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1/ At this point I've talked to close 1k crypto investors. What almost all of them fail to realize is long term potential. Trading is great if you have the stomach for it & you enjoy it, but its not for everyone.

Long term holding is where the real wealth is generated with
2/ less friction. For me, I trade to increase my long term holdings.

When you look at #vechain, and you analyze the TAM of the markets it's going after, along with its partnerships/alignments/positions to take part of those markets its clearly a worthy INVESTMENT
3/ The crypto market is very young still, and $VET is really just starting its journey. It's growth phase was always 2022+.

To me, I think of this crypto bull run like the dot com boom. There was a lot of garbage, but major tech companies erupted from it (Amazon, eBay, etc.)
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I enjoy supporting #crypto with utility because what happens when you set out to accomplish something without purpose or direction? You find yourself years later asking yourself what the point was.
$XRP, revolutionizing cross-border payments with absolute competitive advantage in the "On demand liquidity" sector to which is a term #RIPPLE PATENTED.

Say goodbye to high fees and slow Tx times, billions of dollars saved in rate changes by being a bridge currency.
$VRA Proof of View, ALSO PATENTED, solves a $160 billion dollar issue when it comes to ad monetization and Ad spend from companies. Will revolutionize the way gaming is done allowing players to form their own competition, autonomous from Google and Apple and so much more
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1/Thread: How to build intrinsic value in a Blockchain project?

There are many ways for a blockchain project to build up intrinsic value,but the core of all this is utility.

Why is intrinsic value important? Because it sets a price floor which acts as a shield from speculation
2/For projects that aim to become a store of value, intrinsic value is built up as value is transferred outside the project into it. Bitcoin and Paxos Gold are examples of this.
The threat to this is the same threat that affects physical SoVs.
3/People keep value inside the network only as long as they have faith in it as an SoV. Iron clad SoV status is something that’s earned over time;not assigned by default.

For projects that aim to be a Medium of Exchange, the intrinsic value is derived from the frequency at which
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#VeChain $VET

A thread 👇

Oct '18

-King Harald V & Queen Sonja of Norway visit China to witness the signing ceremony of DNV GL-VeChain's Digital Low Carbon Ecosystem.

-Signed by the Chinese (CCPIT) & @sunshinelu24 & CEO of DNV-GL among others.

Who's in center of pic?😉

March 2018

#VeChain's CTO, Gu Jianliang, said back in a March 2018 AMA that a "Carbon Bank" was #VeChain's "Mission Project".

March 2019

Sunny attends a Carbon Initiative Meeting & tweets the following: "The right way of Blockchain technology roadmap should be from Technical Consensus up to Biz Consensus, up to Governance Consensus. Quite exciting, all the way up to change the world step by step"

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I started a #cryptotwitter account to be plugged into the community. I love #crypto, I really am horrible with people so I stick to research and deep dives, facts and occasional hopium opinions based on data.

I will say months ago, I knew there would be a major shakeout.
I've been a long-time advocate for $XRP and $VET. I immediately saw the value of #XRP due to the problems it solved within financial systems. The fact that anywhere in the world I could bridge #XRP to any currency I needed anytime, wish I knew about it when I was overseas.
#XRP can literally save governments trillions of dollars over time in transfer fees and rate changes, the current system doesn't work and the taxpayers are left to pay the difference.
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#VeChain ( $VET )

- CEO is Sunny Liu, ex-CIO of Louis Vuitton

- Blockchain built for corporate/enterprise adoption in supply chain logistics management

- (BaaS) Blockchain-as-a-Service model for ease of enterprise solution adoption
- RFID tagging, tracing, authenticity, QR Code scanning

- One of the only cryptos allowed and supported in China and is part of China's Belt & Road initiative
- Partnerships with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), PuffBar, Walmart China, H&M Clothing, BMW, BYD, Amazon Web Services, DHL, DNV, Shanghai Gas, Salesforce (trial), and more
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موضوع: رمزارزها و تئوری بیل و کلنگ
این تئوری میگه وقتی همه دنبال استخراج طلا هستند شما بیل وکلنگ بفروشید!!
حالا اینو تعمیم بدیدبه رمزارزها، به نظرتون بیل و کلنگ ها کدومند؟
من توی این رشته تویت چند مورد رو میگم کلیت جریان دستمون بیاد:
مهم-مثالها رو بدون کسب دانش، مبنای خرید خود قرار ندهید،شاید دراین لحظه قیمت برخی ازآنها برای خرید مناسب نباشد:

۱.بیل و کلنگ ساخت dapp ها؟ مثل #اتریوم، #ترون، #کاردانو، #سولانا، #کازموس، #Terra، #آوالانچه و..

