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I was closely involved with much that's reported in this story.
I was a longtime GCC member and a staff member during David Gray's tenure. I knew him and his family.
I know some of the women referenced, and some of these stories. They are the tip of a toxic iceberg. 1/3
There are more women in churches affiliated with GCC through TMS and the ACBC world, with stories that are just as bad as these. Mine was a pale shadow in comparison. But it's because of what I endured that I feel such holy anger on their behalf. 2/3
The more experienced you are with how hard it is to be heard and believed, the more gratitude you feel when it happens anywhere.
God bless Hohn Cho for his costly work on behalf of the abused.
And God bless @kateshellnutt for stewarding and reporting this story so well. 3/3
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"Star Trek" actor George Takei paid tribute to Olivia Newton-John: "Know that we are forever hopelessly devoted to you, Olivia."
#CODA star Marlee Matlin: "She was the sweetest and brightest light."
Lea Salonga, who stars in HBO Max’s #PrettyLittleLiarsOriginalSin , said: "Hers was one of the voices of my childhood."
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Kotsur's dad asked him about cochlear implants when he was younger: “I always said no. I appreciate that my father let me choose my own identity because I’m so happy with who I am. Why should I change to fit the outside world and suffer? This is who I am.”
“I’ve been patient with the outside world. Now it’s time for the outside world to be patient with me,” he says. “I think sign language is beautiful.”
“We can chat, sign language underwater & completely communicate if I dive into a swimming pool or scuba dive,” he notes. “You could sign through a glass window & go into a restaurant even with background noise. There are so many benefits to sign language.”
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📽️#Kinocube participará nos faladoiros dos #Oscars do Cinema Lobeira os vindeiro 23 e 30 de marzo!

Que vos parece se imos quentando motores repasando algúns dos filmes nominados nesta edición? 😉

Comezamos cos nominados a mellor filme! 👇 Image
🎞️Nightmare Alley (Guillermo del Toro, 2021)

Non é un remake do filme de Edmund Goulding, senón unha volta ao material orixinal cunha reinterpretación dos arquetipos do #filmnoir 🕵️

#NightmareAlley Image
🎞️Don't look up (Adam McKay, 2021)

Unha sátira afiada sobre a nova era da desinformación, tan cómica como desesperanzadora. ☄️

#DontLookUp Image
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I hate you MS Office 365, I hate you!…
this is not working collaboratively in the Cloud!!! This is a mess!
If your changes are rejected by the server, or you loose your changes, the workaround? "Send an instant message or e-mail to the other authors letting them know about the changes you want to keep" WTF!!!!
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Premios Oscar 2022: “El callejón de las almas perdidas” de #GuillermodelToro recibió 4 nominaciones, incluida 'Mejor Película' #OscarNoms
#Conoce a todos los nominados a los #Oscars2022: The Power of the Dog lidera la lista con 12 nominaciones 😮
#EugenioDerbez reaccionó a las 3 nominaciones de #CODA en los #Oscar2022 y en la que quedó fuera a 'Mejor Actor de Reparto' #OscarNoms
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Abro Hilo de las pelis/series que vaya viendo en el #2022
#1 The Night House, primera peli de este año y obvio tenía que ser de esta categoría, buena peli, buen suspenso, me llevé varios sustos y la trama muy original, recomendada 8.5/10 Image
#2 El canto del cisne, buen drama fantasía, lo deja a uno pensando que haría en esas situaciones tan drásticas, recomendada 8/10 Image
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Ontem nós mostramos o Top 10 de séries de 2021 de cada adm, e como foi dito, hoje vamos mostrar o top 10 de filmes lançados esse ano. Segue o fio.

Começando pelas listas de Rafa, empregado na empresa Letterboxd, e a lista de David. O que acharam? Jajá vem mais. ImageImage
As listas dos nossos adms Wes, nosso ajudador do insta e do twitter, e Gabs, nosso membro festivalesco.

Olha 'Duna' ali marcando presença. Será que vai aparecer mais vezes? 👀 ImageImage
Seguindo agora com as listas de Gabi, nossa instagrammer e podcaster, e de Math, nosso deuso das relações públicas.

