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1/6 What could $22 million going towards free tuition for 480 police recruits a year go towards that would actually enhance community well-being and safety? Here are a few ideas #IfWeHad22MillionDollars per year...
2A/6 #IfWeHad22MillionDollars - INVESTING IN YOUTH

@fordnation could provide 22,000 kids with a breakfast and snack program, allowing them to concentrate & learn better, diminish behavioural issues + help stop the school detention to suspension to expulsion to prison pipeline.
2B/6 For that money @fordnation could fund enrolment for 11,000 youth in a mentoring program per year at a cost of $2,000 per kid.

For that money the Ford govt could fund enrolment for 22,000 youth in a six-week leadership training course at a cost of $1,000 each.
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You may be aware that @MattWalshBlog had his @Twitter account hacked last night.

What you may not know is that the attack went well beyond Twitter.

The hackers have managed to gain access to, well, everything, including twenty years of Matt's emails.
What scandalous information will the hackers find in Matt's email? I do not know. I'm sure I said things in my twenties that I wouldn't feel great having aired publicly.

What will @realDailyWire's response be to things 20-year-old Matt may have said?

This hack, as terrible and invasive as it is, is just another day at the office for us.

Here is a brief look at just the last 48 hours @realDailyWire.
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Keke Palmer responded to a viral tweet, which asserted that a perceived difference in the ‘mainstream popularity’ of Palmer vs. Zendaya ‘may be one of the clearest examples of how colorism plays out in Hollywood.’
Palmer, who has a leading role alongside Daniel Kaluuya and Steven Yeun in Jordan Peele’s new film, ‘Nope’—currently the #1 film at the box office—implicitly referenced the tweet in her own July 24 post.
Palmer wrote: 'A great example of colorism is to believe I can be compared to anyone. I’m the youngest talk show host ever. The first Black woman to star in her own show on Nickelodeon, & the youngest & first Black Cinderella on broadway. I’m an incomparable talent.'
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With #NopeMovie, Jordan Peele has a close encounter of the Spielberg kind.

Whether you leave the movie in high spirits or scratching your head, @GeBraxton has the guide for you, explaining all those references to the “Jaws” director in Peele’s new movie.…
Sprinkled through “Nope” are shoutouts to Hitchcock, Sidney Poitier and even, yes, Dwayne Johnson’s “The Scorpion King.” But perhaps the most obvious riffs are those saluting Steven Spielberg’s 1977 sci-fi classic, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”…
As in “Close Encounters,” a UFO lies at the core of #Nope. In both films, they fly swiftly in the darkened skies, wreaking havoc on power lines and electrical equipment.…
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I'm thinking about building a little @nopemovie themed web camera today. Movie comes out in one week. #NOPE ☁️🪁🪁🪁 NOPE movie title card. NOPE spelled in heavy white text on a
@nopemovie @JordanPeele I was looking for an opportunity to build with the @vuejs Composition API on @nuxt_js and feel like I have a simple idea which might be fun to build.
@nopemovie @JordanPeele @vuejs @nuxt_js I actually have two ideas but the second will be best for a @CodePen build. Let me try and build the camera first. 🛸
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.@uscensusbureau writes: " #2020Census data show the US population is much more #multiracial and more diverse than in the past"
What REALLY happend = 2020 survey Q? change. New fill-in-blank Q?s on ancestry/origins. If your ancestries span >1 continent 👉🏽 you are multiracial
I am stating simply bc twitter= not much exposition space...
#2020Census introduced new fill-in-blank Q?s on ancestry/origins. If your ancestries span >1 continent then👉🏽 @uscensusbureau's new processing regime possibly considers you "multiracial".
My critique of this... (2/n)
My critique of this: USCB's crosswalk equivalency* of: ancestry👉🏽race is an extreme conflation of sociology concepts. They overthrow the usual notions of (a) race= how you choose identify (#nope); and (b) race = how society or your community see you (also #nope) (3/n)
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There's something immensely calming about simply deleting an email from someone who begins with "I am writing to invite you to be part of this diversity initiative" and then goes on to position you as antagonist to the current system right from the get go. #NOPE
I'm very opposed to the current system but I'm 100% not fool enough at this stage to voluntarily put myself in any situation where I'm asked to provide the labour of identifying issues, providing constant justification and education, and then inevitably called "strong"/ "angry."
I am begging white people to really think about the stuff they put in emails of this sort because wow, does it say a lot and none of it good.
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Abro Hilo de las pelis/series que vaya viendo en el #2022
#1 The Night House, primera peli de este año y obvio tenía que ser de esta categoría, buena peli, buen suspenso, me llevé varios sustos y la trama muy original, recomendada 8.5/10 Image
#2 El canto del cisne, buen drama fantasía, lo deja a uno pensando que haría en esas situaciones tan drásticas, recomendada 8/10 Image
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If you were teaching the class, what would be the most important topic that an introductory policing in class in 2021 should address?

