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Let me be clear, my starting point - their personal lives are their own. Full stop.

THAT SAID, with this video both @JustinTrudeau and Sophie Grégoire #TRUDEAU wilfully crossed the line of demarcation between public and private life.

#cdnpoli #PPC…
#SGT appears with #PMJT while #WE Charity situation ominously looms just over the distant hedgerow. $900M ISN'T chump change. The context reeks of nepotism & corruptness. Its rottenness in stark contrast to the rustic wholesomeness of the chosen setting, @OttawaFoodBank farm.
They present themselves almost as a (harmless) bumpkinly and unsophisticated couple - so obviously incapable of the machinations necessary to filtrate almost $1B.The shameless guile & craftiness of #PMO to orchestrate this image - as part of a (much) larger deception of the
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If Justyne Trudeau was a real man and actually wanted to protect Canadians, especially the country’s doctors and nurses, he would call President Trump and arrange a deal to buy N95 masks from one (or more) of the great US companies making them. Instead, he bought KN95 masks from
China, the creator of the COVID_19 #CCPVirus, that are not only built to substandard NON-medical specs...but were so defective upon arrival they fell apart when opened. The other deal he made with China resulted in Canadian plane being turned back when pick-up was attempted.
The plane returned completely empty. All of this after he initially shipped 17 tons of Canada’s stockpiled PPE to China! My mom’s neurologist told her today he has no masks at all, nor do any doctors/nurses working in the hospital.
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Wow! Someone (@WhydoiH) has kindly compiled links to all 84 of my Twitter threads on disinformation into a Google Sheet. They are organised by topic and date! From Brexit to the Algerian elections, they're all here. The kindness of strangers 😍… #disinfo
@WhydoiH Topics and hashtags include:
Jamal Khashoggi
Kjetil Jansrud
Muslim Brotherhood
Egypt Protests
Boris Johnson
Fake News
The Sun
Jo Swinson
Nigel Farage
David Schwartz
Boris Johnson
Angus Gallagher
Al Jazeera
Emir of Qatar visit to White House
Gulf Twitter
Greta Thunberg
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🔎Wet'suwet'en: A Deeper Look🔍

1) There is much more going on than we're being told. The office of Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs is a political organization and not the actual band itself.
2) The office of Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs takes money from the Tides Foundation. This is well documented and admitted by both sides.
2) Tides is funded in part by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and gives money to other anti-oil initiatives.…
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Allow me to tell you a tale.

On the way to the scene of a suicide, Dr Alan Drunkmund passed someone hanging from a tree. He mumbled "tragic" under his breath.

He then passed under a bridge, noticing a corpse on the ground. "How unfortunate", he shook his head, "A high fall"
Dr Drunkmund continued on his journey. His legs were getting sore, so he decided to borrow a car from his neighbour. Upon opening the garage, he noticed his neighbour dead in the car. Carbon monoxide poisoning.

"Won't be needing this anymore", he took the car and drove on.
During his drive to the scene of the shooting suicide, he noticed a body laying on train tracks. "Mental health needs better funding", he grimaced.

Dr Drunkmund finally arrived at his destination. Upon seeing the body of the shooting suicide victim, he shook his head in regret.
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Leblanc: “University of Moncton political science professor Donald Savoie, who has written extensively about the inner workings of various governments, said the integration of Mr. Trudeau’s and Ms. Freeland’s offices is unprecedented.”


Let that sink in.
Because the Trudeau Liberals are in unprecedented times.

They hold government without having popular vote.
They have a PM who broke laws and ethics.
And there’s still those 9 witnesses they want to hide.

“Another key PMO official is Ben Chin, who will oversee communications and will be involved in files such as intergovernmental affairs, budget planning and the completion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project.”

