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Happy Friday! The Weekly Market Highlights is an initiative from the #Binance Research team to round up the week, summarizing key market events and views from the team.

Let's get the ball rolling 🧵👇
1/ Macro

Non-farm payrolls are set to have increased by 200,000 last month, according to a consensus forecast compiled by Bloomberg. The slowdown in November is a further sign that demand for new workers is easing amid the Federal Reserve’s historic efforts to cool the economy.
2/ L1

#Ropsten, the first public testnet to support @ethereum 's transition to a PoS, will be shut down this month. The remaining validator nodes will stop supporting the network between Dec 15 & 30.
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The #metaverse is inevitable and it's going to be worth TRILLIONS

BUT there’s one huge problem – our current infrastructure can’t support it

Protocols such as @RenderToken aim to fix this and, as such, have the potential to increase in value by 30x – 80x

Here’s how


🧵 Image

Render is a decentralized “marketplace” that allows users to rent out unused #GPU processing power to #render 3D objects (we’ll explain this in a second)

It has a MC of $123M, FDV of $260M, and its $RNDR token trades at $0.48

In 2021, the token price hit $8.76

This thread will cover the following:

• Industry overview

• What problem does Render solve?

• How does it work?

• What are its plans for the future?

• Who are the key players in the ecosystem?

• What are its #tokenomics?

• What’s the potential value of #RNDR?
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How Is @animocabrands Innovating Digital Assets?

In this @finoverse_ podcast, host @FacingChina, is joined by @ysiu of @animocabrands, to discuss digital assets & #NFTs, the concept of virtual land ownership, @animocabrands’ ecosystem & core missions.

Read our notes below 👇
@animocabrands background

•A Hong Kong-based game software company & venture capital company.
•Founded in 2014 by Yat Siu.
•Portfolio of over 380 companies & projects.
Interest in digital assets & #NFTs

@ysiu parents were musicians & his mother was an opera singer & then an opera director.

•He empathized w/ her struggles as an artist & creator.

•Inspired by the benefits of non-fungible tokens in the creative economy.
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1/🧵 Ein kurzer Einblick in @gemwallet_app, die #opensource, "non-custodial" #XRPL Web-#Wallet für das #Web3.0 und "#Ripple XRPL Grants Wave 3" Gewinner Source:
2/ Ähnlich wie bei MetaMask ist #GemWallet eine "Browser-Extension"-App für den einfachen Umgang im #Web3, jedoch nativ auf dem #XRPL.

Funktionen sind z.B.:
• GemWallet #API (Brücke zwischen Websites und der Browser-Extension)
• Bezahlungen
#Private/#Pubkey-Generierungen Source:
3/ 🛠️ Möchte man also per #API (NPM/Node.js oder CDN/Browser) eine Brücke zwischen dem #XRPL und seiner eigenen #Web3-#dApp herstellen, bietet #GemWallet die dafür notwendigen Tools und Werkzeuge.…
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In this episode of @FloorisRising, the host @SabretoothSG interviewed @NinjaBoffin. This is an interesting episode because of his bull thesis on @Reddit NFTs. Read our summary highlights 👇 Image
👉 Firstly, who is @NinjaBoffin?

• One of the writers of Page One, an NFT newsletter/community
• Wrote the Reddit NFT thesis (…)
• Got into crypto in 2013
• Mined @dogecoin and exchanged it for @Steam games
• Invested in some coins during the 2017 ICO mania
• After #DeFi summer, he stumbled upon @AxieInfinity and went deep into it
• Have been involved with #NFT ever since then
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➕➖ CALCulated Thinking ✖️➗

Episode #5: Systems for investing ⚙️

If habits make the person, rules make the investment strategy.

Is having a clear system for your investments the key to becoming a successful investor?🧵

Habits are the bite-sized components that make up our lives.

Good habits like eating healthy, working out and being generous create positive outcomes in life.

Bad habits like eating junk food, over-partying and gossiping create negative ones.

See @PowerOfHabitt

The same concept applies to our investments.

