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Trump’s scam is failing him, and he’s in a panic over it

Whatever policy recs Trump makes — family separations at the border, tax cuts for the super-rich, pulling out of the TPP— We can be virtually certain that he is wrong.
Use him as a guide to to do the opposite.

Pelosi’s words resonate on the global stage, which draws attention in foreign capitals, & carries a message from the US by simply arriving.

House Speaker Pelosi is an ambassador abroad, an emissary for bedrock democratic values & the promise of stability.

Tom Barrack & Trump have been friends & confidants for more than 3 decades, but now no longer speak.

B/c Trump said he didn’t get any of that Inaugural money, & didn’t know Tom paid $26M to Melania’s friend’s firm, even though they chatted multiple times daily.🙄
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As you read the MSM's #TooLatePivot and its line, "This is the first time we've known Trump had someone lie!" MIKE FLYNN PLEADED GUILTY TO LYING ABOUT TRUMP-RUSSIA IN DECEMBER *2017.*
And they fired him "for lying" about contacts with Sergey Kislyak. And Sally Yates testified about telling the White House and, instead of acting, fired *her.*
All of that was 2017. So was Comey getting fired and Manafort and Gates' indictment and all the rest.

The MSM blunted the narrative the law enforcement and NatSec communities were trying to tell the world, and *just now* are we hearing less Wisconsin buttery males.
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Re-upping in the context of Michael cohen’s guilty plea for lying to Congress.
Roger Stone’s and Michael Caputo’s damningly false denials of contact with Russians…
Boop. June 2018.
Caputo changes testimony to include meeting with Russian…
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Guy who invests with mobsters addresses guy who is married to the Armenian mob and was used by mobsters & people connected to hostile foreign Intel services for info ops.
Oh and he mentions Michael Jackson, hey Tom Barrack, sup.…
“You cray, Lou.”
Nope honey. I just have the ability to see patterns before other people do.
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Friendly reminder!
This article came out 3 weeks *before* @blakehounshell published “Confessions of a Russiagate Skeptic”
LOL @blakehounshell why does anyone think you know what you are talking about.…
Super double triple LOL at your #TooLatePivot, IN JULY 2018, @blakehounshell…
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"I am a gazillionaire who pushed MAGA3X/the Deploraball/racist meme army/SouthernStrategy 2.0, but I gave $8.12 so you can't call me a racist anymore, mkay"
This is #AltLite trying to distance themselves from #NazisTryToTakeDCandFailBecauseTheyAreNazis
h/t: @Grzabjj
@JeffGiesea with the #TooLatePivot
Hey Jeff.
we see you, hon. And so does Mueller.
Cognitive dissonance, how does it work?
awwww jeffy honey.
thy barrel is night, dear.
"weird" why did you delete that last one, jeff?
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Dear "journalists" with the #TooLatePivot,
I hope your names aren't on the list from Washington East West Political Strategies AKA COREY LEWANDOWSKI.
"winning favorable coverage for politicians from “international correspondents with whom we enjoy trusted relationships.”
That's not journalism, lovelies. That's PR.
P.S. Meet FARA. And if you coordinated with others on favorable coverage for foreign clients? Meet RICO. The 1st Amendment doesn't protect your right to TREASON.
Or Misprision of Treason. It's a thing. 😘
Journalists who cooperated with/got "scoops" from/worked for foreign spy service fronts: "BUH WHY WUZ I WUZ INBESTIGATED BY DUH EFF BEE EYE????"
because counterintelligence, you assholes.
that's why.
p.s. Black Cube is not a trustworthy source
Lou 😘
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