۲.بیل و کلنگ مقیاس پذیری؟ الگوریتمهای لایه ۲ که بهترینشون #پولیگان
۳. بیل و کلنگ ارتباط بلاکچین ها؟ مثل پولکادات #dot

۴. بیل و کلنگ صرافی ها؟ که امکان معامله با آنها،استیک و سایر خدمات صرافی با آنها وجود دارد، نمونش #bnb و #cake و #Uni

۵.بیل و کلنگ ساخت بازیهای قمار؟ مثل #wink
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A lot of crypto investors talking about the proposed capital gains tax hike, and a ton of misinformation being thrown out.

This is actually something I deal with in my day job, and something I am qualified to speak on. Thread below....

$BTC $vet $eth #vechain #Bitcoin #cryptos
First, and most importantly, unless you have millions of dollars in unrealized capital gains, this likely will not impact your taxes.

This is for people in the highest income bracket(s) and for people who realize more than 1 million in capital gains in a single year.
Second - if you day trade, you are not impacted. You're already paying income tax rates and not capital gains rates. This is only on investments held for longer than 1 year.
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¿Cómo pueden las criptomonedas revolucionar los distintos sectores del mundo real?🤔

Abro hilo sobre casos de usos reales de las criptomonedas en diferentes sectores, donde podrás hacerte una idea de la relevancia de la tecnología blockchain:
1⃣Sector Financiero

Es el sector por excelencia y por el que nace Bitcoin en un primer momento. Se busca un sistema descentralizado, es decir, sin instituciones o bancos como intermediarios, donde todas las personas del mundo que tengan acceso a internet,
independientemente de sus condiciones personales y laborales, puedan tener acceso a un mismo sistema financiero. Sin importar del país que seas.
Cualquier persona podría obtener un préstamo dejando una cantidad de criptos como colateral.
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End of the day, I believe we hit $.25 by end of April.

While I expect that $vetusd target, I would really like to see us continue this healthy TA pattern we're exhibiting. Initially my thoughts were that we'd hit 15000 $veteth by end of April.

#vefam #vechain $vet #vet

If we do this, it would be a very aggressive pattern where I see a major retrace after (up to 60% against $btc) and a potentially long consolidation (potentially months). If we do have this aggressive pattern where we hit 15000 vet/eth by end of April/early May (cont)

It would be highly parabolic and I will be selling my $vet stack into $btc in prep for that major sell off.

Now, if we don't have this pattern it would diverge from our historical movement against $veteth and $vetbtc, it would be a positive and could be like img:

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1/ #VeFam, let’s talk about the role of $VET and $VTHO have in the ecosystem.
In a single token network such as Ethereum, holding $ETH gives you two things:
1) Ownership of part of the network
2) Right to participate in the network
2/ In a two token network such as #VeChain , the primary token ( $VET) gives you ownership of the network while the gas token ( $VTHO) gives you the right to participate in the network.

But what does this mean in practice?
3/ The more $VET one holds, the more of the “Network” you own. Think of it as the decentralized version of owning stocks in a company. Just like stocks appreciate in value as the company makes progress, the network ownership tokens appreciate as the network makes progress
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After yesterday's events, $VTHO is worth .11 of a $VET, giving VET an APY of 1.7%

#VET's sole value is its APY, and as "The Enterprise Blockchain", it must offer an elite level APY

Below are the current "APY Coins" that #VeChain must compete with

Cardano ➡️4.2%
Polkadot ➡️13%
Algorand ➡️14%
Ethereum2.0➡️ 8%
Solana ➡️16%
Cosmos ➡️10%
Tezos ➡️5.5%
NEM ➡️4.8%
EOS ➡️1.8%
Tron ➡️2.6%
AAVE ➡️4.6%
Sushi ➡️7.6%
Band ➡️12%
Elrond ➡️29%
Fantom ➡️21%
Waves ➡️4.3%
Icon ➡️11%
Thor ➡️82%
Ontology ➡️5.8%
Matic ➡️22%
1Inch ➡️35%
Harmoney ➡️10%
LTO ➡️6.6%

VET ➡️1.7%
VET is currently the worst performer

Yet VET has the most enterprise demand, partners, and fundamental use case

There is no way it will stay the worst, it WILL rise

So how do you profit off this rise?
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I understand that many lack the time to read all #VeChain articles, so I reduced the text by 90% in this thread of screenshots.

Reading this is the BARE MINIMUM to be able to connect the dots!
Save the link & read in your own time.

$VET #VeFam
1 ImageImageImageImage
2 ImageImageImageImage
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The key to "Ultimate Moon" is a steadily expanding $VTHO ecosystem

Forget burning...

The percentage the ecosystem grows past inflation, reflects how high we'll climb

Because #VTHO is minted at a constant rate, every year the % inflation naturally decreases

$VET #VET #VeChain
While VTHO is minted at a constant rate...