Good habits like doing research, regular risk assessments, using cold storage and #DCA create bountiful portfolios.

Bad habits are simply those that come from having no plan and the result is getting rekt📉
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New to Cardano NFT?

Top Cardano #nfts you must own in every genre 🧵

Art - I am bullish on #nft that has a good art without utility and can maintain it's floor.


This means that the people highly value the artist skill and they don't care if the art has no utility.

Top picks

@Jesus2Rises - adventure time artist
@netanelchn - Milk
History - Like the art genre, these #nfts will stand the test of time even without roadmaps or utilities.

History plays a big part in real life. That's why we document it in books, databases and ledgers.

Top picks
@berry_ales - 1st nft in ada
@spacebudzNFT - 1st 10k col
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#Airdrop confirmed ✅

⏩ Snapshot this week!

Missed that 1000$ + Aptos airdrop? The closest thing to a FREE lunch in crypto are airdrops 🪂

A complete step-by-step guide to receive this upcoming token in LESS than 5 tweets.



• Visit

• Create wallet

• Deposit 10 $NEAR


#Spin is a dApp built on #Near.

The wallet is needed to hold the upcoming #Airdrop token and needs a small amount of $Near to pay for gas fees.

• Visit

• Connect wallet

• Deposit funds

• Make a trade


The funds you deposit depends on the asset your are trading.

Trade USDT against USDC?

⏩ Deposit one of them.
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1) Nigeria 🇳🇬 seeks to draw a clear line between #cryptocurrencies & digital assets.

With this, it joins the likes of South Korea 🇰🇷, Hong Kong 🇭🇰, and Singapore 🇸🇬.

According to them:

Digital assets = stablecoins, #NFTs, and CBDCs
Cryptocurrencies = #Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc
2) This development comes from the head of the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission, Lamisil Yuguda.

The Nigerian SEC isn't really enthusiastic about the proliferation of #crypto assets within the country's borders.
3) And this reflects in its instructions to local banks not to provide services to companies engaged in crypto activities.

However, #crypto isn't banned in the country. ⚠️
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🧵👇Fantastic Monday session with @Tyler_Jordan56 & @GenAlphaTrading from @AlphaTradersNFT on Leveraging Supply and Demand for Trading Profits.

Available to watch now on demand ➡️…

Here are the top X things that we learned! Share yours below 😉
1- Supply & Demand rules everything! 👑 Whether in business, crypto, stocks, NFTs, the housing market, or simply swiping left or right on a dating app for a new friend🔥😜

2- Supply & Demand
-How much do we have?
-How many people want it?
-How much are they willing to pay?
3- Factor for regulating price 🫰📈💸
- Too much of anything VS too few people wanting it = Price goes down ⬇️
- Too few of anything VS too many people wanting it = Price goes up ⬆️

Who remembers the Covid19 🧻 craze right at the beginning? Too much demand vs short supply!
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🗜️ @antimatterdefi Public Testnet Phase 🗜️

Antimatter B2 is built to facilitate the financial infrastructure of the #Antimatter ecosystem.

Let's see how we can complete the Testing Phase and interact with dApps ✨

Don't forget to 🖤 & RT for more #Testnet tutorials 👇

1/🧵 Image
1⃣ How to start?

▫️ Download MM:
▫️ Add Antimatter B2 Testnet Network (Tuto step 5)
▫️ Claim some $MATTER test tokens:

2/8 Image
2⃣ Antimatter B2 Swap:


1. Swap multiple time & all tokens
2. Provide liquidity
3. Remove some liquidity

3/8 Image
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A #Metaverse Beyond #Gaming

Introducing #Exosama Network

• So, what is it?
• How big is it?
• What is the hype around it & @DonnieBigBags?

