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#antihindu Muslim rulers of India, beginning with Muhammad bin Qasim, who established dominance over the Sindh region in the eighth century AD. In so doing, however, Qasim most certainly caused a great deal of destruction, with clear evidence of massive forced conversions.
in the thirteenth century, Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khilji destroyed the ancient university of Nalanda, killing all the Buddhist monks and nuns, taking literally three months to burn every single book in the university’s library
#antihindu #IslamExposed
Similar examples of forced conversions and brutality can be found during the reigns of Mahmud Khalji of Malwa (1436–1469 AD), Ilyas Shah (1339–1379 AD), Babur (1483–1530 AD), and Sher Shah Suri (1486–1545 AD), all of whom destroyed temples, killed non-Muslims,forced conversion
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The trend #ThanksMughals shows exactly what is wrong with modern India. Imagine if people in the US trend #ThankYouSlaveOwners or Germans trend #ThankYouNazis. They would be called racists/bigots for lionizing mass murderers. But in India, they are accepted as intellectuals.
We are expected to believe in the mythical “Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb” where all of us live together happily while the “intellectuals” lionize bigoted mass murderers like Tipu Sultan and Mughals. Nawabs who unleashed horrendous atrocities on Hindus are extolled as “cultured”.
When Hindus finally reclaim the names of their cities that were taken by force, where temples were razed and Hindus butchered, we are told we are “erasing Muslim history”. Does renaming Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples day erase white people’s history too?
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Since people are mindlessly trending #ThanksMughals to celebrate invaders and tyrants, here is the real data.

India's GDP *declined* under Mughal rule as a percent of world GDP from Hindu India. Of course, British invaders were even worse, but that is small consolation.
Mughals also drained and sent away loads of wealth. Plus they brought slave markets to India and enslaved and raped millions of women and children.…
Finally, as far as "Taj Mahal" goes, there is a reasonable debate on whether it was built by Shah Jahan. Whether or not that is true, one thing is clear—Mughals did not bring any architectural skills. Whatever was built was skill of Indian craftspeople.

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The sheer stupidity of trending #ThanksMughals ! Mughals were invaders, barbarers who killed millions and forcibly converted millions. A very AUTHENTIC (but cursory) list of killings by foreign invaders from AD 636 to 1768 in India by Islamic invaders… (1)
#ThanksMughals for rapes, massacres, forcible conversions? Hindus were successful after a 1200-year war. It is Marathas who liberated most of India, not British. Read this article for the REAL history of India… Know Vijaynagar & other kingdoms (2)
It will be a surprise to most readers who have been fed on the establishment history books to know that it is the Hindus who resisted the onslaught of Arabs for over two centuries (from 636 to 870 AD) unlike the regions west and north of Arabia which succumbed immediately.(3)
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#ThanksMughals for brutal murders.
#ThanksMughals for running conversion factories.
#ThanksMughals for allowing British enter India.
#ThanksMughals for teaching how to put parents to old age homes as Aurangzeb had imprisoned Shahjahan.
Are u grateful to Mughals for above vices??
#ThanksMughals for this??
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From 16th to 18th century, the Mughal Empire was the richest kingdom in the world. How?

Akbar created the system of Subah (provinces).

This system of Subah, made administrative reforms more efficient & Bengal was the most important Subah of the Mughals.

Initially under the rule of Emperor Akbar, there were 12 Subahs, which rose to 22 under Shah Jahan.

Kabul, Lahore, Multan, Ajmer, Gujarat, Delhi, Agra, Malwa, Awadh, Illahabad, Bihar, and Bengal were the initial 12 Subahs under Akbar.
Each Subah had a governor called a Subahdar. Each Subah was further divided into Sarkars or districts.

The Subah of Bengal, comprising of both Bangladesh and West Bengal was the richest Subah (province) of the Mughal Empire.
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Rosgulla or Rasgullahs - owe their origins to, who else, but our Pride of India, the Mughals!

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In fact IDLI (the fav food of the Madrassis, is a gift to India from the Mughals.

How many of us know about the modern day Mughal Princess, Ms Kushboo, after whom a new Idli type has been named?

#ThanksMughals Image
The famous Sambar, THE soup of the South India was a gift of the Mughals too!

Unfortunately, the South Indian fellows do not even have the courtesy to acknowledge that, even while slurping megalitres of the tasty stuff... #ThanksMughals Image
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