article also omits to mention that Banks also owns Leave.EU. #SFFN
3/ When the Head of the Electoral Commission moved jobs during the body’s investigation of Banks, Westmonster attacked her for “standing down amid controversy.” All the evidence for “controversy” were links to other Westmonster stories. #SFFN
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1/ We had to check this tweet was real when we saw the screenshot. James Wright, who has written almost 1,000 articles for The Canary, appears to believe the Equality & Human Rights Commission is controlled by “pro-Israel political agents”. #SFFN

2/ James Wright has form. He defended Chris Williamson after the MP’s suspension from the Labour Party for saying that the party had been “too apologetic” for antisemitism; and accused a Jewish MP of having ulterior motives for her complaints about antisemitism. #SFFN
3/ As we’ve previously tweeted, Wright wrote for The Canary that there was “little media outrage” of Roger Scruton’s racist comments & sacking. In fact, it was covered by almost every major media outlet. #SFFN

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1/ The man in this video shouting “fuck off you traitor” and poking his flag at an anti-Brexit campaigner is reportedly Niall McCrae, a writer for fake news website Politicalite. @AdobeUK, you are inadvertently funding his work. #SFFN

2/ In one article for Politicalite McCrae referred to Muslims as “intolerant hotheads of the Religion of Peace”, and ironically “Civilisation cannot function if thugs are allowed to scare ordinary people from speaking their minds”. #SFFN
3/ In other Politicalite articles, McCrae writes about attending a pro-Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (AKA Tommy Robinson) march, appeared to relish the thought of drunk football fans turning violent & claimed prisons are “infested with would-be Muslim assassins”. #SFFN
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1/ The Canary is promoting the conspiracy theory that denies Assad used chemical weapons against Syrian civilians in Douma last year. The attack was a war crime believed to have killed more than 50 Syrians. #SFFN
2/ The Canary’s article links several times to the “Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media” a pro-Kremlin group set up to deny Russian & Syrian responsibility for crimes such as the Salisbury poisoning of the Skripals & war crimes in Syria. #SFFN…
3/ The Canary aren’t the only fake news website defending Assad with conspiracy theories. Evolve Politics published a story which claimed the White Helmets staged the Douma attack, uncritically repeating lines from the Russian embassy & Assad’s government. #SFFN
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THREAD: 1/ Fake news website Westmonster, co-founded by Aaron Banks, is now effectively a propaganda channel for Nigel Farage’s #Brexit Party. Organisations advertising on the site are helping to fund this output supporting the party’s campaign #SFFN
2/ Editor & co-founder of Westmonster, Michael Heaver, is standing for the Brexit Party in the European parliamentary elections. In the article announcing his candidacy, there was no mention of Heaver stepping away from the website for the campaign period. #SFFN
3/ We’re not here to comment on the suitability of someone who runs a fake news website to be an elected parliamentarian, but voters might be interested to know about the company Heaver keeps #SFFN

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1/ @Channel4News last night revealed that Leave.EU, led by Aaron Banks, faked videos in the EU referendum campaign to stoke fear of migrants. Six months later, Banks founded the fake news website, Westmonster. #SFFN

2/ Since the referendum, Westmonster has continued to push these narratives - that large numbers of migrants are crossing the Channel into Britain & migrant violence on Britain’s streets #SFFN
3/ Westmonster is funded by major brands who advertise on the site. We can do something about this by informing brands that they’re appearing on & therefore funding Westmonster, and how to stop. #SFFN

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1/ Fake news site, The Canary’s, most prolific contributor is Steve Topple, who’s written almost 1500 articles for the site. He’s also a fan of antisemitic conspiracy theories, suggesting the media, IMF & Royal family are secretly Jewish #SFFN
2/ In 2014, Topple retweeted the claim “our media is Jewish” and replied that it was “the truth.” #SFFN
3/ Topple tweeted in 2014 that the Rothshild family control the International Monetary Fund, and in another tweet appeared to suggest the Rothschilds were involved in the Syria Civil War #SFFN
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1/ Who runs The Canary? Its editor & founder is Kerry-Anne Mendoza, a former banker who switched career paths to instead spread fake news, produce clickbait and defend antisemites. #SFFN
2/ Mendoza herself uses and defends the use by others of the antisemitic trope of comparing Israel to Nazi Germany, which killed more than half the Jews in Europe. #SFFN…
3/ In 2016, Mendoza defended a Facebook post by an MP advocating “transportation” of Israeli citizens to the US. She said it was “a powerful political point.” The MP apologised for her behaviour. Mendoza did not. #SFFN
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1/ Evolve Politics is a fake news site that serves up conspiracy theories and disinformation. They promote ideas such as Israel being behind ISIS & being responsible for the Novichok attack in Salisbury. #SFFN
2/ Evolve Politics give platforms to prominent conspiracy theorists, one of whom is 9/11 Truther Annie Machon. They cited her in a piece questioning whether Russia was behind the Salisbury chemical weapons attack #SFFN
3/ Evolve shared a video to its Facebook page which sought to absolve the Nazis of blame for the Holocaust. Neo-Nazi sites like far-right conspiracist site, Veterans Today, also shared this video. h/t @supergutman #SFFN
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