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1. Over 3 years have past since the start of the battle for Raqqa. Remembering the brave members of US forces who fought to defeat Daesh alongside our brave Arab, Kurd and Christian #SDF partners.
via @YouTube
2. Six months after that battle started, Trump surrendered #Afrin to Erdogan after @MikePompeo's meeting with three sanctioned Russian intel chiefs in DC. Syrian Christian churches that had survived since the earliest times were looted and desecrated by Turkish backed jihadist
3. including #ISIS and Al-#Qaeda. Then in October last year, after a single call from his Turkish terrorist business associate, Trump surrendered Gire Spi and Tel Abyad again facilitating a #Christian, #Kurds and #Ezidi genocide by Erdogan's jihadist horde.
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A good little documentary on the subject of the war for independence that the #PKK fights for the #Kurds And also a war against oppression. Many people will have you believe that the PKK are Terrorists but that is just not true at all.
The PKK was founded as an answer to mostly Turkish oppression of Kurds that had been going on for centuries before. The Court of Cassation has already confirmed in 2020 that the PKK is a not a Terrorist Organisation but a "Party in an armed conflict".
There are many people that often point out the innocent lives lost in attacks by the PKK and while that is true, we need to face the fact that they are fighting a war. A war which the PKK, especially Abdullah Öcala, has often tried to end by offering peace to the turkish State.
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1. My suggestion on the recalcitrant folks like @SecPompeo is to compile a list of crimes that have committed that have no immunity. Gather the admissible evidence so the @TheJusticeDept free of Barr's K&E fascists can move to grand jury right after Jan 20. Goal should be to
2. have the @POTUS @realDonaldTrump cabinet members who obstructed Congress indicted by mid-February. The people to target would be the ones involved in Russian treason like @RichardGrenell @DHS_Wolf, Pompeo, Barr, DeJoy, @stevenmnuchin1 & DeVoss. Tee up McGahn & Eric Prince.
3. The charges against the Cabinet members should also include Trump political appointees who conspired in the departments. Threaten to add them to the indictments to flip them. If they balk, indict them. Begin amplifying the #BigFascistRoundUp on January 21, 2021. @FBIWFO @WHNSC
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"In #politics and in #war, #truth is the first casualty. We may never know precisely what transpired in the moments preceding the #Beirutblast."
by @RamzyBaroud… #Israel #Lebanon #LebanonExplosion #Beirut_Explosion #WednesdayThoughts #WednesdayWisdom #news
Special Analysis
A closer look at the stories being promulgated turn up the same old #propaganda by the usual suspects
by @hijodelcuervo… #Israel #Beirut_Explosion #Lebanon #WednesdayThoughts
"McNulty, however, did not mention that the Delaware-based company has plans to sell the #oil to “various customers in the region,” including #Assad, himself."
by @hijodelcuervo… #Kurds #Syria #WednesdayThoughts
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The biggest trend on #Iran twitter atm is a hashtag that translates “don’t kill the couriers [kolbar]” - reference to impoverished Kurdish men killed in scores every year by armed guards on Iran’s western borders with #Iraq. Officials claim kolbar are hard to distinguish from ...
drugs/arms smugglers and thus excuse and legitimize a shoot-to-kill policy, which many see as evidence of structural disregard for lives of ethnic minorities such as the #Kurds in #Iran. ImageImageImage
The hashtag is
Often paired with [don’t kill the fuel-carriers] - a reference to members of #Baluch minority on SE border to Pakistan and Afghanistan in a similar state:
And another recent hashtag against death penalty [don’t execute]
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1: Who are the Kurds?

They are indigenous people native to their homeland called Kurdistan and have been there for over 3000 years. They are not Persian, Turkish or Arab. They have their own unique language, culture, traditions, lifestyles etc.
2: Kurdish name in history?

