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We DON'T Trust them Max. I surely don't. That is FOR CERTAIN. #UNEXIT
Given how I feel in the comment above, can you blame me for thinking this social DISTANCING is a bunch of bull? I mean, look who ordered it? What does this sign say? Oh look... the World Health Organization. Why are we still listening to them?
(I just took this pic myself btw)
This is what the UN has planned. Wake up folks. The WH O can not be trusted.
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Una charla Ted, donde el mismo dice, con la excusa del cambio clim谩tico y el CO2, que hace falta reducir la poblaci贸n...
Y que si hacen bien lo de la vacunaci贸n, podr谩n REDUCIR la poblaci贸n entre un 10 y un 15%
No te lo crees?
Aqu铆 el "fil谩ntropo" diciendo q hasta q no estemos todos fuertemente vacunados, puede que no se hagan reuniones masivas.
-Ha hablado con el presidente?
-No, con empresas de vacunas y drogas (CDC,NIH)

El Dr. Fauci lleva 5 administraciones en el Gobierno. Demasiadas
En 2017 ya anunciaba un "BROTE SORPRESA" para la administraci贸n de Trump.
Curioso, no?
Neg贸 la utilidad de la dioxicloroquina, finalmente la apoya del todo.
El Sim贸n de USA
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At 9:05, Steven Harper, whose Conservative Government signed Canada onto Agenda 2030 - A GLOBAL SOCIALIST UN GOVERNMENT AGENDA - slams Bernie Sanders for promoting Socialism!! The hypocrisy is almost criminal!! #WAKEUPCANADA #UNExit
@StephenHarper also promotes Huawei. He's a Globalist piece of shit, just like the rest of the Conservative Party leadership candidates and their ruling authorities. @jkenney and the rest of the fake conservatives all need to be called out too! #WAKEUPCANADA
I would love to see a Conservative Party leadership candidate step up and promote true conservative values and actually represent the millions upon millions of Canadians who don't want the UN Sustainable Development Agenda. Who among you?
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馃攷Wet'suwet'en: A Deeper Look馃攳

1) There is much more going on than we're being told. The office of Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs is a political organization and not the actual band itself.
2) The office of Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs takes money from the Tides Foundation. This is well documented and admitted by both sides.
2) Tides is funded in part by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and gives money to other anti-oil initiatives.鈥
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1) In regards to the UN Agendas 21/2030/and UNSDA(sustainable development agenda) which includes the Paris Accord and carbon pricing, ask the questions. While this plan was in development since the late 60鈥檚, why were the masses never informed or educated on it?
2) Why,with the agenda being so enormous and consequential that it will 鈥渢ransform our world鈥,that no media talked about it,(Anyone that did was labeled a conspiracy theorist),why are the masses so woefully unaware that this agenda affects all aspects of our lives or even exists?
3) Aspects like higher taxes(carbon tax affects cost of everything), loss of property rights like land and guns, loss of free expression, food production, transportation, and consumption, loss of industries and jobs, the attack on our basic identity and culture,...
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1) CBC says climate change the reason food prices going up. That鈥檚 misleading at best, but more like state sponsored propaganda.鈥
2) Carbon Tax/Carbon Pricing is what is raising food prices so much.

Carbon pricing hits everyone in the food chain. Producers like farmers and ranchers pay incredibly high carbon taxes.
3) The transportation/distribution companies pay high costs in carbon pricing. Then the retailers also pay more in carbon taxes. All these added costs get put on the consumer.
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Here we go... Expect another Climate Catastrophy. The UN is running out of money... again.
#UNexit #UNthiefs #UNcorruption鈥
Oh yeah... in case you guys forgot, let me remind you.
The UN was going broke in July 2018 as well. Pffft... losers.
The UN went from a $139 million deficit in 2018 to $230 million in one year.
Seems to be about the same amount the US is supposed to cough up for their UN dues for climate change.
Poor UN. 馃槩馃槩馃槩
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Mini thread:
UNRWA have plans to bring 100,000 Palestinians into our Nation.
Did we forget that the Trudeau Gov sent $50million of our tax dollars to fund UNRWA, a pro-Hamas & pro-Islamic org. who openly embrace an Islamist agenda.鈥
The UNRWA "United Nations Relief & Works Agency" has direct ties to Palestinian terrorist groups.
I posted a petition link last year to stop the funding to UNRWA.

Here's the petition to STOP funding them.鈥

NOW Palestinians are coming to Canada?
The first article states:
"The representative of Hamas in Lebanon, Ahmed Abdel-Hadi, told Al Akhbar that part of the Deal of the Century aims to resettle between 75,000 to 100,000 Palestinians in Lebanon & displace the rest to more than one country."
One country being Canada.
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This is being taught to 4th graders? WTF? How have parents not protested this? It's outrageous. 馃槨 This is nothing but Pedophelia grooming. There's no other explanation. NONE.
It's "CommonCore", a UN Agenda initiative. The UN is teaching your children that anal sex is the same as being "friendly".
It's evil & it's sick.
Total destruction & manipulation of our Youth.
#DefundUN #BanUN #UNEXT #UNexit #CommonCore
Here's an in-depth investigation into the origins of Common Core. c.2013. It's a little lengthy at 1:11:19 but worth the watch.
Common Core: Based on UN Agenda 21, UNESCO Standards
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1)@peoplespca @MaximeBernier @99freemind @FPVaughanIII @LauraLynnTT @PaulMitchellPPC @SalimMansurLNC @TomTSEC

This is why I believe our policy on foreign affairs is the most important. Issues that fall under the UN Sustainable Development Agenda affecting Canada and Canadians:
Migrant pact & Refugee Pact
鉁匬aris Accord
Emissions targets, carbon tax, attack on oil&gas industry, pipelines and tankers.
鉁匩ew Urban Agenda
Property rights, Bike lanes, City Planning, Infrastructure, Urban Forest,Pack em &Stack em
鉁匞un Rights
鉁匤ustice System
Reduction in sentencing ie:pedophilia and beastiality.
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