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Italy's joins China's Belt and Road Initiative (2019)… | Italy was the first major European economy to join China's the Belt & Road Initiative #BRI
China, Italy vow to actively implement MoU on BRI (Sept 2019)…
How Italy’s ruling class has warmed to China investments (2019)… | “The plan has also highlighted the extent to which Chinese influence has grown in Italy, home to the largest Chinese population in Europe, especially since the European debt crisis.”
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#Europe is the midst of its #5G decision, with all eyes currently set on Germany. But there is a second crucial theatre for 5G competition that regrettably gets very little attention: #SoutheastAsia. Thread:
Right at China’s doorstep #Huawei has a long history and market share dominance in the strategically important region. Of the ten @ASEAN countries only Singapore & Vietnam have so far opted for Huawei’s competitors. 1/7
For the less affluent #SEA states cost-benefit calculation is central & so far pretty clear: Huawei is cheap & offers leading technology. For them costs are less tangible: Some #SoutheastAsian states rely on #US security. But how will US react to UK decision? Will it at all? 2/7
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América Latina, ante el inédito escenario de 2 potencias globales (capitalistas) con proyectos ambiciosos de bienes públicos:
#AmericaCrece 🇺🇸
#BRI 🇨🇳
10 Variables a mirar. Breve Hilo👇
1.SISTEMA: Ante mayor rigidez de la bipolaridad, menores márgenes de autonomía para pivotear y usufructuar
2.TÁCTICA: del "masterplan" a la inversión/resultados hay un largo trecho. La autocracia 🇨🇳 parece ser más ágil.
3. PAÍSES: lo qué hagan los grandes 🇧🇷🇮🇹🇦🇷, clave
4. PODER: Detrás de los bienes públicos hay influencia, intereses pol y eco. No hay "almuerzos gratis" en las RRII.
5. LINKAGE: mirar la vinculación de cuestiones que piden las potencias.
6.BUROCRACIAS: canales domésticos donde las potencias pujan en la toma de decisiones.
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A thread about how well #China is playing the international game to become the most prominent economy in this decade, by @swardley.
@swardley Some key points about #China's long-run #strategy:

- For the #CPC (Communist Party of China) the #market is only a tool to leverage the power of the Chinese people, culture, and state, and not the holy sacred truth, as most western liberals believe. See @swardley's explanation.
@swardley - #China, through its CPC, acts as the #world's #biggest #buyer of goods & services, and hence, is able to impose its conditions (read law, prices, access to intellectual property, etc) to all multinationals that want to access the Chinese market, no matter how big they are.
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#China's diplomatic and economic relations with Israel and the #Palestinians over the past 20 years has largely reinforced #Israeli predominance — a marked contrast to China’s historic position in relation to the conflict.…
Over 60 nations are now within China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ mission
The jewel in the crown for #China, the #Israeli land bridge – connecting the Red Sea with the Mediterranean Sea via rail which would provide a safe alternative route to the Suez Canal.…
Tel Aviv seeks revival of Hejaz railway track to link #Israel with the Gulf
A proposed project to link Israel and the #Gulf through​ a railway is yet another sign of growing relations between Israel and #SaudiArabia.…
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House Judiciary Committee publishes full impeachment report

In making its case that President Donald Trump abused his power and obstructed Congress, the committee concludes, "President Trump has realized the Framers' worst nightmare.

Trump Undermined our National Security: “President Trump’s abuse of power harmed the United States. It undermined our national security and weakened our democracy. There is no indication that the President attended to these concerns in pursuing his own political errand.

The President’s Pattern of Obstruction: “The pattern is as unmistakable as it is unnerving. [In 2016], Trump welcomed and invited a foreign nation to interfere in a US Presidential election to his advantage; here, Trump solicited & pressured a foreign nation to do so.
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July 25 forecast: Sunny, with cloud of impeachment for Trump

McRaven: theUS is 'under attack from the president'

Instead of picking up the torch of democracy proudly carried by McCain, the GOP of Trump is clutching the tiki torch of Russian propaganda. #Traiitors

Pelosi to lead delegation to climate summit amid US withdrawal from Paris climate deal

EU antitrust regulators say they are investigating Google's data collection

Trudeau Has Canada's Economy Humming—the country has become a technology juggernaut.

