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🧵 #Colonization And #Slavery

While European colonialism is condemned, the crimes committed by other civilizations have either fallen to the wayside to be forgotten or even glorified

Let’s explore some of the examples:
#Native Slavery:

When Alaska was ceded to America, the Tlingit sued the US, over anti-slavery act.

#Native chiefs rejected it, stating the buying, selling, and holding of slaves is one of the rules & customs of their people; the civil authorities have no jurisdiction over them.
#Arab Slavery

You likely have heard of the Transatlantic slave trade, but have you heard of the Islamic Arab Slave trade? A trade that enslaved millions of Africans and Europeans, and easily rivaled the Transatlantic slave trade? Probably not.
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If #NATO is the cornerstone of the #West's "foreign" policy? How about its members and informal allies? Do they behave as true allies? Are Western interests and values being protected?

👉 It is hard anymore to distinguish allies from foes!

A thread - 1/10

| @vtchakarova #EU
#Sweden fears an attack by #Russia, and so does #Ukraine. #Taiwan fears an attack by #China. #Armenia fears an attack by both #Azerbaijan and #Turkey. The latter threatens its #NATO ally #Greece but also the #EU-member #Cyprus part of which is under its illegal control. 2/10
#Russia again via #Belarus reminds #Europe (as #Turkey does day in day out) that energy is not the only mean in its arsenal to destablize it - mass inflow of illegal immigrants is as effective - so #Poland like #Greece is fortifying its borders. 3/10
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#Russia’s solution to EU-#Belarus #migrant crisis and #NATO’s Black Sea buildup | Nov 11
- NATO is exploring the #BlackSea region as a potential theater of war, while #Kiev is getting ready to resolve the #Donbass issue by force, the Russian says…
Moving #NATO closer to Belarus-Russia Union State described as alliance's long-term strategy | Nov 10
- #Lavrov also said that on 10 November the sides agreed they are going to step up foreign policy coordination of the ministries of foreign affairs,…
#Poland Sees #Migrant Surge at Border, Accuses #Belarus of '#StateTerrorism' | Updt: 42 minutes ago
- Concern was growing for more than 2,000 migrants — mainly #Kurds from the #MiddleEast — who are trapped at the border,…
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There's been much speculation about an imminent #Turkey intervention in north #Syria (another one) 🧵

The rationale behind such a move would be threefold:
1. The Kurdish threat
2. Electoral tactics (which might backfire)
3. Revisionist plans-strategic leverage re #Syria's future
Can #Turkey go ahead? The short answers is "yes". The long answer is "it's complicated".

If previous interventions are any indication, two things we know: 1. TR prepares the ground diplomatically and 2. remains flexible during operations, negotiating the outcome.
A Turkish intervention would most likely mean that Ankara got the "green light" from #Russia and/or #US. A move west of Euphrates would mostly need the former; east of Euphrates, both.

