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A 🧵 on the recent outreach event
"Climate change: #resilience, #transformation, and #equity" on the #IPCC Sixth Assessment Report key findings and their relevance to #Asia, hosted by @SMARTS_AIT


Session 1: Observed warming and future scenarios: Impacts and vulnerability.

“ With every increment of global warming, regional changes become more widespread and pronounced” @sorensson_anna
[2/19] Image
Session 1: Observed warming and future scenarios: Impacts and vulnerability.

“Rebuilding overexploited or depleted fisheries reduces negative #climatechange impacts on #fisheries and supports #foodsecurity, #biodiversity, human #health and #wellbeing” William Cheung
[3/19] Image
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Next week I'm on the road: 🧵

Tuesday: I'll be in Dublin speaking with @Dochasnetwork CEOs about development campaigning @JaneAnnMcKenna

Then with @GENE_GlobalEd about shifting trends in geo-politics and their implications for development. @LiamWegimont Image
Wednesday: I'll be in London at the House of Commons for a Roundtable on Multilateralism and #GlobalEconomicGovernance Reform. @liambyrnemp @CAFOD

Thursday: I'll be speaking at the @DevEngageLab conference on building support for #sustainabledevelopment. Image
Friday: I'll be in #Nairobi for the @AfricaEuropeFdn Board meeting: we'll be discussing the #AfricaEurope Partnership and engagement on #GlobalEconomicGovernance Reform.

@AranchaGlezLaya @PascalLAMYPPF @DonaldKaberuka Image
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I’m delighted to announce that my provocative piece on the impact of #plasticpollution on the #tropics is the first published article in Journal of Tropical Futures published by @SAGEPublishers…

#plasticfree #plastic #plasticwaste #plastictreaty
Unsustainable #plastic production, use and mismanagement have resulted in increased #plasticpollution in the environment threatening #sustainability, especially in the #tropics.

#sustainabledevelopment #sustainabilitymatters #singleuseplastic
Countries in the #tropics have been disproportionally impacted by #plasticpollution due to imports of #plasticwaste from developed countries, or because tropical Small Island Developing States have become overwhelmed by #singleuseplastics used widely in the tourism sector.
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We are live tweeting the session on Lessons and Look Ahead: Black Swans and Lighthouses.

With @AmbVMKwatra, @MinColonna, @JamesCleverly, @larsloekke, @Menlu_RI, @BillGates and @samirsaran

Follow this thread for updates!

@orfonline #Raisina2023
.@AmbVMKwatra: The evolutionary journey of the #RaisinaDialogue mirrors the evolution of our world. It has become a prominent platform to discuss global issues.

#RaisinaDialogue2023 #Raisina2023
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As business from around the world meet at the @OceanCouncil Sustainable Ocean Summit 🌊 to discuss the #ocean, #climate and #biodiversity, #PLOSBiology is proud to announce our new collection of articles on #OceanSolutions for a sustainable, healthy and inclusive future 🧵1/11
Collection guest editors Nancy Knowlton @SeaCitizens and Emanuele Di Lorenzo @manu_ocean outline their vision for the collection in their Editorial #OceanSolutions 🧵2/11
In their Perspective, @jenniferjacquet and Daniel Pauly argue that the current definition of ‘#sustainable fisheries’ should be reimagined to minimize exploitation and prioritize small-scale artisanal and subsistence fishing #OceanSolutions 🧵3/11
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Our paper "Genetic diversity loss in the Anthropocene" is out in @ScienceMagazine!

We study how genetic diversity is lost by habitat loss to help define @UNBiodiversity #Sustainable targets…

@Stanford Image
This all started with a deep worry about our lack of knowledge of global losses of genetic diversity and the call for more conservation policies that account for genetics @LindaLaikre, @seanmhoban, and others Image
in summer 2021, a new @UN press release (motivated by a piece by @sdiazecology 10.1126/science.abe1530) presented the goal to preserve “at least 90% of genetic diversity within all species”. Great news, but how do we get there and measure progress?…
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Our paper is out!
Current #adaptation projects do not automatically enhance #gender equality | need to be intentionally brought in at planning & implementation stages.

23authors|9sectors|17739 literature|countless meetings

Delighted to have brainstormed👇figure with @Joyashree9
Embedding gender considerations and facilitating #women’s participation in project design and implementation along with #inclusive #policies, training, information access, planning, and monitoring is needed
Additional course correction for #SDG5 is needed.
Our #SDG5plus (SDG5+) approach takes into consideration #intersectionality and gender aspects beyond #women alone, & can help #adaptation actions move towards meeting #genderequality and other #climatejustice goals.
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100 scientists and academics urge @UN
to drop #SustainableDevelopment targets #SDGs after ‘failure’

#GPDRR2022 #SDG #RisktoResilience… Image
@UN @UNDRR @JeremyRLent @alastairmci @GreenRupertRead @DrDCWahl @jrockstrom @KevinClimate @ProfBillMcGuire @ed_hawkins @AndMedh "The rich are gathering for @Davos
— but elsewhere is the summit that actually matters" by @jembendell