Anatomy of money laundering in B.C. real estate: 12 cases, $1.7B, 20 countries and 30 banks

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou doesn't want her case broadcast on TV — in case it attracts Trump

B.C. pol’n breaks silence: China detained me, is interfering ‘in our democracy’
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The Biden story is a cover for Trump’s favor (quid pro quo) to Putin to force Zelenski withdraw troops from Donbas & relinquish the region to Putin.
Putin has a multi step plan to achieve 'Novorossiya'

“Novorossiya” is an archaic term for an area that was controlled by Russia during the imperial czarist times of the 19th century.…
🔑Like the Saudi Nuke Deal TeamTrump hasn’t stoped trying to implement a plan to help Putin regain control of Eastern Ukraine.

A Back-Channel Plan for Ukraine and Russia, Courtesy of Trump Associates
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Andrew Miller, Stone’s "wingman," will appear at Stone's Nov trail for lying to Congress & the FBI

With Altered Map, Trump Insists He Was Right About Dorian Heading for Alabama

Hurricane Dorian's death toll rises to 21 as it charges up Southeast coast

Buyer of Jeffrey Epstein’s jet has ties to sanctioned Venezuelan

Epstein Court Docs Could Implicate ‘Hundreds Of Other People’

DEMs Target Trump’s Pardon Offers to Immigration Officials

Trump wants the national parks to generate revenue—creeping privatization

Earth just endured its hottest month on record, and Greenland's massive ice sheet is melting an alarming rate.

Nevertheless, Trump has attempted to remove many of the guardrails installed by the Obama adm to limit the emissions of greenhouse gases.
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This agreement between #China & Iran is one of most important #geopolitical developments of the year & its outcomes will reverberate beyond the geopolitics of energy field

▪️ $280bn to be invested by China in #Iran's oil, gas & petrochemicals sectors 1/…
- China will get minimum guaranteed discount of 12% to any oil, gas & petchems products that it'll buy; plus another 6 to 8%
-China to speed up development of #Phase 11 of South Pars gas field -from which Total had withdrawn, in response to US sanctions
-Also, production from 2/
from Iran's West Karoun oil fields to be increased by addit' 500,000bl/d by end of 2020
-China's imports of Iranian oil to stay high, even to be increased=>a continuous undermining factor of US sanctions policy

-China can delay the payment of Iranian oil, gas and petchems 3/
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#راه_ابریشم_نوین یا #ابتکار_کمربند_جاده یا #یک_کمربند_یک_جاده مهم ترین نمود و نماد #ژئوپلتیک_راه در جهان امروز است. اهمیت #راه_شاهی و #راه_ابریشم نمایان گر مرکزیت #ژئوپلتیک_راه در سامانه سیاسی-اقتصادی-فرهنگی-اداری ایران است./1 #سیمرغ_ایران #NewSilkRoad #BeltandRoad #silkroad #bri
#راه_ابریشم_نوین طرح کلان سرمایه گذاری #چین در زیربناھای اقتصادی ۶۰ کشور جھان است که مھم ترین سویه اعمال قدرت #چین در ورای مرزھای خود برای دھه ھای آینده خواھد بود. گذشته از مسیر زمینی٬#راه_ابریشم_دریایی و #راه_ابریشم_یخی بخشی از این مگاپروژه هستند./2 #Maritime_Silk #Ice_Silk_Road
ایده پرداز اصلی #راه_ابریشم_نوین #شی_جین_پینگ رهبر چین است. راه افتادن این طرح همراه با دگرگونی های ژرفی در #ژئوپولتیک و چیدمان قدرت در #خاورمیانه_بزرگ خواهد بود و بر جایگاه ایران در منطقه و جهان تاثیر خواهد گذاشت. این امر به دلایل زیر باز می گردد:/3
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Trump’s scam is failing him, and he’s in a panic over it

Whatever policy recs Trump makes — family separations at the border, tax cuts for the super-rich, pulling out of the TPP— We can be virtually certain that he is wrong.
Use him as a guide to to do the opposite.