In exchange, #Turkey would have to compromise as well vis-a-vis it's ideal objectives.
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Pro #Iranian militias reject #IraqiElections results. Most of the militias got no seats and other lost tremendous votes in compare with previous elections.
It's very complicated now for #Shitte parties. They should agree on a candidate to form the government however all Shitte parties combined got fewer seats than Sadr. Maliki seems to seek Sadr's approval with conditions.
Besides the ongoing meetings, #Maliki is in talks with #Khanjar to form an alliance along with other #Shitte parties except #Sadr. Maliki hopes #Kurds and #Sunnis will not reach an agreement and join his attempts to form the government. #FarAway
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1. Unclear if this is a signal of a change in #Russia's policy in #Syria, but it deserves note. #Erdoğan's deal with #Putin allowed #Turkey to occupy much of Northern #Syria using forces made up of al-#Qaeda & #Daesh fighters. Recent #Russian bombing in #Barad in SW #Afrin
2. hit and killed several of these Turkish backed al-#Hamzah Division terrorist forces. That group is embedded with Turkish forces and reported to be commanded by the Turkish special forces. Hamza is a monstrous terrorist force that commits crimes against #Kurds and religious
3. minorities and abducts women who are enslaved. There are also reports of Russian helicopters dumping flares over Turkish terrorist held region of North East Syria. IMO there will never be peace in Syria with Turkey and its terrorist occupying any part of it. Putin may have
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1. @JamaalBowmanNY says these @HouseDemocrats support removing US forces from #Syria. IMO that will let #Turkey murder #Kurds, #Christians & #Yazidi & install al-Qaeda terror zone. @RepRoKhanna @RepPeterDeFazio @Janshakowsky @RashidaTlaib @RepAndyLevin @RepCohen @RepRitchie
2. These members may be misguided. Lied to by #Turkey's lobbyists. Let them know, their support for Bowman's misguided #NDAA amendment could end their careers. Support all secular, democratic and gender equal Syria. Reject the enslavement of women.
3. The Syrians have done the fighting. We are in a purely advise and assist role. There have been almost no US force combat casualties in Syria. This was the one war we fought smart with local support who died by the thousands while we lost almost zero combat casualties.
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1. In Northern #Syria members of al-#Qaeda and #Daesh fka #ISIS are embedded with #Turkish #TSK forces conducting daily attacks on US partner forces #SDF and civilians including #Kurds, #Ezidis and #Christians. IMO Turkey force is funded by #Qatar that with #Turkey and #Pakistan
2. forms a terrorist front that advances both ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Both Turkey and Qatar use the US bases and Pakistan uses US overflight as the way to keep our eyes averted to their terrorist affiliations. We will never be free of the FTO threat if we ignore state sponsors.
3. We need to give Turkey and Qatar 48 hours to disclose all their terrorist affiliations or @StateDept should list both as State Sponsors of Terror and block assets. This will never happen because both @StateDept and @CIA are fully infiltrated by Turkish intelligence service as
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Come with me for a journey through the world of hypocritical, antisemitic, 'human rights' activism:

Thread 1/9
The world can sit by as #Afghanistan is lost to the #Taliban and millions of women and young girls have their future stolen from them - and the streets of Europe are empty of protests and demonstrations. 2/9
And our streets stay silent as nations like #Syria and #Turkey massacre #Kurds 3/9
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20 years of #US occupation:

Why #Taliban is not in #Kabul centre? Only because it is waiting for all embassies who want to leave to complete their evacuation, mainly NATO members, including #Turkey.
In less than 48 hours, the Afghan President is expected to deliver the capital. Image
#Taliban has liberated the 1st prison at the gate of #Kabul already and is present all around the capital now.

Remember what history tells you (#Kurds of #Syria and #Iraq):

45 years apart: The US Embassy staff fleeing from Saigon (top) and Kabul (bottom) via @ARanganathan72 Image
#Russia said its diplomats are not leaving #Kabul.

Why it is not surprising: #NATO (30 member countries, Canada and the US, 28 are in Europe, one of which (Turkey) is in both Europe and Asia) said it was caught by surprise.
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1. Here is clip from @POTUS nominee @JeffFlake on the decision to partner with who, at the time, were the #Kurdish #YPG #YPJ to stop the spread of #Daesh (aka #ISIS) in #Syria. This was after disastrous attempt to arm a #jihadist forces who simply gave their weapons to al-Qaeda.
2. I did some searches on Twitter timeline for that period of 2014. America was just waking up to the fact that the #Kurds were our best option to defeat #Daesh. There were risks but the decision has proven to be the correct one. Now under #AANES civilian authority backed by the
3. #SDF that includes Kurds, #Arabs and #Christians, Jeff Flake is a good choice and I applaud @joeBiden's @WhiteHouse and @JakeSullivan46 for thinking outside the box. I sincerely hope @SenatorMenendez
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The mythology of #Newroz

