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A long and important read.
The HISTORY of a warrior who waited 21 years to take revenge for JallianwalaBagh Massacre.
Before Reading Further, Let Me 1st Introduce, How Gandhi & Nehru Responded when Udham Singh took revenge...
Although almost all Bharatiyas
regarded Singh's actions as a response to some brutal aspects of British colonial rule, officially, his actions were deplored and condemned in India, with Gandhi referring to Singh's actions as "an act of insanity", stating: "The outrage has caused me deep pain. I regard it as
an act of insanity. I hope this will not be allowed to affect political judgement.".
Nehru wrote in The National Herald, "The assassination is regretted but it is earnestly hoped that it will not have far-reaching repercussions on the political future of India."
(Both statements
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The killing of a traitor Narendranath Goswami & subsequent hanging of #SatyendranathBosu.
Remembering a freedom fighter on his janma divas who sacrificed his life for Aurobindo Ghose.
Bosu was born on this day in 1882 at Midnapore, Bengal.
He was a distant relative of Aurobindo
& hailed from a well to do family.
Not much is known about his childhood, but Bosu's name finds in a police report for having an unlicenced gun in Midnapur Arms Case & subsequently served 2 months RI.
Two days after an assassination attempt was carried on Kingsford, the police
arrested 33 members of Anushilan Samithi & this trial is famously known as Alipore Bomb Case.
The British wanted to hang Aurobindo Ghosh for his involvement, but lacked evidence.
#NarendranathGoswami turned approver & started giving details about plans, hideouts and members
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His last words were "I am dying but let not the territory we were fighting for fall for the enemy". For his inspiring leadership and great courage, he was awarded the Maha Vir Chakra posthumously
#BrigadierMohammadUsman was the highest ranking officer of the Indian Army killed
in action during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947.
Pakistani forces had announced a sum of Rs 50,000 as a prize for his head. Unaffected by praise and congratulations, Usman continued to sleep on a mat laid on the floor as he had vowed that he would not sleep on a bed till he
recaptured Jhangar, from where he had had to withdraw in late 1947.
Usman was born on this day in 1912.
He entered Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) in 1932 and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant & on the 19 March 1935, he was appointed to the Indian Army and posted
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Why does Ecosystem never recalls some names?
Because, once you reveal a name, than people will dig into it.
Belated tributes to Sankaran Nair who went to England & took Jallianwalabagh massacres to court.
An introduction for the unsung hero of this tweet...
” When the only
Bharatiya in the viceroy’s council made his way back to Madras after his resignation, it was an ovation all the way, the like of which had never been seen before in India. There were feasts and entertainments wherever the train stopped and crackers were fired under the wheels
of the railway, so much so that there was one continuous firing for hours.”
126 Years back, he was the Congress President and till date, the only Malayali who held the reins of Congress.
Sir C Sankaran Nair was born on 11-07-1857, at Mankara, Kerala.
Starting as an advocate in
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The First Defence Minister of India was a Sikh and he was REMOVED as he went against Nehru and joined hands with Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel in Liberation of Hyderabad.
#SardarBaldevSingh was born on 11 July 1902 in Punjab. His father was Sir Indra Singh, a reputed industrialist
who had factories at Jamshedpur and present day Bangladesh.
Though born Ultra Rich, Baldev Singh had other aspirations..
He envisioned Independent India and Uplifting Jat’s, by 1930s he joined Shiromani Akali Dal and became close to Master Tara Singh.
During Quit India Movement
Baldev Singh refused to join and formed Provincial Punjab Govt along with Muslim League.
(Search for my thread about Master Tara Singh for further details)
Baldev Singh was chosen again to represent the Sikh viewpoint to the Cabinet Mission Plan that had arrived to discuss
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Pandit Pandharinathacharya Galagali was a Sanskrit scholar, author, poet, journalist, and orator.
Over the course of a lifetime, Pandit Galagali has published 22 original Sanskrit works, 21 original Kannada works, and 23 translated works., among which are Shri Shambhu Linga
Vijaya Champu (Sanskrit), Raaga Viraga (Kannada), Bharata Swaatantraya Sangramasya Itihasaha (Sanskrit), and Mahabharatada Mahileyaru (Kannada). He was also the editor of five Kannada and Sanskrit newspapers for over four decades.
His discourses about Sanatana is watched by
millions even today, yet neither the government nor the people remembers these heroes who made Karnataka proud.
Pandharinathacharya Galagali was born on 10 July 1922 to Kurmacharya Galagali in a village named Galagali. His formal education was stopped in the first grade, and he
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Being a Kannadiga, I'm ashamed to say that I didn't know about this great historian, a chance encounter on Mysore gazette took me to an author who wrote 400 years of Wodeyar History.
On his Jayanti, let us learn more about #HayavadanaRao, a multifaceted personality whose
contribution to the building of modern Mysore is as significant as his pioneering work in reconstructing the history of ancient Karnataka.
Hayavadana Rao was born on 10 July 1865 in Hosur, after graduating in history, Rao studied law and economics and joined the Govt Museum,
Madras as a curator.
Rao worked as a curator till his retirement and compiled "The Indian Biographical Dictionary". Rao was a polyglot and was fluent in English, Latin, French, German, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Sanskrit.
He was a member of the ‘Royal Anthropological
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Veergatha of Kanhoji Angre – The Undisputed and Undefeated Sea Hawk.

