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Die Ökosysteme unseres Planeten schweben aktuell in großer Gefahr. Das weiß niemand besser als @NABU_de-Präsident @J_A_Krueger. (1/5)
Beim #talkaufderrotencouch im Foyer unserer Mainzer Firmenzentrale diskutiert er mit Frosch-Chef Reinhard Schneider, wie wir die globale Umweltkrise abwenden und die Öko-Katastrophe verhindern können. (2/5)
Die beiden sind sich einig: Unternehmen müssen endlich anfangen, die Natur als einen ihrer wichtigsten Stakeholder zu betrachten. (3/5)
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und hier nun die fertige #HajeksHighVoltage Kolumne #17
(backed by popular demand, yet ($)): @wiwo
Was passiert mit all den #Akkus aus #Elektroautos ?
Landen die auf dem Schrott ? #Recycling #Battery #Lithium #SecondLife

[minithread] 1/x…
2/x derzeit ist die gesetzl vorgeschriebene Recyclingquote für #Batterien (genauer differenziert wird hier nicht,. EU Batterierichtlinie v 2006) 50% Das ist (zu) wenig; das wird oft schon erreicht, wenn nur das Stahlgehäuse verwertet wird. Die vorgeschr. Rücklaufquote ist 45%
3/x heisst das, dass massenweise Batterien aus #Elektroautos auf dem Schrott landen ? Nein, denn:
1) ist eine sehr viel strengere Richtlinie bereits in Arbeit
2) kommen die Akkus gerade erst auf die Straße (Markthochlauf). Moderne Li-Ionen-Zellen halten 1500 ~ 3000 Vollzyklen
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1. A #Thread concerning three years of #5 plastic.

This pile looked crazy and messy!

In a typical American home, all of this would end up in the landfill.

Let's see what I can do with a few phone calls.

2. First call: local homeless shelters who serve meals.

They we're excited for containers for meals.

Typical cost of new take-away meal containers can range from $1 each to $2.50.

Recycle containers & savings for non-profit.

3. A few hangers from my house shoes.

I LOVE this brand, but I really wish @Dearfoams house shoes didn't come with these hangers.

Used clothing store in town needs them to hang up ties, belts, and scarves.

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Just because something is #recyclable does not mean it's #recycled. This article makes a lot of great points about misleading consumers on the sustainability (or lack thereof) of packaging.

I'd like to add a local and #zerowaste perspective!

The National Sword program in 2017, when China stopped accepting recyclables unless they met the stringent 0.5% contamination rate, had a big impact on recycling.

China was previously a large importer of US recyclables, which now needed to find new markets. (1/n)
As far as contamination rates go, the Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency (OCRRA) noted this was "nearly impossible."

Even with a contamination rate of 1%, OCRRA has reported on looking for new solutions:… (2/n)
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/26/2020…
World Bank’s ‘Mobilizing Finance for Development’ Not Financing Development | naked capitalism…

#finance #WorldBank #development #capitalism
Plastics, waste and recycling: It's not just a packaging problem…

#recycling #environment #plastics #packaging
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1/ For the #industry sector our #ParisAgreement sectoral benchmarks report focuses on #cement & #steel. All countries can reduce #cement #emissions intensity 90% by 2050. The #USA lags behind. Benchmarks don't differ much, huge progress needed. Full report Image
2/ For #steel, all countries can reduce #emissions in this sector to zero by 2050 & aim for 25-30% by 2030. Huge scrap #recycling potential in #EU, #USA, #China. No new conventional steel plants shld be built. #Fuel switch to #hydrogen, #circulareconomy Image
3/ #electrification of #industry combined with decarbonising the #electricity sector is critical. New tech, new materials & material #efficiency needed to decarbonise construction, or risk need for removing #CO2 from #atmosphere. Report  #circulareconomy
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"We're failing the world's #oceans. Businesses can help save them"

#WWF & Marc Benioff (Salesforce founder/CEO, #WEF trustee, Chair of WEF's Forum Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, owner of TIME) - team up to "save" oceans w/ a #4IR tech & #NewDealForNature.
"The Friends of #Ocean Action is convened by the World Economic Forum & the World Resources Institute."