Pelosi’s words resonate on the global stage, which draws attention in foreign capitals, & carries a message from the US by simply arriving.

House Speaker Pelosi is an ambassador abroad, an emissary for bedrock democratic values & the promise of stability.

Tom Barrack & Trump have been friends & confidants for more than 3 decades, but now no longer speak.

B/c Trump said he didn’t get any of that Inaugural money, & didn’t know Tom paid $26M to Melania’s friend’s firm, even though they chatted multiple times daily.🙄
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Biden puts Trump to shame

Biden made the case that Trump fundamentally doesn’t understand the job. “Trump offers no moral leadership; seems to have no interest in unifying this nation, no evidence the presidency has awakened his conscience in the least,” he said.

Biden recounted the parade of Trump horribles — from Charlottesville (“very fine people on both sides”) to raising fear of a refugee “invasion” to calling Baltimore a “disgusting, rat-infected and rodent mess” that “no human being” would choose to live in.

Biden did accuse Trump of pouring fuel on the fire, retweeting white nationalist messages and cutting funding to fight domestic, white nationalist terrorism.

He said Trump’s invoking of mental health as the issue was “a dodge”
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At least 20 people died and 26 injured in an El Paso mall shooting.

Suspect is ID’d #MAGA #Radicalized

Shooter drove to the border town of EL Paso to kill immigrants. #HateCrime

All children have been permanently moved from Homestead detention center.

Deutsche Bank Tech Issue Causes Six-Hour Email Outage in U.S.

Danske Bank has outlined plans to quit Russia by January next year after the Danish bank was rocked by allegations its Estonian branch was involved in a mind-boggling $230bn money laundering scandal.

Danske has closed the Estonian branch, which was accused of laundering money for Ukrainian arms traders in NoK & Iran

In Dec 2009, Thai police 
intercepted a flight en route from NK to Iran loaded with 40 tonnes of weaponry, including anti-aircraft rockets.
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Putin has actively sought to destabilize the EU by supporting nationalist, populist parties like the League. In May, the Austrian gov’t fell after a video revealed the leader of Austria’s R wing discussing public contracts in exchange for RU campaign aid.…
“Funding to an Italian political party by a foreign state is illegal,” said Emanuele Fiano, member of Parliament who called on Mr. Salvini to appear before the Lower House to explain the financial negotiation heard on the tape.…
“It’s also dangerous to know that an Italian party has a contract of collaboration with a foreign state,” he added in an interview.

Two former prime ministers from the Democratic Party also called on Wednesday for an official inquiry.…
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‼️Are Brazilian President-elect Bolsonaro, Justice Minister Sergio Moro, Glenn Greenwald, Pierre Omidyar and Evgenyi Bogachev, (FBI's most wanted black-hat hacker) involved in an international coordinated cybercrime aimed at destabilizing the Brazilian democracy?

“A Brazilian hacker, codenamed "mysterious peacock" exposed confidential documents on Twitter claiming to have traced Bitcoin deposits on the sum of 300k USD paid from The Intercept to Evgenyi Bogachev, FBI's most wanted black-hat hacker.”

Trump Claims PBO Knew about FBI Russia inv’n: 'You're Going to Find That Out'

Trump said former PBO "had to know" about the FBI "setup" to investigate his campaign, but shied away from directly accusing Obama of initiating the inv’n for the time being.
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Assessing the Risks of Chinese Investments in Sub-Saharan African Ports

Sub-Saharan African ports play an integral role in Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative. 46 sub-Saharan African ports tied to Chinese entities have been identified. #BRI…
🏮China’s Belt and Road Makes Inroads in AFRICA
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Trump’s company sells a Beverly Hills mansion to firm linked to Hary Tanoesoedibjo, an Indonesian billionaire

He is Trump’s biz partner on 2 projects in Indonesia — a resort on the island of Bali & a golf course and resort in the forests of West Java.…
Meet The Donald Trump Of Indonesia: Another Billionaire Who Wants To Be President: Hary Tanoesoedibjo, Chairman of MNC Corp…
Like Trump, Hary is becoming a magnet for scandal, including a recent allegation (previously unreported in the West) that he was involved in a plot by a previous Indonesian president to frame a former government official for murder.…
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Why frequent confusion about China's Belt & Road Initiative?
Answer: Failure to understand Chinese domestic politics

At @ForeignAffairs I highlight 2⃣domestic drivers 🚘 of #BRI #BeltandRoad

Paywall-wall 🆓 this week
The confusion surrounding BRI defies a stereotype of China’s leadership as strategic and coherent.