Get ready to "Expect Chaos" ⚡️


Let's begin with what is @ExosamaNFT Network

• Versatile L1 blockchain with a focus on #gaming, #music, #fashion, and #Metaverse

• High-performance #EVM capability (continuation of EWT tech)

• Ability to bridge to multiple #metaverses and ecosystems

Check out this talk where @DonnieBigBags admits to stumbling upon #NFTs 🤯 and accidentally building the biggest #blockchain game on @Polkadot

@RugRadio @farokh
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.#DeFi News Platform @DefiantNew, noted that trading volumes on @avalancheavax also increased in the third quarter and reached new highs. 🔺 #AVAX

Headlines from the article⬇️ #NFT #Web3 #Avalanche Image
1-) @avalabsofficial is directing its efforts to develop a multi-chain ecosystem of specialized #subnets.
2-)According to data provided to The Defiant by Nansen, #Avalanche processed 68M transactions during September, a 51% jump from August.
-@avalabsofficial hopes the #DFK Chain will become a hub for #GameFi projects.
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Hey #Arbinauts (💙,🧡)

Despite recent FUD: #ArbitrumAutumn 🍂 brings lots of innovative new projects, we'll share the most interesting in a dedicated thread series:

1⃣ Arbitrum native @3xcalibur69 DEX, based on an (improved) ve-model
👀 free PFP NFTs & #airdrop 🪂
🧵👇 Image
Project overview:

🕵️ Team is anon, founder: @xen

📈 TVL almost $4MM…

🪙 native token $XCAL - MCAP ≈$3MM, FDV ≈$9MM…

🧐 Audited by @Omniscia_sec full audit report 👇…
Tri-AMM @3xcalibur69 forked its code from @solidlyexchange and hence is adhering to the ve-model, the protocol native token $XCAL will be released over 3.5 - 4.5 year period via vote escrow, whereby voters will recieve bribes to allocate emissions to certain pools
ELI5 👇
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💥Mint Free Rekt WTF #NFTs💥

💸This NFT can give decent profit for Free💰

🤔How you can Mint it ? 👇
To Mint this NFT, Need to collect 7000 Sparks⚡️Points, these points is same as #CMC Diamonds💎 or #Coingecko Candies 🍬

1⃣ Signup on Coinstats & Login:…

2⃣You can collect these points via Completing the Quests:
3⃣ Complete Quest task and collect Sparks ⚡️Points, as soon as you reached 7000 points, you can mint the NFT✅

📌NOTE: You can earn more points via referring Others as well..
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📣As we get ready for the public tests we want to remind everyone that we dare you to test our product at max, the more you will test and give feedback, the more rewards you'll win🔥
Get ready to test the future marketplace on #MultiversX
#CPA #ArtCPAclub
1/To reward those that help we prepared 300,000 $CPA 🔥
Enthusiastic projects also decided to add to the prize pool:
@SupercietyHQ added #NFTs 🔥
@dbrothersclub added #NFTs & 100k $DEAD 🔥
@ElrondAngelsNFT added #NFTs & 50k $JOY 🔥
@HodlTokenClub added #NFTs & 25k $REWARD 🔥
2/Projects that announced their help in testing:
@SuperRare_Bears 🤝
@CryptoExpertNf1 🤝
@BillionaireTzep 🤝
@ElrondMoarts 🤝
@JCorpBattle 🤝
@PDroneRacing 🤝
@egldrush 🤝
@jexchangeP2P 🤝
@Elrond_Miners 🤝
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We are super excited to announce our upcoming launch of #FIFAWorldCup Brazil #NFT Art Collection X Daniel Alves @DaniAlvesD2 Authentic, Digitally signed Autograph cards!🇧🇷🐍🔥

#Elrond #MultiversX #ElrondCommunity #Brasil #CopaDoMundoFIFA #EGLD👇
As Club Gorgon team, we are proud to step up the Digital Collectibles game on the entire #MultiversX, thus representing our #Blockchain & bringing value to our clubs members!❤️

@ElrondNetwork #ElrondNFTs #Qatar2022 #GoodCrazy #EGLD👇
After all, we havent got awarded “Most Creative Project” for nothing.😎 Before diving into collection details, We would like to thank our team member & Most Decorated Player in the football history for making it happen! Thank you Dani❤️