#Sumerian(Mat, Mad, Medi, Guti, Kuti, Kur-tu, Kur-du)
#Assyrian (KÛr-ti-i, QÛr-di, QÛrtî)
#Babylonian (Mat Kurda Ki)
#Greek (Korduene)
#Turkish (KÜrt)
#Persian (Kord)
#English (Kurd)
#Arab (Al-Akrad, Al-Kurd)
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Going through the latest developments & headlines- I see my recent video report forecasting the coming international front in #NWO #Coup using #Turkey #Iraq #Syria & #Libya targeting #USA #Trump Foreign Policy is creeping in ...- - -
Here’s one indicator I told you to keep an eye on- involving #Turkey #Kurds #Iraq:…
Here is another by the #Coup-makers one targeting #USA #Trump Foreign Policy via #Turkey & #Libya Fronts:…
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Imagine a world without war.
▫️Picture 1
A man carries his daughter through war torn, Islamic State controled Mosul.
A young girl gives the only oxygen mask to her little sister.
House bombed in #Palestine
A man lays with his daughter for the last time.
▫️Picture 1
Two innocent little girls appeal for mercy. Children should be able to live in peace, smile, laugh and not live in fear.
A quest for ones last breath
A quest for food
Fairytale VS Reality

#LoveIsBlind #Hate #HateCrime #Syrianchildren
▫️Picture 1
Destruction and decay
Prosperity and peace
Last touch
Fathers loving touch
Fight for life
Fight for trophy

#Turkey #Kurds #COVID19 #StayAtHome #Bangladesh
#israel #IranvsUSA #IRAN
#Russia #AfghanPeaceProcess
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Selecting Adnan al-Zurfi as a Prime Minister of #Iraq is the best way to trigger a civil war in the country. This is an American choice the majority #Shia will reject. If the Sunni and the Kurds support his selection at the Parliament, the #US would have succeeded in a civil war
Adnan al-Zurfi failed as a Governor of #Najaf & is the one accused of burning the Iranian consulates in Najaf & Karbalaa during the last unrest in the country.

If the #US believes it will halt its withdrawal from Iraq with al-Zurfi, it is a wrong plan

A potential civil war in #Iraq will drag the #US in it no doubt. The war would be open between the Iraqi resistance and the US forces because at least 60% of the security forces are made of all groups and organisations unloyal to the #US.
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In 2013, 30,000 terrorists entered #Syria via #Turkey and established the so-called "jihadi highway", with Turkey becoming a a conduit for fighters seeking to join #ISIS:…
The "Jihadi Highway" from #Turkey to #Syria long has been an open secret, well-documented by the international media, Syrian activists and Turkish press. Militants often were spotted in border towns buying supplies before crossing into Syria to join #ISIS:…
In 2015, it was estimated a further 20,000 terrorists joined #ISIS in #Iraq and #Syria, according to the National Counterterrorism Center in Washington. The majority of them had traveled to Syria and Iraq through #Turkey:…
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1. I know it's not for me to say, but if you ever witnessed the looks on the faces of women & kids being liberated from #ISIS by the female #YPJ you would understand why I think they can save #Idlib. They appear like angels with Ak-47s to protect the innocent civilians.
2. And all but the most radical Sunnis know they'll be safe & need not flee. But this is a pipe-dream with #Turkey on an Ottoman scorched earth campaign to wipe out the remaining Syrian #Kurds #Ezidi and #Christians. @DefenseIntel @SOJTFOIR @WHNSC @EsperDoD @USEmbassySyria
@DefenseIntel @SOJTFOIR @WHNSC @EsperDoD @USEmbassySyria 3. Remember Kobane, Manbij, Raqqa, Tabqa and DeirEzZor. Each time terror turned to joy.
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A Putin-Erdogan meeting is expected once the military operation in #Idlib reaches its objectives and imposes the Astana agreement by force where Turkey failed to do so in more than a year over HTS, ak al-Nusra (former ISIS in Syria, former al-Qaeda in Syria) et al.
The Syrian Army is preparing a large offensive and Russia is very angry.

Dangerous combination in the next 24 hours.
33 Turkish officers killed and 36 wounded by a Russian raid on a Turkish convoy in rural #Idlib (#Syria) last night.