Remembering #KanhojiAngre, the Admiral of Maratha Navy who remained undefeated till his last breath.

In the 1700s, one man antagonized the European powers, and insisted on the Maratha Empire’s rights to "SAMUDRATLA SHIVAJI" Kanhoji Angre
taxation and sovereignty over Maharashtra’s coast. He was Kanhoji Angre, the head of the Maratha navy.
The first important naval figure in modern Bharat, Angre managed to maintain an unquestionable hold over a heavily disputed stretch of coastline throughout the early decades
of the 18th century. At its peak in 1729, Angre’s Maratha fleet held a mere 80 ships, many of them little more than overgrown fishing boats engineered by the local kolis (fisher folk) who populated his domain. Yet with the combination of that modest fleet and an unsurpassed
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After First war Of Indian Independence, the British had relatively calm reign for next 40 years.
But One Word Changed The Course Of History and It Was VANDE MATARAM.
Tributes to the legend #BankimChandraChatterjee, on his jayanti.
A great Scholar, Who gave us the song and slogan
#VandeMataram ".
Who with his novel #AnandaMath described the Sanyasi's Fight against British. (British had buried this history & Role of Saffron questioned). The Inspiration for #AnushilanSamithi.
That Every Freedom Fighter Who Sacrificed Their Lives For This Country Had
#Vandemataram On Their Lips Till Their Last Breath. The Misplaced Secularism of Congress & Left Have Denied Him His Place, Nevertheless #BankimChandra Will Always Be Soul Stirrer For Crores of Patriots
Please read the English
Translation of Anandmath by Shri Aurobindo & Barindra
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His large family of 59 relatives were hacked to death by Muslims at his birthplace Harial, Rawalpindi.
This was the price Master Tara Singh paid for saying Pakistan Murdabad & seeking Punjab from Present Day Pakistan.
Today's the Jayanti of #MasterTaraSingh, Creator Of Punjab ImageThe Sword Tara Singh Brandi...Image
& another Person Who Was Misled, Humiliated & Deceived By Nehru.
The basic story of Master Tara Singh’s life was marked by constant struggles, and failures. At the time of the creation of the unilingual state of Punjab in 1966, a fight for which Master Tara Singh had suffered
much, he had to face the ignominy of being known as a turn-coat, compromiser and worse, someone who did not stand by his promises.
Master Tara Singh was born in a family of Malhotra Khatris in a village of Brahmin landlords, as Nanak Chand. On adopting the Sikh faith later in
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Is it easy to commit suicide at the age of 25?
That too leaving a lucrative job and happily married life.

Here's the story of #VanchinathanIyer who attained Veera Marana on this day 110 years back, after murdering Ashe, the district collector of Tirunelveli.
(His Suicide Letter
Is Quoted In The Image)
Vanchi as he was fondly called was born in 1886, and he had a good job in Madras govt, all this changed when he saw the bias by British towards Bharatiya businessmen.
Vanchi was greatly inspired by Nationalist
V O Chidambaram Pillai, the first Bharatiya
to run a steamer service and break the monopoly of British.
V O C was a staunch nationalist and propagated Swarajya, the British were further angered when he entered their steamer business.

They connived with District Collector Ashe who was also Judicial Magistrate of Tuticorin
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Belated tributes for an Unhonoured, Never Remembered Freedom Fighter, an Exemplary Scientist, an Extraordinary Inventor SATISH CHANDRA DASGUPTA.
Satish was born on June 14, 1880, in Kurigram (now a part of Bangladesh) in Rangpur district of Bengal. He belonged to a poor family, ImageImage
yet due to his hard work and dedication, he was awarded a Master’s degree in chemistry from Presidency College, Calcutta.