#ElrondCommunity #MultiversX #GoodCrazy👇
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(1/9) #NFTs have swept the market and consumers off their feet due to significant growth in their popularity. Let’s shine the spotlight on #NFTs once and for all! 🖼️✨🧵
Learn More 👇…
(2/9) ✨What are NFTs?✨
#NFTs are Non-fungible-tokens. These #tokens are unalterable, and cannot be replicated in any shape or form. They are a form of digital art that can be tokenized against real-time assets such as real estate. 🌐
(3/9) Exchanges that deal in #NFTs usually incorporate the use of #SOL, #Polygon and #ETH. #SOL is a blockchain platform that supports #dApps, and it has proved to be a fast-growing ecosystem. Let’s talk about trading #NFTs. 🟡💸
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As most of you know @moonpotdotcom just announced its shutting up shop.

It Launched August 2021 since that time it has paid out over $1 Million to its users.

I keep hearing "it rugged" "moonpot was a slow rug" I personally don't think it fits into the rug category

I think it has done a decent job at rewarding people with great APY and incentives from $ to #NFTs.
IMHO I think it could have been announced better, I mean the word "sunset" is odd just say "We failed" given the current market and challenges I think they faired very well

A RUG to me would be a project which doesn't deliver on any of its promises, the team go silent, that's a clear rug for me.

Moonpot was not a rug they simply "Failed"

@ziggyverse is employed by #moonpot and have been giving false hope, again my opinion #NFA

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Here are some details of our mint👇

Whitelist sale time November 23, 2022 at 11pm (utc+8)
Deadline:November 24, 2022 at 0:00 (utc+8)
You have 1 hour to act

Price 0.05
Max:1/per wallet

Public sale time
November 24th 2022 at 0:00 am
Max:1/per wallet
Deadline: until sold out
Special Note:🚨
We are not posting any website links at this time, please confirm the links on this tweet. The only URLs will be from our Twitter feed and our discord server announcement
Also, we promise that we will never go below the issue price (0.05E)
About the number of whitelists
Our whitelist was over-submitted by about 1.5 times, I apologize for this, I am an honest person and say what I have, I hope you understand🙏
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Why has @defichain's dUSD been DEPEGGED for more than 5 months?

1/19 🧵 on the Top10 TVL chain that CT doesn't talk about
Defichain was created by Julian Hosp and partnered with his company, CakeDeFi.

With Hosp's history in TenX and Lyoness, many have wondered if this is the next Cefi rugpull.

Interestingly, CakeDefi is compared to other defunct lenders on their own website. Up to 23.9% APY!
For a chain that's called "Defi"chain, its TVL seems overly reliant on just two Dapps. Even His Excellency's Tron has 10.
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👨‍🚀 @ParaSpace_NFT Testnet Tutorial 🧙

The decentralized lending protocol is live on Goerli.
Let's see how to perform the #Testnet by claiming #NFTs on @Galxe 🪄

Don't forget to 🖤 & RT for more #airdrop tutorials 👇

1⃣ What do you need?

▫️ Download MM:
▫️ Claim #ETH on Goerli:
▫️ Get some test tokens:

2⃣ The @Galxe Campaigns 👨‍🚀

You have 3 registration campaigns to complete:

1. The Traveler:…
2. The Explorer:…
3. The Settler:…

⏰: Nov 28th

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So where do I start, I guess by saying everything I thought would happen for #VLRM and where the sp would be has been delayed by basically a year, with the GFSC approval taking longer than anticipated. So what does that mean now?!
Well for starters it has been de-risked with Valereum Approved to Acquire Gibraltar Stock Exchange expected to be completed 1st quarter of 2023 just for starters!!
In addition @Valereum will be launching its NFT strategy in the 1st quarter of next year linking real world assets via NFT ownership.
I'm expecting at least some news on NFTs partners / tech/ launch strategy this year in 2022!
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2. There's a lot of hints in those handles...

I need to take a break, today is Sunday.
3. There have been some recent attempts to downplay the allegations connecting SBF to Biden and Ukraine, see here for example:

What Is Behind Claim Joe Biden 'Laundered' Billions in Ukraine Aid via FTX?…
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