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Why do so many researchers believe its possible that trafficked children/adults are currently being rescued during this #COVID lockdown? If this is a military operation, of course there's not going to be direct evidence, so lets examine some facts that point to such an idea...
This was signed December 31, 2019
Proclamation on National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, 2020… Image
This was signed March 31, 2020
Proclamation on National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, 2020… Image
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Samaritans Purse is treating the children in NYC! Listen👇
It’s happening in Central Park NYC. Her RN mom says it’s horrible...pray!

There’s a Alice in Wonderland statue there. Is it 1 of 🧙🏻‍♂️🧙🏻sick signals? Are there are tunnels by there? @dnajlion7 @Linda_Paris @MishelDbytes
💥 Please 🙏🏼for the 👧🏼👶🏾👦🏻🧒🏽👶🏼being rescued by Samaritan’s Purse. They’re in Central Park. Listen☝️

Her mom is an RN volunteer & says it horrible!

She’s requesting urgent 🙏🏼for kids & those caring for them!!!!
@FreedomforceR @777KAB1 @cjtruth @KarluskaP @cjtruth @QBlueSkyQ
The #USNSComfort🚢 is close to Central Park, where the caller☝️says her mom who’s a nurse is there with Samaritan’s Purse treated the rescued children.

She says it horrible!😭

📝 the Alice in Wonderland statue...tunnels?

@Linda_Paris @FreedomforceR @LisaMei62 @777KAB1
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1/ Enduring Promise Project?
Are these Hospital Ships being used to rescuse, provide medical care and Return our missing Children Back to their Parents?
#FEMA #RedCross #COVID19 #SaveTheChildren #RigForRed #QAnon @realDonaldTrump
2/ Refurbished = Medically Treated?Original Manufacturers = Parents?
Will this be a publicized event? Returning Children & Indictments Unsealed = MASS POPULATION AWAKENING? #QAnon @realDonaldTrump
3/ Was the #RedCross trafficking our innocent children? What was really packed up in those boxes?😭

Is this why @realDonaldTrump took control of the Red Cross? #QAnon
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Gen. O’Shaughnessy, commander @NORADCommand and @USNorthernCmd, recently answered questions on NORTHCOM's lead role for @DeptofDefense participation in the Whole-of-Government response to the #COVID19 pandemic. #coronavirus, #HomelandDefense, #WeHaveTheWatch
What can you tell me about how @USNorthernCmd is supporting the Whole-of-Government response to #COVID19 while you continue to conduct your #HomelandDefense mission? What Measures are in place to continue mission assurance? #WeHaveTheWatch #coronavirus
We've seen @USNavy hospital ships and we hear there are @USArmy hospitals that will be operating soon. What is @USNorthernCmd role in the war against the #coronavirus? #USNSMercy #USNSComfort @USArmyNorth #COVID19 #HomelandDefense #WeHaveTheWatch
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@StormIsUponUs @TheCollectiveQ
#GEORGENews. GEORGE you said the 'COMFORT Words from @realDonaldTrump were EXACTLY Chosen!!! Im transcribing Words.
"4weeks done in 4 days"= 28days is 4 wks, Speech on 3/28/20!!! So 4 days from 3/28= 4/1/20! April FOOLS DAY!!! EVENTS 4/1/20!!!
Also, USNS COMFORT will dock Manhatten Pier 90, 3 wks ahead of schedule=93!!! Thank you GEORGE!!! Ok, Still transcribing.
@cjtruth @andweknow @intheMatrixxx @MajorPatriot @prayingmedic @Mareq16
Also, @TheCollectiveQ, "Our Country is at War with an invisible enemy; We are Marshalling the FULL POWER of the American Nation - Economic, Scientific, Medical, and military to Vanquish the 'VIRUS', and we Will do that!"
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Friends, Get the tissues out!!
This song came on 👉🏻 & then it hit me about boats #Mercy & #Comfort. There are going to be so many people reunited w/ their children & family members that have been abducted & sold into slavery all around the world🙏🏻😭❤️
2. Oh my Gosh! @realDonaldTrump just tweeted #USNSComfort is “loaded to the gills” 😳😱🥰🙏🏻 Lord Almighty!
Watch that press conference! I don’t know what’s going to happen🙏🏻

3. ❤️❤️❤️
Nothing is random.
Everything has meaning.
🛳 #loadedtothegills

#QAnon #savethechildren #Mercy #Comfort 🙏🏻❤️
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Back on August 31, 2018 in drop #2037 Q asked the following question:

Why are CA & NY VITAL areas of control?
Think Ports.
#QAnon #Qproofs #COVID2019 #ChineseVirus
2) On July 11, 2019 in drop #3418 Q told us to watch New York City and California and that news would unlock.

>>>>>>>>WATCH NYC<<<<<<<<<
News unlocks.

What city was Epstein arrested in?
Watch CA.
#QAnon #QProofs #COVID2019 #ChineseVirus
3) On April 18, 2019 in drop #3313 Q posted an aerial photo of the Port of Los Angeles at Long Beach with the caption:

1st & 10 on the 40.
#Qanon #QProofs #COVID2019 #ChineseVirus #USNSMercy
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In #SaintLucia today with the @USNSComfort mission to help provide medical assistance and treatment to the local community. Just toured the medical site and met patients being treated by the USNS staff and area partners. ImageImageImageImage
#DYK: Since 2007, @USNSComfort has treated more than 488,000 patients, performed 5,500 surgeries, completed over 100 engineering projects, and conducted countless other assistance activities. Learn about the current mission here: Image
I am so proud of the hard-working #USPHS #CommissionedCorps officers who are supporting the #USNSComfort mission. These officers truly exemplify the Commissioned Corps’ mission to protect, promote, and advance health and safety. Thank you for your service! Image
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