The Bengal Chemical Works laboratory was used by chemistry students to carry out practicals. Satish Chandra’s work in the laboratory was closely watched
by Acharya P.C. Roy, who got him a job in the Bengal Chemical Works factory as factory superintendent. Satish was determined to take the organisation to great heights. He developed medicinal products such as strychnine and caffeine from indigenous raw material. He knew that the
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#TarakanathDas -
A Krantikari International Scholar in Exile.
Taraknath was born on this day in 1884 at Bengal.
When he was 16, he wrote an essay about Patriotism in a competition and the judge
#Barrister_P_Mitter was highly impressed with the quality..
He ensured ImageImage
Taraknath join #AnushilanSamithi for which he was one of the founder.
Similar to celebrating Shivaji Festival at Maharashtra, Taraknath started to celebrate festival of #RajaSitaramRay, a Hindu King who dared the Michaels for years.
In the year 1906, during festival celebrations
#BhaghaJatin #Taraknath
#ShirishchandraSen #Satyendrasen met and came to an understanding which was kept as a secret.
What they discussed in 1906 was finally revealed by Taraknth himself in 1952 when he came back to Bharat & attended a rally in honour of Bhagha Jatin. ImageImage
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“I had undertaken this perilous swim not to gain fame or trophies but to prove once again to the world that Indians are no longer afraid”, said the man who swam into world record books by conquering the English Channel and Palk Straits.

You guys remember #MihirSen, he was the
first Indian to swim across the English Channel in 1958, and also set a world record by swimming in oceans in five continents in 1966. He had famously said, “I wanted to prove to the world that Indians are not afraid.” In 1967, he was awarded the Padma Bhushan.

How are heroes
treated in India?

Well, it is increasingly looking like the answer to this question depends on where you are, what you do, and whether you support the message of the Congress’s & its Croonies political establishment.

The story of Mihir Sen, a man who went onto show the world
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Remembering an icon #KSHegde on his Jayanti.
He established now world renowned #NITTE.
Bishan Tandon's book on events leading to imposition of Emergency, PMO Diary, said that Indira Gandhi was "terribly afraid" of this person becoming the CJI.
He resigned as Supreme Court Judge
as a matter of principle when one of his junior colleagues superseded him for the post of CJI.

He would have made to the Rashtrapati Bhavan, but Neelam Sanjeev Reddy got the coveted post.
On the Jayanti of #KSHegde, a tribute for founder of #NITTE , Ex Speaker of LokSabha,
Ex VP of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Ex RS Member from Congress.
Kawdoor Sadananda Hegde was born on 11 June 1909 at village Kawdoor of Karkala Taluk, Hegde did his primary at Karkala and moved to Mangalore for Higher education.

He completed his degree and law from Madras.
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Why Kashmir and its Hindus are suffering?

#PanditRamchandraKak needed to remind us that Kashmir is a wellspring of our civilization, and it is that understanding that guided the principles for which he stood and defended as prime minister of Jammu and Kashmir. We forget too
that Jammu was Jambu, that gave its name to Jambudvipa, that became the name of our entire land. What began as Kasyapa-pur and Jambu, and is today a truncated Jammu and Kashmir, is thus at the very core of our civilisational identity.

He lead his final 36 years of glorious life
in solitary, probable reason could be DISENCHANTMENT on Kashmir/Bharat.
Rama Chandra Kak, another victim of Gandhi's Stupidity, Sardar's Blind Loyalty & Nehru's Vengeance.
(Read the screenshot)
On his Jayanti, let us learn little more about the Prime Minister of J&K during
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04:06:1884 - 03:08:1940
Why Bangalore / Mysore and Pre-Independence Mysore state & Post Independence Mysore region is one of the most progressive states today? It is because of our benevolent Arasu’s of Mysore, especially Krishna Raja & Jaya Chamaraja.
Read on...
What we know about the Mysore Maharaja?
Paying tributes to the visionary of Modern Karnataka, who envisioned industrial revolution and pro-development initiatives in his reign and the 24th Maharaja of Mysore, Maharaja Nalwadi
Krishnaraja Wadiyar on his 137th Jayanti today.
Why is he important to us?
Let's have a quick look at history.
Founded the hydroelectric power project at Shivanasamudra in 1902.
Established the Minto Eye Hospital in 1903. One the world's oldest eye hospitals.
Built the
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In their quest to destroy the land of Sanatana & to appease 1 particular dynasty, Communists of India Forgot their own founder who died fighting for Bharat's Freedom.
The inspiring story of Abaninath Mukherjee, an Anushilan Samithi freedom fighter & 1 of
the 7 people who established Communist Party of India.
The Tragedy is HIS DEATH.
He was Executed By Joseph Stalin on 28 October 1937 and his death was acknowledged only after 20 Years.
Along with him there was another victim, Virendranath Chattopadhaya, the younger brother of
Sarojini Naidu.
For a set of freedom fighters, the lure of Marx & Russia proved fatal. They were drawn to Bolshevism by Lenin and met their end at the hands of Joseph Stalin.
Abani was born at Jabalpur on 3 June 1891, learnt weaving & was employed at a cotton mill.
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Andhra Ratna

The Freedom Fighter in this image was an Economic Post-Graduate from Edinburgh University.
Surprised? Read On...
He passed away at a young age of 39 & in poverty after spending everything he earned for Gandhi & Congress.

