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Vpunk Nation News- Every Friday
13th Edition

Hello Everyone and welcome. Exciting partnership announced this week; “# of wallets” holding a @vpunksofficial is increasing; Bid/Offer feature, New NFT Collection for Stakers & Games inch closer. Here’s the news:
10/22 -10/24:
Steady growth. 1700 wallets holding @vpunksofficial.
#Vpunks #vefam $VET $VPU #vechain
Bid & Offer feature days away
#Vpunks #vefam $VET $VPU #vechain
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Vpunk Nation News- Every Friday
8th Edition

Hello Everyone! This week was all about things-to-come: 9/26 Challenge, the 11/26 New Collection, DCL Party (early Oct); #Vpunks are marching towards 100 million VET in auction sales. Here’s the news: (1/7)

9/18 & 9/19: New staking. Pool 02 is live. Details on vpunks discord

#Vpunks #vefam $VET $VPU #vechain
9/20 & 9/21
Challenge details revealed- Vpunk owners will win VPU if they purchase a Vpunk from a designated list. Challenge launches on 9/26

#Vpunks #vefam $VET $VPU #vechain
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1/x So you're interested in PFP #NFT projects? Have you ever wondered how a strong community and the existence of a project roadmap may impact sales prices? Well, you can find out here! It's #research 🧵 time! $VET #VeChain #Vpunks #finance #economics
2/x TLDR - Using sales data from 7,272 secondary market sales of @vpunksofficial we find (when controlling for rarity scores) that for every 1 new official Telegram member the sales price increases by ~0.2% and the publication of the roadmap increased prices by ~33%!
3/x First, let us define our two main research questions:
1) does the size of a project's community impact the sales price?
2) does the existence of a project-specific roadmap impact the sales prices?
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📢 1st ever VPunks Challenge Details - 9/26 📢

🚨 The Challenge Details: 🚨
💥 Every day there will be about 4000 $VPU allocated to the Challenge. Each successful challenge will receive 200 $VPU (Amount may change and will likely roll over to future days)
💥 The Quest is to buy one of the suggested VPunks on the auction page.
💥 The suggested list will be selected from multiple prices in the auction page.
💥 The more VPunks you own, the longer your suggestion list will be.
💥 Your unique suggested list will live in your "My Account" as a new link/section.
💥 A list of suggestions will be refreshed every day and the length is proportional to the number of VPunks you own.
💥 The VPU Reward is only for the Buyer.
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Interested in #VPunks and its native $VPU token but want to know more?

Take a look at the detailed thread below to find out more about @vpunksofficial.

#VeChain #NFTs #Ecosystem #Utility

VPunks ($VPU) developed on VeChainThor

NFT ecosystem w/ gaming and tokenization

121 Million total token supply / Market cap: $54m

Starting price: $.03 / Current price: $0.44

LP TVL: $5 Million / $7.2 Million Staked

NFTs minted in 8 days / $1400 Floor price
Short Brief:

VPunks is an NFT ecosystem developed on the VeChainThor blockchain. It’s an homage to the original crypto punks but with utility—integrating P2E gaming and tokenization for long-term growth and user retention.

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I'm pumped for the creator economy.

A lot of times, you just hear about #NFTs and pixel art and jpegs, almost meme-like.

But many haven't yet discovered the massive piece of the iceberg still underwater.

Less than a fraction of a percent of the art world is pixel art, generative, <insert trendy word here> jpeg on a limited print run.

Let's be clear - those are still awesome. I own (too many) #VPunks and it's a blast.

But it's not even the 101 course.

See, the rage is creation of scarcity and community, both of which are real and tangible.

Like @garyvee has said, though, supply will outrun demand (basic economic theory), and that's healthy.

But below the surface of the water... The iceberg is not created scarcity.

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Curious about how to purchase a #VPunk using the VeChainThor wallet?

Follow the infographic thread below to learn how. #VPunks

If you have any questions make sure to follow @VPunks_official Image
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VPU Tokenomics & Price Prediction

121m Total Supply

Current Price 0.035$ or 0.35 VET

Fully Diluted Mkt Cap = 4m$

VPU Current Supply:

Airdrop = 4.13% = 5m VPU = 175k$

+Initial Liquidity 24% on #Vexchange = 29040000 VPU = 1m$

= ca 1.2m$ Current Market cap

Increasing Circulation Supply

- Liquidity Mining 22%
- Staking 18%
- Team allocation 21%
- Games + Challenges 9.8%
- Community Manager 1%

- Over 3 Years then 2% Inflation onward

$VPU Use Case:

- Staking in combination with VPunks (Soft-locking
Circulation Supply)
- Use in Games & Challenges
- Add attributes to VPunks
- Governance token - Voting on Project direction

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How to Value AltPunks?

This Thread builds on “Why AltPunks?”

If you haven't read that thread yet you can ‘here: []’

If you want to know how to value your VPunks? Read on…

I’ll keep this short

My valuation model is based on network effects.

Current addresses on Ethereum = 163m
Current addresses on Vechain = 1.16m

#Vechain has 0.71% of #Ethereum addresses

Potential buyers:

Opensea = 60k active addresses

Assuming that of the 700 Twitter followers of @VPunks_official 600 own a VPunk

That'sl 1% the potential buyers for a VPunk opposed to a CryptoPunk

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