Join me at noon, cst, to discuss

#CRJ201 #AmericanPolicing #MoraineValley
Good afternoon, Policing fans, critics, supporters, activitists, students, officers, rookies, and future men & women behind the badge. Today is an introduction to the topics we will be covering the next 16 weeks in American Policing

#CRJ201 #AmericanPolicing #MoraineValley
What brings you to our discussion today?

#CRJ201 #AmericanPolicing #MoraineValley
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Cpt Hall's #PledgeofAllegiance in #AmericanSignLanguage on #InaugurationDay has rightfully seized our attention. In this thread, I want to analyse where this came from, what we can learn from it, and what we should NOT learn from it. Read more on this longish THREAD 1/20
When Cpt Hall starting signing, social media exploded with deaf people seeing fluency in her signs and wondering, as @NeilMcD did with his CODA son, if she was also a CODA. And she is! CODAs may grow up with a national sign language as one of their family languages @codaintl /2
Cpt Hall seemed to decide on her own to use #ASL (remember, sign languages are not universal- they are as distinct as spoken languages. The @WFDeaf_org estimates 200+ signed languages around the world. And only 50+ have been legally recognized.… /3
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I don’t normally disagree with @FrankFigliuzzi1 but today, I must.

It has ALWAYS been about white supremacy.

None of the previous white, male, homegrown terrorists have been just troubled souls.

They are not little lost boys or lone wolves.

They are radicalized terrorists.
This narrative that being troubled or poor is an excuse for murder or criminality is only extended to white men.

Black boys playing on playgrounds like #TamirRice are gunned down at 12.

Double murderers like #KyleRittenhouse are called heroes at 17.

#Nope #NopittyNope
I am not coming for @FrankFigliuzzi1. He’s a good dude. I like him.

But this skewed narrative that white supremacy and the mayhem, chaos and sadly death it causes being something just a few misguided lone wolves live by is not true or fair to their MANY victims.
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THREAD: Redressing my words 👊🏽 I’m not a fan of supposition & choose to acknowledge unconscious bias when I *see* it. PLUS I tend to lead w/ ❤️ - 90% of the time I discern, but 10%...ay ay ay...bueno. I diacknowledgege tho, it started with this tweet: 1/
And then I acknowledged that I didn't have all the facts. I was at home and triggered by my fellow podcaster cohorts in attendance at #Evolutions2020 and the posts that I saw.

I did exactly what I teach *against* - read the posts and started 🗣

Background: @hernanlopez announced there was going to be this *new* Podcast Academy + awards, which to those of us that had been around for a bit sounded like The Academy of Podcasters, which was a thing for about 3 yrs occurring @podcastmovement 3/
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Real talk, I’m from Cleveland & everyone in my family was told that we were Erie on our grandmother’s side. I proudly told dang near everyone I ever met.

I was “six years ago” years old when @Ancestry told me #Nope!

Folks need to lay off @ewarren about that for real for real.
Further, I have checked black and Native American on a form before. Why? Because my family said I was part Erie and I was PROUD to be.

Who wouldn’t be proud to be a part of the Native American community?!

Again, I didn’t find out I wasn’t, until 2014.
ANYONE who can’t see or understand how this could happen and who INSIST on continuing to vilify @ewarren over this even after I and many others have shared that they too were told they were part Native American & BELIEVED it...