The intention (of #GPDRR2022)? What to do about humanity entering “a spiral of self-destruction”

#RisktoResilience #ScholarsWarning… Image
@UN @UNDRR @JeremyRLent @alastairmci @GreenRupertRead @DrDCWahl @jrockstrom @KevinClimate @ProfBillMcGuire @ed_hawkins @AndMedh @Davos @jembendell @AminaJMohammed @buildresilience @dwallacewells @CarolineLucas @JustCollapse @MrMatthewTodd @Matthew__Green @UKCRP_SPF @medialens @_Stella_Ngugi_ “If govts keep...pursuing exponential economic growth at any cost – which empirically clearly reqs growth in resources/pollution, incl. greenhouse gases - we'll eventually #collapse like any other species” - Peter Kalmus

#GPDRR2022 #RiskToResilience…
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Fact: there are #BiosphereReserves in 131 countries 🌎

Each take a holistic approach towards ecosystem conservation & promote a full reconciliation with the living world through sustainable livelihoods & research.

A thread on @UNESCO_MAB's work #ForNature ⬇️

🤝 When places reconcile conservation with #SustainableDevelopment & research, @UNESCO designates them as #BiosphereReserves.

As of 2022, these amazing places are allowing 250 million people to learn and thrive on sustainable solutions! #ForNature

The Tsimane have always guarded the Beni #BiosphereReserve in Bolivia.

To create a sustainable economic activity and restore ecosystems, the Amazon programme - supported by @LVMH - is helping them build a greenhouse & providing native seeds.
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‘Un-disciplinary’ – that’s how @g_kallis describes his research. With a background in chemistry, economics, and environmental policy, he now works on #degrowth and environmental justice at @UABBarcelona Image
@LenaRethel joins us from @warwickuni She is Professor of International Political Economy and Director of the Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation (CSGR) and her research has been grounded primarily in insights from the Southeast Asia region. Image
Joining us from @ELTE_UNI in Hungary is @Miklos_Antal. Originally trained in engineering-physics, he turned to economic and social aspects of environmental sustainability. To find out more, check out his @TEDx-Talk Image
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The reform of the EU’s Generalised Scheme of Preferences #GSP, which provides significant tariff reductions to developing countries’ exports to the EU, is a major opportunity to improve the lives and livelihoods of over 2 billion people.🧵
Today the European Parliament’s @EP_Trade committee has sent a clear message that the forthcoming #GSP Regulation must be squarely focused on the core objectives of #PovertyEradication and #SustainableDevelopment.
The position adopted by @EP_Trade calls for enhancing the promotion of International Human Rights, Labour and Environmental Standards in the #GSP Regulation. Beneficiary countries of the GSP Standard scheme must sign up to more than 30 international conventions.
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1. I am a Co-ordinating lead author of the #IPCC #WGII Chapter 18 on Climate resilient development (CRD) pathways, along with @AromarRevi and @bl_preston. CRD a foundational concept for the WGII report. But what is it? #ClimateReport #IPCC
2. The key message of #IPCC #WGII #AR6 Ch 18 is: Every development choice now moves us toward or away from a climate resilient future. This means that more than before, we see the connection of #SustainableDevelopment and climate change.
3. #ClimateResilientDevelopment (#CRD) is defined as the strategic combination of adaptation to climate change with mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions to support sustainable development. #ClimateReport #IPCC #WGII.
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Fastest EU-membership negotiations ever, even faster than @Eurosurveillanc's rapid response.

Congrats @vonderleyen, @ProfKlausSchwab, @georgesoros.
Ah, btw. Uncle @ProfKlausSchwab, why did the @KremlinRussia_E hide this link?

It's just 4 months ago. Memory-holed?

Asking for my mommy.… Image
Ah, btw. @ProfKlausSchwab, why did you hide Putin's @wef-profile?

Why would you do that? Klaus?

I had to extra-retrieve it from That's not user-friendly.

Archive: ImageImage
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A historic moment at #COP26 #Energyday: 20 countries incl. #UK #US #Canada agree to end international direct public finance in ALL unabated #FossilFuels by 2022, shift the billions to #cleanenergy. Why this is such a big deal and what must happen next? 1/8
This year has seen countries put an end to international #coal finance - #G7, #China at #UNGA, #G20. This is the FIRST time in history developing and developed countries alike acknowledge the socio-economic and climate risks of #oil and #gas public finance. 2/8
1/2 of signatories are developing countries, LDCs: a strong political signal to energy financiers that the argument "developing countries need more #oil & #gas finance for economic growth" is a constructed reality not aligned with real needs of these countries or the 1.5 goal 3/8
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I assume it will take a couple of decades where we will see Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations across many petrol bunks, highway hotels, truck lay bays and may be few better technologies for smoother commuting of EVs, esp long distance travel.
What if ...
... the Executive help the automotive industry to fast track this possibility (even if there is disproportion initially, with the EV sales) so that we can lure the #ecoconscious public to make that switch from conventional vehicles a decade earlier than expected!
In other words, I am willing to make that switch now. But am skeptic because of the accessibility of charging during my travel (fairly frequent long distance traveller).
Damo, what's ur take on this da?
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Good news for the environment!