#CODA se firmando nas listas, hein? 🤘🏾 ImageImage
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If you’re self-conscious about crying in public, “CODA” is a movie that makes you thankful that face coverings are required in theaters these days.…
Nobody associated with #CODA is surprised by the waterworks it inspires.

Why the film made a teamster cry:…
The question for #CODAfilm is whether it can work the tear ducts of film academy members who, historically, haven’t really rewarded feel-good family tales…
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#CODA will probably be successful. Hearing people will like it. Success opens doors for deaf people. That's good.

But there are also many deeply harmful messages in this movie. Does the likely success cancel that out? 1/
35 years ago, the movie Children of a Lesser God was released. The representation was deeply flawed. As a newly deaf teen, I came away from it thinking that deafness was terrible and tragic and that maybe, if I was pretty enough, a hearing man would love me anyway. 2/
But it was a success. It opened doors. It made a big enough star out of Marlee Matlin that, when she was told that hearing actors were going to play her husband and son in #CODA, she put her foot down and insisted on deaf actors. All respect to her for doing that. 3/
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.@MarleeMatlin, who has been deaf since she was infant, was once dropped from playing a judge after suggesting the show have the role of courtroom interpreter.

“You can speak, Marlee. You can read lips. Why can’t you just play it the way it was written?”…
On sets, she is almost always the only Deaf person. That never impacts her acting, but it does influence how comfortable she feels socially.

And then #CODA happened.…
Not only is #CODAfilm the first major Hollywood release to feature multiple Deaf leads, but its hearing director, @sianheder, endeavored to make the set as accessible as possible.… Image
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"Life imitating art" 📽️

Saw a headline last week about the #VaticanBank being involved in some mysterious money flows, so decided to watch the newly edited #Godfather 3 #Coda


For those that don't know the connections, read on... Gives the📽️an added dimension 👀🕵️‍♀️ ImageImage
In the film, Michael #Corleone is effectively trying to break from the #Mafia life & channel his family wealth into something 'legit'

To do that, he tries to exploit an opportunity with the #VaticanBank who are attempting to plug holes in their balance sheet

#Immobiliare 💸 Image
In the film, #Immobiliare is a real estate vehicle owned by the Vatican & #DonCorleone wants to buy-in with his ill gotten gains & create a European conglomerate that will elevate the family for generations to come

Now for the obvious (& not so obvious) parallels with reality Image
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A colleague asked me for some advice about 16S rDNA sequencing... So here is what I've learned during my PhD even when I worked more with Metagenomics than with amplicon sequencing. Constructive additions are welcome.
Traditionally, 16S amplicon sequences were clustered at 97% to create operational taxonomic units (OTUs). A unit that corresponds more or less to species, so we thought.…
Now, everybody uses @bejcal's dada2 or equivalent tools to get ribosomal sequence variants (essentially OTUs at 100%) while controlling for sequencing error. Keep in mind this is not the same as full-length 16S clustered at 100%.
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#KarunaKumar's #Palasa1978 is made with a lot of conviction. The detailing of Slang & Language used and groundedness aspect of the movie is something that needs to be lauded. Very good Music & good Direction supported by very good performances. Powerful ending. Do watch.

7/10⭐️ Image
#ChintuKaBirthday is just fine. It has its moments. The trailer looked very promising, but the film did not have much to offer. Few decisions look forced & the "emotional punch" the makers were aiming at did not land for me. Nevertheless, makes for a good family watch.

6/10⭐️ Image
#ArunKarthick's #Nasir breaks your heart so quickly, you'll take a lot of time to recover. Beautifully shot and edited, the film will resonate with you for sure. It only takes a second for things to go out of hands and Arun pulls that off with such perfection. Must watch.

8/10⭐️ Image
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👌Ja la tenim aquí: la #Coda de #novaveu 🙌

La #videocrítica conjunta de l'espectacle dels @ATRESBANDES i #QuartetBrossa a l @lauditori dins el @grecfestivalbcn 👏👏

Vídeo sencer aquí ▶️
🎬 Un vídeo dirigit i editat per la @soctastaolletes amb la col•laboració dels novaveus @Annafase_ @AnniePugnau @Herronita93 @PlatArtistic @pinyasonet @nilmartinlopez #LauraUlldemolins i #JoanaCortils 💪🏼

Cc: @Recomana_
Pd: la nova web arribarà... #pròximament 😉
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