#Russia is replying to the Turkish supply of MANPADs to Jihadists, a very serious matter jeopardizing Russian pilots safety and a change of the Rule of Engagement
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1. #Kurds, you don’t need to worship Apo, Barzani, Talabani, Parti, Yeketi, PKK, individuals, ideologies. It’s all nonsense, my advice is let it go. This mentality is preventing you from gaining your rights, you’re all too caught up in proving you’re right they’re wrong.
2. I’ve left my messages open for a bit and have received messages from fellow Kurds of their disappointment of all parties and clans, KDP, PUK, Barzani, Talabani, influence from Turkey, Iran. The usual. Fact is they’ve all failed and succeed but none has achieved independence.
3. I’ve had conversations with hardcore KDP, PUK, PKK followers and Kurds who simply want Kurdistan to succeed. Your division is ugly, backwards and I always tell them the same, very bluntly: Let that garbage go. Your enemies are advancing, gaining, winning. You’re still losing.
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We need to get the names of the @SenateGOP @SenateDems who don't support Turkey sanctions. They are supporting ISIS & al-Qaeda in the ethnic cleansing and genocide of Syrian #Kurds #Ezidi and #Christians. We need the names. Democrat or Republican. The US people will vote you out.
@SenateGOP @SenateDems We know that @senatemajldr #MoscowMitch and @SenatorRisch support @RTErdogan's murdering Syrian Christians Ezidis & Kurds. We should presume these 2020 Senators also believe the Christians in Syria should be exterminated just like Abu Trump.
@SenatorCollins ME
@joniernst IA
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1. Trump the Betrayer:

@RTErdogan is allied with #Iran #IRGC #QudsForce in its global war against #Kurds.

@POTUS #Trump @SecPompeo history with Kurds evidences Trump is working in concert with their adversaries.
2. It started October 2017, when Pompeo and Trump signed off on Iran's attack on Kirkuk. I spotted what looked like a deal involving Rosneft and Manafort. It's certain we betrayed the #Kurds to Iran. And Turkey gained. #ISIS too. I called it out in real time into deaf ears.
3. Here's Trump Kurdish Betrayal Chron:

2017 October Shia Militias & Iran Quds force attack Tuz Khurmatu. Kurdish forces fell back & surrendered Kirkuk. Pompeo strangely takes laissez-faire position and Iran seizes the large gas and oil fields.
Betrayal # 1
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So if it comes to a invasion of #Iran there are several things to see and know. The #Geography is on the side of Iran. The #West is protected by a massiv #Chain of #mountains wich would be easy to #defend even with a weaker #army they could try to keep there a defend line
The north is not able to reach for the #US troops and the #caspiansee is #landlocked by many #nations. A inportant @NATO allie if the defens act works would be #Turkey wich would be forced to send troops against #Iran and a area mainly owned by #Kurds in #Iran.
the east has a little lower mountain chain and a bigger desert in the south west the #Dasht-e #Lut and is coverd by huge #rocks and the area of #Namak-#Zar inside Dasht-e Lut is the #hotest place on #earth actual. And the border area to #Pakistan is also coverd by a dry #desert
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1. Unpleasant as it may be for many, the current trajectory of the war in #Syria will require the US to work with the #Damascus government to keep the country from becoming an even worse terrorist breeding ground. When we overthrew Saddam we destroyed the military too. The result
2. was #ISIS and chaos on a massive scale. #Geneva process when accomplished will create a democratically elected Syrian government. It will still have to fight the terrorists that #Turkey & Qatar finance & arm.

#SDF is not a separatist force. They are a loyal opposition force
3. Loyal to Syria that they fight to defend. The goal of a federal Syria is the principal part of SDF's ideological thinking that ties them to Abdullah Öcalan. The federal system is not the PKK's ideological creation. It's America's. Local governance brings stability in diverse
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1. #Turkey is affiliated with both #ISIS & Al-#Qaeda. Congress should give @RTErdogan days to begin full withdrawal from all of Northern Syria: Afrin to Sere Kaniye. Barring it Turkey's economy & war making power must be sanctioned. @NATO must be anti-imperialist to survive.
2. Turkey's strategic objectives in the invasion were to free #Daesh, seize oil & gas and Syrian territory. The US, Russian and SAA redeployment prevented them from achieving the first two objectives so they were left with just seizing territory, committing mass murder,
3. pillage and genocide.