Because China is an autocracy, many assume that its leaders formulate farsighted grand strategies, which subordinates work to faithfully execute.

🇨🇳 Chinese regime is FAR FROM COHERENT

National agendas are formulated at top & proclaimed by leaders...

Yet implementation is left to a litany of committees, ministries & local governments, tasked with translating grand vision into concrete policies and projects
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With #US sanctions on #Iran, this is the time for #Pakistan to squeeze #Tehran on #IRGC's destabilization inside Pak+alliance with #India in #Afghanistan+#Chabahar. #Islamabad should leverage IRGC's use of Pakistani markets/ports for smuggling and evading
#US sanctions. #Pakistan should not look away this time as it did during #Iran-#Iraq war in 80s when #IRGC used Pak facilities to dodge sanctions. Let's remember how the Pasdaran, who are #India's allies in Iran, bluntly threw Dr AQ Khan under the bus in 2003 creating the biggest
crisis for #Pakistan's nuclear program, and how #Iran joined #India diplomats in openly lobbying #China to end #CPEC part of #BRI bcz "#Balochistan is not safe" while sponsoring terrorism to ensure #Beijing changes its mind. This is the moment to isolate
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#China Belt and Road Initiative Explained Thread 👇

#BRI (via @IIF )
1) Invest billions in countries every other investor in the history of the world whether public or private has passed over because of corruption, crime, weak institutions, no education, list goes on infinitely
2) Realize that those countries (or projects) will never be able to repay the debt for the investment but it's ok because #China gains geopolitical and military influence

(one wonders why nobody has has sought this type of influence in the past, except for the Soviets)
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📌Mueller Delivers Report on RU to AG

📌Barr will meet RR & Mueller this weekend on how to proceed.
📌’No further indictments’ are the key operative words. Means Mueller will not file additional Indictments.

📌However, he likely filed many SEALED INDICTMENTS.

This is not an end but rather a new beginning.

OSC is a contractor to DOJ; his office will be wrapping up; but if he secured any indictments under seal, they could be handed off to other divisions of the DOJ.

Ex: handed off to DC, EDVA, SDNY & other jurisdictions

Michael Beschloss suggests, Mueller waited for the 46th anniversary of the Watergate tape where President Nixon tells John Mitchell, ‘I want you all to stonewall it, let them plead the Fifth Amendment, cover-up or anything else, if it’ll save it – save the plan.’
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📌Friday is the day the grand jury indictments come down!

📌Investigators looking into lawyers’ contacts with Cohen after FBI raids

📌Brennan Predicts Mueller Report, & More Indictments On Friday & added, if a DonJr is indicted Trump would likely fire him.

“This Fri is better than next Friday b/c next Fri is the 3/15, which is the Ides of March,"

“& I don't think Mueller will want to have that dramatic flair when he delivers what I think are going to be are his indictments, the final indictments as well the report."

The Trump administration’s efforts to fast track transfer of nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia enjoyed the assistance of a lobbying firm Prime Policy Group (PPG), that represented Ukraine’s then pro-Russian government. #Manafort #Stone #Black
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"I want to warn the world about an unprecedented danger that’s threatening the very survival of open societies.

…I’ll focus on #China, where President #XiJinping wants a one-party state to reign supreme."…
"Xi is trying to consolidate all the available info about a person into a centralized database to create a 'social credit system'..people will be evaluated by algorithms that will determine whether they pose a threat to the 1-party state. People will then be treated accordingly."
"#China is not the only #authoritarian regime in the world, but it is undoubtedly the #wealthiest, #strongest & most developed in machine learning & #AI.

This makes #Xi the #most #dangerous #opponent of those who believe in the concept of #OpenSociety."…
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