The VeChain ecosystem and VTHO use grows exponentially

If the VTHO ecosystem doubles every 4-6 months, and inflation (with zero burning) doubles every 3 years, then 6, 12, 24, 48 etc

VTHO can balloon in value without burning anything
It's basically Bitcoin at 1 Cent

Until now, there was no VTHO ecosystem

Up til a month ago, VTHO was primarily MINTED then SOLD

It was mostly considered direct to market free cash
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disclaimer: this has no impact on my long term outlook.

continuing to monitor the 4H charts... $btc still in this rising wedge pattern. It's attempted a breakout and was rejected. $vet is doing what I expected, testing support at 102 & 99 sats.

#vet #vechain #vet
we'll see how $btc breaks #vefam we're looking to hold 99 sats minimum whatever $btc does
IF we see a dip, a price range to consider buying...

$.0425 - $.046 (between .5 & .618 fibs)

#vet #vefam #vechain $vet
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1. initial thoughts on analysis
2. trading analysis investigation
3. key resistances
4. targets
5. limiting factors

#vefam #vechain #vet #vtho #crypto #cryptocurrencies #ALTSEASON $alts #altcoins

1. initial thoughts on analysis

I've had the VeThorians in the #VeFam asking me to do an analysis for quite a while. While I've done TA here and there for them: (Jason Rockwood banned me so I was just poking fun 😜 )

I haven't done a complete analysis on them. Well VeThorians, that day has come and I'm excited to share this post with you 😉

Looking into the TA, I took into account two main trade pairs, vet/btc & vtho/vet. There's not a lot to gather from vtho/usdt except...
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Week 2 of 8 about to start. You guys ready? 😉

#vefam #vechain #vet $vet
Don’t fret over short term (intraday) movement. Stick to the bigger picture. Ill continue to give weekly updates and let everyone know if anything disrupts our run.

#vet #vechain $vet #vefam
read the statement prior.

this price movement changes nothing.

buy the dip.

#vechain #vet #vefam $vet #altcoins #alts #cryptocurrencies
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1. where we're at currently in our run
2. what we can expect from our run
3. targets for our run
4. what we should keep monitoring

#vechain #vet #vefam #crypto #cryptocurrencies

1. Where we're at currently in our run

Let's start with where we're at. We've continued to monitor the 1W 10MA low, and the 1W MACD/signal cross as our main indicators of this wave on the vet/eth & vet/btc pairs. I've gone into great detail here:

I excitedly posted about our vet/eth bottom here when I called it out: . At this point we've gotten our 1W 10MA low & 1W MACD/signal cross on both pairs (dia. 1, dia. 2), and 1 week before my conservative prediction (Go $vet!).
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Okay you've probably heard the $vet & $ada comparisons by now. I figured we should dive into them and see if theres correlation between the two, and if so, if $ada can help predict this next run for #vet.

#vet #vechain #ALTSEASON $alts #altcoins #vefam

We are going to use vet/btc & ada/btc as our point of comparison.

I've used the same methodologies for $vet as I have for $ada in this comparison. Both have a clear a distinct 1W 10MA bottom on their respective btc charts before taking off on each of their runs.

They also have VERY similar timelines for when they take off.

Let's dive in.

Just like I typically do for $vet the point of reference for the beginning of the run will be bottom of the price at the 1W 10MA low to the high of the run.
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Ill reiterate.

1. We already hit vet/btc bottom
2. I believe we just hit vet/eth bottom
3. This is just the beginning
4. We will land between $.2-$.3 by the end of April / beginning of May

#vefam #vechain #vet $vet #altcoins $alts #altcoin #crypto #alts
I will provide an entire analysis on when everyone should consider taking profits during this run.

#vefam #vechain #vet $vet
don't get overly excited about intraday price movement. Look for day closes (UTC) & weekly closes. Those are the indicators we're looking for.

#vefam #vechain #vet $vet
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#vefam #vet #vechain $vet
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things to watch for:

1. daily close UTC above .0294 resistance (say .0295)
2. How we do with vet/eth ATL .000017 & if we gather a 1H reversal on vet/eth with 12 EMA support
3. vet/btc support at 77 sats


#vechain #vet #vefam
pattern not ideal and it is extended, but we are at the 127.2% extension. If we can close out today at or above, would add more confidence to it as support level.


#vechain #vet #vefam
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one possibility here with the 61.8% retrace to target $.044.

not feeling overly optimistic. Let's see how it plays out.


#vechain #vet #vefam
cleaned up chart :)
realized I left it a bit messy during my analysis
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Ever feel like the crypto market is manipulated? Wonder why the prices move like they do? 🙄

It's because they are. There are massive funds behind extremely well-created bots that move the market up & down. They look for specific queues and triggers to pump and sell...
and because the market is highly speculative, they can own the market movement.

I've been monitoring the market for years, and I actually ended up creating my own trade bot. I wanted to learn what these bots were doing.. how they were timing the market, what signals they...
were looking for. While creating my bot was fun and profitable, I realized it felt unfulfilling. I wanted to provide more insight for others.

What if I could help others see the triggers they're going off of? What if I could assist others BEFORE the bots bought in?
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