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Let me define redlining in #RaceAndRealEstate.
What is redlining?
Redlining is the practice of denying a creditworthy applicant a loan for housing in a certain neighborhood even though the applicant may otherwise be eligible for the loan. #RaceAndRealEstate
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CEO and award winning real estate broker @EgyptSaidSo is taking over #THEM’s Twitter to host a conversation about #RaceAndRealEstate. Follow along NOW.
What do you do? What is your background in terms of real estate?
I am @EgyptSaidSo, Host of @HGTV’s @_PropertyVirgin & @FlippingVirgins. I am also a Real Estate Broker in Atlanta, GA and CEO of Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group. Real estate is a business that I love, and I have been licensed for almost 18 years. #RaceAndRealEstate
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Happy Saturday, Fam!

So I watched #THEM. All 10 episodes, two of which broke me down so badly, I had to take a break in the middle of them.
I'm still processing what I watched. I have a lot of feelings, not all of them fully formed, some of them contradictory. What I'm ultimately trying to determine for myself is whether THEM was friend, foe, or both; in essence: if the "them" in THEM was them or us.
Some of the things I ask myself when I'm watching media about Black trauma--and I'm trying to determine whether the film has an ultimately pro-Black message and it's testifying and witnessing, or if it's using Black pain as titillation for goodness knows whose imagination--are:
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The Twitter discourse on Lena Waithe and #THEM leads me too believe that there are people who don't watch enough films & television. How else to explain why they think that Hollywood "only makes Black trauma porn".

No, Hollywood makes varied projects. Y'all just don't watch them. Well I'm here to help you. Here's a list of films you can watch starring Black folks that are NOT Black Trauma Porn: 2/18

The Forty-Year Old Version (Netflix): Radha is a down-on-her-luck NY playwright, who is desperate for a breakthrough before 40. Reinventing herself as rapper RadhaMUSPrime, she vacillates between the worlds of Hip Hop and theater in order to find her true voice. 3/18 Image
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With the release of #THEM this week, I see that L*na W*ithe slander is at an all time high. I feel like hating on L*na is mostly performative at this point. There is no reason for folks to be this upset about her or her art.

I'm not even a fan of hers like that. The Thanksgiving episode of "Master of None" deserves all the accolades it received. It was excellent. But everything of hers I've seen since then has been mid at best. But that's okay. I just haven't felt any of those projects.

But folks out here act like everything she's involved with sets Black people back 50 years. And that is simply not the case. People love to pick their faves on this app and if you are not one of them, you get that undue slander.

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The racist violence in Amazon's new series #Them has viewers asking: How far is too far?…
Set in 1953, the series follows the fictional Emorys, who have journeyed from North Carolina to settle in Compton, which at the time was dominated by whites, a sharp contrast with the city’s predominantly Black population today…
#Them” features horrific scenarios of Black people being attacked, images that remain highly resonant with the national furor surrounding police brutality against Black people and the resurgence of white supremacist groups…
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It’s so strange to me that wider-known Black artists are not creating music to reflect this social/political moment.

The last time we were in this place as a nation, it sparked a revolutionary creative period in music and literature that reflected the voices of Black people.
I don’t want y’all to think I’m romanticizing that moment. No, I know that music is only a salve.

But language and art can be modalities through which we imagine our liberated selves, and find points of entry to engage radical struggle.

See: James Baldwin, Gil Scot Heron, Nina.
Political unrest is wild-making. It creates space for new avenues of expression, freer possibilities in our creative mediums.

Look at the social-political location of the Harlem Renaissance + of Hip-Hop. Black creative expansion has an inherent relationship to Black revolution.
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minding my own business then suddenly remembering the last time i went to a live music show ImageImage
the flashing lights... putting earbuds on bc i forgot my plugs again... unsticking my shoes from the beer-stained floor... feelings that exist now only in my memory
getting constantly bumped into because black women are invisible to #them..... all vibes
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#LFLo 1970-2013 Indian experts & media (#LIMPs, #ILIE) told us that #Islamc #Republic of #Pakistan are #People #Like #Us (#PLUs)! 2014-2019 the #LIMPs & #ILIE (=Indian Liberal Intellectual elite) told us we are rapidly #becoming like #them . Amazing knowledge of contmp history 🤡
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