Zuhak was an evil king who conquered #Kurdistan  and had serpents growing from his shoulders. Zuhak's rule lasted for one thousand years; his evil reign caused spring to no longer come to Kurdistan. During this time,
two young men were sacrificed daily and their brains were offered to Zuhak's serpents in order to alleviate his pain. However, the man who was in charge of sacrificing the two young men every day would instead kill only one man a day and mix his brains with those of a
sheep in order to save the other man. As discontent grew against Zuhak's rule, the nobleman Fereydun planned a revolt. The revolt was led by a #Kurdish blacksmith named #Kawa who had lost six sons to Zuhak. The young men who had been saved from the fate of being 👇
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VIDEO: Ten years of war in Syria: A timeline
After a decade of unfathomable violence and human tragedy that has made Syria the defining war of the early 21st century, the fighting has tapered off but the suffering hasn't
Syria's war robbed 83-year-old Abderrazaq Khatoun of 13 of his children and one of his wives, but he was forced to overcome his grief quickly to raise 11 orphaned grandchildren
Syria's decade-long war has left more than 380,000 people dead and forced millions into exile
Here is a summary of the main events in the conflict, which has drawn in a host of regional and international powers
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1. I missed @maddow today and just watched the interview with @jrpsaki. She made a pronouncement in the @StateDept presser 2014 that changed my life. She announced the #YPG #YPJ were not considered listed within #PKK #FTO designation and the next day, I went to war against #ISIS.
2. I knew they would win. But they needed our help then and they need it now. Too many times we have betrayed the #Kurds and it's more than Kurds in the new #Syria in #NES we will betray. #Sunni #Arabs, #Christians & #Ezidi can create #peace with the #Alawi with strong US support
3. the extortion practiced by #Assad will become meaningless. People are tired of ##war and #Turkey-backed #Islamists have got to go. Assad and the Russians can't do it because Assad represents an existential threat to Sunni #Druze, Kurds, Ezidi and #Christian #Syrians.
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1. @POTUS @RealDonaldTrump @SecPompeo & @robertcobrien green-lighted a genocide against #Christians #Ezidi & #Kurds in #NSyria. They clearly advanced #ISIS' strategic goal. They could stop what Turkey is doing but, choose to permit it. @FBIWFO @SecretService @StateDeptDSS
2. What's the one crime @POTUS can't pardon beside impeachment? #Genocide. We agreed to it as part of the #Nuremberg agreement at the #UN's formation. Don't be dopes. Stop the genocide. Do yourselves a big favor. @GenFlynn
3. Michael Rubin commented on the CAATSA sanctions and though he notes Erdogan is a logical target of the sanctions he confirms my view that the sanctions will make Turkey too toxic foreign-based investment.
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Thread + Article🔴🔴
Israel's Kurdish Footmen

"From Ben Gurion's Periphery Doctrine to Kurdish Separatism Today"…
Many articles state that Kurdish separatism is heavily fueled by #US & #Israel, in an attempt to undermine regional powers such as Turkey, Iran & Syria. Kurdish separatism is seen as a way to weaken these powers’ grip over their citizens & #Kurds as footmen to use against enemies
It's true, Israel has been attempting 2 influence Kurdish politics for a long time. The Kurds, often biased by their own hope for an independent state, misperceived this as solidarity of 1 stateless people to another. But Israel has adopted general interference policy decades ago Image
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🔴🔴🔴 #Trump is openly backing #neo_ottomanism!

This Iranian-Azeri @MrAhmadHashemi is recruited by #CIA to sow discord among Iran's multi-ethnic population, from his comfy apartment in Washington DC.

#satılık Image
He praises Azerbaijan's crimes agaist Armenia and expresses hope it will do the same in Iran...