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1/3 To Canadians out there, it's interesting that the #TrudeauMustGo hashtag is still active. In the past few days, the most vocal account on the hashtag as shown in these network graphs is @canadausa2020. Interestingly, that account has blocked me (we've never spoken). The same
2/3 thing happened when I was looking at the Canadian elections a few months ago, I found a very active US/Canadian right wing and pro-Trump network, the centre of which @evenings_star - had also blocked me without us interacting. These anonymous, vociferous, and
3/3 ultimately spammy accounts seem to show no signs of abating. Honestly the perils of anonymity are interesting. If I were a journalist, I'd contact every account just to do some form of verification - as anonymity is becoming a serious weapon in disinformation wars
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Apologize for what? I believe he is speaking to all Cdn's, & quite frankly, he's right! Too many Cdn's take our freedoms for granted! The charter of rights & freedoms were bravely fought for by many that sacrificed everything for what we enjoy today!
It seems many Politicians & the media need a lesson in this regard, as they tend to ignore & bypass those very #rightsNfreedoms paid for in the blood those veterans shed to protect those freedoms! & IMO, this Cherry "non-issue" again is but another example of this
disregard for those very freedoms! Like this liberal gov'ts attempts to censor & shut down the voices & opinions of people using social media to voice their concerns & thoughts! There was a time in Canada, (before #TrudeauMustGo liberals) & before all this
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I am reposting my thread verbatim on Trudeau hashtags as Twitter censored the last one. This is mostly a point of principle! [Thread] 1/ In the following analysis, you will see pro-Trump accounts still dominating anti-Trudeau hashtags #cdnpoli
2/ Firstly I compiled samples from the beginning, middle an end of September, and also the 13th of October. These samples were mostly of the #TrudeauMustGo hashtag, as it seems to be the most enduring, and existed before Trudeau's blackface debacle. The sample totalled around
3/The total sample included over 100,000 tweets, retweets, mentions and replies. Once I removed duplicates, these were produced by around 12,000 unique accounts. That's actually not that many. It would suggest that much of the #TrudeauMustGo discourse is produced by a relatively
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[Thread] 1/ This is a quick audit of Twitter accounts that clearly label their position in regards to the #elxn43 . That is to say, who is more ostensibly dominant on Twitter - those who oppose Trudeau, or those who oppose Scheer (and vice versa)? For this analysis I just
2/ just a cursory check of pro & anti Scheer/Trudeau hashtags appearing in user biographies extracted not from a trend but from Twitter generally. Here are the figures. There are approx 720 Twitter accounts with #TrudeauMustGo in their biography, and only 14 with #TrudeauMustStay
3/ There are around 100 accounts with #Scheer4pm in their biographies, and around 200 with #teamtrudeau in. There are around 4 accounts with #scheerdisaster in their bios, and around 4 with #trudeau4treason. 6 with #trudeaublackface and 1 with #sheerhypocrisy,
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[Thread] 1/ I have compiled a lot of data over the past month on various Trudeau hashtags. In this analysis I compiled samples from the past 1.5 months In the following analysis, you will see pro-Trump accounts still dominating anti-Trudeau hashtags #cdnelxn2019 #cdnpoli
2/ Firstly I compiled samples from the beginning, middle an end of September, and also the 13th of October. These samples were mostly of the #TrudeauMustGo hashtag, as it seems to be the most enduring, and existed before Trudeau's blackface debacle. The sample totalled around
3/The total sample included over 100,000 tweets, retweets, mentions and replies. Once I removed duplicates, these were produced by around 12,000 unique accounts. That's actually not that many. It would suggest that much of the #TrudeauMustGo discourse is produced by a relatively
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Anti Democracy.

Trudeau believes a UK democratic referendum, where British people CHOSE to leave EU is a "right wing policy".

If that's not enough to convince you to vote him out I don't know what is.

OCT 11-14

#cdnpoli #elxn43 #TrudeauMustGo
🇨🇦 Advanced Voting & Registration:

***NB: If you are a Canadian citizen you can register at advanced voting booths with ID! ***

Details in tweets/links below.

Oct 11th-14th

#cdnpoli #elxn43 #TrudeauMustGo #GoVote…
🇨🇦 You must register to vote by Tuesday Oct 15th!

**NB**: If you don't have your voter info card yet you can register at advanced voting booths or Elections Canada offices.


Friday October 11 - Monday October 14
9am - 9pm…

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My firearm has been stolen, a New Zealand police officer (DT78?) is on the property trying to handcuff me. Help! #gropertrudeau
Officer has left the premises, I am OK, for now.
Officer is no doubt trying to take the hunting rifles of my 500 acre property which we use for pest control. Gang land playbook is in effect. Corrupt cops and organised crime working hand in hand to hurt the vulnerable like our kids, our national securi tyand economic prosperity.
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The amazing @HarveyMyatt has tweeted a number of updates to his previous thread of @AndrewScheer's platform. These are those tweets in one spot. If you want to see what he has posted previously, both he and I have pinned it to our profiles. Happy reading!!
@HarveyMyatt @AndrewScheer Scheer's Platform *UPDATED (Part 1):
1. Will cut Trudeau’s funding of UN’s Relief and Works Agency, a Palestinian group listed as terrorist organization
2. Opposed to the Social Economy
3. Will focus on technology for climate and drop needless carbon/related CC taxes
@HarveyMyatt @AndrewScheer Scheer's Platform *UPDATED (Part 2):
4. Will keep marijuana legal/grant pardons
5. Will review Canada’s Food Guide as latest guide is a flawed/biased process
6. Will abandon Trudeau’s plan for front-of-package nutrition labeling
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Gerald Butts & Trudeau turning Canada into a dictatorship.