Please do read
about the legend who formed a Swayamsevak Sangh & named it on Shree Rama.
A small tribute to a remarkable Sanatani on his jayanti.

He was born in Penuganchiprolu village in Krishna district on June 2, 1889 into a Brahmin family. His father was Kodandaraamaiah and mother was
Seetamma. He studied in high schools in Gunturu and Bapatla town.

He went to England for higher studies. After graduating with MA degree from Edinburgh University, he worked with Ananda Kumaraswamy for some time and translated Nandikeswara' s Abhinaya Darpanamu from Sanskrit
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Shivanasamudra is where Asia’s first major hydroelectric power plant began operations from on September 26, 1908. The then-king of Mysore, Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar, ushered the electrical era in style by switching on the power from his throne room in
Jagan Mohana Palace.
He then turned to commend K. Sheshadri Iyer, the Dewan of Mysore, whose vision and tireless efforts had resulted in the state harnessing power from the flow of river at Shivanasamudra. This is just one of the many achievements of the man regarded by most at
the ‘Maker of Modern Bangalore.’

Well, this article is all about K Seshadri Iyer’s vision, efforts, and the achievements of this brilliant man.

Sir Kumarapuram Seshadri Iyer served as the Dewan of Mysore. K Seshadri Iyer was the second Dewan of Mysore state and was also its
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Today is the Jayanti of #AbdulKhader, an INA Soldier who was hanged by the British.
The Kerala Born Freedom Fighter is not remembered or found in Left Text Books for the reason he sang #VandeMataram before going to gallows..
Abdul Khader was born on
25th May 1917 at Vakkom, Kerala, before matriculation he developed revolutionary ideas to liberate Bharat from British's clutches.
He went to Malaysia when he was 21 for livelihood & when he was 25, he found his true calling Abdul Khader joined INA. He was one of the 50 trainees
They were asked to spy & were trained in guerrilla warfare but it was inadequate as they were caught by British after entering Bharat.
The gang of 20 which had come from Penang got different forms of punishments. The trial was IN CAMERA at
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RAS BIHARI – The Less Remembered Bose

The @INCIndia & Left Intellectuals SELECTED THE HISTORY to be taught at schools & colleges, OMITTING which were not suitable to their agendas..

On the Jayanti of #RasBihariBose, lets pay tribute for the Founder Of Hindu Maha Sabha (Japan)
and Indian National Army
I'm very much sure, both Congis and Commis have written their own piece of history linking Ras Bihari with freedom movement & having an agenda like Pro Marx /Anti Communal, but fortunately for the nationalists & patriots, they have letters of
communication happened between
2 Greatest Nationalists Veer Savarkar & Ras Bihari Bose for years discussing the Nature, Future of Bharat, INA & the need of the Army.

THANKS TO @JapanGov, they preserved everything giving no chance for Communists Propagandists to destroy the
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BIPIN CHANDRA PAL – The Man Of Revolutionary Thoughts, who also wrote, "Europe Asks: Who is Shree Krishna".

He was feared by British & also the moderates within the Congress. He was called the "Father of Revolutionary Thoughts" who demanded Poorna Swaraj & nothing less.
Remembering an icon in our freedom movement #BipinChandraPal, on his Punyasmaran.
Along with Lala Lajpat Rai and Bal Gangadhar Tilak he belonged to the Lal, Bal, Pal trio that was associated with revolutionary activity to gain independence from the clutches of British.
Bipin was
born on 07/11/1858 at Sylhet, in today’s Bangladesh.
Bipin Chandra Pal was among the 1st to vigorously articulate the new philosophy of organized resistance to British rule.
On the first anniversary of the "Swadeshi Movement" and "Boycott Movement" in 1906, Bipin Chandra Pal
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DURGA DAS – The Journalist Nobody Wants To Remember

I'm posting this thread with lots of pain, because his personal history is completely erased, and do not miss the last 2 tweets.
He was a highly respected journalist, got retired as senior editor of @htTweets ,he established ImageImage
Press Council of India, now @PTI_News & INFA Publications.
His name was #DURGADAS
And everybody are shy in remembering him, let alone pay tributes on his death anniversary.
In order to know what a rare Journalist Durga Das was one has to read his 500-page fascinating,wholly
absorbing book ‘India From Curzon To Nehru And After,’ first published in 1969.
Since, not much is known about his personal life, I give you few of the Bharat Centric Information from his book.
Please Do Read.
1) “Lord Curzon was the First of the Viceroys of India, Nehru was the
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