Your agenda is showing.
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What “brilliant” move did I play in this 3-minute game as White?

What’s the actual best move? Image
I played Rb5?! with the idea that Qc7 Rxe5 Qc6 Nd5 and there “must be something.” #nope Luckily they played ...Qxe5 allowing BB5 mating. 🤗

Checked with the computer later and the prosaic Na4 is the best move.
Oops I meant Rb5 Qc7 Rxe5 f6 Nd5 Qc6 and there’s nothing to do
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Alright Twitterverse, listen up! I want to try something CRAZY. You and I, we're going to play some #DnD5e together. I'll be the DM, and all of you together will be the player. Each day I will post a new 24h poll. Your answers will determine what happens next in the story. 1/...
Should be fun, am I right? You'll all be like a hydra character, having one body but with many minds. The more people playing the game (number of votes), the more interesting the choices will be! Help us expand the hive of players by retweeting with the hashtag #TwitterDnd. 2/...
The goal is to connect with people in a fun and engaging way and give them a shared experience together. If I can also show new players how easy it is to get into #DnD5e so much the better. We'll try to keep it simple with traditional rules and see how far our hero can get. 3/...
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Trump Adviser Tom Barrack Said to Have Pursued Saudi Nuclear Deal as He Sought Administration Role

Barrack texted Rashid al-Malik, that he wanted M.B.Z., to intervene with Kushner, to push Mr. Barrack’s appointment as a special envoy to the Middle East.

Senior MI5 and FBI officials shared concerns about ‘our strange situation’ in 2016. #SamePlayers

Texts McCabe, & Jeremy Fleming, then MI5, now the head of GCHQ, reveal their surprise re outcome of the EU referendum, & notes it as “wake-up call”.

The Brexit vote was viewed w/in the FBI as a sign that Russian & co conspirators’ activities had been successful

in August 2016, Fleming noted that members of the FBI and MI5 had “met on our strange situation”, a veiled reference to discussions about RU activities
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AATIP or the "Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program" is on the look out for hostile ET's ya'll!

#TTSA #Nope #WeCanDoBetter Image
While #ET's certainly exist it is unreasonable to take a public position that states they are threatening or positive. Et's, or inter-dimensionals are most certainly both and in reality it is up to us what we invite.

#Disclosure #fulldisclosure Image
The quality of inter-dimensional ET we come in contact with is actually a mirror of our own society, That is how portals work, they are rooted in the collective mental and emotional energy of the planet.

#Starseed #Portals #Consciousness ImageImage
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It's been a little over a month since I got back from #LivingLaVidaLagos and even though I am still missing it like crazy (someone yell "like CRAZY!"), I feel ready to share some of my experiences; the good, the bad & the neutral.

Lagos, THANK YOU for a truly wonderful time ❤.
One of the best things that I did? I went to the opera 💃! Y'all, did you know there's opera in Lagos? And I don't mean 'good enough for Lagos' opera. I mean, proper, 'beautiful, well-trained instruments', opera! I watched #DonGiovanni at the #MusonCenter.
I also loooved Fela's Shrine. I actually went twice; on the day I arrived & again for #Felabration2018. You guys, it was so much fun! I ended up abandoning my people and going up front to dance with the King!
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Dear @thedailybeast
How James Comey Covered His Ass and Elected Donald Trump… via @thedailybeast
Uh Buh Wuh Duz That Haz To Dooooooo With Comey?
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Good news everyone! My flight is several hours delayed, so I’m going to have a beer and read this book and think ideas and tell you them
I started reading it previously, and below you’ll find a selection of the comments I wrote then.

In the spirit of what-the-fuck-else-am-I-going-to-do-for-four-hours, though, I’m going to start back at the beginning.
One of the things I find frustrating about software design blogs/books/talks is when they repeat received wisdom about software design without questioning whether it really makes sense anymore. I mean, it might still make sense...but it really might not.
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this is my fave.
she links to @TeaPainUSA's blog on investigatetreason as source for info, then puts him on russiarevealedrevealed…
she also called @JamesFourM a MAGA with "far right views"
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