Halted RCMP investigation into their cabinet Re: #SNCLavalinScandal

Used media ops to influence public.

Used RCMP to detain a journalist.

Now manip national election debate panel & polling.

#cdnpoli #elxn43

Photo 1: Gerald Butts (Trudeau' frmr Chief Secretary/best friend) & @HuffPost Ottawa Bureau Chief & National Debate MODERATOR @althiaraj

Photo 2: Butts sets up coffee w national pollster IPSOS CEO @darrellbricker

Also HP:

#cdnpoli #elxn43…
@HuffPost @althiaraj @darrellbricker Trudeau asked which nation he admired most

"There's a level of admiration I actually have for China. Their basic dictatorship is actually allowing them to turn their economy around on a dime."

#cdnpoli #elxn43 #TrudeauMustGo #CPCMajority #Scheer4PM…
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My comments in the Washington Post on disinformation online in the run-up to #cndpoli #trudeau #cdnpoli…
"Marc Owen Jones, an assistant professor of Middle East studies and digital humanities at Hamad bin Khalifa University, recently looked into the suspicious hashtag #TrudeauMustGo that appeared on Twitter in the past few weeks.
He found that “a large percentage (14-15%) of all accounts tweeting on the “Trudeau Must Go” hashtag are angry MAGA bots and/or trolls.” He also found that the #Trudeaucorruption hashtag was mostly run by the same accounts..."
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🚨 Trudeau government unprecedented corruption.

RCMP were looking into PMO for obstruction of justice so they invoked cabinet confidence to obstruct investigation

I can't express how important it is to help inform ALL Canadians

#cdnpoli #SNCLavalin…
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[Thread] 1) @StephanieCarvin asked a very important question. It is one that I have been trying to address, but one that will take time, but also one that probably underpins a lot of the troll/bot mystery. The question is...
2) Are the same Brexit trolls also active on other hashtags, such as #TrudeauMustGo, or Iran-related issues? In other words, are the same accounts roaming from divisive hashtag to divisive hashtag? If so, it could point to an organized, international influence campaign...
3) I will give my formative answer, showing some of the working. The short answer is 'yes, they are', the long answer is 'yes and what the, please no...!' #cdnpoli #StoptheCoup
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[Thread] 1) Tonight's thread is on the "Make Iran Great Again" Hashtag and its subsidiaries, e.g. #MIGA. This hashtag is being used by an opposition movement called Restart, led by Mohammad Hosseini, who reminds me of a 90s TV magician. The thread, is of course, ridiculous #Iran
2) The sample analysed is taken from the period between 25th August-3 September. It consists of approx 27,000 tweets from around 3,300 accounts. I'm not an Iran expert, but with Restart you need to know that they encourage ppl to lead regime change in Iran
4) First up. There appears to be no real distance between the MIGA accounts and the MAGA accounts. The most active account on the hashtag is actually called @persia_bot - which blatantly has MIGA and MAGA in the bio. Persia bot seems just to retweet everything pro-Restart
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[Thread] #cdnpoli My Canadian friends (and trolls). You might like this image: It's a graph showing #TrudeauMustGo (Yellow) and #TrudeauMustStay (Green) over time. You can see how Trudeau Must Go has been around a lot longer, and that when it trended on 5th/6th Sept some efforts
were made to combat the trend using the Trudeau Must Stay hashtag. As you can also see, those on the Trudeau Must Go hashtag far outnumbered those on the Trudeau Must Stay hashtag. Clearly if this was a Twitter battle, Trudeau Must Leave won. Of course there are many other
related hashtags to Trudeau, but I choose these two because they are logically and grammatically counter posed to one another! #cdnpoli
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Thread: (17 total)
CANADA's SAFETY is in Your Hands.
Does the Liberal Gov. care about our safety?
Serious Question.
If they did why would they pass a bill to REDUCE punishments for serious indictable offences?

This thread is a reminder of the deliberate choices the Liberals have made to endanger Us, Our Families & Our Nation.
The following three pics are all crimes affected by the signing of Bill C-75.
Take the time to read them folks.
Some are not just shocking but disturbing to think that some of these are even being contemplated.
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Got something cute to show you, #CPC.

That's for today, with #PPC2019

This is #scheer4PM.

If it wasn't of the posts about Hong Kong, you'd be even lower.

Come to the [blue] light, folks!

If you truly want #TrudeauMustGo, it's with Bernier that you'll make that happen.

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