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Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army #TFSA Commanders gathering their forces for the upcoming #OperationPeaceSpring in both Northem #Syria and Northem Aleppo after US #SyriaWithdrawal
Ready to launch #OperationPeaceSpring
#TFSA enroute to the frontlines #OperationPeaceSpring
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@realDonaldTrump After 18 days of Darkness, #QPosts today, Friday 02/01, 2019.
Many things had happened between those 18 days but, the most horrifying of all is the murder of American babies. Baby sacrifice to Moloch.
#SaveTheChildren #POTUS #murders #PleaseDontKillMe…
@realDonaldTrump 2674
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: d73aee No.4989820 📁
Feb 1 2019 13:22:24 (EST)
Last post before going dark?
Re: [PP]?
What events followed that post?
Anons understand.
#QAnon #realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #MAGA
#SaveTheChildren #POTUS #murders #PleaseDontKillMe
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I ask everyone who live on Libertard strongholds to video document the massive snowflake meltdown when & if POTUS declares National ER to build the wall. Record Record & share it’ll be priceless we will have MEMEs for 1000 years

We can ensure that future generations have MEMES
Declare National Emergency
Build the wall
Release FISA
Open the gates of WAR
We are ready


#Maga #Trump #US #USA #Trump2020 #YellowVests

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The #Kurds are becoming a central focus in the discussion about Trump's #SyriaWithdrawal.

Context is crucial to be effective advocates. Let's start w/some history.

🔹Who are Kurds?
🔹What is our history w/Kurds?
🔹Why is abandoning Kurds a mistake?

Graphics h/t @frontera_julie
1/ The Kurds are an indigenous group spread across Syria, Iraq, Iran & Turkey.

Many aspire to an independent Kurdistan which is opposed by the four countries.

Nonetheless, Kurds have developed close alliances w/the U.S. & others against terrorism.…
2/ The Kurds have been the U.S.-led forces' most reliable local ally against al Qaeda, ISIS and, before he was toppled, Saddam Hussein.
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#Perspective #SyriaWithdrawal #Syria
No matter what or when, leaving an area gives opposition opportunity to potentially regroup... This is true.

To bend to this argument would mean PERMANENT occupation.

Think about it.
There does come a point when the folks of a region need to become responsible and accountable to themselves.
We cannot continually hold everyone's hand.
I must say the liberal left has tied themselves into knots on this issue proving its not about issues currently, it's about opposing Trump.
They didn't want the troops there in first place... Calling for immediate withdrawal... Until Trump announced the withdrawal that is. 🙄
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Ok! Time for a social media cocktail party. Topic: #SyriaWithdrawal . Which one of you best and brightest who’ve been following this shite show since 2009 can tell me which DEEPLY involved State is NOT mentioned in article?
Winner gets first toast.
Really we must applaud @realDonaldTrump, raise your glasses. The neocons are losing. McCain lost. Assad stands. #Syria remains, his. We went in not invited. We inserted ourselves into a proxy war, unprovoked. Why?Everyone say it at once now, “To fight over pipelines”.
If we felt compelled to get involved in others civil wars for humanitarian purposes, to police Countries that aren’t ours so everyone plays nice- then why aren’t we in Africa’s conflicts? Why aren’t we battling for the English settlers getting murdered by S. Africans? #Syria
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