World Resources Institute is a founding partner of #VoiceForThePlanet, sister campaign of #NewDealForNature

#FinancializationofNature #WEF #GreatReset
"Some economists say the ocean economy is set to double in value by 2030."

#Nature4Sale #Privatization #NewDealForNature

#Nature / #biodiversity will be bought, sold & traded on Wall Street.

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1/ This year’s #WorldEnvironmentDay theme is “#Biodiversity”.
According to @UN Biodiversity is the foundation that supports all life on land and below water.
Changing, or removing one element of this web affects the entire life system and can produce negative consequences. Image
2/ As a company, we remain committed to a sustainable world which is reflected in our CSR initiatives. A few of these include the retrieval of ~5t of #plastic polluting the five cowry creek waterway, a commitment to #reducing, #reusing & #recycling our waste.
3/ Last year, we recycled 1373.7kg of waste with the intention to reduce these figures over time. We have also empowered over 38,550 farmers in over 120 communities with the aim of contributing to conservation & sustainable use of #biodiversity through agriculture.
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Reduce Diabetes Technology Waste Campaign 🍃
3️⃣ days worth of waste ♻️

Raising awareness with @Type1EU on the amount of waste type 1 supplies can produce over 3, 7, 14, and 30 days.

#ReduceDiabetesTechnologyWaste #Type1EU #T1D Image
They save our lives 24/7 but it breaks my 💔 to see the large amount of #waste they produce: plastic, packaging, sensors, needles, syringes, insulin pump parts, infusion sets, insulin pens, cartridges and vials, test strips, lancets [yes, I do change mine regularly 😆]! Image
♻️ Proper #recycling measures, regulations, and education are desperately needed in #EU and worldwide ⚠️

🆘 pharmaceutical companies - we need your precious help to find solutions to reduce #waste 💡

#ReduceDiabetesTechnologyWaste #Type1EU #EU #Europe #type1diabetes #PwD Image
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Science News - Other Sciences: Mathematics, Social Sciences, Archaeology, Fossils
#archaeology #mathematics #fossils #science #economics
New findings suggest laws of nature 'downright weird,' not as constant as previously thought…
#laws #weird #nature
The Federal Reserve's Coronavirus Crisis Actions, Explained (Part 6) - Notes on the Crises…
#FederalReserve #actions #explained
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Hi there! Since @pintofscienceAU has to go online this year, I’ve been asked to introduce myself and what I do here instead of at the pub. So... my name’s Jess and I’m a nuclear chemist ☢️👩‍🔬. Grab yourself a beer and get ready for #ThisIsMyScience #AtomsToGalaxies
Did you know that upwards of 96% of ‘nuclear waste’ could potentially be recycled? That’s why I don’t like calling it waste, but prefer ‘used nuclear fuel’. It may have been used once, but we can use it again! #NuclearWaste #recycling #wastemanagement #ThisIsMyScience
Removing just 5 actinide elements from used nuclear fuel would reduce the volume, radiotoxicity & lifetime of the remaining waste from ~130,000 to 270 years! Plus, the actinides can be re-used as fuel. I research new ways to separate actinides from used fuel. #ThisIsMyScience
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@GreenSpotCbus @ByBethBurger @MayorGinther @RumpkeNews @SWACOGreen @frontlinepbs 💯 agree! Here’s what’s in our home office... and we buy personal paper products w @FSC_IC logos as well. As #plastic manufacturering ramps up in #Ohio, we all need a closer look at the cradle-to-cradle production-disposal-reuse of plastics, #microplastics, other #pollution too.
@GreenSpotCbus @ByBethBurger @MayorGinther @RumpkeNews @SWACOGreen @frontlinepbs @FSC_IC In 2013, ~17% into @swaco #landfill was plastic. ~30% was ‘fibers’ aka paper/cardboard. We are > US avr #recycling rates but still have room to improve. Agree we need to encourage & incentivize ♻️ & refuse single-use plastic! Thanks @KrogerNews for phasing out #plastic bags! 🙌
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#GoGreenWeek is here! 💚 Our focus today is #waste and #recycling ♻️

Find out how you can get involved 👉

#OurEffect Image
Did you know our #environment and #ClimateEmergency plan commits to increase #recycling rates to 70% by 2025 and to 85% by 2030 (currently Streatham is only 34% compared to Penryn 62%) 🌎

Read more 👉 Image
@UniExeCornwall You can make a difference. Stop buying pointless #plastic. Stop unnecessary printing. Stop using disposable cups.