Since 2014, I have closely observed the #YPG & #YPJ initially and then watched the formation of the #SDF, a combined #Arab, #Christian & #Kurdish force. #SDF is a liberation force. They do no acts consistent with terrorism and only people who need fear
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<Thread> Takeaways from Macron/Trump - Turkey is the big issue at NATO. Macron says #Turkey will veto every #NATO resolution asked how Turkey could buy #Russian air defense systems and remain in NATO.
Macron also asks what is a terrorist? Turkey views NATO allies like Syria's #Kurds as terrorists. Lurking behind both these issues is Putin who pulls the strings in Syria and is in league with Erdogan. Where Trump lands on these two issues will be telling. /2
Trump boasts about keeping the oil are possibly problematic. Plundering other countries is considered a war crime. /END
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1. We are working on a holiday special, "No Room at the Inn" that will show the daily plight of #Kurds #Ezidi & @Christians sold out to #ISIS by @POTUS @realDonaldTrump and @SenateGOP especially Senators running in 2020.
2. Plus a special report on the TurkishISIS murdering children in Syria to harvest their organs for sale. Yes. Trump is the chosen one. Chosen by Beelzebub. @FreeBurmaRangrs

Here are the pro-ISIS GOP running in 2020.
@SenatorCollins ME
@SenCoryGardner CO
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1. When the #SDF liberated #Tabqa, many said that the #Kurd majority #SDF could not function in an Arab city. They did not seek to rule only empower Tabqa's Arabs to create a self defense force, the Tabqa Military Council. Now brothers & sisters in arms are coming to the rescue
2. of the #Kurds and #Christians and #Arabs in the north under threat from the #TurkishISIS Orcs. Like Lord of the Rings, the torch was lit and the the call was answered. Turkey under Erdogan is the enemy of all humanity and its army is the army of Orcs from the underworld.
3. Those who seek genocide deserve to be destroyed. Americans have also been betrayed and our vengeance will have to wait until next year when when we send the @GOP Orc army, @senatemajldr & the @SenateGOP majority packing and, in 2022 #JihadiJim Risch too. @SenatorRisch
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#Turkey had revealed to #Iranian intelligence of a network of #Israeli spies working in #Iran, including ten #Kurds who met #Mossad members in Turkey. Look where it got the Kurds now that #DeepState agenda of regime change in #Syria has been defeated.…
Trump’s sanctions against Turkey result largely from Erdogan’s purchase of #S400 from #Russia. Interestingly #India too signed a deal worth $5.4 billion with Russia for S-400 in 2015. If US decide to sanction India, Reliance Defense may be destroyed.…
Operation Timber Sycamore - The Shadow War in #Syria

How the #DeepState funded and trained #ISIS terrorists with the objective to topple Assad. The Operation now brought to a halt by Trump and finished off by Turkey.…
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Here is the list of 76 #ISIS fighters & commanders who are working With Turkish army right now in the war against #Kurds in north #Syria .first section of the list includes the names of ALL ISIS terrorists
#ISIL #DAESH #IslamicState #داعش…
2/ #Leaked
#ISIS Intel has returned to Tal Abyad in N #Syria working with Turkish Army & appeared on Turkish state TV propaganda shown as freedom fighter who misses his home town with tears on his eyes
#ISIL #DAESH #IslamicState #داعش
report link…
3/ Evidence :
when joe biden @JoeBiden was vice president of the United States, he told a journalist from a univeristy in #America that #Turkey is supporting jihadi terrorists such as ISIS,etc in Turkey-#Syria border
#ISIL #DAESH #IslamicState #داعش #kurds #trump #erdogan #SDF
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