Neo-Ottomanism is a threat to the whole region. Khalifa Erdogan has set foot & caused chaos in #Syria, Libya, and is responsible for the killing of many #Kurds, Syrians and Armenians Image
The US has closed its eye to Turkey slaughtering Kurds, Azerbaijan beheading Armenians and sees pan-Turkism as a way to cause chaos inside Iran as well. Iranian Azerbaijan is shared by Kurds and Azeris who have lived together in peace for centuries.
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1. We've all been through so much pain recently, that many of us have forgotten to cherish the precious things we have. We have a beautiful sovereign homeland, unlike our fellow ancient tribes the #Assyrians and #Kurds.
2. If Nagorno-Karabakh had been recognised as an independent nation in 1991 as it was (but with access via Lachin to Armenia), then #Armenians would've rejoiced. That could happen any day, if #France and others recognise #Artsakh.
3. As a ceasefire (not a peace agreement), Shushi isn't yet 'lost' (Putin stated that Shushi hasn't been settled). We must continue exposing genocidal State-sponsored racism and war crimes, so #Shushi is protected by #Armenians.
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1. Over 3 years have past since the start of the battle for Raqqa. Remembering the brave members of US forces who fought to defeat Daesh alongside our brave Arab, Kurd and Christian #SDF partners.
via @YouTube
2. Six months after that battle started, Trump surrendered #Afrin to Erdogan after @MikePompeo's meeting with three sanctioned Russian intel chiefs in DC. Syrian Christian churches that had survived since the earliest times were looted and desecrated by Turkish backed jihadist
3. including #ISIS and Al-#Qaeda. Then in October last year, after a single call from his Turkish terrorist business associate, Trump surrendered Gire Spi and Tel Abyad again facilitating a #Christian, #Kurds and #Ezidi genocide by Erdogan's jihadist horde.
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Happening now: "Hello, everyone. It's another historic day here at the White House" - @PressSec opening briefing with NSA @robertcobrien, @RichardGrenell & Jared Kushner on #Serbia-#Kosovo Image
"They've normalized their economic relations" says Nat'l Security Adviser @robertcobrien "...quite remarkable"
NSA @robertcobrien calls additional diplomatic establishment of ties between #Kosovo and #Israel a "side benefit"

O'Brien also mentions deals btw #Israel-#UAE, #Taliban talks/deal and #Turkey-#Kurds ceasefire
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1. My suggestion on the recalcitrant folks like @SecPompeo is to compile a list of crimes that have committed that have no immunity. Gather the admissible evidence so the @TheJusticeDept free of Barr's K&E fascists can move to grand jury right after Jan 20. Goal should be to
2. have the @POTUS @realDonaldTrump cabinet members who obstructed Congress indicted by mid-February. The people to target would be the ones involved in Russian treason like @RichardGrenell @DHS_Wolf, Pompeo, Barr, DeJoy, @stevenmnuchin1 & DeVoss. Tee up McGahn & Eric Prince.
3. The charges against the Cabinet members should also include Trump political appointees who conspired in the departments. Threaten to add them to the indictments to flip them. If they balk, indict them. Begin amplifying the #BigFascistRoundUp on January 21, 2021. @FBIWFO @WHNSC
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The #Palestenians never asked #UAE to be their patron; they asked and cheered #Turkey and #Iran. Both did NOTHING other than killing #Syrians and #Kurds in the name of freeing #Palestine
Two men saved some of the lands Israel occupied in 67, Sadat and @MohamedBinZayed
The first saved Sinai, the second stopped the disastrous annexation of the West Bank.
Yet Palestenians are wailing as if annexation was better for them!
Funny how West Bank Palestinians happily flocked into “Zionist entity beaches” last week when Israel opened border; without sobbing for lost Palestine.
Now they are fuming about #UAE’s relations with #Israel.

The may be a treatment for #Covid_19; but not for political psychosis
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"In #politics and in #war, #truth is the first casualty. We may never know precisely what transpired in the moments preceding the #Beirutblast."
by @RamzyBaroud… #Israel #Lebanon #LebanonExplosion #Beirut_Explosion #WednesdayThoughts #WednesdayWisdom #news
Special Analysis
A closer look at the stories being promulgated turn up the same old #propaganda by the usual suspects
by @hijodelcuervo… #Israel #Beirut_Explosion #Lebanon #WednesdayThoughts
"McNulty, however, did not mention that the Delaware-based company has plans to sell the #oil to “various customers in the region,” including #Assad, himself."
by @hijodelcuervo… #Kurds #Syria #WednesdayThoughts
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