#Do1Thing #OurEffect💚 Image
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— Greed or Underresourced?

In #Wuhan, people are seen *recycling & collecting* USED face masks..

God bless EVERYONE 😷

#WuhanPneumonia #coronarovirus
#China #ChinaVirus #WuhanLockDown
👩🏻 taking this vdo “Don’t do that (stocking #used masks) or you must #resell them!”

👨🏽replied “we are not #selling them,” while busy hiding boxes of #masks.

👩🏻 “I’m calling the #police! I’ll call 110”

#recycling for sale? Collect for disposal? Your call.
#ChinaVirus #wuhan
🦠Photos go viral in #China’s social media Weibo, showing the “creative” personal #protective equipments like face shields & #masks being #DIY by medical practitioners in Kunming 🇨🇳

Alarming to see the #shortage of medical resources.
#新型肺炎 #WuhanPneumonia ImageImageImage
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I want to write a thing about the #wvwatercrisis (besides the book) and how it feels to be six years out from one of the single-most defining events of my life.

But, I just came from the Capitol where every day is a fight for clean air and clean water. And, I’m just...tired.
The key ingredient for environmental policy that protects national security (don’t @ me), public health, and our very existence is public involvement.

Whether it’s protecting #water or mitigating the effects of #ClimateChange, or getting a #recycling program for your town...
whether through organizing, advocacy, talking to your neighbors, creating art, whatever...whatever your thing is, do it. It’s the only thing that matters in these fights other than money. And, believe me, we ain’t got enough of that.

Get involved, please; you matter so much. ❤️
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Today's #Omaha City Council meeting could be a doozy.

I'll be live tweeting off of this string.

Here's today's agenda if you'd like to follow along:…
At least four major items being discussed. Among them, the new contract for sidewalk snow removal, a year after many residents who didn't shovel snow in time paid exorbitant rates.

From @OWHnews:…
Then there's the #vaping tax vote, a proposal by Council president @ChrisJerram to expand the city's occupation tax on tobacco to cover vaping and vaping products.

Here's some recent coverage:…
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Welcome to our live coverage of Climate Emergency Plan engagement session! If you have any questions, just let us know.
Prof Juliet Osborne, Chair of the Working Group and Director of the Environment and Sustainability Institute, is presenting the main findings and answering questions.
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1/3: The #Environment and #ClimateEmergency 🌍
Why we must act ➡️ Globally, the six warmest years on record were in the last seven years and by 2050 the UK is facing a trebling of deaths caused by heat.
Find out more: Image
2/3: Some of our University goals➡️
🌎To be #CarbonNeutral for scope 1 & 2 emissions (owned, controlled or purchased) by 2040 (50% by 2025)
🌎Reduce #plastics & paper use by 50% by 2025
🌎#Recycling rates up to 70% by 2025
Read all of our goals here:
3/3: Some of our early actions include setting up an Environmental Emergency Board to oversee delivery of recommendations by December 2019 & removing all #SingleUse, non-recyclable cups & food boxes by December 2020.
Click here to see more ➡
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Do you think we earn this: 21st Century skills intervention & Technical/Vocational Education Intervention as #NGO in schools?
If yes:
Nominate here:
Use #TeamYowamca as Name of Implementing Organisation
Facebook: O'star Yowamca
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sehenswert “Vergiftete Flüsse” auf @3sat was wir der Welt seit 100 Jahren antun…
#klimawandel #umweltschutz #textilindustrie #chemikalien #gifte
Wie konnten wir jahrzehntelang diese Industrieverbrechen zulassen nur um mehr Profit mehr Marktanteil zu erreichen #umweltschutz #nachhaltigProduzieren
Jetzt geht es weiter mit Plastikmüll Invasion auf dem Planet, ich weine nur mehr
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