Today Israel approved an unprecedented & historic bill which will reduce carbon emissions by at least 85% by 2050 & help tackle the global climate crisis.

#sustainabledevelopment #SustainableDevelopmentGoals Image
The bill initiated by @IsraeliPM , Ministers @yairlapid, @tamarzandberg, @AvigdorLiberman, @KElharrar, @MeravMichaeli, @OrnaBarb & @Ayelet__Shaked outlines a national strategy which will promote clean & efficient technologies & a 27% reduction in emissions by 2030. Image
A number of groundbreaking steps will be taken on a national level in order to reach these goals by 2050 including:

📌A 71% reduction in municipal waste by 2030
📌Purchasing green city busses (beginning in 2026)
📌Reducing carbon emissions from electricity by 30% (by 2030)
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** Research on a Post-it #MyPint21**
For @pintofscience's #Pint21 early career scientist Miranda Burke @beeingmirands invited our researchers to tell us about their projects through the medium of the humble sticky-note!

👇Here's a thread of their creations 👇 A sticky note that says "tackling global environmental
#MyPint21 from Mark Hamilton @Mark_H_22
“I’m researching how #coral reef degradation affects small-scale #tropical reef fisheries, incl. productivity, catch rates, fishing activity & diets in #fishing communities”
@ENVISIONDTP @LecReefs #Pint21 @LancsUniSciTech #GradSchEnv A drawing showing the implications of coral reef degradation
#MyPint21 from Mike Roberts & collaborator Estrella Luna @ELunaDiez
"#Plants can use their experiences of stress to 'prime' their offspring to be more resilient. We're trying to understand how they do it."
@BBSRC @N8agrifood #PlantSci @GlobalPlantGPC #Pint21 @LancsUniSciTech
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Começando a listagem de tweets recuperados para a arroba claramota_. Sumiram desde a nossa última checagem 305 tweets.
O tweet com id 1179596370501668864 de 2019-10-03 03:17:45 que falava sobre:
RT @beakira: Delighted to share our new paper “Digital diplomacy: technology governance for developing countries”🌍💻

We discuss tech policy…...
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#Cities have become an important international agenda as 50% of the world population depend on them.

Cities are placed on the frontline to achieving the 17 #SDGs. Creative #urbangovernance is the driving force of #UNESCO Creative Cities Network.
Aims to strengthen cooperation with #cities that have recognised creativity for #SustainableDevelopment across social, economic and cultural sectors.

-Dr. Junhi Han, Programme Specialist and Chief of Culture @unesconewdelhi
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#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity in the age of #globalization, #information & #connectivity has now become an all-encompassing notion. Surely it is not solely a function of the #ArmedForces anymore.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity also includes providing a conducive environment in which aspirations of human #security, national #progress & #development could be realized.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity has now become an all-encompassing notion, wherein besides various elements of national power, #global & #regional environments also play a profound role.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
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Ili uweze kuchangamkia fursa zinazotokana na sheria na kanuni za local content kwenye madini ni lazima kwanza ujue kuna nini jikoni. Kwa ufupi madini ni sekta inayokadiriwa kuzungusha Tsh trilioni 4 kwa mwaka kwenye manunuzi. Sasa tambua ni nini kipo ndani.

Fursa zipo za aina mbili
Moja utoe huduma kwenye migodi na sekta ya madini kwa ujumla, yaani huduma kama chakula (catering), ujenzi, Maintenance, huduma za meno na kinywa, bima, data, mawasiliano, usafirishaji, utafiti na kadhalika.

Naambatanisha tangazo hapa kama mfano
Fursa namba 2 kwenye manunuzi ni kuuza bidhaa. Hapa tunazungumzia bidhaa ambazo migodi na wadau wake wanahitaji. Hizi ziko nyingi sana, mfano grinding media, vilainishi, ground support, kemikali, baruti, vyakula kama nyama, matunda, ni vingi sana sana.
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1) Engineered timber will revolutionize urban construction

By 2050, ~68% of world's pop. will dwell in cities -> rapid urbanization will req add'l infrastructure

Q: How can cities build to meet urbanization demand & also reduce CO2 impact at same time?
A: Eng. 🪵& here's why 👇
2) The 2 most common building materials today are steel & concrete

- Together, these materials generate ~10% of world's CO2 [greater than all but two countries: 🇺🇸& 🇨🇳]

- To have any shot at reducing the CO2 footprint by 2050, cities need #sustainabledevelopment alternatives
3) Advances in engineered 🪵 have opened up new structural possibilities

- Durable -> strength rivals steel but 80% lighter

- Modular -> Lego-like, prefabricated sections reduce transport times & streamline on-site flows

- Economic -> Est. to reduce construction times by ~20% Image
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