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Our new paper: »The sun was darkened for 17 days« (AD 797). An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Celestial Phenomena between #Byzantium, #Charlemagne, and a #VolcanicEruption. #MedievalWorlds 17/2022:… (1/9)
#Byzanzforschung, @imafo_oeaw
The blinding of the #Byzantine Emperor Constantine VI in #Constantinople in August 797 CE and his overthrow by his mother Eirene was used as legitimation for the #coronation of the Frankish King #Charlemagne as emperor of the Romans on 25 December, 800. (2/9)
In #Byzantine sources, Constantine VI´s #blinding was linked with a spectacular #celestialmanifestation of divine disapproval: “The #sun was darkened for seventeen days and did not emit its rays so that ships lost course and drifted about.” (3/9)
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 10/06/2020
Asymmetric Information and the Pecking (Dis)Order* | Review of Finance | Oxford Academic…

#order #finance #information
Faster Growth, Fairer Growth: Supporting Workers and Protecting Families…

#workers #ubi
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El 24 agosto del año 79 d.C. despertó el Vesubio, el día después de celebrar la Vulcanalia, festividad en honor al dios romano del fuego: Vulcano.

Así fueron los últimos días y horas de Pompeya. 👇

#POMPEYA #pompei #Vesuvius #VesuviusDay #vesubio
Pompeya era una ciudad de vacaciones para gente pudiente, donde tenía una casa el Emperador Nerón y su esposa Popea Sabina. Absolutamente nadie era conocedor q esa montaña situada a 9 km de la ciudad realmente era un volcán. Nadie presagiaba q esa noche, exactamente a las 07:00
de la mañana, el mismísimo Vulcano destruiría la ciudad q le veneraba. X este motivo, a partir de ese día, a las montañas q expulsaban fuego se las empezó a llamar "Volcanes". Cuando la ciudad permanecía dormida tras una larga noche de fiesta, el Vesubio entró en erupción
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Your annual reminder that although it is claimed, today probably wasn’t the day that Vesuvius erupted in AD 79 burying the landscape in volcanic debris and covering the Roman cities of #Pompeii and #Herculaneum as well as other settlements and rural villas in the area.
According to letters Pliny the Younger wrote to Tacitus, detailing his eye-witness account of the AD79 eruption, it happened on Aug 24th.
We only have transcribed copies of these letters & the eruption date on each version varies. It’s more likely that Vesuvius erupted in Oct/Nov
A charcoal inscription uncovered in #Pompeii contains the date ‘XVI K Nov’—16 days before the Kalends of Nov—equating to 17th Oct. Though no year is mentioned, the impermanence of charcoal suggests this could have been written close to the time of eruption.
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